tagRomanceOur Cabin Experience

Our Cabin Experience


By Jacob Bard

The way I remember it, we arrived at the cabin late afternoon. It was a dream come true. Just you and me in a picturesque cabin located on a snowy mountain side—the perfect setting for rest, relaxation, and romance. The flight to Colorado had gone as planned and we had spent the night before in a hotel near the airport so as to be rested when we arrived at the cabin. It was just as we had envisioned and we were ready for some time to do nothing but enjoy one another and catch up on some long overdue love-making.

The main room of the cabin had a gorgeous fireplace with a large wooden mantle and antique clock sitting in the middle of the mantle surrounded by other decorations. We could smell the leather of the comfy chair that sat nearby as the warmth from the fire heated the room. There was a large sofa nearby with a large chaise extension that, of course I thought would be perfect for sex, but I supposed it was good for just lying on and watching the fire as well.

We quickly unpacked and made ourselves at home anticipating a wonderful stay. After warming ourselves by the fire for a while, and checking out all the cabin had to offer, we noticed something outside. It was a large hot tub, and there chilling in the cold, was sparkling champagne. Once again a perfect setting even if we don't care for champagne. Excited by the thought of relaxing in the hot tub outside we started to change into our swimsuits, and then it hit me, no one is around, let's go out there naked! Upon telling you my idea, you initially responded with a bit shyness, but after looking outside in all directions, you agreed that no one in the area would see us. "What the heck!" you said with a smile and began stripping off all your clothes. That was all I needed to hear—and see! I was ready and followed your example and got naked as fast as I could.

Just the idea of soaking in the hot tub outside, overlooking the snowcapped mountains, with my naked hot wife, well it couldn't get better than that! Although we knew no one would see us, we still felt a little naughty and a tiny bit turned on by just the idea of running outside naked. While it was only a short little run out to the hot tub, we found out just how cold the weather really was. It was cold, really cold! Initially when the cold air hit me, I changed my mind about feeling sexy. Being naked didn't feel all that stimulating anymore. Nevertheless, after sinking down into the hot steaming water I was once again convinced of how sexy it felt.

There was something else I had noticed. When I had opened the door of the cabin for us to go outside, and the cold air hit you, I had noticed how your nipples perked up and became hardened! Chill bumps rose up all over your curvaceous bare body. It was quite a scene. Just the sight of your raised nipples inspired a pretty good hard-on for me that was impossible to hide. All I could think about, except for running through the cold, was how glad I was that no one was around to see my erection bouncing up and down as I sprinted for the warmth of the water. Once in the water all I was thinking about was sucking your nipples and having my face rested between your breasts.

After we were in the water the chill bumps were gone and our bodies ceased to shiver. We soaked up the warmth of the steaming water and gazed out at the picturesque scene of the mountains and the snow covered hillsides. As beautiful as the sight was, after about ten minutes it could hold my attention no longer, the mounds and peaks that interested me most where partially submerged in the water of the hot tub and so I moved in between your legs and noticed you rise slightly out of the water to bring your breasts up to meet my waiting lips. They were warm and firm and the sensation of your nipple in between my lips was inviting and exciting. Circling your nipple with my tongue, round and round, then sucking and massaging your breasts, I was enthralled with simply making love to your lovely mounds. Sucking them into my mouth and then flicking the end of the nipple with my tongue, while I held them firmly with the suction of my mouth seemed to be something you enjoyed, as did I.

I could sense your pleasure and feel your body move in ripple-like motions. From one side to the other I indulged myself as if I would never have another opportunity. Reaching down I grabbed your buttocks with both hands and spun you around so that you were straddling my lap and you were now leaning in toward me rubbing your wet tits all over my face. Still, I would not allow my cock to slip into you, but only allowed my erection to slide up the crack of your ass, which seemed to both annoy and drive you wild as you moved up and down and felt the tip of my cock slide up and down your ass and near your openings but never going inside of you. It almost made me feel like I was going to cum but your breasts and nipples had the bulk of my attention, so I continued my enjoyable experience.

At some point you had enough of the hot tub and said you were ready to go inside. Once again we braved the cold mountain air as we leapt out of the warmth of the hot tub, chill bumps rising over our naked bodies once again as ran back into the warm cabin. Immediately you grabbed a blanket lying nearby and wrapped yourself tightly in it. A good idea, but continuing to see you naked would have been better for me. Soon I located a large towel with which to wrap around my waist and we stood by the fire warming ourselves and drying out. The fire roared as I added more wood and the rising flames soon had us feeling toasty.

On a nearby table the owners of the cabin had left us a bottle of wine that we decided actually tasted good. As we snuggled in front of the fire, we drank a glass of the wine as if we connoisseurs of fine wines and just held one another close—gazing into the flames of the roaring fire. I was surprised that you drank any of the wine and I don't know if it was the wine, or the hot tub, or the fireplace, but as I would fine out later it was all working together to produce one insatiable sexy wife!

Sitting your glass down on the hearth of the fireplace you turned to me with that look in your eyes I love so much and I offered you unwrap you from your covering. Without a word you yielded to my intentions and I no more had unwrapped you from the blanket you had donned when coming back in from the hot tub before I found myself on my back with you grasping my erect cock in your hand and looking at me like you were about to consume me. I was a bit startled, but majorly turned on by the sight. Then, before I could process the image and what was happening and more—OH...my lord....the feel of your warm mouth and tongue going down on me and swirling about the tip of my cock, as more and more of my shaft disappeared into your mouth, almost sent me over the edge. The whole scene was silhouetted against the brightness of the fire so that I could not see clearly, but nothing muted the sensations I was feeling as you explored the entire hardened shaft with your tongue and lips.

Cupping my testicles in your other hand you gently massaged them as you continued to swallow and lick my erection as though you were enjoying a delicious popsicle. I could feel the tip of my cock touch the back of your throat at times and the overwhelming sensation of being almost engulfed by your sweet mouth was heavenly. I was near the edge when I grasped your face with both my hands and pulled you upward and kiss you deeply in gratitude for such carnal pleasuring.

The sharing of one another's body has just begun and I had some carnal pleasure I wanted to give to you as well. It was my turn, so quickly I rolled you over, and I remember you lying back on the soft rug in front of the fireplace opening your legs widely in an inviting and erotic gesture. The warmth and moistness of your pussy as it laid spread before me drew me in with lust in my eyes and the ravenous intent of satisfying my lust for your flesh in my heart.

Beginning with your nipples and breasts, both taking up where I left off in the hot tub and with a desire to tease you a bit more, I sucked and licked them again. Only then did I begin to work my way down to my long awaited destination leaving a trail of kisses along my way until, at last, I reached the point of no return. First, slipping a finger in just to feel the warmth and wetness and to open up my sensual present, I lowered my mouth upon you. Pausing long enough for you to feel the warmth of my breath, but not my touch, I paused yet again. I thought the anticipation was about to get to me when I felt your hand on the back of my head as you pressed my mouth to your flesh. Evidently, you had enough anticipation, and so I gladly went to work with my tongue.

Feeling my way through your silky passage with my tongue I did my best to make sure I leave no part unexplored. Its wet and creamy feel to my mouth only tantalized me more. I had been enticed by the fruit of your garden and I could not leave until I had my fill. Flicking my tongue side-to-side, around clockwise—then counter clockwise—moving my tongue in any direction that increases the undulating of your body and the arching of your back with pleasure I put my best into my effort to please you.

Laying open your labia with my fingers and licking you from top to bottom, pausing occasionally to suck your clit, your juices flow freely into my mouth and onto my chin as you orgasm. I felt your body shutter. Suddenly, your body tensed and I was caught in the grip of your inner thighs—my head held tightly between your thighs. I could go nowhere, so I continued my tongue massage on the hot flesh between my lips.

When released from your orgasmic grip, I rose up and moved my torso between your legs. I was so hard and intensely felt the need to be inside you. As I leaned forward to kiss you, I felt you grip my manhood in your right hand and guide me into your waiting embrace. Ah...the feeling of sliding into you is always so good! It's like being held in a warm, wet, and firm grip. It was not possible to remain still. Every movement of our bodies sent a wave of pleasure through my body. It was impossible to not respond to the urge to drive my member into you and withdraw and drive in...over and over!

While thrusting over and over I raised myself up so that I could see your breasts and lean down and nibble them, or kiss you, but mostly to watch your face as you lay there—eyes closed—in your own world. The look on your face was one of quiet pleasure as if you were experiencing every moment and absorbing all the pleasure you could. Your soft moans or sudden grasps only spurred me on and inspired me to try to do more to add to your pleasure.

Your hips moved in unison with mine as if we were doing some sort of an erotic dance. Slower, then faster we moved. Clenching and surging, you returned the favor of my movements. Then raising your legs and widen your embrace, you drew me in deeper. Your legs wrapped about me in an erotic grip.

Loving to look at your ass the way I do, I forced myself to withdraw and I quickly turn you over, drawing you upon to your knees, so that as you lean forward, you presented me with the wet hot opening I desired. Without delay I entered you from behind. With you on your knees and leaned over on your elbows, ass raised and back arched, the sight was enough to drive the lust in me and all I wanted was to thrust my dick in you and pump you harder and harder.

When I thin k about it, it's the feel and the sight that makes me so horny. Thrusting forward feels so good and watching the tiny shock waves in your buttocks from the force of each impact excites me all the more! Rocking back and forth on your knees you match my thrusts so that you rock back into me as I plunge forward into you. The sight and feel of your body heightens my senses and stimulates my desires to the point I am torn as to what to do! I want to caress you, drive myself into you, kiss you, nibble you, eat you, and roll around in a passionate embrace all at the same time!

Rising up completely on all fours, you looked back at me, and I knew you were about to take charge as you pulled away from me. Having let me have my pleasure, you ordered me to lie on my back. You then crawled on top of me. Grabbing my shaft and placing the tip of it in your opening, positioning my erection partially in, I felt you begin to slide down on me and begin riding me with great enthusiasm. The sight of you riding me and the looks you give me as you look down at me in enjoyment add to the ecstasy. I had a perfect view of your tits and I could reach around and grab two handfuls of your firm round ass. Feeling and seeing continues to be my focus.

As you rode me, and I thrust up into you, I could tell you were close to climaxing because your pace quickened and your movements became more distinct as you directed my tip to the desired spot. Looking up I could see your erect nipples and I reached up to pinch them and massage your mounds—raising my head occasionally to suck and lick at them while feeling you ride me harder and harder! Then, you were there! Your motions froze and your clinch on my cock tighten as you experience the creamy spasms of your orgasm. Slowly your body relaxed and your motions became slower. Simultaneously, I could not withhold myself any longer and exploded my cum up into you as you continued to work your cunt up and down on me. As you slowed your movements I could feel a mixture of my cum and your juices flowing down my cock, and onto, and down my scrotum.

Both of us having climaxed you relaxed yourself on top of me and lay in quiet exhaustion on my chest in the dimming glow of the dying fire. It was as if we had absorbed part of one another and had become one in a greater sense of the expression. It was more than passion. It was more than sex. It was much more than lust. If it was anything it was truly making love.

The End

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