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...You are lying on a hospital bed, resting. You are getting well, but doctors still recommend that you take it easy, so you do. The room is dark, only dimly lit by some futuristic devices that monitor your well-being. I'm here with you, sitting still on the visitor couch. We both listen to the quiet beeps. You are lying sideways, facing me; your face is hidden in darkness but I know you're awake.

- Hey, - you whisper. I get up and come closer.

- Put it in my mouth.

I think for a second, then step aside and pull the curtain close. Nurses here are trained to ask before entering, so there is little risk. I come back, slowly, taking my time. When standing, I can vaguely see your face lit by a monitor. Your eyes are open; I know you are watching me and waiting.

I unzip my pants and carefully pull out my semi-hard cock and balls. I came here straight from work, and I know that my smell excites you. I put my cock on your cheek and across your face, so that my balls are right in front of your nose. I can hear you take a deep breath; then another one. We are both silent and still, but I glance at the screen and watch your heartbeat increase every second.

I take a moment to gently stroke your face with my cock. All the way up to your eyes, with my balls covering them; then forehead; then back down, past your lips, to your neck. When my balls touch your lips, your tongue darts and gives them a tiny little lick. I raise a finger: it's too early. While I caress your neck with the head of my cock, I hear you breathe even heavier and twitching a bit, but you know the rules and let me drive.

I am now fully erect, and there is a drop of pre-cum on the tip of me. I touch your lips with it; now it's fair game, and you lick it off. I withdraw right away, to give you a chance to savor my taste. By the way you lick your lips over and over, I know you are not disappointed.

...Suzy, the chief nurse, clicks through the channels on her surveillance system. God bless whoever came up with it, it saves so much walking! Looks like it is all quiet; this night is shaping up pretty well so far. Wait a minute. What is this guy doing? Suzy's hand reaches towards the security button. However after a moment she realizes that there is no need: what is unfolding on the screen is entirely consensual.

Suzy feels warm down there. "This guy is giving her a great time," she thought. "I would not mind getting a taste of that thing." Since there were no urgent matters, she decides to stay on this channel for a bit. She reaches down and pulls off her thin panties. Even without putting them to her face she can smell herself; this whole act is getting her hornier than she expected.

...Time for the main act. I touch your lips again and ever so gently push. You take the cue and open your mouth. Slowly I enter your mouth, just my head, and stop. It feels wonderful.

Your lips wrap around the head, and your tongue starts working its magic. It explores everything: starts with the tip of course, just to see if there is any more delicious pre-cum; then touch the underside; then circle all around it. I start moving slowly, just an inch in and out, keeping the head in your mouth, exploring the depths of it. We both don't hear the beeps anymore. There is no hospital, no machines; there is just a mouth and a cock.

I put my hand on your head, covering your ear and cheek, caressing you, massaging the back of your head. This helps you completely dissolve in the sensation, concentrate on my cock, worship it. I am now all the way in your mouth, thrusting very slowly, sliding into your throat every now and then. Your eyes are closed; you are in the moment, completely focused on my hardness. You don't lick or suck me anymore. You let me caress your mouth from the inside. My cock is glistening with your saliva.

...In just a few minutes, Suzy realizes that just her fingers are not doing it for her. The view is driving her crazy hot. Even though she is slamming three fingers into her soaking pussy so hard that Tina, the junior nurse, has most likely noticed something, it is not enough. Wait a minute. Tina...

- Hey Tina, come here. Look at what the camera's showing for room 347.

Tina immediately jumps up and comes over - she knows better than to make Ms. Suzy wait. For sure there is some stupid accident in that room, and she'll be the one to clean up... Holy cow!.. Am I seeing this?.. Is she showing me this?!..

Mortified, Tina is trying to decide how to react. As she stands there in stupor, she feels a hand on her shoulder that starts pushing her down. What... What does she want?.. Without thinking, Tina obeys and gets down on her knees. Suzy's hand quickly and firmly grabs her long hair. The direction of the pull is clear: under the desk. As Suzy's smell reaches Tina's nostrils, she starts to realize what the order is. Her mind is still telling her that this is impossible, but the fear of the chief nurse is so strong that she finds herself under the desk in no time. Oh god, this smell. Am I really doing this?.. I can't be doing this. I.. can't resist doing this...

...As I come close to giving you my load, I pull out almost all the way, so that just the head is in your mouth. I know that you like it when I come down your throat, pulsating in your mouth; but I also know that you love my taste, and that is what I want to leave you with tonight. It is becoming too hard to hold off. I start thrusting fast and short, the head popping in and out of your lips. I can feel you tighten them - to enhance the sensation and to make sure not a drop is spilled.

I come so hard that I can barely stand. I shoot string after string of thick juice into your hungry mouth. I can hear you swallow, once, twice, and it turns me on even more. I feel completely drained; yet as I pull out my softening cock out of your mouth, it makes one last push and deposits a drop of semen on the corner of your mouth. I see it glisten; you look beautiful. You either did not notice that drop or decided not to bother. Your eyes close, and I see a hint of a smile as I drift to sleep on the couch.

...Suzy slowly comes to senses after a powerful orgasm. She realizes both of her hands are still deep in Tina's hair, pressing her head in, smearing her face with pussy juice. She's a hot little thing, this Tina. I don't think I needed to force her all that much.

Suzy finally lets go and sends Tina away with no explanation. Let her make her own conclusions, and guess if, and when, will be the next time. Now, room 347... A health check is in order. Suzy gets up, tidies up her robe but decides to skip the panties. Let's see how the patient is doing.

...Suzy quietly enters the room. She is supposed to ask for permission to pass through the screen, but of course she "decides not to wake the patient" and quietly slips in. All the vitals are in order. Suzy stands there for a minute, her mind scrolling through what just happened here. Then she notices a drop of cum on your face.

Instead of wiping it off with a tissue, Suzy decides to get a better taste of the action she witnessed. She slowly bends close to your face, and after watching you breathe for a moment, gently licks the drop. The taste of cum makes her horny again; without thinking, she proceeds to touch your lips with hers.

What she doesn't know is that you are not asleep. You are resting, enjoying the aftertaste. You noticed Suzy enter but decided not to react, hoping she'd check the vitals and leave. Now that she didn't, you think it's for the better, as her lips are soft and she smells of pure sex.

You start responding to her kisses. If she is surprised, she doesn't show it; or maybe she is not thinking at all. Your tongues are chasing each other. She starts pushing it deeper into your mouth, and you suck on it. Finally you open your eyes and look at her. She pulls away from your face and looks straight into your eyes for a second. You don't look away.

Seeing that as approval, Suzy lifts up her robe to expose her round butt and shaved pussy. She then proceeds to lift her foot and put it on your bed, right behind your head. You look up and see her pussy, hovering close to you; glistening; spreading like a flower. Suzy just stands still, teasing you, letting you make a move. She knows her scent is irresistible.

...For the first time this hour, you raise your head from the bed. As you come even closer to her, the smell becomes so intense that you almost feel dizzy. There is only one thing you can do...

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