tagNonHumanOrcish Conquest Pt. 02

Orcish Conquest Pt. 02


I woke just before day break, you are still sleeping, knowing full well that your people would be out looking for you shortly. I rise and go to break camp as to avoid any unwanted fight with our bow wielding kin. Looking at your naked body, breast heaving in your sleep. My Cock begins to stir, I remove my trousers and take my chances, with the time and lay back down on my back, I roll you over having you face between my legs, I slap my cock against your lips, with instinct you open your mouth, I slide my cock between your lips and slowly lift and lower your head, even in your unconscious state you are great at sucking my Orc cock.

I increase my tempo, faster I make you suck my cock, but I go too fast, too deep, I press my cock into your throat and you gag. When you open your eyes, you struggle with the intrusion in your mouth at first. Then you submit after I hold your head down and you swallow my cock after a few seconds of not being able to breath, you will do anything to get air into your lungs. I allow you to lift for air. When you do, you replace your mouth with your hand, stroking my rock hard bumpy member as you catch your breath. A moment passes, and you look around to gather your surroundings, never releasing my cock. You place your mouth back down, and slurp away, giving an excess of saliva, your head bobbing, my orgasm is rising my barbs expand and I hold your head in place as I skull fuck you, spraying my seed down your throat, you gag and force your head back, I release my grip allowing you to breath, I semen is not done and it sprays on your face, my white sticky cum splatters on your face with three full sprays, coating your Elf face.

About that time, I hear in the distant a scream which I can only assume is your name.

"We must go." I say quietly.

"Let me go and I will explain everything to them. Most of my people know that I am a slut and will understand." You reply

"No, I have more faith that you will tell the truth." I say as I bind your hands and gag your mouth with what is left of your shirt.

I open the tent and wake the whelp, your companion is still sleeping fully dressed, I bind and gag her as well. The whelp puts out the fire as I stand you and your companion to the side. Your companion sees that you are naked and through her gag shows her concern. You just shake your head as her to not be bothered with it.

"What about the camp?" asks the whelp

"Use their bows and make it seems as they attacked."

"They will know that these two didn't attack us."

"That isn't the point they will know that someone did and give us a few more minutes." I snap.

The whelp does as he is told, and me make our way west in the opposite direction of your people.

"Why is she naked?" asked the whelp.

"Because you can't properly fuck someone unconscious properly with their garments on." I say looking at your companion.

"I just..." starts the whelp.

"You just let your human blood take over." I interrupt.

"You could have at least, given her some clothes to wear."

"Listen human, I didn't have time, between my cock being down her throat and her people around, I didn't have time to take her to a wardrobe." I snap.

"So, you actually, had your way with her, how is she able to walk?" inquired the whelp.

"It is part of my deluded blood, when some of our kind has deluded blood, we lose some of what makes us full Orc's." I say softly.

"Do you think that I have the same condition?" asked the whelp trying to hide his excitement.

"There are a number of ways to find out. All ways lead to someone potentially getting impaled, either you or someone else." I snicker.

"What do you mean me?" asked the whelp offendedly.

"You are part human, everyone knows that humans are obsessed with self-pleasure, just stroke your cock until you get off and see if you lose your hand." I laugh "Or test it out on the squealer."

We stop at the mouth of a river that runs away from a road, so that we are out of sight for the most part.

"Drink and clean up." I say as I untie and ungag you and your companion. "If you scream, I will cut you down here and now."

Without a word, you both walk into the river. The whelp fills our traveling bladders. While you two are in the river, I overhear your idle chatters.

"When are we going to run?" Asked your companion.

"For now, we aren't, I already tried to escape last night, and was caught quickly." You respond.

"You were going to leave without me?" Your companion asked with betrayal in her voice.

"Yes, but I was going to get the guard and come back for you. It was the only way that I could, think of."

"So, what happened?"

"I will tell you another time, but I will say that, I now only have one on my list now." You say with a slight smile.

"TIME TO GO" I say loudly.

"Don't you think we should get her some clothes?" Asked the whelp.

"Yes, let us just stop at the next town, with these two bound and gagged. Everyone will be ok with that." I jest.

"I am just saying."

"Fine if it bothers you that much." I take off my shirt and hand it to you. "Put this on, you seem to be offending the whelp."

The shirt swallows your small frame but covers all of you. With that I replace your bindings and gags. Careful not to walk to close to the road to avoid being spotted. We walk for hours before the whelp speaks.

"They need to eat"

"I am aware, but they will survive until we decide what to do with them."

"What are we going, we are walking away from the stronghold."

"I know, whelp."

About that time, I hear a footstep that ruffles some leaves. In the shadow of a tree I see something hide behind some shrub.

"Reveal yourself!" I demand.

"AS YOU WISH!" say a group of bandits in unison.

"Give us your gold and your women, and you two shall not be harmed." Says the assumed leader of the bandits.

"Come and get what you seek." I respond as I raise my sword and shield.

"You are out manned, Orcs." The leader spoke again.

"Five on two. It is you that is out manned." Replied the whelp.

"Give us our bows and we will assist." You mumble threw the gag.

"Us or them, Elf? I am not taking those chances." I snarl.

The leader steps forward, a human by the looks of him, as are most of the bandits with him.

"They have no ranged attacks." Says the whelp.

"I have noticed." I respond.

"Please don't make us cut you down." says a young-looking bandit.

No other words are spoke. The leader of the bandit waves his hand and we are charger. The whelp and I have our backs to you and your companion. Two bandits come at both the whelp each. With out two on one disadvantage, we make quick work, sword swing and clash. With in minuets there is only the leader. Whom has made his way to you and your companion. He stands in front you proudly.

"At least I will take one life today." The bandit says as he raises his sword. Before he can begin to bring it down. I pierce through his throat from the back, my blade is staring you in the face. With the initial stab, blood sprays your face and I can see terror in your eyes. I remove my blade and more blood coats your face. The body falls to the ground.

"That was fun! Come here girl." I exclaim. I check to make sure that you are not hurt.

"We need to go." The whelp says.

"First I need something from the woman." I retort as I push you to the ground on your knees just over the dead bandit leaders' carcass. I remove the gag, your face still covered in blood.

"Thank you." You say softly.

"You can thank me, with your mouth, not your words." I reply as I push my trouser down my cock standing at attention.

Your hands still bound. You open your mouth and I furiously assault your mouth with my cock. Grabbing your head, I control the speed and I am quickly skull fucking you without regard, you just open your mouth as wide as possible. Your saliva stands off my cock and your bottom lip into a pool on the bandit leaders dead face. My orgasm rises, just before I relive myself, I pull out spraying your face again and again, multiple times my cum mixes with the blood on your face.

"That is a good look for you." I say laughing. I pull my trousers up and lift you to your feet.

"Have you no regard for anything?" Ask the whelp, offendedly.

"We move, after you search the bodies." I say not answering his question.

"Where are we going?" ask the whelp as we continue west.

"I am not sure, I just have something telling me that we need to keep heading in this direction to avoid be captured, by their people."

"Why did you make her take your member in her mouth?" he asked.

"Because HER mouth was warm, and the excitement of the fight made me feel vigor." I replied.

"Do you even know her name?"

"No, and I don't really care." I reply loud enough so that you hear me.

"Do you not care, about her as an individual?"

"I guess if I had to think about it, I would say yes, as long as she is some service to me." Again, I speak loud enough that you are able to hear.

"We still need to eat." Whines the whelp.

"What were you able to find in the bodies?" I inquire.

"Nothing of value, except for a bag of fruits they stashed behind some shrub."

"Then we stop at the next clearing." I say feeling peckish myself.

We reach a clearing before mid-day. We stop, and I untie you and your companion. I hand you a fruit and notice that your bindings have cut into your skin.

"Are you hurt?" I ask.

"You made it quite clear, at you don't care about my wellbeing."

"Fair enough, but I do care if you are able to grasp at my cock, when I wish it of you."

"Hmm, I am fine, I moved to block the sword of that bandit."

"Well at least you had instinct to protect yourself." I tried to sound encouraging.

You press the fruit to your mouth, like an animal. I hand your companion a fruit and check her, she is fine.

"We eat, we rest, and we stay quiet. If you or your squealer, so much as make an unnecessary sound, and I will cut your tongues out." I say quietly.

"What is your plan? We are days from the stronghold and we have barley enough provisions to sustain any more time out here."

"I have no plans, I am not going back to the stronghold either."


"I am done with that life, if I have to, survive off the fat of the land and dead backs of bandits, then so be it. If you choose to leave, take the women with you."

"I will decide, by day break on the morrow." Sighed the whelp

I look back at you and the squealer, both of you have your belly's full and eyes shut and your face now clean.

"We will find a place to camp in this area." I say to the whelp.

"What camp? We have nothing."

"We will find something." I snap. "You stay with them, I will return within the hour."

"And if something is to happen."

"Don't let it happen." I respond as I head north to the hill.

After a while I find a cave, that houses wolves, I clear them out, with quite a struggle, one of them gashes my arm with their teeth.

"That takes care of shelter and food." I think to myself.

Heading back, I set traps at the opening of the cave, and go to retrieve you and the others. When we get back to the cave. Everything is as it was, it has been no longer than half and hour since I was here killing the wolves, so the meat was still fresh. The whelp and I went to tending to it as you and your companion looked over the cave.

Night falls and we cook the meat and let the hides tan. This will be my new place to live, you are going back in the morning. Our time is up together, but I plan to make it memorable.

"What is the plan?" you ask as you bandage my arm.

"The plan is you go back in the morning, with the whelp, and I stay here." I inform you

"That is it, you drag me away, have your way with me and then send me back?"

"Yes, and when you return to your people, you say that the whelp saved and returned you. If I don't hear from him within the week, I will come for you and your people and I will skull fuck, every single decapitated head of your people."

"That won't be necessary. I will do as you ask."

"You better had, now, strip." I tell you as you finish bandaging my arm.

"That's new, I didn't have the option last night."

I reach out and grab your throat.

"What makes you think you have an option." I snarl, I rip my shirt clean from your body, leaving you naked.

Squeezing your throat harder until you gasp for air, I push you against the cold cave wall, I feel your skin dimple from the cold and the lack of oxygen. I reach down with my free hand and rub your slit. You are already dripping wet, your cunt open and waiting, I push two fingers inside of you, you widen your stance to accommodate the intrusion. A breathless gasp escapes your mouth, you fumble at my trousers reaching for my cock desperately. I pull you up by the throat until you are on the tips of your feet, eyes watering as you edge closer and closer to submitting your body to me.

When you get off on my finger, you gush, a fountain flows over my hand. You scream with very little air, then you go limp still conscious, just spent. I release your throat and remove my fingers from inside you. You fall strait to the ground, I care not to catch you. Lifting yourself up to your knees, a puddle forms underneath you as you continue to cum. I pull my cock out and shove it into your mouth, you reach for the base, I slap your hand away and fuck just your face, I put all of my force into assaulting your mouth, within a couple of mouth strokes, I am hitting the back of your throat with the tip of my cock, each thrust pushes your head back into the cave wall, your instinct is to push your head forward away from the pain, all the better for me.

You gag and spit as much as you can as my assault continues in your mouth. Eventually, I show you pity and grab your hair pulling you toward me and pushing deeper into you. I watch your throat expand with my cock buried inside you, no oxygen. Your eyes roll and just before you pass out, I pull back. You come back around quickly deep breaths you take, like you have been under water for too long, I waste no time and do the same thing again, watching for your eyes to roll then I retreat my member from trying to touch your lungs. Four more times I do this until I allow you to control the tempo. You reach for my cock sliding your hands over the bulges where my barbs should be if I was full Orc. Stroking and sucking you bring me to orgasm, as I cum I grab you again, and again I make my cock down the back of your throat until it shoots my seed deep into your belly.

Gasping you fall to the side, feeling accomplished that you didn't drown or suffocate. I lower myself in between you legs and lap feverishly at your drenched snatch, drape your legs over shoulders I lift up standing, your body just dangles as you have no where to go, I stick my tongue deep into you as I bring one of my hands to your clit and rub with force, quickly start to scream in pleasure unable to control yourself, you thrash about. Eventually you lift yourself up into a sitting position on my shoulders you stabilize yourself against the wall and ride my face. Screaming loudly as you cum, again you drench me, this time it is my face. Your flood flows down my chest as you slump over my head. Unable to breath myself. I slam you down back first onto our make shift bed, you gasp deeply for air. I waste no time and slide my cock into you, now that it is as hard as I can ever remember it. Your legs stick up straight in the air, as I push into you. You have a look of relief, as if to say "Finally", but no words come out, you take me all of me until I an embedded in you, hard and fast I fuck you. Pushing my cock into your rough skin inside of you. You squirm about as you accept my cock. I move you legs to either side of me and roll over allowing you to ride me, and you do. You lift on your knees and swing your breast just in front of my face. Up and down you move your lower half making your top half hit me in the face as you use your hands for support. The sound of us has no doubt filled the cave as well as the smell of our sex.

You get yourself closer and closer to getting off, now you have positioned yourself sitting on my cock and rocking back and forth, grinding your body against me, I can see my cock pressing the inside of your stomach, you reach down and rub your clit as you grind on my body. Licking my fingers, I reach up and roll your nipples in between my thumb and fingers. You lean back and release covering me again, which makes me bow to you being on top of me and let go myself cumming deep inside of you, based on your position and the depth of my cock, there is no need for my barbs, there is a good chance that you have received my seed and will carry. You collapse on top of me exhausted and are almost instantly asleep. As am I.

When I awake, day has not broke and my cock is twitching inside of you, you slowly start to wiggle your arse about and slowly you wake and start to fuck me. You keep it slow and quickly cum, not drenching like the previous night, but in a more intimate manner. You keep fucking me through your orgasm, bringing me to my own, again I cum deep inside of you. You kiss me and remove yourself from your straddle, laying beside me, you sleep again. I rise and check the rest of the cave everything is in order. I check on the whelp and the squealer, the are sleeping the whelps face in between your companion's legs. No doubt he did all the work.

"Poor guy." I say to myself

I step out of the cave and the day breaks, I start a fire and begin to cook and check the hides. Nothing exciting is going to happen today, except for you leaving with the whelp after breakfast.

"We leave." Says the whelp.

"Be safe and if I don't hear from you within the week, the slut knows what will happen." I say loudly as you walk out of the cave with my shirt wrapped around you in the best possible manner as to cover all your body.

You come over and sit next to me.

"You know that you don't have to do this, you can come back as well." You inform me.

"I know but I choose a different path now."

"How will I let you know everything is as it should be?" interjects the whelp.

"Find away, you know where I will be. Be safe all of you." I say.

"Goodbye Orc." You say sternly, there is pain in your voice.

"Goodbye, Elf." I say as you walk away. Sitting at the cave, I suddenly rise to my feet, quickly I head in the direction that you left. Running after you.

"ELF!" I yell. You stop and turn around.

"What Orc."

"What is your name."

"Tell me yours first."

"My name has no meaning anymore." I respond, you look at me blankly then after a moment.

"Sophya." You answer and turn away.

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