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Orc Masters Ch. 01



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Yunie treaded carefully through the forest ground, making sure not to make much noise. The moonlight was the only thing that lit the Night Elf's path. Her sword sheathed should any vicious wild animal attack her. Quietly and calmly she made her way towards her destination, an Orc encampment near the swamp lands.

Yunie had never really considered herself a part of the alliance cause. She was a rogue, a pirate, and she was damn proud of it. The only reason she had joined was due to the gold she could make in the market. But she grew tired of the alliance, and its cause. It didn't help much when in every raid, the alliance was always beaten, badly. No, Yunie was a pirate,a very attractive pirate, she stood at a mere 5' 5", enticing green eyes, just like her hair. As she traveled towards the Orc camp, wearing black leather pants, leather boots and a white swashbuckler's shirt, the shirt always giving viewers a good look at her big 36EE breasts. She relished in the fact that many an alliance member have dropped their jaws every time they saw her walk by, swaying her hips to tease them. But it frustrated her knowing that, despite the many companions she had. None could please her the way she wanted. She thought of them as wimps and inadequate, however, her hunger for sex was big, and she settled for whoever she could find.

Having arrived at her location, she hid amongst the bushes as she saw the Orc Camp, this was no mere camp either, it was a military camp, many tents lined up, a whole tribe of Orc warriors were hunkering down in this area. Before she had left, she had made the pre-text that she was going to spy on the Orcs, the truth of the matter was the opposite. She had had it with the alliance and wanted to join the Horde, she felt that there definitely was more opportunity for money here, and the men here by all means did not look anything like the wimps from the alliance. Yunie licked her lips just thinking of the possibilities. Beyond where she was hiding, she could see a group of five gruesome, ugly Orc soldiers squatting down around a fire, all of them dressed in standard soldier leather armor except for one. The biggest, and meanest looking of them all was dressed in plate armor. "A general" Yunie thought to herself "He'll let me join, especially if I give them information about the alliance." She thought to herself cleverly. She continued listening to the Orcs for a while longer, as they were feasting and laughing, re-telling raid stories, of how they have beaten the alliance so many times and how they were nothing but wimps. "hmm... With that in common, getting in should be a synch" Yunie thought to herself. Then her eyes widen as one of the Orcs stood up and started sniffing in her direction, it gave a wicked grin, then it turned towards the Orc general and whispered something to his ear. "Shit! They've discovered me! If I don't make a move, they'll think I'm here spying on them!" Soon all 5 Orcs were staring in her general direction and were soon grabbing their axes. "Shit! Think Yunie think!"

Letting her instincts take over, she simply strutted out of the forest and walked towards the 5 Orcs, her pirate shirt unbuttoned a little to expose her big breasts. If it worked with the humans, it should work with them as well, she thought. A cheerful, but nervous tone in her voice. "Boys," she exclaimed, "no need to grab your weapons, I don't come here to spy on you."

"You're an elf!" Said one of the orcs, in a hoarse voice, his overweight body struggling to stand up, an axe in hand, "We don't need no other reason to cut you up in little pieces."

'Now, now friends' Interfered the general whose name was Trogg. "Let her speak, we'll see if what she has to say is worthy of her life being spared" he said with an evil grin, bearing his sharp teeth.

Composing herself, Yunie straightened herself up, "I wish to be a horde member," The Orcs looked at her in confusion, looked at each other, then laughed heartily, "and I know where the alliance will attack next" she continued trying not to be intimidated by their laughter, not that it mattered because they laughed even louder.

"Pathetic little elf," said the general, "You honestly think any of what you've said is of any use to us? We already know of the alliance plans, and what's more, even IF they have attacked us by surprise, we still would beat them... as we usually do", the orcs joined in laughter. Scared thinking that they might decide to cut her to bits, she started pacing backwards. Surprised as she saw two of the Orcs behind her, covering her escape path. Two others with axes in their hands started walking towards her as Trogg sat and watched with an ugly grin, "planning on going somewhere elf?" he said laughing. "I thought you wanted to be a part of the Horde?" he said cackling. Thinking quickly, she thought of the only way to get out of this situation alive.

"Oh but I really do lord Trogg" I said with a coy smile. "I'm sick and tired of those wimps from the alliance lord," I said swaying my hips back and forth as I slowly walked toward him, the ugly beast staring at me questioningly. "I should've never doubted the strength of the Horde army, and if you have no need for a spy, then I'll gladly offer any other services." I said giggling nervously.

The vicious looking Orc stared down at me, smiling wickedly. "ANYTHING?" he asked, licking his lips. I nodded knowing exactly what he meant, I figured if I was going to try and get out of this alive, and get to join the horde, I might as well give in. Seeing their rippling muscles I knew they could tear me apart easily, yet, at the same time, it also excited me. I knew Orcs were no pushovers, my curiosity was getting the better of me and I wanted to find out how ruthless they could really be. He Barked in laughter. "You must be so desperate to want to join the horde pathetic little she-elf" he said.

"Oooh Of course Lord Trogg" I cooed seductively, "I just never felt to be a member of the alliance anymore, I know now no army is as strong as the horde's army lord, and I would be glad to service it in anyway possible" I said with emphasis, giggling wickedly.

The ugly green beast grinned, "Oh you will be doing a lot of servicing, she-elf bitch" he said and quickly pulled up the loincloth underneath his armor, revealing the biggest, slimiest and wart-filled green cock I've ever seen. My eyes went wide, hypnotized by the sheer size of the mammoth cock it must have been 13 inches long and 3 inches wide. The other orcs simply laughed after seeing my reaction. "Strip for me bitch," he barked at me, stroking his giant cock. "If you're going to be a member of the horde, then you will have to please all of us." he barked.

Regaining my senses I simply nodded and cooed, "mmm yes Lord Trogg." I slowly started stripping off my clothes, dancing seductively, all the orc's sat down again to enjoy the show. Swaying my hips from side to side, I slowly bent over and removed my leather boots and pants, the Orcs hoot and hollered as I stood there dancing with only a sheer swashbuckler's shirt and a lacy thin red thong. I was feeling flushed, my pussy was getting wet, I was dancing to seduce five members of one of the ugliest races of Azeroth, and I was loving it. Soon all five Orcs were sporting huge slimy, warty green cocks in their hands, which only turned me on more. I turned my back towards the general, looking back at him enticingly, I teasingly rubbed and smacked my ass cheeks a couple of times. Having removed my shirt I now stood in front of the Orcs dancing completely naked except for my sheer, thin, red thong. I was about to remove it, when Trogg interrupted.

"Good wench, leave your thong on, now come here and service your new master" He said with a grin. Having him say that struck a cord in me. I had never been a slave, I preferred being on my own, making my own rules, but it felt soooo good coming from him. I nodded in response to my new master and kneeled in front of the towering beast, I eagerly took his giant slime covered green cock in my hands and started stroking it with both hands as it was too big around. I giggled wickedly as I heard the Orc general starting to moan as I stroked his huge member, and hungrily I started taking his green bulbous cock head into my mouth, moaning in pleasure. My pussy getting wetter at just the thought. There I knelt, a night elf, a member of the alliance kneeling down in front of five monstrous looking Orcs, and I was servicing one of them almost completely nude.

I felt the Orcs strong big hands jerking my long emerald hair in his hands as he tried to shove more of his cock into my mouth, relaxing my throat I took as much of his cock as I could in my mouth, gagging, I looked up at him smiling as I moaned on his giant member. "Mmmm yeah bitch, I bet you like that Orc cock don't you? You slutty elf" I popped his cock out of my mouth for a moment, leaving a strand of saliva on it.

"Mmmm yes Lord Trogg," I replied, "I was starting to get tired of wimpy human dicks" I replied with a wicked smile before engulfing the slimy green cock into my mouth again. The Orcs laughed at my reply.

"Maybe we were wrong about you she-elf, the horde can definitely use your services for raising the troops morale." the Orc said with a wicked grin, groaning louder, the other 4 orc's high fived each other at the news. "But before we do," He continued, "you will have to prove your loyalty to the horde bitch", the other four Orcs laughed and mumbled amongst themselves.

"Mmmmm anything for the Horde, master Trogg."I said. He grinned at my reply.

"Exactly," and with that, he pulled my mouth off of his cock, and grabbed me from the waist and carried me under his arm like a rag doll and took me into his tent, the other Orcs stayed behind, knowing well not to interfere, lest they had a death wish.

Coming inside the tent, Trogg abruptly threw my body towards the tattered leather bed. I lay there splayed for the monster as he removed his armor, revealing a heavy, yet muscular body, beaten severely by battle. His legs and chest as hairy as a satyr. Walking toward me as his now fully extended 15 inch cock swayed back and forth, glistening from the slime and my own spit. Grabbing a collar from a nearby table, he threw it at me, "Sex Slave" the tag read.

"Put it on," he commanded, I obediently locked the collar around my neck, he grinned as I did so. "From now on you're MY sex slave she-elf, and if you wish to live, you will do as I say, Understood?" To which I simply nodded obediently.

"Yes master Trogg." While this certainly wasn't what I was expecting to happen, my body simply couldn't help it, it needed, craved for more Orc cock, and I was quite happy to oblige with being the horde's new fuck toy.

"Good" he said with an evil smile, bearing his sharp teeth. He then grabbed my ankles with his big green hands as I lay on my back on the tattered mattress and spread my legs. "Now you'll know what a real cock feels like slave" he laughed. Licking my lips I reached down and moved the red thong to the side, revealing a pussy trimmed in the shape of a triangle. My pussy was already very wet, and quivering in anticipation at the fucking I was to receive tonight.

"Mmmm yes Master Trogg, I've been waiting for this for a looong time" I cooed, he laughed louder as he started to inch his slimy green cock into my waiting pussy Heaving and groaning Trogg started forcing his huge green fuck rod into my wet pussy. I moaned and screamed as the thick member was being engulfed inside my hungry cunt, the warts on his shaft sending shivers all over my body as they touched all the right places. The orc threw his head back laughing.

"I knew you were an Orc slut, as soon as I saw you, dressed in just a sheer blouse and leather pants, you were looking for a fuck weren't you slave?"

I moaned, turned on even more, "Oommmm Yes master, I was getting tired of wimpy humans and wanted to have a real cock." I replied giggling wickedly as I started pinching my heaving breasts, again he laughed.

"Good slut because from now on you'll be the horde's new fuck toy, and you will have to service ALL my men to raise their morale." He said with a grin. I thrashed and moaned underneath his giant hairy body, moaning uncontrollably as he started pounding my tight elf pussy.

"Oooommm yeees maaaster" I replied as I threw my head back, "Anything for the horde Master Trogg." He laughed again, he had won against the alliance in many battles, and now he had won against the alliance again, he now had a willing fuck slave from the alliance and he was relishing the thought. Grabbing my hips, he started pummeling my pussy mercilessly, I didn't think at first that I could fit all of his slimy green cock inside me, but I was starting to feel his balls slapping against my ass cheeks as he kept fucking his new fuck toy.

The tent was soon filled with the Orc's musky scent of sex as well as mine, and soon I was letting out guttural bestial moans as loud as his, bucking my hips faster and harder to meet his forceful thrusts. My pussy lips hot and red as he fucked me raw. He engulfed one of my breasts into his mouth, groaning louder as he sucked on my supple breasts, leaving trails of slime and spit on them, he bit on my hard nipples, sending shivers all over my body. "Oom Fuck!" I screamed in pleasure. "Oom Fuck yeees yees!". He let out a loud groan as my pussy spasmed and contracted around his cock.

"Mmm yea you little elf slut," He said as he started pummeling my sore pussy, I moaned in sheer extacy as I felt the bumps of his warty, slime covered cock touching all my nerve endings, sending shivers all over my body. I could feel his cock start to swell and he pounded my cunt harder, his balls slapping against my thighs. "I'm going to breed you slave! I'm going to give you my orc cum!" I moaned in delight, spreading my aching pussy more.

"Ooom Yes master, breed me with your powerful Orc Cum!" without any further encouragement, he slammed my pussy harder and soon I felt a torrent after torrent of hot Orcish seed flood inside my slave pussy, I couldn't hold it anymore, and with another loud moan, I threw my head back, torrents of my pussy juices started gushing out, it overflowed and started leaking down my curvy thighs "OOM YEEES MAASTER TROGG!" I screamed loud enough to let the rest of the encampment know who I belonged to now. I was now completely his slave, and I was loving every minute of it. He let out a triumphant bellow, shaking the tent. This was just another victory for him, he had not only succeeded in making me a willing sex slave, but he had also put his seed inside me. I was marked for life, but I didn't care, all my body was craving now was Orc cock.

I collapsed on the mattress, exhausted, my pussy still leaking his yellow-ish cream into my thighs and on to the mattress. My body still shivering, it still craved for more. "Mmmm More... mmmore" I cooed as I lay there, the orc laughed triumphantly.

"Mmm you night elves have such tight pussies." he grinned, "maybe from now on we'll spare all night elf females and make them our sex slaves." My body got so hot just thinking about it, a whole army of Orcs, having their way with all the night elves of Azeroth, in the middle of a battlefield, the wimpy alliance army watching jealously from the sidelines. So depressed at what they were seeing they would simply turn back with their tail between their legs, while all the female elves were involved in the biggest Orc on Elf orgy ever. The night elves would finally know what a real cock feels like. I was soon woken up from my day dream by the sight of his still fully erect cock.

Shocked that it was still erect, grabbing my hair forcefully he shoved the green fuck meat into my mouth. "I'm not done with you fuck toy. Clean my cock and get it ready again." he commanded. Hungrily I took his cock into my mouth, cleaning it from all his and my cum, he groaned as I licked the length of his slime covered, cum coated cock, sucking on his hairy green balls, moaning as I engulfed them one at a time into my mouth before going back to sucking on his cock. I looked up at him, smiling wickedly, moaning like a good slave.

He suddenly stopped and quickly turned me on my hands and knees. He placed one of his large hands firmly on my hips. "Beg for it bitch," he commanded, "Beg for my cock like the little bitch in heat you are" He said slapping my ass cheeks with his huge member. My whole body succumbed to the intense pleasure, I obliged, I wiggled my ass back and forth, cooing.

"Mmmm please Master Trogg. Fuck me, fuck me like the little whore I am" I said as I wiggled my ass some more, feeling his bulbous green head on my ass cheeks. "I am your little fuck toy to fuck whenever you wish master" I said as my pussy felt emptier.

The towering Orc let out a loud cackle, "Good slave, cuze I plan on fucking your pussy every day" he said, now rubbing the tip of his cock on my asshole, I bit on a nearby pillow, I never had anal sex before, but my body was doing all the talking and I wanted it, I wanted to feel his slimy giant cock inside my tight ass, feel those warts touch me in all the right places.

"I've never had it up the ass master," I said with a coy smile, he threw his head back laughing, then placed both hands on my hips firmly so I wouldn't escape.

"Bite hard then, slave. After I'm done with you, you'll never go back to those wimpy human dicks." he said, I moaned and nodded. After the way he had fucked my pussy raw, I believed him.

Gripping on to the mattress hard, I bit my lip as he started forcing his giant green fuck pole into my tight anal cavity. There was a mix of pain and pleasure as he invaded my ass, the warts felt a little rough, his already slimy cock was starting to lubricate my asshole, making the pain more bearable. But not by much considering how big his mammoth cock was. A subtle pop and his bulbous green head teared through my tight asshole. I let out a long and low drawn out moan as he started inching his cock slowly so as to have my ass get used to the length. He had inched half of his cock inside my ass, then paused for a moment. The pain became less by this point, and the pleasure started to take over again. He then took his cock all the way out, then violently shoved it back into my ass, quickly picking up pace. Groaning, laughing evilly as he took my tight virgin asshole.

"Ha Ha Ha! Another victory for the horde!" He yelled triumphantly as my tight ass was contracting and expanding around his cock with each thrust, my asshole had gotten used to his giant green cock and now belonged to him as well. His hairy green balls slapping against my wet pussy. There was no more pain, I was letting out loud guttural groans as his cock spread my tight hole, the warts on his slimy cock again sending even bigger shockwaves through my body, I was loving every minute of it. My breasts were swinging wildly back and forth as he fucked my ass raw. He bent lower and reached for my breasts. Pinching my hard nipples. That did it, and for a second time that night, I threw my head back, screaming in ecstasy as my pussy gushed out torrents of cum, leaking out my thighs and on to the bed. But the Orc wasn't done yet, he continued pummeling my sore ass, slapping my ass cheeks with his big hands, leaving a hand print on my cheeks. He pinned me down on the bed and started slamming my asshole harder, I could feel his slimy green cock swelling inside my ass as it readied itself to cum again. Moaning, my ass muscles spasmed, contracting around his cock. Master Trogg let out another triumphant cry and jet after jet of hot orc cum gushed inside me, breeding my ass with his yellow, creamy seed.

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