tagBDSMOur Favorate Game: Variation

Our Favorate Game: Variation


Authors Note:

This is the same situation as the one presented in the first Our Favorite Game. However, after making some changes, I felt it was sufficiently different from the original, so I decided to post them both, and see which one does better. Not everyone will want to read both versions and that is fine. This is just my little experiment...


I sat across the room watching my boyfriend use the computer. He had started out checking his e-mail, but by now he had switched to his favorite free porn site. My first reaction was to get into a huff. Don' t get me wrong, I'm not one of those women who gets upset about their men looking at naked women online. Its just that I was feeling a little randy myself and I wasn't about to be ignored for a hunk of metal and digital imagery But then i figured the smart thing would just be to sidle up and look with him. That would hopefully give him the right impression, and get us both warmed up.

I'd comment on the pictures. "She's cute," or, "that's just not attractive," One time I made him chuckle when I said, "Oh! I love her hair!" When I started to get really hot, and wanted to speed things up a little, I excused myself. I came back wearing my super-short plaid skirt and a snug white tank top. I stood behind him, leaning over to see the computer screen and letting my breasts press against his back. "Wait, go back, " I said. "I didn't see that one." I moved around beside him to get a better look, and he slipped his hand up my skirt. Pushing my thong to the side, he smiled when he felt my smooth skin, realizing that I had shaved all but a closely trimmed patch around the sweet spot.

Then the phone rang. Whatever possessed me to answer it instead of letting the machine pick up, I'll never know but it was my best friend with major guy drama and I couldn't ignore that. Had to be there for her what else could I do?? But I still had an itch to scratch so I had to keep his attention. I wasn't loosing out tonight- no way. So I simultaneously began to ignore and tease him.

There were some cushions on the floor; I tossed myself across them and hiked my skirt up; flashing him a clear view of my entire ass, and the thin red piece of fabric disappeared between the round cheeks of my backside. Of course he couldn't resist that, and seemed in fact to take it as some kind of challenge. He immediately came over and slapped me-hard. The pain didn't bother me- it was the loud sharp crack. I was sure my friend would hear it and ask me what the hell was going on. I sure as hell didn't want to have to explain my sex life- or worse have her thinking I was being abused.

"Shhh!" I hissed at him. So he quietly rubbed my cunt against the cloth of my thong. I stifled the sounds of pleasure that wanted to come out, and struggled to listen to the very important troubles of my friend. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I simply could not hear a word she was saying. "Hold on a sec," I told her, and put my hand over the receiver. "Listen, this is a really important conversation. I can't pay attention while your doing that, so you're gonna have to stop."

I guess he knew I was serious because he went back to the computer. He probably figured that I would be on the phone for the rest of the night, and that would be it. I was calculating how I could quickly- very quickly- be a good friend and come up with a good excuse to let her go. While we talked, I walked in and out of the room, finding excused to bend over and flash my round firm ass cheeks at him.

The subject changed to her pets. "I think my cat's in heat," she said. "She's mewling and rubbing against my leg. She sounds like she's in pain." Wow, that makes two of us, I thought. Rod is the kind of guy who just seems to know everything, so I walked back into the room and rubbed my body up against his as if I too where a frisky kitty. "How can you tell if a cat's in heat?" I asked nonchalantly. He mentioned the things that she said, and a few other things. I could hear the cat in the background. "Wow, the poor little thing sounds miserable," I said. "Maybe you better go and check on her, and I'll just call you back tomorrow."

"You're probably right," she said. "I'll let you know."

As soon as I heard the click, I was back on my game. "So what are you going to do about that mess on the bedroom floor?" I asked coyly, referring to some papers I had knocked over earlier in the day.

"Nothing," he said. "You knocked them over, you pick them up."

"You can't make me." I said with a teasing smile.

"Oh yea?" he said getting up from the computer. He grabbed a handful of my hair and led me into the room. "Pick up that mess," he ordered He shoved me down toward the floor and stood over me as I tidied up as quickly as possible. When I finished, he motioned for me to follow him to the bed. "No, don't stand up. Stay on your knees."

I crawled over to him and tried to climb up on his lap but he pushed me off. "You should really let me be in charge sometime."


"Heaven forbid- you never know, it might be fun."

At least there's one way that he's always willing to let me make the first move, and I was eager to get this party started, so I quickly unfastened his belt, and slipped my hand around his hard cock. I brought my face down to his lap and nuzzled him with my cheek. I rubbed my entire face over his hardness while slipping his jeans off. With his pants out of the way, I took him in my hand again and continued to caress him with my neck and face. When I felt the tiny drop of wetness against my neck, I licked the length of his shaft and swirled my tongue around the tip for a taste before taking him into my mouth. "Mmm," he murmured, "you are a great little cock sucker." I continued to vary my technique, not letting him get used to one thing before switching.

I pulled his cock out and licked the tip, searching for another taste of that sweet pre-come. Then I went back to the long hungry lick, enjoying several of those as if he where a quickly melting popsicle. Gently I began to lick his balls. I tasted each one hungrily and then lifted them to lick the tender flesh beneath. I teased the area near his anus, and then licked the bottom area of his scrotum. Then I took each of his balls lovingly into my mouth one at a time.

In my mind's eye, I could see him: his eyes closed, his head back a look of sublime bliss on his face. Still, I knew there was something he would like even more. I cupped his balls in my palm and took hold of his shaft, now stretched longer than I ever imagined it could, and slid his cock as far down my throat as I could, and gave it a good polish before climbing up to his lap. My plan was to position my wet pussy over him and just slide down onto his raging hard-on.

He wasn't quite having that. He grabbed me instead and threw me down on the bed. His thumb circled my already wet cunt through the fabric of my thong. When he felt it was sufficiently soaked, he pulled it off me and shoved it into my mouth. He fingered my pussy while reaching for his pants on the floor. He removed the belt and slapped me on the stomach. I groaned in pleasure. "You like that hu?" My muffled pleasure came through despite my make-shift gag. He slapped my stomach a few more times, letting me feel the full sting of each before administering the next. He then slapped me against the cheek.

"How about that?" he asked. "You like that too?"

I felt the sting of leather on my face. Yes, I liked it; I wanted more, but I was afraid. I couldn't speak- what if it got to be too much and I had no way to tell him? What if the belt went the wrong way or hit too hard, just once and we had too stop because it was too much? I feared that it might get out of hand, I could get hurt for real and I didn't want that. I knew I had to resolve my inner struggle quickly, so I shook my head from side to side, unsure if he would honor my request.

I felt the warmth between my legs realizing that I was completely at his mercy, and he could do with me whatever he wanted. But he must have sensed something because he took the belt instead and tied it around my head, pressing the thong further into my open mouth and further securing my silence. A deep appreciation overtook me, both for his kinky depravity and the mercy and tenderness he had shown.

Never one to be tender longer than necessary, he grabbed my body roughly and tossed me into place. He ripped my shirt open and folded my skirt over my belly. Parting my legs, he pressed his hard cock against my slippery wet pussy. He grabbed my legs and lifted them to his shoulders, shoving his prick deep into my tight sopping hole. He climbed on top of me, pinning my wrists forcefully against the bed. He took total command, roughly cramming my cunt full of his big dick. As held me down fucking me, I twisted and pulled against him.

"You like that don't you?" He knew that I did, despite my protests. "You are just a nasty little whore aren't you? My filthy little fuck slut." Yes, I thought, I love this verbal abuse, fuck me hard. My mouth was crammed full of leather and fabric so I moaned and continued to twist and buck away from him.

The moment had been building for so long, neither of us could hold out any longer. "I'm going to come," he warned me. "I'm gonna shoot my load all over your face, you'll like that won't you?" Yes, yes my mind was screaming, but I could only groan.

I felt myself coming as he pulled out and shot his hot jizz across my face. It seemed that the hot streams kept splattering over my neck and against my face. I closed my eyed and his salty spunk flew across my eyelids and into my hair. Orgasm shook my body as silver spurts of ball-juice ribboned over me. Finally, all was still as we lay together, spent, or ragged breath evening out over the next few minutes. Then in a valiant gesture, he unfastened my bonds and wiped my face before going to take a shower, leaving me on the bed to feel used and cheap- in the very best way.


I hope you enjoyed the story, I look forward to your feedback. Please be sure to vote!

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