tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Exciting Journey Ch. 02

Our Exciting Journey Ch. 02


After the introduction. We stood staring at each other for a few seconds.

I broke the ice "We just came in today from San Jose. What about you guys?"

Raj replied, "We came in the day before yesterday from Dallas."

We made small talk and called it a night. I led Henna back to the bed and saw that "they" were also calling it a night. Henna was very quiet.

I asked her "You OK?"

She shook her head.

I smiled, took her in my arms, kissed her "I love you".

She smiled "Really".

I laughed, picked her up, nuzzled her breasts, set her down on the bed and said "REALLY!"

We talked for at least an hour. She was surprised at how she behaved. "It was so exciting knowing someone was watching us having sex and we were naked. NAKED! Can you believe that?"

I told her how erotic and thrilling it was for me knowing that another guy was seeing MY wife naked and having sex.

She gave me an intense look. I did not break eye contact. I wanted her know that I was FINE!

After a minute or two, she shook her head, kissed me and snuggled up to me. We went to sleep.

Henna woke me in the morning. She had just taken a shower, was wrapped in a towel and looked gorgeous. I looked towards our neighbors and saw that the shutters in our room were closed. Henna blushed when she noticed where I was looking.

She said, "They are awake, I can hear them. Now go and get ready, I am starving."

I came out of the shower and went to the living room. Henna had breakfast ready. We both were hungry, it was a tiring journey and we had a nice workout in the night. We made plans as we ate.

I asked her, "Should we meet with our neighbors?"

She was quiet for a couple of minutes and replied, "Can we skip meeting them; I am not sure how I should react".

I understood that she was still very surprised at her behavior and was not certain of anything. I did not want to push her into a corner so I took a step back. "Sure, let us explore the Island".

I could see the relief on her face. She reached out to take my hand, "Thank you for understanding."

We stepped out of our cabin ready to see the place. Henna was wearing a summer dress which she would never have worn back home. It was at least 2 inches above her knees and was low cut enough to show 1 inch of cleavage. She looked DELICIOUS.

We spent a couple of hours exploring. The resort was amazing; beach with hammocks and picnic spots, 3 infinity pools, walking trails along the base of a small hillock that also skirted the ocean and many outdoor activities for guests. My wife was excited about deep sea diving. She loved to swim and I do not even know how to swim.

We had fun exploring. We were holding hands, walking with our arms around each other's waist, chased each other on the beach: very romantic.

Before we realized, it was lunchtime and we were hungry. We wanted to eat at a restaurant set at one end of the infinity pool.

Walking back to our cabin, we ran into our neighbors.

Raj and I greeted each other; the wives just nodded - still shy. They were also going to fresh up to go to lunch. We ended up inviting each other, it just happened.

Back in the cabin, Henna was quiet. I just let her be. Just before stepping out, she pulled me close and hugged me. I held her and waited for her to say what was on her mind.

After a couple of minutes, she finally opened up, "I am scared of what is going to happen. What are we going to talk to them? How can I face a man who has seen me naked?"

I answered, "Don't worry. Remember they are probably thinking the same. Let us just be natural, do not think about what happened."

She got a little annoyed, "How can you say that? Something did happen. How can you ignore that? This man that we are going to meet has seen your wife naked? Completely NAKED. He has also seen your wife cum. How can you ignore that?"

Hearing her say that... I got hard!

She felt me against her, her eyes flashed with anger then she suddenly giggled, "You are hopeless".

I grinned, "Hopelessly in love with you."

She looked at me, "Are you sure?"

I smiled, pushed my hard-on against her, "Completely."

She smiled, tool a deep breath and said, "Good. OK, let's meet them."

They were waiting for us at the restaurant. We joined them. Within 10 minutes we were all talking to each other, it happened without making any effort. I guess the fact that they were also nervous helped.

We found out that Raj was 41 and Simran was 37. Listening to them we realized, they were us - 10 years in the future. They moved from Bay area to Dallas about 4 years back with their kids. They were here to celebrate their 10th anniversary and their kids were with their grandparents.

Raj was a good-looking guy. He was an executive at a big IT firm, well-educated with a very casual and easy-going nature. He was well maintained and did not look like a man in his 40s. Simran was good looking. She had a few extra pounds but they were in the right place.

I saw that Henna was very comfortable with Raj. He was the perfect gentleman and was very polite and very attentive towards her. I could see that she was enjoying herself. Without realizing it, we had paired off; Henna with Raj and me with Simran.

Simran was a few years older than me. She was witty, smart and was very confident. I enjoyed my conversation with her. We spoke about our families, work and life in general.

I heard Raj asking Simran for a dance. The band was playing some good music. She looked at me and I smiled my approval. He took my wife's hand and let her to the floor.

Simran and I stopped talking, we were looking at them. The band was playing slow music and we saw a few couples swaying in each other's arms.

I saw Raj put his arms around my wife's waist and take her other hand in his. The classic closed couple's position. I saw them sway for a few minutes. I could see that Henna was flushed and a little shy. She kept glancing at me. I wanted her to be completely relaxed and enjoy herself.

"Wow, they are enjoying themselves and they look good together", Simran commented.

I saw Simran looking at me intently. I got a little uneasy and turned back to look at Raj and Simran.

Raja and Henna were lost in a world of their own. They stayed like that for a couple of songs, just swaying to the music. At the end of the song they broke apart and came back to the table.

I asked Simran for the next dance. She practically dragged me to the dance floor.

It was wonderful to have another woman in my arms. She was different from Henna. A good "different". She was wearing a soft perfume which I loved. Her hair had a different "fruity" fragrance. I was amazed at how different she was from my wife. I was enjoying holder her in my arms.

When I looked towards Raja and my wife, I was relieved to see Heena with a very relaxed smile. But Raj had an intense look. I was a little uneasy. I hoped he was not the jealous kind.

After only a couple of songs I led Simran back to the table. Simran and Henna went to freshen up.

There was an awkward silence between Raj and myself.

The wives came back. They were making plans for the evening. They wanted to have the special dinner at the beach with the campfire and seafood. They were excited. They decided to go shopping and prepare for the dinner.

Raj and I were left alone. We took coffee, lit cigarettes and walked on the beach.

Raj broke the silence "Henna is a wonderful person and she is very very sexy".

I felt a twinge in my heart; to hear another man call my wife sexy... it was so surreal.

He continued "She has an amazing body, so curvy, so soft, so... tight. I loved holding her and ... But you what I enjoyed the most?"

I wanted to hear more "What?"

He turned and looked me in the eye "When I saw you dancing with my wife. I just wished that u would have held her ass and pulled her into you so she could have felt your hard-on. I could see that u had a hard on when u were dancing with my wife."

I was just gaping at him. He had described EXACTLY how I felt when he was dancing with my wife!!

He smiled "You feel the same, didn't you?"

I decided to open up completely "Yes, I did. I wish you have felt my wife up too. I would have loved to see you hand on my wife's ass and you pinching her nipples."

He was breathing hard "I did feel your wife's breast on my chest a couple of times. Her nipples were like stones."

I instinctively knew what he wanted to hear "Your wife's breast are amazing. They are bigger than my wife. I loved feeling them against me."

This conversation was exhilarating; it was such a relief to talk with a guy who was feeling the same way I was. Someone with whom I did not feel embarrassed talking about what I was feeling and I knew it was the same with him.

He said, "I want you to know that I am ok with where ever it leads but I would love it if I see it go all the way."

I paused, "I am notso sure that Henna would be comfortable with that but just thinking about it is making me hard! Let us see what happens."

He nodded.

We were lost in our thoughts. My thoughts were racing. I wanted him to succeed. I wanted to see Henna, my gorgeous wife, in his arms once more. I realized I wanted him to succeed. This realization shook me.

I took a deep breath, "Henna hates the smell of alcohol and she loves her neck and arms to be caressed."

He smiled, "I am fine to not drink tonight. I want a different treat. You don't have to do anything, Simran is dying to ravage you and cannot wait to get her hands on you."

My jaw dropped!!

He smiled, "You have to remember, we have been married for more than 10 years, and we know each other very well. I know what she wants and she knows I am ok with it."

By this time, we had reached our rooms. We spent an hour talking about general stuff-sports, politics, work etc. We heard a knock and the girls walked in.

I went with Henna to our room. She had a bag of clothes and was very excited.

She told me that Simran helped her pick some clothes for tonight and that Raj had rented a beach tent-room for the night and that we could spend time with them after dinner. She was practically jumping with excitement.

We did not speak about the dance that happened at lunch. She went to take a shower telling me that Simran and she have a SPA appointment and will meet Raj and me at the beach. She was telling me to check if we could also rent a tent to spend the night on the beach.

When she came out and started getting dressed, I blurted "We can spend the in their tent".

She stopped what she was doing, looked at me "What do you mean. Sleep there? But they will be there."

I shrugged, "I am sure that they will not mind. I can ask Raj."

She kept looking at me for a couple of minutes, not saying anything. She then abruptly turned and started getting ready. She grabbed her purse and the bag of clothes she bought and just before she stepped out, she turned and looked at me "Do what you like. I am ok with spending the night in their tent."

I wanted to be absolutely sure, "Are you sure? I want to ask Raj as long as you do not mind."

She confirmed, "I do not mind but are you sure."

I took a step and took her in my arms, "I am really really sure."

She kissed me on my cheek and whispered, "Then you are going to love what I bought to wear." She then went for her SPA appointment.

Raj looked at me without saying anything for a couple of minutes when I asked him if we could stay in their tent for the night. I got a little apprehensive, maybe this was too soon. I did not want him to think that I was pushing into their zone and their vacation.

"Do you know what you are asking? Is Henna ok with it," He asked.

I nodded.

He grinned, "We would love to host you for the night and I know for a fact that Simran would not mind."

I knew that we would be crossing a boundary and could not wait.

The setting on the beach was amazing. There were a few tents set up along the beach and they were each far enough to give the right amount of privacy. Each tent had a campfire which the resort guys lit and a picnic bench on which they set an amazing spread for dinner for each tent.

The tent was big and spacious. It had a huge bed with carpets on the floor and a lot of cushions. I knew that Henna would love it.

Henna texted me to get some stuff from our room if we were going to spend the night in the tent. I picked up the stuff from our room. She told me to get something to sleep in.

I choose a very sexy nighty that is my favorite. A short low-cut nighty which shows off my wife's assets and is very easy to pull off. I wanted to see if my wife would wear it to sleep with Raj in the same tent.

I stopped in my track when I saw Henna. She looked absolutely stunning. She was wrapped in a sarong that was tied at the back of her neck and was wrapped around her front. It came up midway to her thigh. Her eyes were twinkling when they met mine, she raised an eyebrow in question.

I walked up to her and said, "You have never looked as gorgeous as you do now".

Her face lit up.

I turned and saw Simran and... did not blink for at-least 30 seconds. She was wearing a bikini top and a thin wrap around. She was looking damn sexy.

I saw Raj looking at us, I could see the lust in his eyes as he looked at my wife and I knew that it mirrored my lust towards his wife.

Both our wives looked amazing and there was also a very visible difference. My wife looked extremely beautiful and his wife looked extremely sexy.

The next couple of hours were a blur, the only thing that was very obvious was the sexual tension in the air. We had dinner and were sitting around the campfire. The warm glow of the fire, the gentle sound of the waves and the magnificent view of the stars; it was mesmerizing.

Raj took the initiative, "Let's have some music".

He put some soft music on his phone and extended his hand towards my wife.

I gently encouraged her, "Go on, have fun."

She looked at me intensely. She had a questioning look on her face. I felt that she knew what I was thinking. It was scary.

She asked me, "U sure?"

I smiled a yes.

They started dancing.

The entire atmosphere and setting was begging to go to the next level. I remembered what Raj told me and I shivered. I did not want anything more in my life at that point; to see Raj touch my wife. To see another man's hand on my wife's body!!

Henna looked at me, I smiled reassuringly at her.

Raj saw me smiling. I saw his lips move, Henna looked at him then she looked at me and said something to him. I had no idea what they were talking about but I saw Raj shift.

He placed his arms around her waist and pull her a little close. His hand was on my wife's skin. My wife put both her arms around his neck. He pulled her closer and completely encircled her waist. She was pressed against him.

He was just wearing shorts so his naked skin was touching my wife. I could clearly see her boobs against his chest. Their groins were pressed against each other. He started caressing my wife's arms very gently. He was seducing her and using MY TIPS. I had a huge hard on. I felt my throat dry up. I reached for a glass of water; my hands were shaking a little.

I could not take my eyes off them.

My wife's face was against the crook of his neck. His head was bent low towards her neck. I saw him take a deep breath; he was smelling my wife and I felt my breath stuck in my chest.

I followed his hand with my eyes as it inched towards my wife's ass. I saw it travel over the slope of her ass. His hand dipped low as it covered her entire ass and then I saw his hand clench and squeeze my wife's ass and pull her into him, closer.

I had stopped breathing during his hands entire journey. My wife shifted in his arms and gently removed his hand.

He whispered in her ear. His lips were mere inches from her ear. Raj looked at me, smiled and winked. I realized that he had made sure that he was facing me so I could see what he was doing with his hands.

I smiled back at him. Henna turned to look at me. I nodded my head. That movement took a lot of effort, from my heart to my will power.

Raj put his hand back on my wife's ass and started caressing.

My wife did not stop him.

He started caressing my wife's naked back.

My wife did not stop him.

He gently started untying the knot of the sarong at her neck.

My wife did not stop him.

He opened the sarong, took half a step away from her and peeled the sarong away from my wife's body.

My wife did not stop him.

My wife was standing wearing just a white two-piece bikini.

He closed the gap, placed her hands around his neck, put his hands on her ass and pulled her close. He pulled her into his hard-on.

My wife did NOT stop him!!

I was afraid to breath. I was afraid to even blink. My entire focus was just to watch my almost naked wife being hugged tightly by a half-naked man.

They just stayed like that for the reminder of the song.

When the song ended my wife turned, picked up the sarong and stood before me. She was trembling. I could not say anything.

When she turned to go into the tent, I realized that she was going to put the sarong back on.

I caught her hand and softly told her, "Don't. You look beautiful."

At that point she looked at me and there was relief on her face. I released that she was very uncertain of my reaction. I squeezed her hand and pulled her next to me and kissed her.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw Simran. "Well, are you going to dance with me or not?"

She had already chucked her sarong and was looking splendid in her red bikini.

I took her hand and started dancing. She melted into my arms.

I caressed her waist, pulled her into me and grabbed her ass. There was no pretense. She crushed her boobs into my chest and I pushed my groin into hers. She felt my hard cock and pushed back. I squeezed her ass. She felt wonderful... so different from Henna. She was grinding herself into me.

I looked at Raj over her shoulder and he had an intense look on his face. He was seeing his wife rubbing herself into me.

I turned Simran around so her Husband could clearly see when I touched his wife.

I nuzzled her neck. Caressed her ass, her waist and her back. I made sure that Raj could see my hands on his wife's body.

We broke it up after a few songs. I was painfully hard and Simran was flushed red with excitement.

It took a couple of minutes for us to get our breathing back to normal. This time Simran took the initiative and said, " Let's go inside".

Once inside, I had no idea what to do.

Simran called out, "we should get ready to change to sleep. It is quite late."

When Henna saw what I brought for her to wear, she frowned, shook her head, gave me an annoyed look and then smiled, "you are hopeless."

She then looked at Simran and asked her if she can come with her to the changing tent.

Simran gave her a naughty look and said "I am still looking for my clothes. Raj, you go with her."

Simran looked at me with her mouth open, I shrugged and she gave me an annoyed look again. Raj took control, "Don't worry Henna, I will make sure that no one ELSE looks while u r changing."

It took Simran a couple of seconds to get what he was saying. She blushed and Raj led her outside the tent.

As soon as they went, Simran came to me, "I know what Raj spoke to you about. Are you sure about this? If you are then based on what I have seen, you both have no clue on what to do next. When she comes back tell her that you want to have sex. She will not refuse. You understand?"

At that moment, I was very grateful that they are much more confident and experienced. She was absolutely right, without their help, we would not have been able to do anything.

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