Orc Ch. 02


Note: Thanks for the feedback for part one all. It was appreciated muchly. Sorry about the long wait for part two, I never really intended to continue this story, but eventually felt drawn back to it. Hope you enjoy!


Misty felt very much like a lamb being carried off to the slaughter. She had just been accosted and raped by a large amorous orc . Although, 'raped', she thought was a bit unfair when it had also been the most earth shattering sex she had ever experienced. She could almost feel herself glowing for the gods' sakes!

Now she was being carried over the said orc's shoulder with her bottom in the air and an excellent view of her captors own muscular green bottom which she had been clinging to as she came only a short while ago. What had she done? She had practically given herself to her rapist, no scratch that, she had been almost as aggressive as him.

It wasn't over, Misty knew this even before the orc slapped his hand onto her bottom and began to caress and squeeze it. It wasn't over, should she fight or just let it happen? The orc ran his callous fingers over her thighs and in between the still sweaty cleavage of her buttocks. Misty's body was tired so at first she responded only with ticklish twitches. The mottled brown orc though was patient, stirring her back up slowly, lightly scratching her inner thighs and rubbing her sumptuous flesh causing her to sigh.

The comfort afforded by the massage was not to last long however, and she started to feel lightheaded as her blood tried to both rush towards her dangling head and her warming crotch.

"Put me down, I'm starting to feel dizzy", Misty asked firmly despite her predicament. She had no idea whether or not her bulging conqueror could understand her words, but he always did at least seem to comprehend her meaning. Misty could tell this because he gave her a playful pat on the bottom before shifting her up so that her head was less upside-down.

The orc, however, did not cease his dextrous explorations of her tender flesh instead running his nails lightly up and down the insides of her legs. He trailed downwards to the inside of her knees tracing her tendons and massaging her plump muscles. He trailed upwards to her dark lustrous pubic curls allowing his touch to linger on her outer lips rubbing her slowly open and closed.

Misty closed her eyes and ineffectually tried to stifle a soft moan. Her vagina was starting to flood and combined with the orc's gooey semen, every squeeze and spread of her mound created wet sticky sounds. She could smell the sickly musky scent of herself and combined with the grotesquely erotic music the orc was making with her, she began to feel self-conscious of her predicament again.

"Please!" she cried feeling the cool evening air tease her wet openness. "Surely you've spent yourself, why can't you just let me go?"

The orc took her bottom in his massive hand again, grabbing it almost entirely whilst his thumb circled dangerously around her seeping vulnerability.

"No more! unnh," Misty bucked as he ground his large digit over her labia down to her perineum, "please... too much."

Pleasure was saturating Misty's groin again. She didn't even know it was possible to be set on the path to a second orgasm so soon. Whenever she masturbated she was always slow and languid building herself up to an intense peak. She considered herself quite good at tickling her own fancies actually, thank you very much. But this was something else. Her brutish captor had her pinned to his shoulder with one arm whilst the other held her thighs to him. He could smell, feel, hear and sense her escalating excitement and with a deep stroke of his thumb through her engorged labia he tasted it too. Misty almost made a grab for her beast's tight ass getting lost in the sensations but held on bravely to the few clear thoughts she had left.

"If you don't..." she started. The orc returned to her sex with increased vigor using all his fingers to grind her pussy.

"... you don't... oh fuck... put me, OH!" he pulled back her clit's hood, "...put me down, right... ah... now" the orc was done with teasing and placed his callous thumb right on her button, "yessssssss... no. NO!"

Misty fought on even as she felt her clitoris grated into bliss, "I'll have you tor-... guh... tort... unnnh yes," he used his entire hand rubbing along her hot wet flesh, "tuh... Tortured!"

"Casssss.... FUCK!" the orc forced one thick finger deep inside her, "Castrated!"

"And..." any individual feeling was washed away by an incredible heat that left her senseless, "and kkkknnnommmmng uht," the savage orc rammed two more fingers into her and Misty came "Kiiiiillllleeedd!"

And that was the last even slightly coherent thing to come out of Misty's mouth as she writhed, flopped and moaned on the orc, totally out of control of her body. Her cunt muscles seized the invading fingers tightly as her orgasmic juices ran freely onto his hand. The orc very nearly lost grip of her.

Misty's entire body pulsed with warmth, twitching randomly with aftershocks. Although she would never admit it, she drooled a little too.

Minutes passed drowsily and the vibrant reds of the meadow of bloody tears were replaced with muted greens and browns as they travelled into the deeper areas of the woodland. Her man-thing continued fondling her idly, smearing her come over her legs and bottom. She felt it cool and dry and became vaguely aware that she was growing colder. The trees were packed densely and the failing light cut through the the thick canopy only briefly here and there.

They passed through and then along a brook shortly thereafter. The tinkling water lulled Misty and against her better judgement she must have drowsed for a while as the next thing she knew was the lush animal fur she felt herself being lowered onto. Misty sighed contentedly, smiling as the lustrous skin was wrapped around her. A hand gently brushed her face and for a moment she responded happily until of course she remembered whose hand it was and what it had been doing to her in the past few hours.

Misty jerked away and upwards bringing herself to a sitting position and causing the animal skin to fall away from her revealing her exquisitely round breasts to the orc's view, whose gaze immediately fell upon them hungrily. Misty snatched the fur back over her nakedness and, glaring back into her captor's watery black eyes, knew he was far from finished with her.

She looked around needing to reorient herself quickly. She was in a small cave which was roughly oval shaped and a dozen feet deep and about five feet high. A fire at the back of the cave crackled steadily, illuminating the brown rock, which made up the cave, with a rich glow accentuating it's already earthy tones. Misty noticed that the smoke was exiting through the rear of the cave and almost straight up almost like a chimney. She looked around at the round entrance covered neatly by an animal skin. This was a home, Misty realised, a 'dwarf hole' as they were called! Or at least it had been many years ago; The orc had turned it into a gallery of assorted items oddities and cantrips.

Half the floor was covered in various animal furs some of which her bottom was currently rejoicing in. She recognised that most of them were from fauna native to the local area. Along one wall was a series of jars and bottles, the contents of which she struggled to identify; a few were obviously potions judging from their unnatural colours, others contained pickled objects Misty guessed were body parts and another collection held selections of local fruits, nuts and berries. On the other wall were mosses and other low maintenance plants. Who was this orc? If Misty had to hazard a guess, she would say he was some kind of hunter/gatherer scout whose task was to explore and catalogue an area. Sent by who though, and for what purpose? Was it a simple case of curiosity or a portent of possible invasion?

Either way the busty peasant girl was still at a total loss of how to react. She was tired and her adrenaline was running low from the fear and exhilaration or the entire experience. Her eyes were drawn to his impressive erection and she felt her mouth and vulva watering once more. She blinked and shook her head inwardly, never before had anyone or thing had drawn this kind of pure physical reaction from her. It was best to just let it happen she thought, he certainly hadn't harmed her in a violent way, the only ache she felt was a sexual one. Besides she resolved, after the brute had spent himself and fallen into the sleep of the sated, she could easily slip away and return home.

Return home to what though? And how would she explain her disarray and lack of her clothes? She could sneak back into her house, she supposed, it wasn't like her parents would wait up for her, or even worry. She was well known for her exploratory dalliances, but people would miss her if she didn't return by morning. Her employer at the farm where she worked would certainly fly into a rage if she were late and if her father found out (and he always did) Misty would have a few lashes of the strap to look forward to. The thought of going back to her regular routine after her intense ravishment by the orc seemed odd to Misty. She could easily compare the experience to a vivid dream, almost as if it hadn't happened at all, yet through it all and still now all her senses were hyper-aware; she felt more awake now than she had ever done before. The thought of this mad dream ending made Misty feel sick.

But what was her alternative? Trusting even a short term future to this monster would be the highest idiocy, she could not doubt. Orcs were evil creatures; everybody knew this. The beast obviously was no stranger to violence; she could tell by the way he moved when his attentions were not upon her. His movements were wary and deliberate like the more seasoned adventurers she had seen pass through her village. His physique was extraordinary and could only be gained, she knew, through regular and intense physical activities. And more sinister were the scars that crisscrossed over much of his body chronicling numerous battles or possibly slaughters. If she crossed him she knew he could easily kill her within seconds. If she were to beat this thing, it would have to be on her terms.

Misty continued to hold the orc's gaze, wondering what he was thinking, then let the fur slide down away from her buxom to rest on her lap. Her breasts were still blotchy and red from his thick sweat and her nipples were a rosier shade of pink after the attention they had seen.

Misty watched as the orc's view slipped down to her breasts for a moment, his tongue flicked out to lick his lips unconsciously, before quickly looking back to match her stare. She pouted, she wanted more than a brief lapse from the monster; if she was to escape she needed him to lose himself completely to her. Misty admitted to herself that she wanted this 'thing' to have her again, she had always taken pride in her ability to be honest with herself and she could not deny that she was completely hot for this man-slab. But, on the same token she knew that beast was dangerous and could not afford to take him lightly, she had to take him hard, ahem.

Orcs were well known to be uncontrollably vicious and savage and despite knowing that the life she had to go back to was a miserable one, at least it included actual living. She had heard stories of 'blood rituals' and the Orcs' taste for raw flesh that made chills crawl through her. Misty swore to herself that she would not die a victim.

Movement forced her attention back to her captor as he leaned forward bringing his face close to hers. He smiled, flashing pointed white/yellow teeth, briefly catching her off guard before stealing the briefest kiss then quickly withdrawing. Two could play this game and Misty moved herself so that her lips were barely half an inch from his but holding back from contact. She held like this a moment before pursing her lips slightly and blowing softly on the orc's face. He took a sharp intake of breath, unsure of the unusual but pleasurable sensation. Misty grinned to herself, score one for the lady!

The orc did not allow her to taste victory for long, though, and upped the stakes quickly, cupping one of her breasts lightly and resting his thumb on her nipple. Then he kissed her hard pushing his wet tongue past the weak defenses of her lips. Misty felt all her blood rush to her head letting the kiss deepen and pushing her own tongue back against his. The man-thing responded vigorously rubbing down with his thumb on her swollen nub and smothering her tongue with his own proclaiming dominance of her mouth. The peasant girl trembled and sighed as her tormentor held the kiss allowing it to prolong whilst also beginning to squeeze her breast with his palm. Misty began to feel increasingly light-headed but fought on, pushing herself deeper into the kiss and wrestling back against the large rough tongue that occupied her mouth.

She realized too late that she had leaned completely forward sacrificing her balance and the orc took advantage, stretching backwards. With her arms behind her and too weak to help anyway, Misty fell face-forward with a thump. The monster barked his laughter raucously looking down at her; face flushed, hair askew and directly between his legs. Misty was dumfounded for a moment part from shock and indignation and part from the fact that she had an up close and personal view of the orc's fully erect and sweating cock which almost seemed to stare back at her. It was Misty's turn to lick her lips unconsciously.

Another chuckle from the beast and her rage came back with a vengeance.

"Gaaahh!" she screamed pulling herself up and away, "Stop making a fool of me!"

She turned away from him, kneeling with her legs closed and purposefully denying him sight of her round tits. Misty knew she had to get the better of him, but the debasement forced upon her was causing her to become petulant. The orc was behind her again and tried to put an arm around her, Misty slapped it away angrily. He backed off.

The girl waited for his next move, however, for a long moment there was no movement behind her. The moment stretched.

Hesitantly she looked over her shoulder at him, unsure what to expect. Her captor did not meet her eyes, instead his gaze poured all over her fleshy body. Misty blushed and nervously wondered if he was admiring her or sizing her up for something unsavory. The orc said something quietly under his breath in orcish. Misty didn't understand the language, but his soft tone relaxed her and when he approached her and placed his large hands on her hips, she did not flinch.

"Oh, you're going to pretend to be gentle again?" she asked as he kneaded her plump stomach and circled and probed her belly button.

The orc shimmied up behind her so that her back was pressed against his broad chest and continued fondling her, exploring the large womanly curves she had been blessed with. He curled one arm around her, holding her tightly against him and seized her breast, giving it another squeeze. His other hand continued stroking her tummy, heading lower to put a pleasurable pressure on her pubic delta.

"That's nice", Misty sighed leaning back against him with her head on his shoulder.

Warmth filled Misty as the orc's high body temperature saturated her from his chest and the hot insistence of his penis pressing into the small of her back. The girl continued to melt when the beast gently entrapping her, began placing long wet kisses onto her neck. Her reticence and anger faded to be replaced with something far more dangerous; being held so softly and firmly by such a powerful creature was kindling her basic human desire to feel protected and safe. This was not good, Misty had to heat things up again fast or who knows what feelings would start asserting themselves upon her!

Misty shifted her hips cleverly and caught the monster's monster cock between the cleavage of her generous buttocks. The intense heat of the orc's member made her twitch and fidget but she held on boldly, figuring that any movement would build the friction and get him to lose control quicker. The large orc matched her forwardness and continued demonstrating his ambidextrousness by worrying her nipples with rough fingers and sliding his other hand down to lightly scratch her inner thighs and outer nether lips. Those sensations felt far off however, compared to the hot flow of lava that seemed to have started between her bottom. As the beast's arousal grew he began to perspire his treacherous orc sweat and Misty's back and bottom were soon covered in the tingling lubricant. The orc grunted as Misty soldiered on using the sweat to make a hot tunnel with her bottom pumping his shaft with quick strokes. Misty silently thanked the Gods that the orc's penis was so long that there was no threat of it's head finding her puckered anus, which was a good thing as it was clenching open and closed as the seeping sweat stimulated and relaxed it.

"I'm going to beat you," Misty said through gritted teeth keeping her hips moving fluidly through force of will, "I'm going to fuck you senseless and when you're asleep I'm going to get out of here and you'll be lucky if I don't slit your throat before I go."

The orc held Misty tight to him shuddering against her as she brought him off, he hissed some words into her ear before fitting her entire lobe between his teeth and biting down giving her both pleasure and pain. Misty gasped and upped her tempo making sure to squeeze his cock-head between her buttocks with every up stroke which made the orc groan out loud. It was an addictive feeling getting this man-thing so exited. His penis was rock-solid and straining against her, the coarse hair covering his balls scratched her thighs teasingly and his slippery shaft rubbed her anus creating a foreign but delightful sensation that spread through her nether regions warmly. Meanwhile, the orc's hands had become clumsy, their dexterity gone, he was now simply grabbing at her in lust. The buxom peasant girl grinned, she was winning!

The great beast man was awash in the pleasure his captive human was freely giving him, but he had not lost presence of mind. He brought his hand reluctantly from her breasts and gathered a large swipe of ooze from his thigh, with his other hand he spread the engorged petals of the girl's sex wide open.

Misty instantly knew what he planned, "Oh no," she tried to dodge away but was too late. The orc drove two of his slime coated fingers straight into her hole as deep as he could reach, he might have hurt her if she was not so well stretched and pliant from their previous liaisons. As it was though, her vagina betrayed her, welcoming the questing digits eagerly, bathing them in her own juices. He wriggled his fingers inside her making sure to tickle every nook and cranny he could reach, spreading his poison throughout her unsuspecting pussy.

"Gods.... no," Misty breathed as the tingling began. She could cope with the sweat on her skin, it felt like bubbles of pure warmth popping over her nerve endings. On her more sensitive parts though...

The orc took his fingers out and brought them straight to his mouth sucking Mistys' lustful secretions off them eagerly, closing his eyes and sighing noisily through his nose. Misty watched hazily and continued trying to grind his cock, however, the tingling was becoming a itch and her movements became erratic.

"Not... fair," she managed as her lower body turned to jelly.

Her vaginal muscles contracted uselessly trying to make friction to relieve the boiling throbbing the orc had inflicted. Her hand moved to her pussy uncaring about an obscene display, she needed something in there! Her tormentor quickly seized both her wrists, denying her release.

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