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O'Rileys Nightclub


The telephone rang.

"Hello baby," said a soft, husky, male voice with the hint of a southern accent which always made me feel week at the knees. I hadn't heard from Joe since he had left for New York. His job promotion meant good prospects, and a new life which didn't include me. I was stunned that he had called out of the blue.

A year ago, Joe and I had been lovers and spent most of our free time fucking like bunnies. We enjoyed each other's company and, of course, had the usual arguments and petty jealousies. He was great in bed, an experienced lover, and I was head over heels in love with him. When we broke up and he left for New York, I cried for days. My broken heart felt like it would never heal.

So here was Joe, on the phone, saying he was coming back for the weekend and that wanted to see me. He wanted to see ME! I was so excited as I listened to him talking about how much he missed me and I greedily drank it all in, every word. Somewhere, in the depths of my mind, a tiny voice was telling me to tread warily as I had been badly burned and Joe must have gotten a new girlfriend by now.

So what did I do? I agreed to meet him.

We arranged that he should pick me up at 8pm that Saturday and we would go to the new O'Rileys Nightclub that I had heard so much about.

The week went by so slowly that I began to think Saturday would never arrive. When it did, I spent the entire day getting ready. Who'd think I'd spend an entire day at the beauty salon being groomed from head to toe? I wanted my long dark hair to shine, my skin soft and smooth, brown eyes doe-like and mysterious. I wanted to walk on a cloud of expensive perfume looking luscious and delectable. I wanted perfection, and I definitely wanted Joe to drool when he saw me again.

That evening I dressed carefully. Stockings; a pair of black seamed nylons fastened to a black silk garter. I checked in the mirror that the seam running up the back of both legs was straight. I pulled the black string top that I had bought specially for tonight over my head. I wasn't going to wear a bra under the top. I was going to let my full breasts strain against the fabric and I knew that Joe would certainly spend the entire evening looking to see whether my little brown nipples were hard and poking though; it would drive him nuts. I wriggled into a very short black skirt and smoothed it over my hips. I didn't bother with any panties. I was planning on being very naughty. I applied my makeup flawlessly. I looked fabulous.

While I waited for Joe to arrive, I helped myself to a glass of chilled chardonnay. One glass would help calm my nerves.

It wasn't long before I heard Joe pull up outside the flat in his convertible and honk the horn. I kept him waiting a few minutes while I finished my wine, then, after checking my reflection again in the mirror and reapplying my lipstick, I put on my coat, grabbed my purse and left. Joe was leaning against his car when I appeared. He walked towards me and took me into his arms. His mouth found mine. A kiss reminiscent of old times.

"You smell good enough to eat!" Joe exclaimed as he inhaled my perfume. I laughed, replying "You look well too. New York agrees with you". He opened the car door and I slipped onto the passenger seat. Joe raced around the front of the car, jumped in, grinned at me and drove off, tyres screeching.

As he drove, Joe chatted amicably about living and working in New York, one hand on the steering wheel and the other caressing my leg above my knee. His hand stroked along my stocking clad thigh until he reached the top, then he pressed his palm firmly down on my warm, bare flesh and squeezed. Joe's fingertips started searching for the fabric of my panties. I heard the sharp intake of his breath when he unexpectedly touched the moist lips of my pussy. I couldn't help smiling to myself and I slid forwards on the seat, spreading my legs open a little, encouraging him to delve further. I nonchalantly gave him directions to the nightclub while two of his fingers dipped in and out of my wet slit.

There was a noticeable bulge in his trousers by the time we arrived at the nightclub. Joe parked the car and then withdrew his wet fingers from between my legs. His eyes twinkled as he sucked slowly on each finger, inserting them one after the other into his mouth as he looked directly into my eyes. "Are you enjoying that?" I enquired softly. Joe smiled and replied "Oh yes, baby, but I want more", as he sucked his fingers clean.

Joe kept smiling at me as he moved closer and leaned in. His mouth covered mine and his tongue probed my mouth. My hands reached up and clasped him behind his head, my fingers entwined in his hair, as we kissed passionately. Our tongues danced. I moaned into his mouth when I felt him pull my coat out of the way, push my skirt up around my hips, and his hand sliding back between my moist thighs. He stroked across my freshly Brazilian waxed pussy, his fingers grazed the discreetly sculpted strip of pubic hair, and I heard him groan as he felt how incredibly soft the bare flesh was.

I moaned louder as Joe's fingers flicked casually across my clit, coaxing it out from its protective hood. His fingertips tracing lazily across my wet labia made me squirm in my seat. The constant rasping of his fingers against my soft folds nearly drove me mad with lust, I wanted him deep inside where I had an itch I couldn't scratch. He kissed me harder as he continued to tease me. When he eventually started to thrust his fingers quickly in and out of my hot wet cunt, each time reaching for my g-spot and rubbing hard against it, all I could do was moan and tremble.

I knew that I'd be too easy and cum quickly but it would garner all of his attention, so I bit my lower lip and moaned louder as he watched and waited for the inevitable. I was so close and Joe could sense it. He crouched over me, pushed me down into my seat until I was on my back with my legs pulled out from under me, and placed my legs on either side of his shoulders. He knelt over me, cupped my buttocks in both his hands lifting me up to his face, and then dived down between my thighs, using his tongue to lick at my clit and slurp into my cunt. By now, I had turned to jelly. I tried desperately to hold back but couldn't. My thighs squeezed against Joe's head and my hands pressed his head down hard against my cunt as I started to cum. I screamed. I felt Joe's tongue lapping at me; my juices flowed into his mouth and what he didn't capture leaked onto the seat.

Several minutes past as I lay there panting. The only sound I could hear was Joe noisily slurping between my thighs; his tongue sliding up and down deep in my juicy slit. I wondered if anyone else had heard my screams. I was still shaking from my orgasm. Joe finally sat back with a smug look, his face slick and wet. My skirt was twisted high up around my waist, the lower part of my body naked to anyone who might walk past and glance at us. My thighs were soaked and so was the seat. "Mmmm, baby" he murmured "that was delicious".

Joe unzipped his trousers and brought his penis out, his hand continuously stroking the shaft, and said teasingly "Look what I have for you, baby". I looked. His cock was thick and veiny, with a shiny purple head. I pulled a face and whined "No Joe, you know I don't like fucking in a car. It's so awkward and uncomfortable". Joe tried to look pouty and that made me laugh out loud. "Put it away for god's sake" I said with a giggle. He muttered something unintelligible under his breath and, with some difficulty, he managed to push it back inside his trousers.

I looked around quickly to make sure no-one was nearby before opening the car door and stepping out. My skirt was still twisted up around my waist and I stood there beside the car, struggling with it, wriggling my hips, as I tried to pull it back down. I didn't notice that Joe had come up behind me until I felt his hand on my head and he suddenly pushed me head-first back inside the car. He pinned my head down against the damp seat. I felt the sudden rush of cool air around me as he flipped my coat up over my back, my naked arse in the air. I heard the zipper on his trousers going down and, as he kicked my legs apart, I managed a muffled protest "Nooooo!". Joe responded curtly "You didn't want to do it in the car, baby. We're not in the car now and, yes, I'm going to fuck that sweet little cunt of yours!". I couldn't stop him when he leant over me and thrust his rigid penis inside with one stroke.

I whimpered as he rammed that thick, throbbing, cock, repeatedly in and out, of my tight cunt with fast, deliberate thrusts. He fucked me so hard the fabric of the seat scratched my face. I gritted my teeth and grunted as he tore into my cunt, stretching it to take his entire 8" length with every stroke. His hairy balls slapped against my clit and my cunt sucked on his cock. He slammed his cock into my wet hole, making loud embarrassing squelching noises. Joe roared as he plundered my honeypot, taking his pleasure from me, his fingers digging into my hips painfully as he pulled me back onto him. His passion was unbridled and I was relieved when finally his body tensed, he plunged in deep one last time, and spurted his cum into my cunt.

Joe staggered back, gasping, and leaned against the car door. I felt humiliated, used. I blinked away the tears that stung at my eyes, grabbed a handful of tissues from my purse and started to wipe myself clean. Joe kissed my cheek and whispered some sweet nothings into my ear, as he zipped himself up. Once I looked a little more respectable, we headed towards the nightclub, walking around the corner to the entrance. I was glad there wasn't a queue of people waiting to get in. I hurried in, conscious of the sticky wet feeling trickling down my thighs, and headed straight for the ladies powder room. Joe yelled after me that he would be waiting at the bar.

In the ladies powder room, I leaned against the vanity and looked into the mirror. My reflection looked back at me strangely. What am I doing? Why did I left Joe treat me like a slut. I sighed. Well I was here, and what happened couldn't be undone, so I better fix myself up and try to enjoy the rest of the evening. I took some paper towels, dampened them, and proceeded to wipe my thighs thoroughly clean. Then I removed my stockings and washed the sticky tops using the liquid soap from a dispenser. Luckily, there were hand-dryers available so I dried my laundered stockings under them before putting them back on. I smoothed my clothes down, checked myself out approvingly in the mirror. I did look hot. I re-applied my make-up. It wasn't long before there was a beautiful girl looking back at me in the mirror.

I looked for Joe but couldn't see him at the bar. I must have looked like a lost child as I wandered around trying to find him. Then, as I passed by a door marked Private, a movement caught my eye. I took a few steps back and peered through the glass panel in the door. It looked like Joe. I opened the door silently and looked closer.

It was Joe, but he wasn't alone. On her knees in front of him was a pretty redhead with her mouth firmly wrapped around Joe's rampant cock. I watched as Joe's hips moved back and forth, see-sawing his cock in and out of her mouth. I could hear her gagging on it with every thrust. Joe's voice floated back towards me, "Yes! Take it all, Gloria. God, you always were so cock hungry. Suck it, baby, suck that big cock!" I couldn't believe my eyes, or my ears. I watched mesmerized, and strained to hear more, as Joe grunted and thrust his cock down the woman's throat. He held her head tight in his hand and dragged her mouth physically on and off his shaft, his fingers tangled in her red hair. He pummeled her mouth, fast and furious. "Here it comes" Joe shouted. He withdrew his cock from her mouth and started to pump the shaft hard with his hand. I watched as the eruption spewed cum across her face.

* * *

The low lighting gave the nightclub a romantic atmosphere. Candles burned on the tables near the dance floor, illuminating the faces of the patrons. Half lit booths lined the walls. I sauntered over to the crowded bar as I watched Jeni make a dash for the ladies room. I shouted after her disappearing figure and wondered whether she had heard me over the music thumping out from across the dance floor. A busty barmaid was busy serving, her blouse hung so low I could see her large twin globes heaving as she pulled pints of ale. I glanced about me appraising each and every attractive woman at arm's length.

A hand lightly touch my arm. I looked down at a beautiful redhead. A pair of sparkling emerald green eyes looked back. "Hello Joe, long time no see" purred Gloria into my ear, as she kissed my cheek. She pressed her large soft breasts into my chest. "Well, hello baby" I replied with both hands squeezing her full rounded buttocks in greeting. As she conversed I couldn't help but be distracted by the hard points of her nipples poking through her dress. She whispered in my ear and I nodded, a huge grin on my face. I turned back to the barmaid and ordered a bottle of house champagne and told her I would be back shortly to collect. My beautiful redhead slipped her hand in mine and lead me away from bar. I followed her closely, her flame red hair bouncing animatedly on her shoulders as her high heels clicked on the polished floor, my groin rubbing against her pert bottom with each step. I breathed in her musky perfume.

We entered a small quiet room, the door closed softly behind us. I took Gloria into my arms. "God, you're beautiful" I whispered, as I tilted her head upwards, and then took her mouth. My full firm lips pressed hard against her soft yielding ones. I felt her warm supple body with my hands as I probed her mouth with my tongue. I sucked the breath out of her, our tongues danced a tango and I felt her legs giving way as our kiss deepened and grew more passionate. She moaned. Soon enough, I ended our kiss and smiled at her, devilishly. She knew what to do.

She lowered herself to her knees and knelt before me.

I watched her as she gripped my zipper with her teeth and slowly slid it down, cool air rushing in through the opening in my trousers adding to my excitement. I enjoyed the feel of her face against me as she nuzzled my groin, using her nose and chin to separate the fabric, then groaning when her hot wet mouth finally touched my semi-erect cock. She held it between her lips and pulled it away from the confines of my trousers. She licked across the tip of my now quickly hardening shaft, running her tongue around the ridge. The purple head throbbed when she sucked on it and I had to resist the urge to thrust; to force my penis deeper into her warm, sensuous mouth.

I tilted her face up so I could watch her sucking on my stiff rod, the shaft glistening in the dim light slick with her saliva. Her green eyes seemed to blaze with an inner fire. Her lips pouty, pink and glossy, wrapped tight around me, felt wonderful. Groaning, I felt her tugging at the head, pulling the shaft away from my body. My fingers curled into her hair, holding tight. Her mouth worked around my penis sending a pulsing, throbbing sensation all the way up to the base. My balls ached as they filled with cum. I yearned to thrust deep and hard into that greedy mouth but held back, gasping, as I watched her. Her head bobbed up and down, back and forth, twisting this way and that, purposefully sucking more of my cock into her mouth, devouring it inch by inch. I couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed Gloria by her head and robustly pulled her on and off the slick shaft. My hips thrust vigorously, pushing my rampant cock along her tongue to the back of her throat until she gagged.

I marveled at how she could deep-throat my entire length. She swallowed repetitively and retched loudly, the sound was music to my ears. Her throat constricted tightly around my shaft. I yelled out "Do you want this big cock, baby?" as I forced my erection deeper into her throat. "Yes! Take it all, Gloria. God, you always were so cock hungry. Suck it, baby, suck that big cock!" I hollered as I fucked her face faster and harder until I couldn't take it any more. Then I pulled my cock out of her mouth, with a pop, and aimed it her lovely features.

"Here it comes" I yelled as I stroked rapidly with short, sharp, jabs. I could feel my tight balls bursting with cum. An explosion went off in my head a fraction before my hot cum spurted onto her protruding tongue and then splattered across her cheek leaving a creamy white trail. I shot off another load spraying her nose, mouth and chin. "OMG!" I cried "that was incredible!" I stumbled back, breathless, leaned against a wall and observed as Gloria swallow the deposit on her tongue. I watched her as she wiped the remaining cum from her face with her fingers and hungrily pushed the spent cum into her mouth. I pulled Gloria to her feet and kissed her. "Thanks, baby!" I said as I zipped up my trousers. I gave Gloria a slap on her bottom before heading for the door. I didn't look back.

Back at the bar, I paid for the champagne and looked around for Jeni. I soon spotted her talking with a rather striking blonde. I walked over, carrying the bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses. "Hey, baby!" I said, kissing Jeni on the cheek, "and who's your friend?" Jeni introduced me the blonde. "Pleased to meet you, Alison" I greeted. A mischievous grin spread across my face when I was heard she was without an escort. I maneuvered both women to a nearby booth and sat them down. I pulled the foil cover off the neck of bottle with a flourish, unraveled the wire cage, and then twisted the champagne cork off with a soft pop. I filled both glasses and handed one to Alison, the other to Jeni, before making a mad dash back to the bar for a third glass.

Both women had seated themselves next to each other in the booth so I sat down opposite them, filled my glass and enjoyed the view. I glanced admiringly at the blonde. Alison was very attractive, had shoulder length hair and was stacked. I guess her bust size to be probably 38d; she was definitely larger than Jeni's who I knew was a 36c. Alison wore a short black dress with a fairly low neckline and I could plainly see the swell of her ample breasts. My mouth watered at the thought of sucking on her pink nipples. Thoughts of fucking Alison and Jeni in a three-some crossed my mind. I contemplated whether the women would be up for it.

I slouched down in my seat and was rewarded with a great view up both women's skirts. I knew Jeni was pantieless so I tried to see if Alison was wearing any. I wondered about the taste of Alison's pussy. I was still trying to sneak a look when suddenly Alison spread her legs open. I glanced up at her and she winked. It was an tantalizing sight, her silky panties were pulled tight against her crotch and the outer lips of her labia protruded from the edges. My mouth was dry and I yearned to taste that sweet pussy. Instead I lifted my glass and took a large mouthful of champagne.

Jeni leaned over and said she wanted to dance. I was reluctant. Dancing doesn't come naturally to me and I liked to avoid dancing if at all possible. Of course, I could do a slow dance and only if it required me to shuffle from foot to foot on the spot. Both ladies giggled and then each took one of my hands to pull me onto the dance floor like a lamb to the slaughter. I didn't put up much resistance but I did move awkwardly about the floor trying not to make a fool of myself. As I watched Jeni and Alison shaking and gyrating in front of me, their breasts bouncing, I couldn't help becoming aroused. The music seemed much louder for some reason or maybe it was the blood thumping in my head as I leered at them.

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