tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOrdeal of a Bound Venus

Ordeal of a Bound Venus


The woman stood bare footed upon the cold stone floor. Her hands were tied behind her back, she was blindfolded and had a noose hung around her neck. Her fear was palpable as she trembled and whimpered like a little girl. Debbie, my partner, had striped her down to her under ware, black satin panties, matching bra and sheer black hold up stockings. Barely clothed and shivering with fear this bound Venus appeared so beautiful to my eyes and prick, so frail and easy to crush. That was why I had drugged and kidnapped her, I had to ruin her for other men. For she would never have willingly been mine. That much I knew for certain.

“Where am I? And how did I get here…the last thing I remember was being bought a drink at the bar.” she said, her voice betraying her emotion.

“You are here to be used at my pleasure, you little cum-slut!” I replied and pulled on the rope I held. By a system of pulleys the rope was attached to the noose. The woman was raised up, by the neck, onto the balls of her feet. She strained against her bonds in discomfort. “Get to work on that pussy.” I told Debbie. She shot forward and stuck her hand down the woman’s knickers. I could see Debbie’s fingers skilfully begin to wank her off, masturbating the woman’s clit and sliding in and out of her cunt.

“What is your name, slag?” I asked my captive

“My name is Maria, please let me go!” she intoned, clearly distraught at the treatment she was receiving. I did not reply. But instead just watched Debbie as she worked her fingers furiously in and out of Maria in a degrading fashion. After five minutes or so Maria drew her long legs together and squirmed awkwardly. “She’s nice and wet, it won’t be long now.” Said Debbie. “I can feel her beginning to gush with juice.

“Oh please no! No more of this I beg you!” exclaimed Maria. Desperate to avoid having an orgasm forced upon her in such circumstances. I pulled the rope harder and lifted her off the floor by about two inches, just enough so that the tip of a toe would occasionally touch the ground. Immediately she began to choke. Debbie redoubled her efforts and, with her other hand, thrust two fingers up Maria’s arse and finger fucked that at the same time as her cunt. Maria’s pain was exquisite. Her life force was being throttled out of her by the noose. Her lungs burned for want of air and her humiliation at being wanked off by Debbie was almost unendurable.

After only a few seconds of this torture Maria began to cum. She gurgled and bucked, legs flailing as Debbie worked her private parts like a savage. The pain in her lungs was now white hot, it felt like her chest was going to explode. I compounded her agony by tugging the rope making her jiggle like a rag doll, until finally her constricted moaning ceased. “I’m finished here.” Said Debbie, pulling out her fingers and licking the juices off them. In response I released the rope. Maria sank to the floor as life flooded back into her body. She coughed and took heaving gasps of air, red in the face from the orgasmic strangulation.

“Strip her completely and get naked yourself.” I ordered Debbie, who meekly did as she was told. Between us we got Maria to her knees, I took up the slack from the rope and tied it off. Ensuring that Maria had no option but to remain kneeling upright. Next I took some crocodile clips (with wires attached) and snapped one each onto her nipples, labia and clit bud. The wires led back to a car battery and I held in my hand a switch to turn the power on and off.

“Maria, you will suck my cock or this is what you will get.” I said, turning on the switch. A jolt of electricity surged through the wires and zapped Maria in her most intimate parts. She jumped like a scolded cat and cried out in pain, but also in pleasure. I used the opportunity to stick my rock hard 7” dick into her mouth. Then I bade Debbie to hold the struggling woman’s head still, while I began to slide my meat in and out between her full firm lips. Gradually getting faster and harder with each stroke I felt the back of my cock head rasping across her tongue.

After a couple of minutes of this abuse I took over control of Maria’s head from Debbie and gave her the switch. “Punish this bitch!” I ordered. She lost no time in manipulating the captive woman with the electricity. Making her jerk, twitch and spasm as I continued to force her to suck my cock. My shaft was stained red with lip stick as I pinched Maria’s nose closed adding to her ordeal. Debbie was wonderful, she flicked that switch with vicious abandon, clearly relishing her task.

“Now for the throat.” I said and, with a mighty grunt, I forced my prick deep into Maria’s resisting throat and reamed it for all I was worth. As I did so Debbie flicked the switch rapidly and gave her jolt after jolt. Such was my delight in the rape I kept this action up for some time. In the end Maria was crying like a little girl, which was precisely what I wanted. I removed the blindfold and looked down into her streaming eyes watching my dick ride her mouth. I pumped the snot from her nose, the tears from her eyes and the lining off her throat. Every time she resisted Debbie shocked her again, until she was reduced to a state of utter compliance. That was when I knew my domination of Maria was complete. I could tell by the look she gave me that her will was broken.

And that was what did it for me, it was the essence of the whole situation. I couldn’t hold back the spunk any more at the sight of such debasement. No matter how much I wished the despoiling could continue, my balls had other plans. I gave an especially deep thrust and began to cum like an elephant. Shooting hot semen down Maria’s gullet and into her belly. I roared as I came and watched the horror on her face as she was given no choice but to swallow my vile spunk. I held my cock down her throat until it had gone soft. Then I pulled it out and ordered Debbie to lick it clean.

Exhausted I sank into a chair and let Debbie continue to work on my cock. Maria just watched this lewd display, a look of resigned disgust on her face. “You’re wondering why and how Debbie here can be a party to all this aren’t you, dirty whore.” I said. Maria did not reply, she was silent with downcast eyes her lower lip trembling, but I knew she wanted to know. “Well, I broke your sister’s will here just as I broke yours (and as I intend to break your mother’s I thought to myself). And do you know what the difference is between you two? She fucking loved it!”

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