tagNonHumanOrgasmic Orbital Odyssey

Orgasmic Orbital Odyssey


"Oked, why did we leave the humans behind? We promised to bring them to Amalga with us." Veraj inquired.

"They were helpful specimens but we are behind schedule. We have learned enough of how they mate and their relationships with each other. Much more meaningful than ours." Oked replied.

"Intimacy is a fun exercise. May we try intimacy once more?" Veraj seductively implored.

"I need the human body fluid DNA in your hair first." Oked interrupted the sexual tension Veraj had for him.

Veraj tossed her silver hair on Oked's research table, and he cut the ends of her animated mane that can grip anything like an elephant's trunk.

"This will go into the lab for further research." Oked assured.

They walked towards the research lab and Oked placed pieces of Veraj's hair in a password ridden locker. Veraj walked behind Oked and touched his back.

"You are a brilliant scientist, researcher, explorer...you are beyond any human or humanoid alien. I have always admired your accomplishments and persistence." Veraj cooed into Oked's pointy ear.

"And you are more beautiful and sensual than any human woman." Oked complimented.

"How was the human woman by the way? Is being intimate inside of her the same as being intimate inside of me?" Veraj sort of jealously interrogated.

"I cannot tell the difference. A humanoid woman can take more of my genitals than a human woman can. I feel pleasure with both though." Oked sheepishly recalled.

"You said the key word, Oked. A humanoid woman can take more of your genitals than a human woman. Allow me to demonstrate and remind you again." Veraj seductively suggested.

She slipped his pants unto the floor and stroked his 12 inch intergalactic "love stick". She then stroked each inch with her mouth. Back and forth, kiss here, kiss there. He was hard as a brick and stiff as pole.

Oked lifted Veraj from her knees and straddled her on one of his research tables. Her legs were far enough apart to just enter inside.

"Is this one of those times we use intimacy?" Oked wondered.

"If you wish." Veraj cooed.

Oked lower his face unto hers and kissed her thin lips. Their long tongues danced back and forth.

Oked lowered his head down to her perky C-cup orange breasts and red nipples and wrapped his long tongue around each breast and nipple. He then spread Veraj's legs apart and was about to enter inside of her when...


"The alarm!" Oked and Veraj exclaimed. They immediately ran into the control room and checked their fuel.

"We're running out of fuel now! The Amalgamite elders provided us with not a very sufficient spaceship." Oked frustratedly uttered.

"We have to land somewhere and fast!" Veraj exclaimed.

"There's another planet not far from where we are. We will land there and try to find fuel." Oked replied.

"What if they don't have our fuel, Oked. We could be trapped there forever!" Veraj worriedly exclaimed.

"I will get us home Veraj. Do not worry." Oked assured. He didn't want to worry Veraj even though there was a chance she could be right.

"Brace yourself for impact!" Veraj shouted.

The spaceship fell further and further into the strange planet. Veraj and Oked struggled to keep the ship from crashing only to be a little successful. The landed in crystal blue waters but not sure if it was safe for them to dip their sensitive space anatomy in.

"Veraj, use your hair to determine if the water is safe." Oked suggested as he helped Veraj escape the trashed transport. She dipped the ends of her moveable mane into the water and observed any changes. After a few minutes there were none.

"Water appears safe." Veraj observed.

They both dived and swam to shore. They both looked around their surroundings. It appeared to be a beautiful place filled with plantation everywhere.

"Where do we start looking for fuel?" Veraj inquired.

Oked took out his GPS to see if it can trace a signal.

"Does your GPS still work? Can it trace where fuel is?" Veraj interrogated.

"It is a little scrambled but it should still lead us to something." Oked replied. He began to walk and Veraj was close behind him. The trees stood very tall here and the bushes are thick that it can hide an old fugitive.

"I hope there are no hostile inhabitants here." Veraj alleged.

Oked took out his laser blaster gun and handed it to Veraj.

"You remember how to use this while I navigate us through this jungle?" Oked wondered.

"Yes." Veraj answered. She was a little nervous holding the gun. She hopes she doesn't have to use it. Then there was a ruffling behind one of the tall bushes.

"What's that?" Veraj panickly inquired.

"Just be still and quiet." Oked cautiously advised.

The rustling of the bushes continued for 5 more seconds and then...


"What is this?!?!" Veraj exclaimed. She began to struggle underneath the strong rope's hold.

"A net?!?" Oked struggled to say. He was also trying to escape the hold of the snare they stepped on.

"Stop struggling...its not use. The rope will just shrink more and trap you underneath more tighter." a female voice exclaimed.

"Who are you?!?!" Veraj implored shoutedly.

A feminine figure jumped out in front of them in the form of a humanoid cat. She didn't have much clothes on her sunlight yellow skin because she had more armor on. She's obviously a fighter. Be it that she's a humanoid cat, I would assume she is also agile and quick on her feet. I couldn't see her feet due to her over the knee wedged boots but I'm sure she can put her feet to use kicking ass. There must be a sensual side to her like the cats on planet earth. She shouldn't be any different...except she can stand up her 5'10" frame and talk. Her grey eyes are hypnotizing but right now she is scowling so they are a little scary.

"I am Fi-Fi. Guardian of the forest you have trespassed. What is your purpose here or you will die here." Fi-Fi assured sinisterly.

"We are here looking for your fuel source. Our spaceship crashed not far from here." Oked explained.

"We mean no harm. We just want to get back to our home planet." Veraj assured.

"If you mean no harm...what are you doing with this?" Fi-Fi asked sternly holding up our gun.

"How did you get ahold of that?" Oked inquired shocked she took the weapon that fast.

"You are on my turf and I ask the questions. I am taking both of you into custody." Fi-Fi demanded.

She took out a whistle and blew the loud device into the air. Oked and Veraj began to worry because they didn't know who she was summoning.

Soon, 10-20 other humanoid animal soldiers appeared. Some were cats, dogs, kangaroos, skunks, racoons, and other forms of mammals that you would see on earth. They pounced on Oked and Veraj and shackled their arms and legs.

"Back to the headquarters and lock the prisoners up!" Fi-Fi demanded. The animal soldiers roared.

Back at what appears to be their hideout cave, Oked and Veraj were thrown behind a cage.

"What will you do to us?" Veraj pleaded.

"We will get answers out of you one way or another." Fi-Fi sinisterly responded.

"Do not show weakness, Veraj. That is what they want you to do." Oked suggested.

"We will start with the male visitor. Strap him against the wall of torture!" Fi-Fi demanded.

Two dog humanoid soldiers opened the cage and pulled Oked out. Veraj can only watch helplessly behind the cage.

"If only I hadn't dropped my gun!" Veraj thought.

Once Oked was strapped in, Fi-Fi stood up from her throne and walked towards him. She grabbed his face to analyze him.

"You remind me of the humans of earth. Is your anatomy the same as theirs?" Fi-Fi inquired.

"We just came from earth. We have studied some human specimen. It appears Veraj and I are built the same as they are." Oked explained.

Fi-Fi began to move her hand/paws to the lower half of his body to where his genitals were. She began to massage around it slowly to feel every crevice. He began to get excited and became excited at another female species touching him.

"They keep our kind as pets there. How degrading! A species as advanced as ours shouldn't be made to be slaves of such a weak species." Fi-Fi angrily declared. The animal soldiers roared in aquiesce.

Veraj had an idea. Fi-Fi appeared to be angry with humans. Perhaps if she assured Fi-Fi she can take them to earth, her and Oked can get their fuel and return to their home planet without her realizing they are gone.

"We can take you to where earth is. Oked tells the truth that we just came from there." Veraj assured.

"No tricks, visitors. We will destroy you and your kind on whatever planet you came from." Fi-Fi sinisterly informed.

"No tricks mistress." Veraj complimented.

"Mistress? A female master. Yes that suits me fine. Take Oked down from the wall of torture. Perhaps Veraj and I may speak alone." Fi-Fi seductively instructed.

"Release her from the cage!" Fi-Fi demanded. The two dog soldiers opened her cage and she escaped out. Oked was released from the wall still a little excited as Fi-Fi's curious fingering analysis. The two dog soldiers growled at him as if to say don't take advantage of our leader.

"Veraj, will you be ok being alone with her?" Oked concernedly inquired.

"It's fine Oked. As long as we cooperate." Veraj assured. She does have a way to interact with other species. Fi-Fi led her to a backroom more cozy than where her other flunkies are with Oked.

"What do you wish to talk to me about?" Veraj worriedly asked but tried not to show it.

"On earth, two women can pleasure each other the same as a man can. Are you able to demonstrate this to me?" Fi-Fi curiously inquired.

"Whatever you wish, mistress." Veraj seductively assured. She slyly kissed the controlling catwoman's lips and she seemed less tense. She slowly added her tongue and at once Fi-Fi appeared to add her tongue to Veraj's also. Veraj heard a strange noise coming from Fi-Fi. She pulled her head back.

"Did my purring disturb you? It's a way for cat's to show they are happy." Fi-Fi assured.

"I can make you far more happier, mistress." Veraj cooed. She pushed down unto her plush bed and climbed on top of the warrior wildlife woman.

Veraj began to kiss both sides of her neck down to her furry breasts. This was gonna be a bit of a challenge. Veraj began to get scared to go any further down but knew if she didn't continue to pleasure Fi-Fi, she might not be as happy as she is now. Veraj curiously took off Fi-Fi's shorts and boots. Fi-Fi wasn't that hairy around her cunt so Veraj figured she could try to pleasure her somehow.

"I only have one hole that can be pleasured." Fi-Fi informed.

"Lucky for you, my hair can pleasure you as well." Veraj confidently proclaimed. She remembered what she did to Clara on earth. She whipped her long silver mane until it was as stiff as Oked's.

"Incredible! You can turn your hair into a pleasure device." Fi-Fi exclaimed.

"My hair can do much more than that." Veraj sneakily informed. The rest of her hair grabbed Fi-Fi by her arms and legs.

"What is this?!?!" Fi-Fi shouted.

"I'm the mistress now and you are my slave" Veraj proclaimed. She threw Fi-Fi on her plush bed and her hair began to penetrate Fi-Fi's one "love hole".


Fi-Fi likes the strokes. Good. Time to turn her around. Veraj had Fi-Fi bend over a nearby stool and inserted her hardened hair from behind.


She likes that more. Good. Her "love juices" started to drip down to the floor.

"There's a sensation coming over me!" Fi-Fi exclaimed.

"I'm going to make you come, Fi-Fi. Don't struggle." Veraj demanded.


Veraj's hair fell back to her back. Fi-Fi laid on her bed happy with the pleasure she just received.

"I will take you in the morning to search for your fuel supply." Fi-Fi said.

"Thank you mistress." Veraj acquiesced. Fi-Fi could hardly stand as she walked towards the door to open it for Veraj.

"We will take the visitors in the morning to search for their fuel supply!" Fi-Fi demanded.

The animal soldiers roared to agree. Fi-Fi used her tail to spank Veraj in her tight alien butt.

"What did you do? Did you do to her what I think you did?" Oked interrogated.

"I was able to get her to change her mind about helping us find our fuel supply." Veraj asserted.


"What is going on now?!?" Veraj exclaimed. Soon there were soldiers coming in through windows, walls, and roofs. They looked different than the ones we are housed with. They looked bigger...stronger...humanoid as well.

"We are taking over now!!!" said a louder, deeper sounding booming voice.

"What the hell is going on?!?!" Fi-Fi exclaimed as she came out of her room.

"I finally surprised you, Fi-Fi! I saw your little out of space visitors spaceship land and saw you and your braindead barbaric animals take them prisoner. I am taking you all as my prisoners!!!" the booming, deep voice exclaimed.

"Tauros!" Fi-Fi shouted.

"Indeed my dear. I have wanted to overtake your establishment for a long time." Tauros, the gorilla general replied.

Tauros demanded his gorilla army overtake Fi-Fi's. A mighty battle ensued as both gorilla and other animal soldier forces died.

"I need the gun! Where is it?!?!" Veraj pleaded Fi-Fi.

"I hid it in a secret place in my room!" Fi-Fi explained.

Soon, large hands grabbed Fi-Fi and Veraj. They were led to a mobile cage for the gorilla army to hold them prisoner in.

"Oked! Find the gun in Fi-Fi's room!" Veraj pleaded shoutingly.

"Kill that freak! Don't allow him to take arms!" Tauros demanded of his army. Oked ran into Fi-Fi's room and bombarded the door hoping it holds long enough for Oked to find the gun. He tore the room up looking for his laser gun. He knew that would slow them down or maybe kill them.


The gorilla army almost tore down the door. Oked is running out of time. He threw the bed out of the way and there sat his gun. He grabbed it and hid behind what looked to be a closet. The gorilla army soon busted through the door looking for Oked. Oked was ready as he busted through the door of the closet and killed them one by one with his gun. The last gorilla soldier he kept alive for him to tell where Tauros took Fi-Fi and Veraj.

"Where did he take them?!?!" Oked demanded.

"I will tell you nothin' freak!" the rude soldier proclaimed.

"On the contrary you will or this grenade will explode on you." Oked asserted. He inserted the grenade into the gorilla soldier's anus.


"U will tell me where they are...NOW!" Oked demanded. Oked found a extra mobile cage to be transported in.

"U will pretend you captured me and lead me inside or BOOM! Gorilla soup everywhere!" Oked threatened.

Surprisingly the gorilla solider agreed then.

Once they arrived at Tauros' headquarters, Oked killed any extra soldiers to keep his presence quiet.

"Where does your master rest?" Oked demanded.

The gorilla soldier showed him to Tauros' room where Veraj and Fi-Fi are tied up and knelt down on the floor.

"You will pleasure me. Both of you!" Tauros demanded.

"I will do no such thing! Kill me and take advantage of my dead body you flea bitten banana brain!" Fi-Fi insulted.

Tauros unzipped his leather pants and displayed his really big "package". Fi-Fi looked away in disgust. Veraj was scared to even have that thing inside of her. All she could do was stare at it.

"I see your visitor friend is interested." Tauros said.

"Don't touch her you swinging simpleton!" Fi-Fi threatened.

"Since you have the most mouth and can't shut it, maybe you should be first!" Tauros demanded. He grabbed Fi-Fi's head and tried to open her mouth for her to suck his huge hung toy. Fi-Fi kept turning her head and struggled to get free.

"I will do it." Veraj chimed. Tears were ready to form in her eyes. She then realized she has telekinetic and telepathic powers. Why hasn't she used it before? She was so scared she forgot.

"Oked, help us!" Veraj pleaded in her mind.

"I'm already here, Veraj. Keep him busy a little more." Oked telepathically assured.

"Very good invader. You just arrived on this cesspool of a planet and has learned a lesson already." Tauros confidently boasted. He grabbed his "hung horse" to insert in her mouth. Veraj opened her mouth reluctantly.


Tauros falls to the floor...dead. Blood spills from his head.

"What has happened?" Fi-Fi inquired quizzically.

"Oked has found us!" Veraj exclaimed.

Oked ran over to them and freed their bondages.

"What a wonderful aim you have. I can use you in my army." Fi-Fi said rather seductively.

I...we are a two pair party for now." Oked said to Veraj. He looked into her big baby doe eyes.

"Surely there must be some sort of reward you seek." Fi-Fi pleaded.

"There is." Veraj interjected. She whispered in Oked's ear. He smiled a little sheepishly.

"What is it?" Fi-Fi quizzed.

"We can share a night intimacy with each other if you can get our ship repaired." Oked bargained.

"All three of us? Done! Your ship will be repaired in the morning." Fi-Fi assured.

"Let's get some rest." Veraj suggested. Fi-Fi summoned for transport. After 10 minutes of its arrival, they were transported back to Fi-Fi's hideout cave. She suggested they go to her guest room upstairs. She hoped they didn't destroy that room.

"Beautiful room!" Veraj exclaimed. Fi-Fi lit a fire and some torches for a little more light but still dim enough for a sexy mood. Fi-Fi first kissed Veraj and down to her neck. Veraj massaged Fi-Fi's nipples and pubic fur. Fi-Fi purred softly. Oked got between them and struggled to kiss them both but kept determination going. They soon fell on the bed in lustful wrestling. Soon, their clothes were off and the two wild and wacky creature women were laying on the bed awaiting Oked's hardness. He lifted up both their legs and thumped and thrusted enough to satisfy them both until sunrise.

"Please return soon!" Fi-Fi shouted.

"What planet are we from?" Veraj queried.

"Mammalga." Fi-Fi informed.

"Mammalga!?!? We're not far from Amalga now!" Veraj excitedly assured.

"Let's go home." Oked replied and asissted Veraj in the ship. The ship powered up and they were on their way to Amalga.

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