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Orange Card Dare Game


The following is a 100% true story. Only the names have been slightly changed.


"Wow that's quite a dare," said my wife Marie looking at me over the orange dare card she had just picked.

"What's it say?" I asked. But the truth was a couple minutes earlier I had shuffled through the deck and put that card on the top of the deck knowing Marie's turn was next.

And it was a good one. I'll get back to it in a minute.

We were on vacation with our friends Sam and Diane. At the time we were all in our late thirties with seven kids between us. We weren't teenagers anymore but we were all in decent shape, the girls especially had managed to keep their figures and were smoking hot.

Diane and Marie had been friends since high-school, and we all got along great. Over the past few years we had vacationed together four or five times and we had begun a slow evolution from just drinking and hanging out, to playing games like strip poker and truth or dare.

I give Sam credit for getting the ball rolling on our second vacation when late in the evening, after the drinks had been flowing for hours, he suggested we set up a camera on a timer and take a group photo of all of us mooning.

In my experience, mooning is a great early dare, it's the only really equal dare for both girls and guys, its not threatening, everyone has done it, but it also cracks open a door for other nudity if the stars are aligned.

We took two great photos of all of us mooning. In one of them, my wife Marie was doing the straight-leg bend at the waist so her ass looks great and as a bonus you can see her pussy. It's from six feet away, so it's not overly graphic, but it's definitely more than a simple moon. We previewed the pictures on the digital camera and nobody commented on the beaver shot. Maybe I was seeing things.

After putting our pants back on we started playing a dice game called Mexican where you frequently lie about what dice you have and if you are caught you have to drink. We had been drinking a ton already so we decided to do a dare instead of drinking.

We had known each other for years, but up to this point that mooning picture was the first step over the line that you sometimes take with friends. And once that first step is taken you collectively either take another step forward or quickly retreat.

One of my favorite things since I was a teenager is getting naked with a group of people either through strip or dare games or just casual hot-tubing or skinny-dipping. I have great memories from high-school and college but lately Marie and I had become more adventuresome too.

As we sat around the table passing around the cup of dice it was not clear whether that mooning thing was a one shot deal or if we might go further. We were all playing pretty conservatively for the first few rolls, but a couple minutes later Diane made a ridiculous claim on her dice roll and I called BS. She had been bluffing and she looked up at me and said, "So what's my dare?"

I thought for a moment and decided to go for it.

"Flash one boob for thirty seconds," I replied hoping I hadn't gone too far.

Diane rolled here eyes in a "is that all" manner and casually pulled down one side of her tank top and released her right breast. She made no move to cover her breast, which was a nice pert b-cup, and we just resumed playing the game with one of Diane's tits completely on display.

Over the next hour or so we all just kept daring each other, mostly to show body parts or dance in silly ways. My two most vivid memories are of me giving a full-frontal dance to YMCA and my wife Marie sitting topless for ten minutes straight.

Later that night we skinny-dipped, initially with the pool lights off but eventually the guys managed to flip them on. There is nothing better than swimming at night with naked women. The flickering lights, the wet bodies, it is intoxicating. And at the end of the night when we got out of the pool to go inside we all just toweled off standing around in a circle, nobody making an effort to cover themselves up.

So we had all been naked together for a few hours. But it was surprisingly non-sexual in the sense that nobody was touching themselves or touching anybody else, the guys didn't have hard-ons. It was clearly a turn-on in an exhibitionist/voyeur sense, and we were all definitely headed for some serious fucking with our spouses but that was it.

Over the next couple years we had a number of vacations together and a few more overnight dates at one or the other's house. And frequently when we got together there was some kind of flashing game going on but it was still not directly sexual. There was an occasional suck on a boob dare or spanking but not much physical contact.

It was also kind of random, the guys rarely knew if the girls really wanted to play that evening. Most of the time we would end up with some kind of flashing, but if we started too late everyone was ready to pass out and it wasn't much fun. If you pushed too early that wasn't good either.

Over time, Sam and I realized that our wives, particularly Marie, were extremely competitive and would do things in the spirit of competition that they wouldn't do otherwise. So we started steering towards games with clear outcomes and scoring. We bought stuff online and we made up our own games.

The game we were using this particular evening was what we called "the orange card dare game." Sam had written a program to grab all the dares from a big online truth or dare website and then we added some of our own. After printing and cutting we had a stack of a hundred dares of varying levels of difficulty that we labeled 1, 5 and 10 points. Printed on orange paper.

We sat on a couch and two chairs around a wood coffee table with three stacks of orange strips of paper on the table. Sam and I were pretty familiar with the dare cards having read through and edited some of them. We hadn't loaded the deck so we didn't know what cards were coming up, but we had a really good sense of the difference between a 1, 5, and 10 point card.

True to form, my competitive wife says, "let's start with a 10 point card."

It took me a couple minutes to convince her that we didn't want to jump into the 10 point cards so fast. "I have seen some of them," I confessed. "They can be serious."

She arched an eyebrow at me and compromised by picking a 5 point card.

"Sit topless until your next turn," she read aloud. "Oh sure you just wanted to get my shirt off. You probably stacked the deck," Marie said accusingly as she pulled off her shirt and reached behind to unclasp her bra.

As long as we have been together, and it is over 24 years now, I always hold my breath when Marie unclasps her bra and lets it fall away from her breasts. It is a simply breath-taking moment for me every time. And I had recently discovered it was even more of a thrill if there was somebody else present.

Despite Marie's accusation we hadn't stacked the deck. At least not yet.

We continued to play with the 1 and 5 point cards for an hour or so. There had been flashing, streaking, mooning, lap dancing and we were all pretty drunk and stoned and had been doing some blow too. We were primed.

Diane decided to bust the cherry on the 10 point cards. She lifted the top card and read it to herself. She immediately began laughing. "I have to pee in a shot glass and my partner has to drink it," she informed us.

It still kind of makes me gag, but I knew that this was a card that Sam had left in the deck so he was ok with this at some level. If nothing else I think he relished the fact that if anyone ever refused a dare after he did this he could always say, "Hey I drank pee tonight, man up and do your dare!"

So we found a shot-glass and Diane and Sam headed outside cause we didn't want to get pee on the floor and a shot glass is not a big target.

I stayed on the couch as the three of them headed for the door. "I really don't need to see that," I said to Marie as she hung back waiting for me.

"That's fine. I'll go be the witness. But they are going to do this. We need to make up some points," Marie informed me.

They all went outside. There were a number of screams and laughter.

I sat on the couch looking at the table covered with orange slips of paper and suddenly realized that it was Marie's turn next and that I was nearly 100% positive that she was going to pick a 10 point card. It was still a close game and she wouldn't want us to fall behind.

I picked up the stack of 10 point cards and started flipping through them rapidly. I was first looking to make sure that she didn't pick something crazy like pee drinking, but then I started also thinking about what would be a great dare. I was looking for something that wouldn't be too extreme and that I thought Marie would be willing to do.

And then I saw it. Oh yeah it was on the edge of reasonable, but Marie was looking and feeling good about her body, and we had just fallen behind in points and I knew that was on her mind.

I moved the card to the top of the 10 point pile and put the stack back where it was on the table just as the three of them came piling back into the room laughing and recounting the "drink a shot of pee" dare.

The deck was now stacked, and it was Marie's turn. The only question now was whether she would take the top card or cut the deck. I was sure she would go for a 10 point card.

She reached for the deck.

"Wow that's quite a dare," said my wife Marie looking at me over the orange dare card she had just picked from the top of the deck.

"What's it say?" I asked trying to keep a straight face.

"Stand on the coffee table, blindfolded and let everyone else strip you naked," she read from the card. "Then stay naked and blindfolded for an entire song. Everyone is allowed to fondle your naked body"

I was holding my breath. This was the biggest dare we had ever done. Drinking pee is a gimmick, standing on a pedestal naked and being anonymously fondled is a game changer.

Marie didn't hesitate. She stood up and asked, "Who has the blindfold?"

We tied a bandana around her head as a blindfold and then I helped her step up onto the coffee table. She stood on the table in a shirt, shorts, bra and panties and of course the blindfold.

Soon the blindfold would be the only stitch of clothing on her.

She stood there for a minute while I selected the right song for our adventure. I chose "Scarlett Begonias" by the Grateful Dead. To this day when I hear the opening notes to that song I am immediately transported back to that cabin in Wisconsin and the vision of my girl standing bravely on the table with her hands at her sides waiting for the fun to begin.

As soon as the music started playing I moved in front of Marie and unbuttoned her shirt letting it hang open just a couple inches. Then I stepped back. I could see her cleavage and her white bra. I could also see that she was breathing deeply. Still time to bail, but I didn't think she was going to.

Sam was standing off to the side and Diane was standing behind Marie as I started to slowly pull the shirt off one shoulder and then the next. The shirt pulled open completely in front revealing a conservative white bra and then caught on her arms as I pulled it down. She shook her arms slightly and the shirt dropped to the table and sat in a pool at her feet.

I silently walked around behind Marie and unhooked the back of her bra. I saw her inhale deeply as the clasp came undone and my heart was pounding in anticipation. I can only imagine what she was feeling, especially since she was blindfolded and couldn't see where any of us were or even who it was that was undressing her.

Nothing had been revealed yet, but we were getting close. Instead of appearing nervous, Marie stood strong and even did a little dance along with the music.

I motioned to Sam that I wanted his help and we each hooked a finger under a strap and slowly eased them off her shoulders. The bra just kind of hung where it was, half on half off, but not revealing her breasts yet. As I told you before, I really love the act of removing a bra, and this had to be the single most erotic thing I had ever taken part in.

Marie stood patiently, clearly going along with the instructions on the dare card that she was to be stripped by others not to undress herself. She was doing nothing to make the bra fall, although it probably would have taken nothing more than a shrug of her shoulders.

I decided to leave her bra suspended in its current position, moved around in front of her and unbuttoned and then lowered the zipper on her shorts. I motioned to Sam once again and he pulled lightly on one leg of her shorts while I did the same on the other side. A pair of blue and white striped cotton panties started to come into view.

A silent look passed between Sam and I as we slowly dragged Marie's shorts down her legs to her ankles. She lifted each foot and allowed us to remove the shorts entirely. Again we stepped back and admired my brave and beautiful wife.

Now clad only in a bra hanging by a thread and a pair of cotton panties, it was time for the unveiling. Coordinating our moves silently so Marie wouldn't know who was touching what, Sam went for her bra while I hooked my thumbs in the sides of her panties.

Ready, set, go.

We timed it perfectly and in an instant Marie went from wearing relatively modest panties and a bra that was more conservative than a bikini, to standing completely naked, her beautiful breasts on full display as well as her recent Brazilian wax. She was perfectly smooth and because she was elevated standing on the table we were getting a view of her that was much more intimate than if she had been standing on the ground.

We both stepped back to admire Marie. This was so much hotter than seeing a stripper naked in a club. This was my wife, the woman I loved more than anyone in the world. I was so turned on I feared losing consciousness since most of my blood supply had raced south.

I guessed that Marie was fighting the urge to cover her breasts or her pussy as I saw her wiggle her fingers and clench her fists a few times, but she never did try to cover up. In fact now that she was totally naked she actually shook her hips a couple times.

Way to go Marie!

We were probably half way through the song as I reached up and made first contact with her naked form. Ever so lightly I traced my fingers from her shoulders down her breasts, around the sides and then back up again grazing across her hard nipples.

Sam looked at me with eyebrows raised asking for permission to touch the goddess standing before us. I nodded and he reached out and took her right breast into his big hand and began to squeeze it gently. Marie inhaled sharply as I'm sure she could tell that this was not me alone touching her anymore. At the same time I let my fingers gently glide up her legs from her ankles until I was gently cupping both cheeks of her ass.

There could be no mistaking it now. There were definitely three different hands on body at the same time. I hoped that she was enjoying this as much as I was. Actually I hoped that she was enjoying it even more, but I wasn't sure if that was possible.

Still cupping her ass in my hands I leaned forward and breathed hot breath on her neck and breasts and then slid down and took her left nipple into my mouth and rolled it around and around with my tongue. Sam continued to work on her right side, alternating between squeezing the breast and rolling her sensitive nipple between his thumb and fingers.

I let the nipple I was worshipping pop out of my mouth and set my sights on her smoothly waxed pussy. Reaching out with a single finger extended I slid it between her legs and ever so lightly let it drag over her lips. She responded by moving her feet slightly apart allowing me easier access and also opening her up just a little bit. Now I could feel that she was quite wet and that her outer lips had become puffy. She was definitely enjoying the experience.

I suddenly realized that the song was almost over. Oh no, that just wouldn't do. I removed my hand from between her legs and moved quickly to the iPod. This experience was simply too good to let it end now. I wondered if she would object... Well only one way to find out. I reached out and pressed the button to restart the song just as it reached the final notes. I held my breath and waited for her to tear off the bandana and say, "nice try, but the dare was for one song."

But she said nothing and as the song started up again I quickly moved back into position this time behind her gently stroking her ass and reaching underneath sneaking a finger and then two inside her. She was so turned on at this point that it took only the slightest amount of pressure for my fingers to slide into her velvety wetness.

Sam was now working on both of Marie's breasts at the same time, kneading and sucking on them with abandon. He clearly had different technique than my standard repertoire and I hoped that Marie found the contrast exciting. The warmth and slickness of her pussy certainly suggested that she was having a good time.

I looked up and realized that Diane was standing about three feet away looking Marie up and down and probably keeping track of her husband's hands, but she was making no effort to join in the touching.

This whole time we had all been completely quiet. The only sound in the room was the Grateful Dead. This was part of my plan so Marie would never know who was where, what they were looking at or who was touching what part of her body. I hoped that combined with the blindfold that would make it super erotic.

I silently implored Diane to come over and at least grab Marie's ass. She rolled her eyes but dutifully moved in behind her, reached out and grabbed a cheek in each hand and gave them a good squeeze. She stepped up onto the table probably so Marie's ass wasn't right in her face and continued rubbing her butt.

With Diane working on Marie's ass, I moved back around to the front only to discover that Sam had stopped fondling her breasts and now had his hand between her legs. I couldn't tell but it looked like he had at least one finger and maybe two pushing well up inside of her. Marie is a G-spot girl far more than a clit girl, so I knew the deep penetration would be making her weak in the knees.

I reached out and lightly stroked her face, which is one of her favorite things and something that only I would know how much she enjoyed. At the same time I reached out with my other hand and gently lifted her breast from underneath, and grazed my fingers lightly along the crease where her breast joins her rib-cage, another signature move of mine that would be well recognized after 24 years of intimacy between us.

In my mind I was subtly signaling to her that although she had six different hands on her body, mine were not the ones on her ass, nor were they the ones pressing deeply inside her exploring her womanly secrets. In retrospect the signals were unnecessary, Sam is three inches taller and probably 70 lbs heavier than I am, with much larger hands. She must have known the moment his fingers slipped inside her that it wasn't me.

Diane was done grabbing Marie's ass and started to step down from the table but Sam had other plans. He really wanted to see his wife fondle Marie's breasts, and was making that clear to Diane by pointing and silently pleading.

Now it must be said that Diane is fully heterosexual, not even a little bi-curious. But she is madly in love with Sam and likes to make him happy so she climbed back up on the table behind Marie, reached around and began squeezing one of her boobs, which made Sam very happy indeed and he nodded his enthusiastic approval.

I took the opportunity to get my hands back on Marie's vagina, which was even wetter and softer than it had been before. It felt like it had been doused with baby oil, which is something that Marie and I loved to do on special occasions and always gets us off big-time.

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