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Orally Inclined


When I got back from the bathroom, Donna had taken her clothes off, and was laying naked, on her back, on my dining room table, with her head hanging seductively over the edge.

JIM: Jesus, Donna. What the hell are....

DONNA: I want you to fuck my mouth like a cunt.

JIM: You do, huh?


I went over and changed the CD to Steely Dan – one of her favorites – and turned on the three video cameras I had hidden around the room (to preserve the moment for future reference and enjoyment). Then I went over, and stood in front of her, and started squeezing, and fondling, and playing with her big, full, firm, luscious tits.

JIM: Damn, Donna. I fucking LOVE your tits.

DONNA: I know you do. And I fucking love your COCK.

She unzipped my pants, and got my still-half-limp dick out, and slid the head between her hot, wet, velvety lips, and started sucking me real slow and easy.

JIM: Shit, baby.

DONNA: Mmmm...

JIM: Jesus.

After about 20 seconds, I reached down and pulled my dick out of her mouth.

DONNA: What are you doing?

JIM: I want to stop a minute.

DONNA: Okay. But only for a minute.

She wrapped her left hand around my shaft, and rubbed the now-slippery head up and down and back and forth on her face.

JIM: I couldn't fucking believe it when I came back and...saw you laying there like that.

DONNA: I thought you'd like it.

JIM: When did you think of it?

DONNA: Earlier tonight. I got REALLY EXCITED when you were talking about how much you like to fuck a woman's mouth. And about how your ex-wife liked it too...

JIM: She did.

DONNA: Well I do too.

JIM: Well, shit. Lucky me.

DONNA: Yeah. But are you going to keep talking, or are you going to do it?

JIM: Gee. I don't know.

DONNA: Jim! Stop teasing me!

JIM: Okay.

I reached down and slid the head of my now 3/4's hard dick between her lips, and pushed my hips forward until my whole cock was in her mouth. And down her throat. And my balls were pressed against her chin. And her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Then I held it there for about 20 seconds.

DONNA: Mmmph.

JIM: Oh shit, Donna.

Then I pulled it out real slow. All the way. Then shoved it in again. Then back out. Then back in. Real slow and easy.

DONNA: Mmmm. Mmmm.

JIM: Fuck!

DONNA: Uhuh.


DONNA: Mmmm!

All of a sudden she grabbed my ass with both of her hands, and pulled my groin closer, and started sucking me real fast. And good. Then faster. And rougher. And DEEPER. Until my now completely stiff dick was sliding WAY down her fucking throat.

JIM: God DAMN, Donna!

DONNA: Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!

Then she fucking STOPPED all of a sudden, and pulled her head back until my throbbing, blood engorged and saliva-covered cock plopped out of her mouth.

JIM: What the hell are you....STOPPING FOR?


JIM: Okay, baby. Okay.

I widened my stance a little to give me a firmer foundation. Then I reached down and grabbed the sides of her head with my hands, and held it firmly in place. Then I leaned forward, and slid the head of my steel-stiff dick between warm, slippery lips. Then I PAUSED for 2 or 3 seconds. Then I jerked my hips forward real fast, and shoved my WHOLE COCK in her mouth -- and down her throat -- until she started gagging and choking.

DONNA: Aach! Ungh!

I pulled out real fast.

JIM: You okay, babe?

DONNA: Yes! Don't stop!

JIM: You sure?

DONNA: Yes! Yes!

I fucked her mouth as hard, and as fast, and as rough, and as deep as I could. For about two minutes. And it felt unfuckingbelievably good! My cock was fucking POUNDING in and out of her mouth. And sliding WAAAY DOWN HER THROAT. And because she was on her back, and her head was hanging over the edge of the table, I could fucking SEE the bulge from the head of my dick going up and down her throat. Which was a HUGE turn-on.

JIM: Shit, Donna. That feels soooo fucking good!

DONNA: Aach! Aach! Aach!

JIM: Fuck!

The sensation of my dick sliding in and out between her lips felt unbelievably fucking GOOD! And feeling the head slide in and out of her tight, gasping throat felt fucking GREAT! And the incredible COMBINATION of stimuli that I was experiencing was to way too good to be true! And I wanted it to go on forever. And never end.

JIM: Oh God!

DONNA: Mmph! Mmph!

And I started fucking her sweet mouth like an animal. And she was choking, and gagging, and moaning, and whimpering, and clawing at my ass, the whole time. And we eventually got into a PERFECT RHYTHM.. Whenever I thrust forward and down, she pushed back and up. Until we were moving together like a fucking well-oiled and perfectly synchronized sexual pleasure machine. Again. And again. And again. Over. And over. And over. Sometimes SLOW. Sometimes FAST. And sometimes MEDIUM.

And then a REALLY amazing thing happened. Her body started quivering and twitching. And then it stiffened up. And SHE FUCKING CAME! And seeing a woman come while I was fucking her mouth was a HUGE TURN-ON for me!

So I let myself go. And let myself come. And I came REALLY HARD, and GOOD, and LONG. And I shot a HUGE fucking load of come down her throat. And she started gagging. And choking. And sputtering. But I KEPT RIGHT ON fucking her mouth -- UNTIL I'd shot my WHOLE LOAD -- and until she SWALLOWED EVERY DROP OF IT -- and then LICKED MY COCK CLEAN. And when the head of my dick finally plopped out of her mouth, she looked up at me, and smiled, and said one of the greatest things I've ever heard any woman say....

...Let's do it AGAIN!

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