tagLesbian SexOrpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus and Eurydice


* * * * *

For my Persephone. My winter is everlasting without you.

Happy Birthday, my love.

* * * * *

Merika laughed and stared at her friend. "Orpheus was not a woman."

"She was too," Ares countered. Mer just shook her head. "She played the lyre and flitted around a lot."

"So what?"

"So..." Ares gave her a meaningful look. "If a man did that, do you honestly think he'd have any use for Eurydice? Not unless he wanted to borrow her clothes."

"In the typical Greek fashion."

Ares made a face at her. "Besides," she added. "Orpheus entered the Underworld through a cave. Just look at the symbolism."

"Mine doesn't look like a cave yet."

* * * * *

Ares opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling. The flickering shadows threw her face into relief. Yet another memory that reminded her of Nia. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't break away. She shifted her slender body until she lay on her side. The soft fabric of the living room couch rubbed against her cheek. Once again, Ares was reminded of the cold. Summer had drifted away and fall had slipped in, bringing a crispness that always revived her. It had forever been her favorite time of year. But this year, somehow, the chill seemed unbearable.

Ares stared across the living room floor, her russet eyes distant. In the candlelight her porcelain skin seemed almost golden. "Like snow," Nia had said to her once. She could still feel the way she'd touched her cheek when she'd said it. "My ice queen."

Ares shook her head and focused on the window. Night had blanketed the New England streets. "Snap out of it," she chided herself. "She'll come home to you whenever she can."

Now if only she could close her eyes and go to sleep.

* * * * *

Orpheus was a young, beautiful minstrel whose talents were renowned throughout all of Greece. Each time she played her lyre, the sirens would cease their singing and the nymphs would come out of hiding. She was as beautiful as night, and any maiden in the kingdom could have been hers.

The love of Orpheus' life, however, was a beautiful maiden named Eurydice. Together, they were like night and day...one could not survive without the other. Their wedding day was a day of elation. The Goddesses graced the occasion, and the forest itself seemed euphoric.

During the wedding feast, however, Eurydice left her wife's side for less than a moment. In the midst of the celebration, a snake quietly slithered among the guests. In a flash, it sprang up and sank in its teeth. Eurydice fell to the ground and breathed no more.

* * * * *

There was no one else in the world like her. No one. Ares knew it the moment she'd met Nia. At first, she'd been taken aback by her beauty: the long, chestnut curls that spilled down her back, the intense scrutiny of her dark-brown eyes. Ares had felt herself drawn to her, even then.

Nia was everything Ares had ever hoped for: funny, intelligent, sensitive, and sarcastic. Their friendship had developed slowly, as their personal schedules were completely out of whack. Nia was a flight attendant for a major commercial airline, and Ares was a full-time psychology student. When they finally got adjusted, Ares was unable to deny that she was falling.

The candles around the living room seemed to dim. Unconsciously, Ares stirred in her sleep. It was memories like these that had kept her alive throughout Nia's absence.

* * * * *

Orpheus was a shadow kept alive by her pain. She'd lost her only love and nothing meant anything to her anymore. The woods were no longer filled with her music. The world seemed barren.

Athena herself was haunted by Orpheus' pain. She couldn't stand to see her so empty. With a heavy heart, the Goddess went to the maiden. "Orpheus," she said, "I cannot tell you why, but you must go to Hades. Plead with her and perhaps she will be merciful."

Orpheus stared at Athena and said nothing.

That evening, however, she made the long trek to the opening of the Underworld. Wordlessly, she entered the cavern. She showed no fear as she stood before the River Styx, waiting for the barge to appear. When the vessel materialized, she climbed into it without blinking. She crossed the black river without expression. Nothing meant anything to her anymore.

Orpheus stepped off the boat and clutched her lyre. She faced the double doors that shielded her from Hades. She stood and waited. For the first time ever, Orpheus was afraid.

* * * * *

Ares opened her eyes and checked the clock. Like every night since Nia had left, she stayed awake and haunted the hours. 12:06, the clock read. Ares reached up and rubbed her eyes. Her fingertips brushed against the slight bump of her nose that betrayed her Greek heritage. She smiled unconsciously as she remembered the ancient tug-of-war between herself and her wife. "The Greek wife is definitely more beautiful than the Jewish wife," Nia would say. "No, the Jewish wife is infinitely more beautiful," Ares would reply. It always ended up in a grudging agreement to agree to disagree. But Ares knew that the topic would be brought up again and again. The Jewish wife was far more beautiful than the Greek wife, and she was sticking to that.

Ares forced herself to sit up slightly. Her head rested against the arm of the sofa. How many times had they lain together, side by side, talking about nothing? Ares never grew tired of learning about Nia. She yearned and thirsted for new knowledge. The more she learned about Nia, the more it became clear that behind her beauty lay the strength to rise again. "My Eurydice," Ares had called her once. "My Dark Princess."

Nia had smiled. "I thought I was your Persephone."

Ares had often called her that, claiming that winter ruled every time she went away.

"You are," Ares had told her, gently kissing her nose. "But you're my Eurydice too."

* * * * *

Hades was taken aback by Orpheus' gaunt appearance. She turned to Persephone, who in turn spoke softly: "Athena warned us you might be coming. What is it you wish to share with the rulers of the Underworld, Orpheus?"

Without saying a word, Orpheus took up her lyre. Her lithe fingers caressed the strings for the first time since Eurydice's death. And she sang. She sang of the love she and her wife had shared. She sang of the devastation of losing her so soon. She sang of the endless nights in which chaos had ruled. She sang of the nothingness...of the death she'd rather endure.

As they listened, tears streamed down the Goddesses' cheeks. Persephone was left speechless.

"My child," Hades said. "Your suffering is clear." Then she seemed to hesitate. Persephone rested her hand over hers. "I will give you back your wife," Hades said finally, "but on one condition. You must walk ahead of her at all times as you're leaving the Underworld. You cannot look back. Once you are both outside, then it will be safe to turn around. But you cannot look back while you are here, or you will lose her again...this time, forever."

* * * * *

Nia's passion is what mesmerized Ares the most. She was a walking incarnation of emotion. When Nia was frustrated, she expressed her disgust. When she was touched, tears streamed down her cheeks. When she was protective, she was fierce. When she was angry, things were destroyed. Ares watched it all with awe and undeniable arousal. Restraint had always been a key element in her life, necessary for survival. Seeing Nia's naked emotions only made her fall deeper.

The first time they had kissed had left both women trembling. Ares remembered marveling at how she'd been able to hold herself up. Kissing Nia was not just a physical act...it had fused them together. Somehow, that deeper understanding that had always been there had suddenly come to life. Ares' hand had searched for Nia's, and their fingers had locked. Ares had needed that contact to keep from breaking.

Their personalities, their souls, their pasts undulated in an uncontrollable fire that was indescribable. Just the way Nia looked at her was enough to leave Ares aching. The touch of Nia's fingertips against her skin left trickles of fire. Their screams were almost primal, their movements hard and demanding. Their lovemaking was as intense as their emotions...they were constantly trying to express both of them at once.

* * * * *

Orpheus left the throne room, her senses pounding. Once again, she faced the River Styx, waiting for the barge to appear. Softly, almost imperceptibly, she felt a breath against her shoulder. She trembled, but forced her eyes to stay on the barge.

As she traveled across the river, the warmth of a presence made her quiver. She somehow knew she wasn't alone. As Orpheus stepped off the barge and trekked through the cavern, the soft sounds of breathing filled her ears. She was shaking from head to toe, dying to look behind her, but she focused her eyes on the lengthening moonlight.

At last, Orpheus felt grass touch beneath her feet and she swiveled around with open arms. She saw her wife's beautiful eyes blinking in the moonlight. She saw the ruby lips she'd kissed when they were cold. Then she saw Eurydice's eyes fill with desolation. Horrified, Orpheus saw that she'd been too eager. Eurydice was not completely out of the cave. Orpheus reached out, but Eurydice had already faded back into the shadows. "Goodbye," came the whisper that would haunt Orpheus for the rest of her days.

* * * * *

The soft brush of lips against her cheek awoke Ares from a sound sleep. Her eyes fluttered open, and for a few moments, she was left speechless. Disbelievingly, she took in the sight of a face so filled with love, so filled with ardor, it took her breath away. In the eyes of her princess, she saw the pain she'd been feeling for endless months. "Baby..." Ares whispered softly. That was all she could say before their lips came together.

There was nothing slow or soft about their kiss. It was rough, hard, obsessive. Their lips battled to conquer the other. Ares' hands were lost in Nia's hair, lightly tugging at it. The salt of tears lingered on both their lips. Ares felt Nia's hands holding her face, her fingernails digging into her skin. Brusquely, Ares made love to her mouth, possessing her with a fever that only intensified. She wanted to tear her open, to move inside her skin and be with her always. She wanted to feel every beat of her heart, every pulse of her veins. When they were finally able to break apart, both women were gasping. Without saying a word, Ares drew Nia onto the couch and gazed into her eyes. With a familiarity that nearly broke her heart, Nia caressed her face. Her eyes were precarious. "I love you so much," she whispered. Ares had to swallow before answering.

Still looking into her eyes, Nia leaned closer and brushed her lips over Ares'. Her lips were like silk slipping between her own. Ares' hands on her arms breathed over her skin. For the first time in so long, she felt herself coming alive. She could feel her wife trembling beneath her, feel their souls lingering on the edges of their kiss. It was a resurrection of everything. Slowly, Ares stroked her fingertips up and down the length of her back, feeling their hearts racing, struggling to conjoin. Nia's tongue found her mouth, searching and sucking, her whimpers soft as their kiss deepened. Ares leaned into her embrace, breathing in her scent, taking her into her being.

How did I ever survive without you? Ares' teeth raked over the length of her tongue. She whispered again how deeply she loved her. Slipping down Nia's skirt, she slid it past her hips, kissing her a little harder. Nia's hands tugged at Ares' top, her nails raking along her skin. Ares moaned and arched her back, Nia's touch making her nipples harden. Reaching behind Ares, Nia unclasped her bra and slid the straps down her shoulders. "Yes, baby," she moaned into Ares' ear. "That's how you should always be, naked in my arms."

Feverishly, they undressed, their moans growing louder. Ares' hands traced over Nia's sides, her fingernails raking along her skin. She moaned as she felt Nia's lips close over her tongue, sucking on her hard. Grasping the back of her head, Ares pushed deeper, wanting to press down into her throat. She lowered her hand and lightly squeezed at Nia's neck, hearing a soft moan of approval. Unable to hold back, Ares released her and slid her hands to Nia's breasts, moaning again when she felt their fullness. She could never get over how lush and sexy her wife's breasts were.

With the lightest of touches, Ares rubbed the balls of her thumbs over the rosy peaks she so longed to suck on. "Ares..." Nia moaned and arched her back. The very sound of it caused Ares' clit to throb. Ares' fingertips slowly began to tug at her nipples, rolling them between her fingertips. She wanted them harder, to ache and throb with her every caress. She wanted her wife to feel every little thing she did to her.

Moaning, Ares slid down the length of Nia's body, her mouth hot against her lover's skin. Her lips fell over Nia's beautiful breasts, taking her nipple into her mouth and sucking at it slowly. Ares moaned as Nia gripped her hair, then lowered her touch to fondle Ares' breasts. "Fuck," Ares whimpered. She squeezed her teeth around Nia's nipple, causing her lover to gasp in surprise. Ares felt her arousal growing. Somehow, they always pushed the barrier between pleasure and pain, knowing that both were not incompatible.

Reluctantly, Ares' mouth left Nia's breast, kissing instead down her soft, smooth stomach. Ares' tongue stuck out, licking her wife, nipping at her, wanting to devour her. Finding Nia's navel, Ares dipped her tongue inside of it, her hands caressing along her thighs. "Ohhhh, yes, baby, please," Nia pleaded. She could feel Ares' nails tracing along her thighs. "I want you."

Ares raised burning eyes to her wife's, taking in her beauty. She could never get over how much Nia aroused her. Slowly, Ares moved her hand between Nia's legs, running her fingertips along her swollen lips. Her wife gasped and arched her back, reaching for Ares' hand. Still watching her, Ares guided her to sit more comfortably against their couch. Kneeling in front of Nia, Ares opened her thighs even wider. Kissing her stomach again, Ares moved her lips up to suck at her nipples. She squeezed Nia's breasts together and flicked her tongue in between them. Nia gripped handfuls of Ares' hair. "Oh, fuck, baby, yesss," she moaned. "Don't stop, honey, please."

Taking Nia's hard nipples into her mouth, Ares sucked at them greedily, nearly screaming around them. Nia knew what her words always did to Ares. "Nia, baby, please, Now," Ares pleaded. "I need you, honey. You have me aching." Avoiding her clit, Ares dipped her middle finger inside Nia's pussy, slowly beginning to fuck her. Hearing her moan, Ares added a second finger, spreading them apart to stroke her inner walls.

Ares' lips trailed down her stomach again, moving down to Nia's smooth, wet mound. Nia could feel the hotness of her breath against her skin. Gently, she smoothed the dark hair away from her lover's face, wanting to see her. She could feel the arch of her lover's cheek, then the sensation of Ares kissing her clit. Nia let out a soft scream as Ares parted her lips with her tongue and nursed at her slowly. Her tongue smoothed over Nia's hardness, her hands grabbing her ass and lifting it higher. Moving closer, Ares buried her face between her lover's open thighs.

Roughly easing her fingers out, Ares grabbed Nia's ankles and lifted them up, spreading her wider for her. She wanted Nia to watch every little thing she was doing to her. Ares lowered her face and lightly kissed the rose tattoo that graced her wife's ankle. "Ares," the gasped plea caused Ares to look up. Nia reached out her hands. "Come here, baby."

Looking at her wife with unwavering love, Ares lightly kissed her clit once more and slowly crawled up the length her body. She felt Nia open her thighs and with a moan, Ares moved between them. The sensation of their naked bodies sliding together was always a blend of beauty and primitiveness. Her lover's strong thighs gripped Ares' hips, conveying the message that they were one. "I love you," Ares whispered as Nia held her face and pressed their lips together. "You are my air."

With a moan, Nia's tongue pushed forward past Ares' lips, kissing her roughly. She could taste herself in her lover's mouth, something that always seemed to arouse her even more. With a possessiveness, Nia's nails raked down Ares' back, gripping hard at her ass. Moaning, she lifted her hips as she pressed Ares down. Ares whimpered around Nia's tongue, pushing down harder between her legs. "Fuck, Nia," she moaned. She gripped Nia's hips and pulled her up into her. Ares gasped when she felt Nia's fingertips slipping between her cheeks. Reaching between them, Ares rubbed at Nia's clit, stroking along her opening with her fingertips. She heard Nia's moans rise up with hers as Ares pushed inside of her again. Crossing her fingers, she angled them upward, searching for her g-spot. "Ohhhh, God, baby," Nia moaned as she slid her middle finger inside her wife's ass. "Fuck me, Ares, fuck me hard."

Ares bit down into Nia's bottom lip, feeling her screams building as her wife explored her ass so wonderfully. With a fever, they moved together, their hips rocking as their fingers slid in and out in unison. Ares pushed against the soft, wrinkled skin of Nia's g-spot, watching her arch her back and scream. "Ohhhhh, baby, you have me sooo close," Ares moaned in between gasps. She let out a cry as Nia gave her a hard, deep thrust with her fingers. "Cum for me, baby," Nia, pleaded. "Cum for me hard. Cum for me now. I love you so much."

Ares gazed down at her wife's face with half-closed eyes. She could feel her hips beginning to give shorter, rougher thrusts. "Ohhhhh my God, baby," Ares moaned as she felt her body tensing. "I'm going to scream."

Nia slapped her lover's ass, her moans uncontrollable now. She let out a satisfied groan as she felt her wife cum hard against her, Ares' screams almost deafening. Ares pushed harder against Nia's g-spot as she came. "Cum for me, lover," she demanded, gasping. She pinched and lightly tugged at her clit. "I need it, baby, give it to me."

Arching her back and closing her eyes, Nia screamed her wife's name. Ares moaned as she felt her wife's juices covering her hand. It always made her want to cum again every time she saw Nia climax. Slowly, gently, they brought each other down, their bodies trembling as they held each other's eyes. Deeply, they kissed once again, knowing that it always expressed what words could not. Tenderly, their lips broke apart, the sounds of their breathing filling the room.

Nia gazed into her wife's eyes, her fingertips lightly touching her cheek. Never had Ares seen that expression on her face. "I thought you would hate me," Nia whispered.

Ares felt her heart breaking. Tenderly, she placed her hand over her wife's. "Never," she whispered. There were tears in her eyes. "I always knew you were behind me."

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