Orc Seed


Even in an occupied city, life goes on.

The orcs were encamped in the crude barracks they had thrown together on the rocky promontory near the harbor. The victorious Arkhon of the Inexorable Orcish Nation had set up his iron throne in Kohopolis itself, right in the center of the marble hall where the fugitive Prince had once reigned. The brown banners of the victorious tribes fluttered raggedly from the City's nine great towers, and labor gangs slowly and grudgingly repaired the breaches which the Arkhon's artillery had blasted through the ancient walls. The hollow-eyed sorcerers of the occupying army clustered silently in their lofty tower, chanting and whispering to the powers only they could see. The human mercenaries mostly drank, gambled, and cursed the weather which had brought the campaigning season to such an abrupt end. And the people of the City of Crows, having buried the dead and watched the last of their Prince's fleeing ships disappear over the eastern horizon, tried to stay out of the foreigners' way.

The best places were for the occupying army now, of course, so the locals drifted to the humble pubs stuffed into small cellars and shabby lean-tos. In these were the real life of the city -- the young men who had survived the siege drinking and recovering from their wounds, old men playing dominoes, and painted harlots who had eked out a living in every city since time began.

One of these taverns was Grogan's, an unremarkable dive on a dank back street. One wet, foggy afternoon in the late autumn, the dry-rotted old door creaked open, and Jana walked in. She was dressed against the weather in a long grey woolen cloak with a tattered fringe. Beneath this, she wore a cheap red gown, and the low bodice which advertised her trade was laced indelicately under the large, taut mounds of her spilling breasts. The gown was cut strangely, with a baggy gathering of cloth in front. Jana did not look much older than twenty-five, but her eyes as she surveyed the tavern had the hard-set cynicism which marked her as a whore.

A cold silence fell over the room as Jana entered. There were a couple dozen people in the inn, mostly clustered around the smoky fireplace, and those that would look at her stared with expressions of disdain or loathing. This she ignored as usual, keeping her eyes fixed straight ahead and making for the bar. Two doxies of about the same age had been lounging there when she entered, chatting and laughing loudly with a couple of laborers. At Jana's approach, one shot her a look of disgust and quickly steered her client away.

The other harlot started to move away, then stopped and turned a glare of cold hatred on Jana. "Hogfucker," she hissed, her eyes narrowing. "You should be hanged, you bitch." A scornful echo murmured through the crowd. Looking Jana up and down, the prostitute drew herself up in a posture of dignified contempt.

Jana did not turn to look. She slowly extended one hand towards the girl, then gave an obscene gesture.

The angry whore stared at her, her mouth twitching as if to say something else, then spat once on the floor and left. The barman's eyes followed her towards the door, then went back to the mug he was drying.

"Wine," said Jana in a dry whisper. A square copper coin dropped to the counter with a dull clank. Without meeting her gaze, the barkeep quietly drew her a small clay mug of red wine, then moved away to stand near other customers.

Warmth slowly returned to the shabby tavern. Jana avoided the patrons, who avoided her. A few coarse remarks filtered through the low murmur that filled the taproom, and several turned sidelong glances on her, but no one disturbed her as she quietly sipped her wine. She looked straight ahead at the row of colorful glass bottles behind the bar, her expression cold and blank, though the hand that held her cup occasionally trembled.

About five minutes later the door banged suddenly open, bouncing against the wall. The room fell quiet again. Jana turned to look.

An orcish warrior stood in the doorway, tall, stern, and ugly. He bore the grey-green skin and piglike features of all his kind, with very large brow ridges, black bristles for hair, and a blunt, fat snout. His armor was of stained leather over quilted padding, gaudily adorned with rings and chains of gold. From one shoulder hung a knotted length of cord strung with three large purple beads. This Jana recognized as the mark of an officer, and she knew at once why he had come to Grogan's.

The orc stared around the room, then addressed no one in particular in a loud bellow. "Where's that human whore who fucks orcs? Is she here? I heard she was here."

Jana closed her eyes slowly with a sigh, then set down her mug. When repeated gesturing failed to attract its attention, she finally pushed away from the bar and reluctantly said, "Over here, orc."

The humanoid squinted its small black eyes at her, and pushed arrogantly through the taproom towards the bar. The crowd in the inn bristled with hostility, but kept to themselves, knowing well enough the penalty for annoying one of the orcish occupiers. Jana waited, studying the monster closely as he approached.

"You, then?" he said with a thickly grunting accent, staring her up and down.

"Me," muttered Jana, swilling the last of her wine. The orc stared at her for a moment, then shrugged. "How much and where?" he pressed, reaching for a heavy black leather purse. The other patrons at the bar eased away with final glances of revulsion.

"Upstairs. Twelve marks," rasped Jana, looking into the bottom of her mug before setting it down.

"Twelve fucking marks?" roared the orc, letting his purse fall back to his side. "You're out of your fucking mind. I can get an orc girl for four and a half. Up the arse, even!"

Jana shrugged, though her eyes darted back to his rank insignia. "Go fuck some loose-cunted orc girl then." She turned back to the bar, avoiding the gazes of the crowd. "You know why I have to charge extra," the whore muttered.

The orc gritted its teeth with annoyance, but after a moment's indecision barked, "Fine, whore. Twelve. Better be worth it."

* * * * *

"Your room smells nice," said the orcish soldier conversationally. The small wooden bed creaked slightly as he sat down. One boot came off with a damp, sweaty sound, and the monster tossed it in a corner.

"Thanks," said Jana in a hollow tone. She turned down the threadbare brown blanket in a feeble, perfunctory gesture. Underneath, a small, lumpy grayish pillow was slowly leaking feathers. The orc's other boot crashed into the corner as well. "So what's your name?" she asked blandly, untying the knot on her bodice. Jana unceremoniously slipped off her gown, letting it crumple to the floor. Naked, she crossed the room to the only other piece of furniture, a crude wooden table. On it sat a smoky, flickering tallow candle, and beside it a small clay pot with a crumbling cork stopper. Jana made two neat stacks of the orc's twelve silver pieces and picked up the pot.

"Halgog," said the orc, standing up and stretching. "Sepnarkh Halgog." He clawed at the buckles of his armor, peeling it away from his sweaty, muscular flesh. Looking up, Halgog caught sight of Jana's naked form and grunted. "You have a good arse," he offered politely. "Nice big tits, too."

Jana made no response. Dipping one slender finger into the pot, she took out a thick pat of glistening hebish oil and deftly slipped it inside herself. After a moment, however, she stopped and looked back at him. "Sepnarkh?" Jana repeated, swallowing. "You must be very important." The whore hurriedly recorked the jar of lotion and set it back on the table.

Halgog grinned, exposing yellowed teeth. He tossed the last of his dank-smelling armor into the corner with a dull thud. "That's right." The orc reached down into his leather codpiece and scratched at himself. "Bet you never fucked a nobleman before, eh?"

Jana's face was expressionless, but her thin smile tightened until her lips cracked.

His armor removed, the monster had a good scratch under his arms and around his heavily muscled neck. "I'm the commander at the Sunkald Tower, in fact," Halgog boasted. "Appointed there by the Arkhon himself. Got half his guns up there."

"Cannon, huh?" asked Jana, drawing herself up taller. The whore set a bright smile upon her face and strolled gracefully over, setting her shoulders back to let her heavy breasts bob up and down with each step. "I would have figured a strong fellow like you for the infantry." One hand reached out to toy with the deeply-gouged ridges of the orc's huge chest muscles.

"Infantry?" scoffed Halgog. "Fuck that! Tramping in the mud and huddling in trenches like a rat." His eyebrows creased in sudden mirth, and he took a step back. "Hey, whore, I got the biggest cannon of all right here." The orc pulled off his codpiece with a flourish, and his weighty package tumbled free. The monster's cock was no longer than a human's member, but very thick, formed of heavy, accordion-like folds. "Think that can do some damage?"

"Very nice," breathed Jana, reaching out a slender finger and trailing it slowly down his thick grey-purple cock ridges. "But, baby," said the whore, cupping her hand gently under the orc's huge, apple-sized balls, "don't they treat you nice up at St. Caeld's -- um, Sunkald Tower?" She let the leathery spheres roll slightly in her hand, then hefted their warm, dense weight. "Wow, these things are really full," Jana purred. "What a load you've got here, baby. Been too busy up there lately for fun, huh?" She glanced up quickly to his face.

Halgog grunted noncommittally as the whore weighed his cum-laden sack. Finally, the monster simply barked, "Yeah, I'm horny. Let's fuck. Get on the bed."

After a moment's hesitation, Jana pulled away. Mechanically, the whore turned and knelt on the bed. She got on all fours, spreading her hips apart slightly and lifting up her backside to present pert pussy lips nestled in a neatly trimmed thicket. A single bead of melting hebish oil formed at Jana's opening, trickling slowly down one thigh. She scooted forward on the bed to make room, then waited silently for her client.

The bed creaked as the burly orc knelt down. Leaning forward, he slapped his fat cock against Jana's buttocks a couple times, until it rose to its full hardness. Then, without a word, the orc leaned forward and plunged his member all the way inside her. Jana's oil-greased pussy gave way reluctantly before the grotesque cock. She hissed faintly as the monster stretched her open, then clenched her teeth as he began thrusting away. The room fell silent, aside from Halgog's short, nasal grunts as he humped crudely at his mate, and the muffled slurp of his fat cock cramming into the whore's protesting depths.

Jana's face was a pained mask as the orc's clumsy thrusts rocked her back and forth. With every jab the monster's cock ridges popped in and out, one after another, stretching her inner lips to the limit with their huge girth and then letting then close up again, over and over.

"Is that good, baby?" the whore gasped in a strained voice.

"Yeah," grunted Halgog, seizing each of her ass cheeks in one huge hand.

"Been... been a while since you had it?" said Jana, catching her breath. "Been really busy?"

Halgog leaned forward slightly, rolling his hips to let his huge sack beat lewdly against the whore's ripe ass. "Yeah," he blurted again. "Need to fuck pretty bad." The orc's hips flexed and pumped again and again as he roughly satiated his lust in her cunt.

Jana fell silent. Each monstrous thrust knocked her forward, and she gave tiny winded grunts each time the thick pipe slammed into her. Her pussy accepted the monstrous mating now, though, stretched wide and slick with oil and a faint sheen of her own. Halgog snorted and grunted as he fucked her, his snout wrinkling with the strain, but said nothing.

Finally, the whore licked her dry lips and spoke. "So do I feel like an orc girl, honey?" She turned her head slightly to look back at him. "Pink any tighter than green?"

Halgog exhaled suddenly with an angry groan, and Jana cringed. But he barked, "Fuck if I remember! There's no pussy at my garrison!"

"No?" pressed Jana, relaxing. "Sickness or something, huh?"

"No!" snapped Halgog, grimacing. "It's those fucking halfbreed hobgoblins." His thrusts slowed, and one hand clenched into a fist. His voice grew loud and angry. "Fuck knows why they were made the quartermasters. We can't get shit for supplies!" The orc waved his hand around in frustration. "No beer, no pussy, no firewood, no fucking nothing! Shit's probably piled up in the warehouse while the little gobs play cards and scratch their arses."

Jana started to speak, but Halgog went on. "Can you believe that shit?" he growled, grimacing and thrusting into her especially hard. "I'm a fucking Sepnarkh and I can't even get any fucking gunpowder. Ours got the damp. I put in, but of course there's nothing for two weeks. We can't even fire salutes for ships entering harbor. Fucking ridiculous!"

Jana froze.

"Hey, whore!" barked the orc, irritated. "You stopped moving!" A stinging slap cracked across her upthrust cheeks. "Get fucking!"

Jana gritted her teeth, then made an apologetic, noncommittal sound. After a second, she wriggled her ass at the monster enticingly. "Sorry, baby, I'm just not used to your big orc cock," Jana meekly murmured. She glanced at the shuttered window. Outside, afternoon was passing into evening.

The huge orc snorted with laughter and purposely stabbed her in the cunt. Jana grunted with discomfort. "Better get used to it," said Halgog, his face twisting into a lewd grin. The monster grabbed her hips and leaned over, beginning to pump away with sharp, bestial strokes. His fat member stretched apart her tight opening, each thick ring of the ribbing pressing against her clinging cunt walls one at a time as it passed. Heavily laden balls smacked against her ass with loud, meaty slaps.

"Yeah, that's it, baby," Jana mumbled, glancing around the room. Her heavy cloak lay across a chair. She closed her eyes and swallowed slowly. Her trembling voice turned back into a purr. "Fuck, you're big." The whore opened her eyes and turned her head to look back at him with a crooked smile. "Bigger than the other orcs."

Halgog grunted. The muscles rippled beneath the mottled green of his strong thighs as he worked away at her. His grip tightened, dirty fingernails pressing into her smooth flesh. "Come on, stretch out your little human girl," Jana pouted, glancing back at the window. She wriggled her hips again. "I need to be big enough inside to take your giant cock."

"Knew you'd like it," growled Halgog through his teeth, slapping her ass again. The room echoed with obscene slurps as the orc fought frantically to cram himself inside her. Droplets of melted hebish oil squeezed from her gash with every thrust, spurting onto the monster's chest and running down the insides of Jana's thighs. "You little pink cunts -- can't resist -- a taste of orcish cock." Deep inside her belly, the thick, gnarled shaft began to tremble. Closing her eyes, the whore bit her lip.

The orc's nostrils flared in a great wheeze as he suddenly crouched forward, mounting her completely. Jana gasped as his weight pressed down upon her back. Halgog's short chest hair was coarse and bristly, and his hugely knotted muscles ground against the whore with every quickly-jerking thrust. Again and again the creature drove his member inside the whore, opening her and forcing her straining pussy to accept his grotesque cock. The bed rocked forwards, thumping against the wall as he pounded away. Tight and hard with the monster's boiling seed, the great leathery sack crashed against her buttocks.

"Can't help it, baby," she whined, pressing her cheek against the pillow. Jana spread her hips a little farther, splaying her gooey cunt wide open to him submissively, letting the monster use her. "Got to give it up to orc cock every day." A faint smell began to permeate the air of the small room, growing stronger as Halgog hungrily coupled with his whore -- the salty, bestial musk of an orc in rut.

A sudden vicious, pussy-stretching thrust sent Jana sprawling forward. She yelped, and glanced quickly back at him. The orcish officer's lip was drawn back in a pained sneer, letting his yellow, curled lower teeth protrude. Beads of sour-smelling sweat were forming on his neck. "Wanna make this last," Halgog grunted, eyebrows knotted in a frown. "You were fucking expensive."

"Mmm," Jana breathed impatiently, narrowing her eyes and looking up at the window again. She began to thrust backwards to meet his pumps, her hips eagerly inviting her breeding. "But those fat balls feel so good slapping against me." Halgog's arms, which straddled her shoulders as he crouched atop her, slowly squeezed together, gripping Jana between them and holding her down. The whore could not move now, crushed beneath the monster's weight, her upturned ass impaled on his swollen shaft. His gnarled, muscular buttocks rose and fell mechanically, pumping his fat pipe in and out of the juicy, gaping cunt. The orc was little more than a beast now, mounted upon his helpless mate and burying his bloated member inside her depths.

"Got something good in there for me, honey? You gonna seed me like a boar?" An apprehensive note trembled in Jana's voice. Halgog's pendulous sack was beginning to swell even bigger now, as his monstrous balls filled to the brim with steaming orcish cum. "Your big orcish balls are so fucking heavy." She swallowed and shivered. "Oh, baby, it feels like a lot," Jana whimpered, her voice steadying. "So much cum for a human girl. You need to pump it all in my belly, baby, and fill me up. Make me take it all! I want it all. Let me have it!"

"Fuck," spat Halgog, throwing his head backwards. "With... you... talk..." he sputtered hoarsely. "I can't fucking last in this cunt!" The orc gritted his teeth. His bloated pipe plunged into her. Jana's cunt walls fluttered and squeezed at him, kneading the wrinkled folds of his fat, throbbing cock. The monster's enormous balls grew tighter and heavier by the second, desperate to be milked of their boiling spunk.

"Then don't," hissed Jana, as the orc's body teetered on the edge. "Come on, you ugly fuck. Shoot that big hot load in me." Halgog gave an aggravated growl, his whole body beginning to shake as the pressure inside him became uncontrollable. The orc's huge, straining bag, now taut and firm with his backed-up load, squeezed against her splayed backside. "Do it!" she urged him, quelling her fear. "Give your little human whore a big belly!" The orc howled helplessly. "Make me fat with orc cum!"

"Bitch --!" howled Halgog, and exploded. Jana braced herself, fingers digging into her pillow, and squeezed her eyes shut. The fat orcish cock began to expand like an great fleshy spring, each fold unwrinkling. It doubled and redoubled in length, coiling round and round in a twisting, probing curlicue. Jana trembled slightly as the straining member darted frantically about at the very depths of her cunt. Suddenly, the narrow, pointed cockhead jabbed against her tightly clinging cervix.

In an instant he was in. Orc cock twisted around and around like a corkscrew, popping open Jana's tightest depths, wrenching her open and violating her womb. Halgog let out a strangled roar as he locked with her and began to pour out his flood. Sizzling jets of seed exploded inside her, racing through the monstrous coil of his cock and splashing into her belly. The great orc held perfectly still, holding Jana entrapped in his crushing grip as he bred her. His overloaded sack jerked and clenched, forcing rank orcish seed into his mate.

Jana trembled as the thick, shuddering hose pumped the orc's inhuman load inside her. Her womb quickly filled, then began to stretch as it was forced to take cup after cup of his sour spunk. Halgog grunted and snorted mindlessly, his whole body seized by the animal desire to inseminate her.

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