tagLetters & TranscriptsOrally Yours: LetterHead

Orally Yours: LetterHead


Letterhead? Letter Head? Let Her Head?

You decide


Hi Baby,

I know you do not get online much over the weekends but I know you will find a little time to read this. I wanted to give you something to think about when you get a few minutes. When you get the time, find a nice quiet place, sit back and read this. Think of me while you're reading, think of how I wish I was there with you, doing this to you instead of writing about it.

Let your hand fall to your crotch, stroke your cock a few times and start getting it hard. As you read this, take your cock out from the pants, if you are wearing any. Take a minute to look at yourself and think about me all wet from telling you this story. Look down at your stiffening cock and picture me between your legs licking you while you look at your cock.

Did you think of me? Now picture me masturbating, tossing my head from side to side and saying your name.

Keep that picture in your mind and stroke yourself while you read this.

""Did you think of me last night before you went to sleep? I thought of you. I thought about tasting you. I imagined feeling your hard cock in my warm eager mouth, teasing you with gentle kisses and long slow licks up and down your length. Nestled close in between your legs with my head held up on one arm and my other hand playing with your balls I'd start at the base of your cock and use my tongue laid out flat to lick you. I would lick slow and make sure my tongue was nice and wet.

The smooth skin of your cock feels soft and slippery against my tongue. I would make sure to take a long time licking and kissing your cock, enjoying feeling it grow in my mouth.

When I get to the ridge at your head you feel my tongue pointy and fast, flickering around you stopping for a second at your little hole for a tiny suck. Then slowly I work my way back down your iron rod before sucking on your weighing balls. You feel so good when I lick you and I can't wait to fuck you with my mouth.

The licking continues for a while, a shiny drop of precum plops out of you and I savor the taste as my tongue plays in it. My cunt is soaking wet from doing this to you and the need for you to fill me is overtaking me. This time I swirl my tongue around you quickly, moving up and down, making sure every inch of you feels what I'm doing. My hips begin grinding on the bed; my clit demands attention as my juices seep from within me and cover it. I am wet and sticky.

Without warning, I take you fully into my mouth. In one quick movement your cock fills my entire mouth, I feel you at the back of my throat. I begin bobbing up and down on your manhood, savoring the way you feel encased in my horny mouth. I feel your hands in my hair as you grab my head and guide me. Your hips thrust as you push me down onto your need.

The tempo increases, you thrust harder and faster, my head goes down even further on your cock. My fingers tease your ass. My tongue is a swirling tornado devouring your cock as you wildly fuck my mouth. Your moaning tells me you cannot take too much more. The skin that encloses your balls puckers up and tightens. I feel a pulsing through your vein as your hot cum rushes toward freedom. Your legs tighten and you swell even more in my mouth. You are mashing my head into your groin; I feel your huge dick way in the back of my throat.

With a loud groan, you begin pumping spurt after spurt of your sweet cum into my mouth. I keep swallowing and swallowing until at last your orgasm subsides.

Gradually that sexy cock of yours stops jerking in my mouth and I finally swallow the last of your cum. All that remains is a few drops dripping from the corner of my mouth. I end as I started, licking you clean.

I get up into a kneeling position, straddling your legs. My smooth pussy is shining with my slippery cum. I love the way you watch me with hunger burning in your eyes as I pull at my nipples. My hips slowly gyrate in a fucking motion. With two fingers between my lips, I open my pussy. My free hand teases my opening poking in a little then pulling back out.I feel your cock swelling again underneath me. With a big smile I offer you a taste from my cum laden fingers.""

Phew! I wanted to continue writing that little story but I had to stop. Baby, my pussy is drenched. I have my hand teasing myself, not touching my pussy yet, just running up and down my inner thigh. God, I am so horny for you right now. I'm glad I have a vibrator because I need to get off. I feel like I'm going to explode if I don't cum really soon.

Mmm...The vibe is on my clit, slipping all over in my juice. I wish it was your mouth on me; I'd love to be feeling your tongue flicking across my clit as you suck on it. It is really sticking out. I'm sliding the vibe down so I can play inside and out of my pussy. That's better, god, your cock feels so good. As I push the vibe in and out of myself, I'm imagining it is you cock. I'm squeezing down on it hard; I can feel it pushing against my insides.

Damn, this feels good; my hips thrust into the air. I'm really rubbing my clit fast and hard now.

OOH Fuck baby, you feel so good in me. I am trying to hold back but I am not sure how much more I can take. I feel it building and building.

"Fuck me baby fuck me with that fine cock of yours." I'm moaning aloud now. I just rolled over so the vibe is underneath me, right up against my clit. I am grinding on it hard and alternatively fucking my cunt with it. First the clit, then the pussy, I take turns pleasing each part of my body.

I'm ready baby, I'm going to cum for you baby. Oh yesssssssss, mmmmmmm damn oh yes that feels so good. I love cumming. My cunt is throbbing now; I'm a sticky wet mess. I wish that really was your cock that just made me cum. I can't wait to feel you inside me again. I love the way we fuck together.

There are few things I enjoy more than feeling the effect pleasing a man with my mouth has. I love to feel his cock grow hard from the touch of my tongue. I love the feeling of fingers wrapped in my hair, guiding me toward their orgasm. In addition, I love the taste of cum~hot, sweet, salty sticky yummy!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I'll see you Monday!


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