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Melissa took delight in teasing her big brother, Trystan. They had always had a close relationship, probably closer than what a brother and sister should have as there were many nights that they would fall asleep in the same bed after spending hours of just talking and sharing their dreams. But once Trystan had gone off to college, Melissa had been afraid that all that might come to a screeching halt. But Thanksgiving break brought them back together along with a surprising turn in their close relationship.

Trystan had been working at the computer in their dad's home office while everyone had been out shopping. Melissa had been out with a friend but had just come home and wandered into the office to see what her handsome, older brother was up to. Sneaking up behind him, she nibbled on his ear playfully as her arms wrapped around him from the back, whispering in his ear, "Hey you. Wanna watch a movie later?"

Trystan grinned, feeling his sister's fingers rub teasingly along his belly and stopped typing for a moment to glance back at her over his shoulder. "Well I don't know … I'm kinda busy," he teased, noticing just how enticing Melissa's lips looked hovering so close to him. What he wouldn't give to taste them …

Melissa grinned as her fingers tickled along the muscled plane of his stomach. "Well, I wouldn't want to put you out …" she teased.

Trystan grinned, one of his hands lifting up to cover hers, his strong fingers interlacing with hers as their eyes locked. They had always teased like this; right on the brink of doing things that both of them knew they shouldn't but that they both longed to do. "Oh, don't worry about that," he replied off-handedly. "I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one putting out."

Melissa's eyes darkened a bit as she looked at her brother. It was true that she wanted him and knew that there was that part of him that wanted her too. They had never really hid their attraction to each other. They had just never really done anything about it. "On the contraire," she replied with a knowing smile, leaning close to nibble on his ear, "I'd be more than willing to put out."

Trystan reached back between them, taking a piece of paper out of his back pocket, unfolding it to read out loud. "Rumors about Melissa … hmmm," and then proceeded to act like he was checking off the first three as true with a grin.

Melissa couldn't help but laugh. Her brother's sense of humor was one of those things that she was completely attracted to. Peeking over his shoulder, she reached around him towards the paper like she was going to grab it, laughing, "You mean there are rumors about me?!?!"

Hiding the list quickly, Trystan responded in a low soothing voice, "No, there are no rumors about you." He turned his head some towards her with a grin before adding, "I haven't started spreading them yet."

Lifting her right eyebrow slightly, Melissa looked at him for a long moment before sliding her hands further down over his stomach. Her voice was slightly husky as it slid over his ear like a warm caress, "Spreading what exactly?" She couldn't help but tease him as her fingers slid down further towards the bulge in his jeans. She wanted to see how he would react to her taking their teasing for years a bit further …

Rubbing the side of his head against hers, Trystan could feel her lips brush lightly over his skin and accepted that there was nothing gentle about the way that his erection was suddenly straining its way towards her hand. As a whimper caught at the back of his throat, he could only respond softly with, "First your lips, then your legs, then your horizons …" and left the innuendo to trail off, wanting to see where she would take it.

Melissa purred softly into his ear as her lips caught his earlobe and suckled the fleshy part gently as her fingers finally slid over the hard bulge in his jeans. She wanted to feel him and now … now she finally had her chance. She could feel him lean closer back against her body and in response, pressed her palm against its hardness as her other hand slid up beneath the edge of his shirt to feel the warm skin of his belly. "That sounds very … promising," she said, her Southern drawl caressing his ear.

As his teeth sunk into his bottom lip, Trystan leaned back against her, the t-shirt on his back pressing up against her chest, a sensation which only made him whimper again. His sister had the most gorgeous breasts he had ever fantasized about. Just as the whimper started to leave his throat, the feel of her fingers on his stomach kicked it out audibly before he allowed his spine to relax. Blinking slowly to help re-clear his mind, he dropped his left hand beside him into the bottom drawer of the desk and picked up the digital camera that was laying there. Turning slowly to face his sister, the movement pulling him out of her arms, he held the camera up in front of her as he said, "I'm game if you are."

Glancing at the digital camera and then to his face, Melissa could feel a new flock of nervous butterflies take flight in her stomach at his words but at the same time, something within her wanted to experience this with him. Lord only knew how many times she had thought about this moment with him. Darting her tongue out over her slightly parted lips, all she could do was nod in agreement.

Double checking that the camera had batteries in it, Trystan flicked his eyes over towards the couch that sat in their parents' home office, catching the run of his sister's tongue out of the periphery vision. "We have a couch," she said, letting his gaze lock with that of his sister's. "I have a camera and you … you have entirely too many clothes on."

Melissa couldn't help but laugh nervously as she pulled back from him. Wiping the now sweaty palms on the tops of her thighs as if that would help reassure her that she hadn't completely lost her mind, she glanced towards the couch where she had imagined having the most intense sexual experiences she could ever fathom with him as her teeth toyed with her lower lip. Standing upright, she moved towards it as her fingers began to slowly undo the buttons on the front of her shirt. She couldn't help but wonder what exactly it was that possessed either one of them to do something like this finally with one another. Whatever it was that had finally pushed their limits, she wasn't going to question it … she was just going to enjoy it.

Trystan pushed back to his feet to move around her slowly, keeping every motion of his body relaxed and at east until he came to rest on the far end of the couch. He held the camera loosely in his hands as if it wasn't important as his gaze fixed on the expressions of his sister's face. Moving the camera into his lap, he smiled reassuringly at her and glanced down at the couch once more as if to convey the instructions as a prelude to him leaning back against the couch to watch her.

Melissa's eyes met his, her own gaze somewhat wide-eyed even though he had seen her nude before … harmless stumblings coming out of the bathroom and showers and even that one time they had showed each other their bodies before falling asleep in each other's arms. But this time … this was different and it was apparent in the way in which she finally shrugged off her blouse. The silky material floated to the floor below to reveal soft, full breasts tipped with tightly coiled buds that strained beneath the material of her bra. It was apparent in the way that her fingers snaked down her belly to toy with the metal fasteners on her khaki shorts, her hips shifting and moving before they, too, fell to floor. Tossing back her long mane of hair, her lashes lowered beneath her gaze as she deftly unhooked her bra, the straps falling down her arms as her hands came up to weight their fullness in her hands before her fingers clenched in the material to pull it away. The only thing left was the satin boy shorts that covered her sex which she left on for the time being as she melted downwards onto the couch with a shy smile.

Trystan's thumb flicked the auto flash off on the camera as he lost himself in the shy striptease being performed by his sister before him. This time, without the passion or the heat burning overtly, the best word to describe her was … shy. By the time Melissa was stripped of her clothes though, she was also stripped of her shields. There was no pretending this time … no fantasizing. What he had dreamed about with her was finally about to come true and neither one of them could stop it or even dared think about it. Instead, he sat quietly as he watched her strip down to her shorts, changing position slightly several times to account for the tightness his erection was causing in his jeans.

Moving his eyes to hers, Trystan peered at them with an intensity that saw straight through her into her soul. His gaze held a moment longer than he knew Melissa would have found comfortable before it wandered down her body, taking in the hottest sister any guy could have, roaming at leisure until his vision was fixed on the front of her silk covered crotch, his voice unwavering as he said, "Modesty is history … lose the shorts."

Melissa felt her whole body tense and tremble just beneath the layer of skin that seemed to burst into gooseflesh from both the chill in the air and the way in which her brother leisurely assessed her. The blush in her cheeks grew until she felt her whole fact and neck aflame, spreading out across the expanse of her chest as she leaned back against the arm of the couch. Swallowing the lump that seemed to have taken permanent lodging in her throat, she dropped shaky hands to the waistband of her shorts where she slowly began to peel them downwards. Her hips curled and her knees bent to aide in its travel downwards until tanned legs unfolded to stretch outwards and her right knee bent inwards as if she were trying to shield the opening to her soul that was suddenly exposed to him. Only the smooth planes of her freshly shaven mound were apparent to him, nestled between her thighs.

The smile that spread across his face seemed to take forever to complete in its movement. Tipping his head to one side, Trystan took the time to truly linger on his sister's form. He wasn't going to let mental distraction interfere though … the switch inside him was being moved slowly from "brother" to "lover" and once the transition was made, he knew there would be no turning back for them. Patting the camera with his free hand, he informed her, "Okay, don't mind me … you just lie back and … enjoy yourself."

Melissa couldn't help but tremble slightly at his words. The movement was probably unnoticeable but it seemed to shake her through to the core as the realization hit her that she had crossed a line and it looked as if there were no going back now. Toying with her lower lip, her gaze lowered as the blush deepened in her cheeks even as her right hand rose slowly to her breast, weighing it … bouncing it some in her hand as the knowledge of his eye on her seemed to harden the tip to an agonizingly slow ache. With a lurch in her belly, she captured the nub between her forefinger and thumb to slowly roll it between, the small movement heightening her senses.

Raising the camera quietly in his hands, Trystan thumbed open the shutter cover and tipped it so that he could watch her through the small screen on the back of the Olympus camera. As his finger hovered lightly over the button with the same tentative gentleness that his sister's finger was hovering on a different button, he took the first shot, allowing himself a pleased smile at how silent the camera was. He knew that a loud {click} and flash would have sent her scurrying away faster than rabbits hearing a shotgun.

A shuddering sigh rippled through Melissa as her eyes closed completely, focusing her attentions on the bolt of electricity that seemed to flow straight from the hardened nub down her spine to pool right between her thighs that started to shirt against one another. The movement was strangely erotic as her fingers continued to gently tug and roll the hardened pebble between them, feeling it begin to elongate as she relaxed beneath her own ministrations. Inhaling deeply, her other hand found its courage and drifted up to the twin of the first mound, fingers splaying over it to squeeze and feel its weight. With every push of her hand, the excess flesh flattened out around her hand in an enticing display as her breathing began to come in a bit more rapidly; a clear indication of the wanton spirit that seemed to be hovering beneath the surface as if it had been waiting for just the right moment in which to show its sexual nature.

Her body began to take on a life of its own, slowly smothering the shy girl that had stripped before her own brother as the unleashed beast within her began to lick at her flesh from the inside out. The movements on her nipple became more intense, urging her to continue along this journey that was becoming more and more heated with each passing moment. Moist lips stained to perfection seemed to race the pulse beneath their surface, parting as if in a blatant invitation for her brother's kiss or even better, the entrance of his throbbing cock. Her breasts began to heave faster as her back arched with the growing intensity that she was building with every tweak and twist of her sensitive nubs.

It really didn't take much work on her nipples to get her first orgasm over with … that first one was usually quick and gentle, especially now that her brother was watching. It only served to prepare her for more earth-shattering ones to come as her fingers began to move faster and harder on her nipples, driving her with a longing intensity towards that first release as her nipples elongated even more. Her fingers began to tug on them further, pulling them out only to twist and pinch them, causing audible whimpers and moans to begin to flow from her open lips. Her eyes slowly opened once to gaze up at her brother lovingly, seeing the expression on his face as he watched. God, she loved him … more than anyone. She would do anything for him. The shyness in her eyes slowly began to be replaced by a lust that was quickly consuming her like a raging inferno to dry wood.

Lowering the camera after counting off forty-eight shot fired into the tiny memory card within it, Trystan let his gaze hover down the length of his sister's gorgeous body, watching how it trembled each time her fingers brushed across her own skin. The electricity was sparkling within her now, sending high voltage shocks through tired nerve endings. The smile above the camera was broad and pleased, nothing artificial in the painfully high curve his mouth had taken on at all. Remaining quiet, he prepared his fingers on the camera once more and continued to watch Melissa from his perch.

The shifting of her thighs was slow … deliberately prolonged and sexy as the heat began to grow between her thighs. Her back arched upwards like the bow of a hunter's as he prepared to shoot off that first arrow that seemed to be a likely candidate for the best description of the intensity that she felt whelming up within her. A low moan erupted from her lips as the first flutters of her orgasm spread through her like melting butter on an oven-hot roll. Her lips parted even more as she gasped in amazement at the tiny flutters that coursed through the muscles of her cunt as her right hand slid from the cushion of her breast to slowly slide down over her ribs, causing her belly to tighten beneath her own touch; a silent beckoning for her thighs to drift apart only slightly to show the swollen moistness of her still quivering cunt to her beloved brother.

A soft moan of appreciation rippled over her moist lips followed by her tongue as it darted out over their surface; a reflexive move when her hunger soared. As her fingers slid between her thighs to feel the smooth flesh of her sex, her head rolled back a bit to the left upon the couch. Soft strands of blonde tickled out over her neck and cheek as blue eyes fluttered closed once more. She enjoyed the aftershocks of her first release, a soft gasp escaping as her forefinger slid between molten folds to feel her own wetness. Sliding it along its length, her fingers nestled deeper with each pass with a sigh of passion until her sex was dripping with the proof of her desire.

There was still that part of her that knew her brother was watching on a subconscious level … she knew that he was enjoying this and she wanted to draw him in, even if for just a moment in a small non-committal way. Opening her eyes and turning her face so that she could see the look on his face, Melissa's finger slipped out from between her swollen folds and moved in a deliberately slow motion upwards to her mouth where it slip between parted lips to be savored on her tongue. With a soft purr, it promptly wormed its way back out to travel back down to the pulsing heat of her cunt.

Dipping in between her folds again, this time Melissa gave herself more liberties as her left leg lifted to hook over the back side of the couch, opening her sex more to both her own deliberations and the hunger that she could read in her brother's face. Her eyes closed once more as her fingers found the throbbing start button of her most intimate desires, circling around it slowly like a predatory animal that had happened upon its prey, eliciting tiny mews from her throat as she teased around the hardened pearl that began to peek out from beneath its hiding place. With each pass of her finger around it, she could feel her juices begin to flow and gather on the open petals that glistened in the light of the room and her hips shifted to allow her right leg to move so that her foot fell from the couch to rest on the floor as if her body was setting the stage for the grand finale.

When her fingers finally reached that part of her that was throbbing … aching to be played like a well-tuned instrument ready for its solo performance, she moaned deeply from within. Her back arched upwards as if she were trying to take in whatever was offered at the time into her gaping cunt, the muscles starting to squeeze at the air, needing to be filled. Her left hand swiftly responded to the back up call as slender fingers plunged into the depths of her aching slit, surrounded instantaneously by the muscles trying to clench the air, a rippling groan the reflexive answer to her body's call. As her forefinger and thumb battled to catch hold of the sensitive pearl nestled between the folds of swollen moistened flesh, her other hand began to find a stead slow rhythm much akin to the movements that she longed to share in unison with the forbidden man she loved more than anything.

Melissa's head began to roll against the arm of the couch, tousled waves of golden wheat splaying out as uninterrupted moans and whimpers passed frequently from her parted lips. He belly trembled in need as her fingers began to work in a deliberate frenzy … one hand thrusting, stretching to go deeper with each pass … the other playing "mulberry bush" with her hardened clit … a wild game of tag that enraptured Trystan as he watched. Gone was the shy girl that used to follow her brother around in silent awe, replaced by a wanton slut that couldn't get enough of her own fingers.

Taking a moment to wipe the back of his right hand across the corner of his mouth, Trystan closed the shutter on the camera and relaxed against the back of the couch. Curling against it like a big cat on a branch, he just sat there watching his sister in silence, hoping that all she needed to know could be garnered from both the gleam in his eyes and the "I just won the lottery!" wide grin on his lips. When he did finally speak, it was accompanied by the motion of his left hand reaching out and touched near her ankle. "Feeling shy now?" he teased.

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