tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOrgasm Torture Ch. 04

Orgasm Torture Ch. 04


These are the latest parts of a story that follows Sara through her adventure of being "tortured" with sexual pleasure. Though "Val", "Sara", and "Rose" are actual people all of the events are *quite* fictional.

Please - feel free to comment and rate this story - there are more installments already in the can - and more if enough people enjoy them.

Thanks to all the readers who have sent such inspiring feedback! I'm so happy! (You like me, you *really* like me!) Please keep the suggestions cumming as well - after a few more parts - I have to actually *write* some more of these!

This story is inspired by, and dedicated to WomanChild - a Literotica contributor, and one who is wise, thoughtful, and sensual beyond her years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it for her... (She is also my "editor" - Thanks!)


Part 8

Sara looked over to see what Val was up to as Rose still was panting, recovering from the orgasm that she had experienced at Sara's tongue.

She was on her hands and knees on the extended table that Sara was restrained to, Val seemed to be pressing a button on a stainless steel panel on the wall over his work counter.

"Yes Sir?" an official-sounding voice came through the speaker.

Sara looked at Val, and he merely gave her a "shhh" sign – his finger to his lips as he answered.

"Who is this?" he asked.

"Why it's Franklin sir, is there a problem Mr. Wilkinson?"

"No Franklin," Sara could see Val was grinning a bit – like he was playing a bit of a joke on the man on the other end of the intercom.

"Franklin, where are you?" Val asked.

"Why Sir, I'm just outside your door at my station – are you *sure* there's no problem Mr. Wilkinson?"

"No Franklin – just demonstrating our security systems for our guest. Franklin – do you have a sidearm?"

"You know I do Sir, a Colt .45 automatic – standard issue."

"Anything else?" Val quizzed.

Franklin's voice went from concerned to a bit annoyed as he answered.

"Yes Sir, I have my issue Taser and stun gun – like all the rest of the security personnel have."

"Very good Franklin – one last thing – tell me what your directives are."

Franklin sighed as if he had repeated the following line 500 times that morning. "My mission is to prevent unauthorized persons from entering or leaving the premises using whatever force is necessary, up to and including.."

Val cut him off – "Thank you Franklin, that will do, sorry for disturbing you."

Sara thought she heard Franklin mutter under his breath before the intercom clicked off, but the meaning of Val's conversation was not lost on her. He meant for her to know that she was a prisoner in this room, and that escape was unlikely – if possible at all.

Val helped Rose down off the table and sat her in a chair while she regained her composure. Sara could se that her face was flushed and she was still panting from her orgasm. Val moved around to Sara's right arm and started removing the straps from her wrist and elbow.

"What are you doing!?" She sounded almost alarmed.

"I'm taking you off the table for a while Sara – you heard Franklin – even free to leave the room – you wouldn't get far."

She looked even more puzzled. "Why then?"

Val grinned widely. "So Rose can have a turn!"

Rose shot to her feet. "WHAT!?" she demanded.

"Now Rose – you know how much you enjoyed your last session on my table – besides, we need to shave you, and I think that Sara would really enjoy having you be the restrained one as she brought you to another orgasm or two – wouldn't you Sara?"

Sara grinned as Val moved to the foot of the table and unfastened her ankles and knees.

"Sara – don't move your legs too fast – after being stretched that widely open, you're gonna feel some muscles protesting for a few minutes."

Sara slowly flexed her right knee – grimacing as she did so. She did feel a little 'stiff' even being as young and flexible as she was.

Val hurried to unfasten her left side and to help her to a sitting position in another chair. He motioned to Rose, and she hesitantly stood and walked to where he stood at the foot of the table – she still looked uncertain – but allowed him to help her into position.

"Sara – help me restrain Rose."

Sara slowly stood as her legs adjusted to normal angles and secured Rose's arms as Val finished her ankles and knees. Rose eyed her hungrily, and Sara's gaze told her that she desired more of this sexy older woman.

"Now Rose – you said you wanted to be shaved again – and that's exactly what I had in mind, but I wanted Sara to get a good look at you as I did it. Don't worry!" he said in response to a look Rose gave him, "I'll do the shaving Rose – you know it's only pleasure in this room – not even a razor nick is allowed!"

Val hurriedly gathered his supplies and had Sara fill the basin on the moveable cart with hot water to shave Rose.

"I also wanted to acquaint Sara with the female anatomy from a whole new angle – I knew you wouldn't mind helping out!" he grinned at Rose – she smirked back at him – partially trying to hide her excitement at the very thought of Sara exploring her.

Val's clipper buzzed as Sara watched him deftly shearing away Rose's curly muff. Sara handed him a hot wet washrag to soak the stubble of Rose's pubic hair and then he moved toward Rose's torso.

"Sara – see Rose's nipples, how they stand out when she is excited?"

He reached out and gently caressed Rose's breasts and she arched her back to push against him. He moved to the other side of the table and motioned to Sara.

"Go ahead – touch her."

Sara cautiously reached out to caress Rose's large round breast and trace circles around her taut nipple with her index finger. She marveled at how her nipple got even harder, and the skin of her areola puckered at her touch. She was watching Rose's expression as she touched her, and saw that a soft smile had come over her face as she was being caressed from both sides, Val on her left breast, and Sara on her right.

"A woman's nipples are very sensitive to stimulation Sara – why don't you see what happens when you kiss one."

Sara grinned and Rose was having a hard time keeping her smile under control as Sara's lips moved to her nipple and started kissing and sucking on it. Her moans soon enough betrayed her enjoyment of the stimulation that she was getting.

Sara's right hand moved to Rose's left breast as her lips pleased the right one. Val quietly moved to his position between her legs to continue Rose's shaving.

Sara kept Rose so busy moaning and whimpering with delight that she hardly noticed Val whipping up the hot lather and brushing the fragrant shaving soap over her wet mons and labia. He smiled as he saw Sara enjoying her distraction as well, and carefully began to shave away all the remaining traces of Rose's pubic hair. Within 5 minutes, Rose was a smooth as a little girl. He was just blotting her dry as Sara looked up with a far-away look in her eye.

He took her by the hand to bring her to where he stood. Sara stood between Rose's widespread legs, gazing at her shaved pussy and exposed nakedness like someone seeing a sunset for the first time.

Val took her hand and placed in on Rose's inner thigh – getting her started.

Sara ran her hands up and down Rose's smooth thighs – causing tingles to shoot through Rose's body as she did. She looked at Val and he nodded at her – as if to give her the "go ahead" to move on in her exploration. Sara softly stroked her hand over Rose's smooth mons, and traced along the plump lips of her labia – each light touch driving Rose mad with needy desire.

Val stepped up again and guided Sara's hand. He showed her where Rose's sensitive clit was, showed her how it was erect and ready for stimulation, showed her how each motion against her labia transmitted this motion to her hard nub.

Finally, with a mischievous grin on his face, instructed Sara to point her index and middle fingers out from her hand. The he took Sara's hand, and guided it 'til the tips of her fingers rested just outside of Rose's vagina. He paused a moment, then slowly guided her hand to slide her fingers deep into Rose's wet, slippery pussy. Rose moaned in response to feeling Sara's fingers, and Sara felt faint from the excitement of having her fingers deep inside this woman. Val grinned at her as he took his hand away. "Go ahead Sara – explore!"

Part 9

Sara felt a grin creeping over her lips as she looked down and saw her fingers buried to the hilt in Rose's throbbing pussy and the thought of the effect she was having on her gave her chills of excitement.

She looked over at Val – he seemed to be grinning as well, and, she thought – rather excited himself. She hadn't really noticed it before, but the thin scrubs he was wearing left very little to the imagination, and she could not only see that he was hard, but that several damp spots had formed at the front of his thin pants.

Feeling Rose's muscles clamping around her fingers brought her attention back to the task at hand. Even though Rose's vagina was looser that her own, Sara could feel that she had very strong muscles that were gripping her fingers quite tightly. It almost seemed that Rose was beginning to get quite stimulated just from working her muscles around Sara's fingers.

She began to stroke her fingers slowly in and out of Rose's pussy and heard Rose's sighs and moans as her arousal built. Val stood behind Sara and whispered in her ear, "Sara, there's a very special place in a woman's vagina called the G-spot – hold your palm up and feel with your fingertips as you bend them upward, like you're gesturing for somebody to come to you."

Sara flexed her fingers like Val mentioned, and not only did she feel a rougher spot at the front surface of Rose's vagina, she also saw Rose react by arching her back and moaning loudly. Sara grinned even wider as she repeated the motion, feeling around to explore the size and position of Rose's G-spot. She noticed that it seemed to swell and bulge a bit in response to her attention, and Rose's arching and thrusting grew more frantic with each passing minute.

"Slowly Sara – slowly..." Val coached, "You'll make her much hotter, much more ready and needy and wanting to cum – don't go too fast. Slow circles with your fingers on that swollen spot you feel... there.. that's it – yes! – look at her Sara – you're making Rose feel so wonderful – building her excitement gradually, bringing her to a wonderful orgasm."

Sara looked at Rose, and it seemed her body was alive with motion – her legs were quivering in the restraints, her hips moving in time to her hand's motion, her back was arching, thrusting her large breasts toward the ceiling. Sara could see her nipples were erect and stood out like large pencil erasers, she could see the muscles in her abdomen and shoulders flexing and pulling against the restraints.

Rose was gnawing on her lower lips, head tipped back and eyes closed, every so often, she would open her mouth wide to pant and look at Sara with fire of arousal in her eyes.

"You're building up pressure inside her Sara – just like if you were to slowly stimulate a man."

Sara noted that Rose's moans were getting louder, more desperate with each passing moment. Soon, she was panting out "oh...oh...oh..." with each in-thrust of Sara's fingers. Sara felt the muscles of Rose's vagina contracting around her fingers every couple of seconds.

"OK Sara, now you're going to make Rose cum, are you ready?"

Sara smiled broadly and hoarsely whispered "yes" to Val.

"Do you want to taste her as she cums Sara? – I highly recommend it."

Sara remembered the gush of Rose's juices over her face as she came the first time, and she was so aroused by the thought, all she could do is nod her head in reply.

"OK – she's going to cum soon." He helped her get into position, bending down slightly and placing her mouth at Rose's pussy, encircling her clit, just above her working fingers.

"Mmmmmm," Sara moaned as she tasted Rose's seeping juices.

"There will be even more than there was last time Sara – you're intentionally causing her body to build up a lot of fluid that she will spurt as she cums – be ready for a good mouthful!"

Sara sealed her mouth tightly around Rose's pussy as she continued to hump her with her fingers.

"OK," Val interjected again, "now a little more pressure upwards with your fingers, and speed up just a little."

Sara did as he said, and immediately Rose started moaning loudly and bucking her hips against Sara's mouth and hand.

"Oh...My...GOD!!" Rose cried out and began to fairly vibrate with the force of her orgasm.

Sara kept pressing and moving her fingers around her G-spot as she felt strong contractions in Rose's pussy.

Rose stiffened, and then Sara felt – and tasted – a huge jet of fluid spurting from Rose's pussy directly into her mouth. In spite of her effort, she was not able to swallow it all fast enough and her face. Rose's pussy and buttocks, and Val's table were soaked by the sudden torrent.

Sara straightened up, swallowing the last of Rose's savory juices – but had the presence of mind to keep her fingers moving in time to Rose's hips.

Her back was arched up away from the table and her face and chest were flushed with a pink hue of excitement. Sara could se the muscles in Rose's neck rigid with tension, and aside from her initial outcry when she first began to cum, she seemed unable to make a sound.

Sara kept up her slow circling until she saw Rose began to relax, settle back to the table, and finally, breathe again. She gradually slowed the motion of her fingers inside Rose and allowed her to come down from her climax.

Val leaned over her shoulder, kissing her cheek, and whispered, "Your turn is coming Sara – soon."

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