tagSci-Fi & FantasyOrc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 14

Orc Dominion: Elfin Descent Ch. 14


Though the dress she was wearing covered more than the one Trogar put her in, it was actually worse. At least with Trogar's dress you could tell it was finely made with rich materials and in an erotic way befitting a princess. The dress she was wearing now was just coarse. The cotton was poorly stitched, parts had been either torn or eaten away by moths, and large swaths of it were covered in gross looking stains and had a foul scent about it.

Daniels had provided the dress as part of her disguise. She was to pretend to be a low class prostitute and distract the guards of the cell while Daniels helped Sylvia escape. There were a lot of things about this mission she didn't like, not least of which was that she was posing as a prostitute. With her jewels and fine clothes stripped away and her hair down and disheveled there was little to differentiate her from any of the poor elfs now living in the city.

Fortunately, she was only going to be alone in the castle. Outside, she would have Daniels to accompany her. She didn't want to think about what could happen if she walked the streets of Ruar alone at night while dressed like this.

Lyriena's stomach was in knots and her heart was racing from the intrigue and all the possibilities racing through her mind with what could go wrong as she said "Are you sure that King Henry won't find out? You won't be able to convince me that he knows about your plan and would approve."

"He won't find out, how would he? I'm definitely not going to tell him, and I don't recommend you do either." Daniels replied as he escorted her deeper into the castle.

She had never been to this part before; he was bringing her to an underground wing that was off limits. Well, off limits to the Princess. But apparently there was no issue bringing in an elfin whore. Lyriena shivered as the fabric of the dress rubbed across her pierced nipples. She wasn't wearing anything beneath it like she normally would. The direct friction of the cotton on her nubs made them hard, and sent a light burning sensation through her small breasts.

"He'd better not." Though to be honest, Lyriena was worried more for her reputation than she was offending King Henry. She still wasn't entirely sure that allying with him was the best move, though that final decision point was fast approaching. "So, after you get Sylvia out, I'll meet you in the back of the castle and we'll take a wagon to the docks?"

"That's right. Then we're going to get on the ship Southern Treasures. If all goes according to plan, Henry will intercept it on the third day of the trip. Then the captain will wed you, and he'll drop you off in the Elfish Isles." Daniels at least seemed confident that the plan would work.

Lyriena was still a little nervous though. Not only was she not sure she was ready to abandon the city and diplomacy to marry a stranger, but also because she had underestimated the Queen's Shadow before. It surely couldn't be that easy to take a prisoner out of the most restricted cells, even if the Queen's personal attendant was helping.

What if the whole thing was a trap? What if Daniels was really working for Dorian, and this was a trick to get her in even deeper trouble with Trogar? It was dizzying to think about, but really, she didn't think that this little caper would get her into any deeper trouble than she already was. She was in their power if they wanted to be overt in creating a conflict, they didn't need any further excuse.

Well, the least she could do was rescue Sylvia. If she didn't want to get on the ship, she could always choose to stay. Her indecisiveness rankled her. Lyriena didn't like these games, where motives and decisions were constantly second guessed. She had ruled as regent of Deznessuian before, and that was easy by comparison. Resolving disputes, levying taxes, managing shipping; all could be settled with a royal decree. But her decrees meant nothing here.

"Are you ready? Once we're through this door you have to be committed to the role."

Lyriena nodded to Daniels, and the footman opened the door, revealing a small candlelit chamber. Two guards were seated around a small table playing dice. They both jumped up at the sudden intrusion and grasped the hilt of their short swords, but relaxed when they recognized Daniels. When they saw Lyriena they began to smile. Daniels had explained to her that it wasn't unusual for the dungeon guards to be rewarded while on duty.

"Good evening, boys. The Queen has a little treat for you, to reward all your good service. I know it hasn't been easy watching after the new prisoner." Daniels smiled affably and guided Lyriena forward by her arm.

"You got that right, Daniels. High maintenance, this one is. Did she really have to be stuck before being sent down here? It ain't really the best place for a wounded lass to be."

"Ah, you know how it is upstairs." He pointed up towards the ceiling. "They have their ways about them and it's no use trying to guess what they are."

"You're right about that" remarked the other guard, "as long as they keep sending us tail as fresh as this one, I'll not complain."

"Too loudly, anyway" joked the first guard. "Well missy, no need to be shy, step on up and let us see what we got."

I am a prostitute, I am a prostitute. I cannot believe I am doing this, I am a prostitute. Lyriena smiled tremulously at the two guards and stepped in front of them. "Hello boys." She realized that she didn't really have any idea how a prostitute was supposed to talk. Her heart began to beat faster as she stood there while the men undressed her with their eyes. Her cheeks blushed as their gaze lingered on her partially exposed bust and felt their eyes bore into the holes in her dress, trying to find some hidden delight.

All she had to go on were how Soleil, Florette, and Marietta spoke, and that was pretty normal. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard. "I am looking forward to serving you both tonight. I just love you big strapping humans, it is such a relief from the skinny, tiny, elf men I am used to."

"Heh, I bet that's true. Don't you worry lass, I've got what you need."

"Yeah, we'll stuff you up nice and good."

Oh no, she thought, what if they try to take my virginity? I can't give it to them! Though a faint voice in the back of her mind whispered that it might be better to give it to them then to wait for Trogar to take it.

"Now now boys, don't get too far ahead of yourselves. See how she blushes? She's new to the game she is." Daniels interjected. "In fact, she's still got her cherry, and it won't be you lot that take it. Stick to her mouth or ass tonight, and when she's broken in good and proper I'll bring her back to you for more fun and games."

Lyriena's ears burned at the way Daniels talked so casually about her body. She wanted to clap him upside the head, but now was not the time. Remember, I am a prostitute, she thought.

"Heh, that is fresh. Well, I'm sure we can make do." The guard reached out and grasped Lyriena's breast, groping it roughly through the dress causing her to wince. "She's got small titties. Do I want to know how old she is?"

"Old enough. Besides, you know how elf girls are, am I right?"

"That's true, that's true." Mused the second guard as he started to feel up Lyriena's bottom.

Lyriena's heart pounded as she felt their hands roaming over her body possessively. When the first guard gave her nipple ring a tug she gasped out loud and pressed against his body. Was she really going to sleep with these men? To take one in her mouth, and the other in her backside? Just two weeks ago that would have been absurd and the thought of doing so would have disgusted her. Now, here she was being felt up by humans and enjoying it. "Do not worry on that score, I can take a cock, even a big human one." She tried to give them a confident smile, but she still trembled and her face was on fire.

"You know the drill boys. Take her to one of the cells in the east wing. I'll hold down the fort here." Guards at this level were required to stay together at all times. Only sergeants like Daniels or officers were allowed to stand guard alone.

"Yes sir!" The first guard said enthusiastically, and started to lead Lyriena down the hall.

The princess trembled as she walked down the dark, twisting corridor. She was with two lowborn men whose names she didn't even know. They both pawed at her possessively, touching her breasts and ass, and rubbing between her legs. Her own hands seemed to find their cocks of their own volition. She had begun stroking and rubbing them without even realizing she was doing it. Their members were hard and hot beneath her fingers. They were not as thick as Trogar, to be sure, but were still a weighty girth against her dainty elfin palms.

The cool dungeon air sent a chill through her hard nipples as they pulled her top down to expose them. She licked her lips and quivered in anticipation as they brought her into a small room. She unlaced their breeches and pulled out their hard cocks and began to stroke them more aggressively.

"Well, how should we do this? Flip a coin? Heads gets head, tails gets tail?" The guard laughed at his own wit.

"Nah, tell you what, I'll shoot you for it. One roll of the dice, winner takes his pick."

Oh no, they're gambling for me? She thought, humiliated beyond belief. "Nnng..." She couldn't help but groan at the thought though and fought tears from welling up in her eyes I am a prostitute I am a prostitute, I am whore. Her whole body started to shake and the juices from her pussy gushed out, moistening her thighs.

A moment later it was settled, and the winning guard decided to take his pleasure with her tight elfin ass. He hiked up her skirt, and then spit in the lush crevice between her cheeks. "I'm gonna enjoy this lass. Nothing like a tight elfin ass to wrap your dick up in!"

The other guard didn't waste any time either. He bent Lyriena over and brought her face to his throbbing cock. "Take it, bitch. Show me what your pretty mouth is good for!"

Despite his crass words, Lyriena obliged the man. She opened her red lips and wrapped them around the swollen girth. She slurped nosily around it, drooling a little as she sucked the tip in, and then plunged herself down the length. The guard rolled his fingers through her golden tresses and began to push and pull her along his cock.

The other guard lined up the bulbous head of his shaft between her lily white ass cheeks. He spread them nice and far apart as he groped them with his calloused hands. Finally, he began to push forward, sliding his shaft through the anal ring and stretching her insides apart. "That's a damn fine ass. Loose enough to open easy but still tight around me cock. I bet you've had more than one cock up there eh?"

Of course, in truth she'd only ever had one cock, an orc shaft at that. She couldn't tell them that though, there was no telling how they'd react. She briefly popped off the guard's cock to say, "Ah, yes that is right, loads; so many I have lost count! I am a dirty whore!"

The guard in front of her quickly pulled her back deeply onto his dick, causing her to gag and focus on sucking the human cock. He started to move his hips, pumping in and out of her mouth as he tried to force his cock deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, the guard behind her started to vigorously bugger her ass. The two fell into a rhythm, thrusting back and forth in turn as the ravished Lyriena between them.

The princess groaned as the two cocks slammed in and out of her. Her little breasts bounced beneath her, making the gold rings slap against her body. Sweat started to soak through the fabric of the dress now crumpled around her waist. Lyriena moved her neck and hips, grinding into both shafts as she used her body to pleasure the men. She didn't want them to cum too quickly though; she had to give Daniels time to sneak out Sylvia.

Her ass started to squelch as the cock stabbed in and out faster and harder. It started to feel good, as the thick girth rubbed against her vaginal passage through the membrane of her body. It wasn't enough though, so Lyriena moved her hand between her legs. She started to rub her clit, sliding her fingertips up and down over the button and grinding in a circle.

A sudden sharp clap made her jump as the guard behind her smacked her ass. Her body instinctively clenched around the guard's cock, squeezing and holding it deep inside her ass. The human spanked her again, and then again as he rode her backside. "Dance for me whore! Move those hips faster! Earn that bit of gold! Ride my cock like the elf slut you are!"

Lyriena moved her hips in a more exaggerated fashion, lifting and grinding her hips all the way down the length of his shaft. Her thighs began to burn as she took up the onus of responsibility. Soon both men were standing their passively while she did all the work. Her free hand stroked the man's cock as she sucked it deeper and deeper, until the bulbous head was probing the back of her mouth. Her gag reflex closed around it, squeezing and stimulating the sensitive head with rapid palpitations as her throat tried to reject the invasion.

The stimulation proved to be too much for the man, and he grabbed Lyriena by her golden hair and pulled her off his dick. "Open wide, slut, I've got something for you!"

He yanked back on her hair, making her squeal. As the man behind her continued to fuck her from behind, the guard in front furiously jerked his cock. She opened her mouth and a moment later the human's thick white jizz exploded over her face. She continued to stroke her clit furiously as the smelly cum rained down on her, covering her nose and falling in her mouth, and then splattering on her chin and cheeks.

As the semen ran down her tongue she cried out and began to convulse in ecstasy as her fingers brought her to climax. The wild friction of her ass convulsing around the other man's cock quickly brought him to the edge. He tore his cock out and spun her around, eager to paint her face as well. A moment later his dick also exploded, adding a second coat of white paint onto her face.

Hot human cum completely covered Lyriena's face and eyes and dripped slowly down to her chin. It knotted and tangled in her hair and even covered one eye, partially blinding her. With every breath she took she either smelled or tasted the thick goo. I must look a fright, she thought as she basked in the afterglow of her climax. Oh no, there's no place to wash here, not like there was at Faerie Lights. I'm going to have to walk through the castle like this! The realization sent a shiver of terror down her spine. What would Daniels think? Or Sylvia? Well, admittedly Sylvia had probably seen worse.

Before she could ruminate any further, the guards hauled her to her feet. "Well, that was nice but we need to get back on duty. Where do you work, girl? I think I'd like to look you up again."

"Uh, Fairie Lights. Ask for Amerei." She blurted out as she fixed her dress.

"I'll do that. Come along now."

The guards escorted her back to the guard room, where Daniels was waiting for her. He didn't seem too surprised to see her with jizz dripping down her face. "Looks like two satisfied customers over here."

"Just two? You mean you ain't sampled her yet?"

"Maybe on the way back" he grinned. "Come along now girl, I'll walk you out. Enjoy the rest of your night boys!"

Daniels led Lyriena back out from the guard area. On the other side of the door, lying gently on the floor was Sylvia. She was dressed only in a shift, which was spotted from blood around the abdomen. "She hasn't woken up, I'm going to have to carry her. I'll need you to get the doors for me."

"I need to clean up first, I can barely see-"

"There's no time, we need to get out of here! This way, there's a secret passage that will take us to the rear of the castle." Daniels showed her the hidden lever that opened the wall, and soon the two of them were sliding through the narrow passage between the walls of the castle. It was difficult for Daniels to navigate while holding Sylvia, especially since he had to hold her carefully to avoid aggravating her wound.

Disgust shot through her as the strands of a spiderweb got caught in the cum coating her face. She could feel it sitting there in the semen, clinging to her body. She hadn't thought it could get any grosser, but she was wrong. Fortunately, they made it through the passage without incident, and were able to load Sylvia onto the wagon.

"I'll be up front driving. You stay back and try to take care of her. Just try to stay quiet and let me do all the talking."

Lyriena nodded and climbed in the back of the wagon with Sylvia. She gently held the unconscious woman's hand as Daniels drove them through the city. They had to move quickly, as there was no telling how long it would take for the alarm to be sounded.

Sylvia moaned in pain as the rickety wagon creaked over the cobblestone roads. She tried to keep the woman as steady as possible, but it was difficult. Fortunately, Daniels was well recognized in the castle, and was able to exit the gate with no hassle.

He skillfully navigated through the city, taking a series of routes to cut through the busiest areas and take them directly to the docks. But the closer she got to the docks, the more apprehensive she became. Could she really go through with it? Did she really want to abandon her mission and throw her lot in with Henry? It would mean war.

She could just let Daniels take Sylvia and go, and send Henry her regrets. She still had to get her revenge on Soleil, after all. Besides, her people were already returning to work; for the next two months anyway. The longer business returned to normal the harder it would be to upend it again. At least, that is what she told herself.

Could she really break her word to Henry? The thought made her uneasy, apprehensive. She was raised better than that. On the other hand though, maybe she never should have agreed in the first place.

After all, it was her father the King who should be negotiating her marriage alliance. If she didn't have permission or authority to make promises, was it still wrong to break them?

Lyriena took a deep breath. She smelled the sea; they must be close. Whatever she was going to do, she needed to do it quickly. The elf princess looked down at Sylvia's pale face. She looked weak and feverish, but she was bitterly clinging to life. Lyriena didn't have that kind of fight in her. The violence, the violence of drawn knives was not for her. Henry meant war, and she didn't have the stomach with it.

She closed her eyes a moment, and then opened the back of the wagon and jumped.


"How much sunshine?" A low, gravelly voice called out to her.

Lyriena ignored the call and continued to hurry through the elfin neighborhood with head down in shame. Walking alone at night in this dress was as perilous as she feared. If she didn't reach Faerie Lights soon it wouldn't be long before someone accosted her. And if they noticed the dried semen crusted on her face and in her hair they would know exactly what kind of woman she was and act accordingly.

"Hey don't be like that! I've got ready money to pay!"

She hoped that he wouldn't pursue her. It was only a few more blocks until she reached the relative safety of the club. Hopefully Brahm would hide her there until morning. She could clean up, and send for fresh clothes from the castle and face the next day looking every bit the princess again.

The princess was torn between ducking in and out of the back alleys and using the main thoroughfare. The latter was much more populated and better lit, meaning it was more likely someone would see and accost her. On the other hand, the back alleys were dark, secluded, and if she were stopped the consequences much more dire.

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