tagBDSMOur first scene

Our first scene


We pull up to Your place, You come around to open my door for me, grab me by the hand and we walk towards the house. I am trembling all over from thoughts of us being together finally for the 1st time and what may be awaiting me once inside. We walk in and You give me a quick tour of the house. I look around for a good place to sit down my purse and kick off my shoes, wanting to make myself as comfortable as possible to relax my bundle of nerves.

I bend down slightly to remove my shoes and my skirt hikes up a bit, giving You a peek at my backside.

Once my shoes are off, I turn slowly towards You and drop to my hands and knees to crawl over to where You stand. Once at Your feet I pull myself up to a kneeling position, straighten up my back, hold my head high and lower my eyes to the floor. Whispering in a soft voice "Sir this girl presents herself to You and awaits Your approval."

"Remove your clothes gurl and present yourself properly." I hear You say. I manage to slip my shirt and skirt off without moving from position much, but I leave on the lacy under outfit I wore for this very special occasion, our 1st encounter. I wanted You to find me desirable and accepting. I neatly lay my clothes off to the side, as I have read it is proper for a girl to do. This time I change the way I am kneeling, I rest my butt on my heels, lay my hands palms up on my upper thighs and instead of lowering my eyes to the floor I look straight ahead of me.

"Very good, girl. You seem to have paid close attention to your studies in the past." You say in a very reassuring voice.

"Oh Yes, Sir! This girl took time to learn certain things before ever allowing herself to be put under consideration, as I didn't want to be a disappointment."

You walk around me, looking me over, touching my body in some places and examining for what seems like a very long time. Then You walk back in front of me, undo Your pants and release Your cock. Holding Your cock to my mouth as You whisper "take it girl, show Me what you can do with this cock!"

I open my mouth and allow You to fill my throat full of Your cock as I begin sucking You slowly at 1st, wanting to savor the moment of having You in my mouth finally.

You grab the back of my head with one hand and a handful of hair with the other and begin forcing me to go faster and take You in deeper. I don't try to resist in anyway as this excites me so and makes me very wet. Within moments You cum deep into my mouth and down my throat, almost gagging me with such force of Your hot goo shooting out. I swallow every drop and suck You dry. "Thank You, Sir for this chance to pleasure You!"

"Now with that out of the way and My approval of your performance, we can move onto something else, the things I have in store for you today girl Mmmmm!!!"

"Yes, Sir!" "Thank You, Sir!" I try not to show my enthusiasm but I am sure You can hear it in my trembling voice.

"Stand!" You command.

"Yes Sir." I reply.

I stand at full attention, back straight, legs parted about shoulder length apart, arms at my back, head up, eyes down. I know from this moment on that everything will be for Your pleasures and I am stepping into a realm like I have never known and it's too late to back out now, as I have already come in front of You and presented myself for Your consideration, I cannot, must not recant that now. I must give You my full attention from here on out and I must be willing to take Your demands very serious or suffer the consciences for being disobedient.

All of these thoughts race through my mind and I don't even realize You have walked away to retrieve something.

You walk back holding the ball gag You made for me when we 1st began speaking to each other, cpl wks ago and You walk behind me brushing close to my almost naked body as You put the gag into place. What a perfect fit I think to myself as You fasten it behind my head. You have made other things also but I am unaware of exactly what they are, but I must say I cannot wait to find out. You drop the straps of my top from my shoulders and slowly slip it off my body, leaving me standing there in my panties and gag. Then You caress my back and neck softly as You lean in to begin kissing my exposed breasts, making me throw my head back in delight and mumble against my gag. I hear You chuckle at my fast response to You advances and You say "girl if this excites you, I can't wait to see how you react to the rest of what I have planned for you."

And then You continue to nibble and suck at my very hard aching nipples, causing me to become so wet that I'm sure if I wasn't wearing panties would be running down my thighs by now.

You walk behind me, grabbing my wrists and pulling them around to the front of me as placing restraints on them, which then is attached to a hook on the wall just above my head slightly. Not high enough to make me stand on my tiptoes but enough to let me know I am stuck until You release me. This also causes me to lean in towards the wall as You have not directed me to move my feet at all, so I keep them as planted and steady as possible with these restraints on my wrists. In a sense it's almost as if I am in position for something more, my mind wonders off again thinking of what may come next.

You walk over to a table and pick something up but from the way I am standing I cannot tell what it is. You come up behind me again and place some kind of blindfold over my eyes and I begin to get nervous again, as this is our 1st scene together and I have no idea what You have in mind.

I feel something that has a soft texture but kind of stiff being ran across my body all over and I can't help but wonder what it could possibly be. Then I feel a squat hit my butt gently and it feels like it may have been a belt of sorts, again it make impact. Nothing that would mark me or bruise me in anyway, but I'm sure is turning my butt a rosy red with every smack. I feel the heat in my butt cheeks, not a painful heat, just a little sting and quite nice. After about 10 or so swats I feel you caressing my butt, obviously admiring your work.

Then I feel You pulling my soaked panties down, sliding them over my hips and down my thighs, under my feet one by one. "oh girl, has My butt warming made you horny and wet?" You ask.

I nod my head yes. You slip your hand between my thighs and slide up them, brushing against my throbbing pussy. I moan against the gag and try to find a way to make You touch me more.

You quickly move Your hand away and I feel a quick smack land hard on my butt. "Do you know what that was for girl?" You question me.

I again nod my head yes. I should not be trying to engage in self pleasures that You have not rewarded me with and I knew it was wrong as I was doing it but my pussy is begging and aching so much for some release.

I feel you once again run Your hand up my thighs and this time I do not dare flinch in any way that would cause You the need to smack my butt again. I am Yours to examine and do as You please.

So helplessly I await what is to come. You spread my pussy open and I feel Your breath on it so I am assuming You have leaned in to have a closer look. I know my juices are flowing and I am swollen with desire to be touched, and I hope this is pleasing to You. You slip what feels like a finger inside of my very wet pussy and push it in deep, but remove it just as quickly. I hear You sucking something and I am wondering if You have just tasted my juices for the 1st time. Which quickly is answered when You say "girl that pussy sure does taste good!"

I want to thank You but with the gag in my mouth all I can do is mumble what doesn't sound anything like thank you.

You slide something between my pussy lips and rub it back and forth but I am not sure what it is or why You are rubbing all over my pussy instead of inserting it. But I quickly find out that it isn't meant for my pussy as You spread my butt cheeks and begin encircling my asshole with whatever it is, causing my pussy juices to lube around my hole. And then without much hesitation or warning it's pushed into my tight asshole, but it's not big so it doesn't cause much pain or uncomforting feelings. It's actually quite nice and seems to fit well. You begin sliding it in and out of my tight asshole as You reach around to my swollen soaked pussy. Something is then clipped onto my throbbing clit, and I almost cum instantly. I am thinking it is a clothes pin but can't be quite sure. Then the same is done to my very hard erect nipples and that is almost the last straw, one more touch or device or attack in the right spot and I will surely blow.

"Do not drop that from your asshole gurl. Do you understand?" You command.

I shake my head vigorously with a yes. Then I hear You walk away, leaving me standing there, arms restrained, ass full, clit and nipples clamped and completely at Your mercy. I am unsure of how many minutes I was left like that because my mind began to wonder again and thoughts were racing as I tried very hard to stay focused on not losing my butt plug or whatever it is, still not really sure. But suddenly I am brought back to reality with swats with what seems to be some kind of cat tails or flogger, as I feel many strands making contact in varies places surrounding the primary contact spot. Not harsh smack by any means, the kind that just grab attention and make a girl super wet. Breasts, belly, chest, sides, back, butt, thighs, legs, pussy, all over my body these swats made contact and I must say I was so near cumming that I may have to risk punishment later for not having permission to do so.

Then just as quickly as the swats started, they stopped. You unhooked my wrists from the hook but not from the restraints and I was then lead someplace. Squeezing my butt muscles as I walked, which I am sure made me walk kind of funny, but I couldn't help that.

You removed my blindfold so I could see where I was and follow directions that involved me moving on my own some. Took a while for my eyes to adjust to the light again and I realized we were in Your bedroom. This must have been where You were when You left me for those moments that I was alone with my thoughts. I see that You have prepared the bed with straps to have me positioned spread eagle.

"Kneel by the bed.' You command. I quickly drop to my knees to kneel without hesitation. "Place your arms above you head" I do so. You undo the restraints from my wrists and lower my arms back down, "take a couple minutes for all circulation to come back into your arms while you undress me."

I begin removing Your pants and quickly realize there isn't a way for me to remove Your shirt from way down here, but being gagged I can't tell You that, so I must figure out a way to follow orders without standing. I use my hands to gesture for You to sit on the edge of the bed and then it's a little easier for me to reach up high enough to remove your shirt.

"Crawl up onto the bed and stay on your hands and knees." You command.

I do so quickly and obediently, spreading my legs apart and steadying myself so I don't tumble over. "Show Me that you are ready to submit to me."

Knowing instinctively what You mean, I lower my upper body to the bed, stretching my arms above my head, pushing my butt high in the air and spreading my legs further apart.

"you are such a good girl, such a beautiful slut, so submissive for her Dom!" You whisper.

I smile against my gag and feel so pleased with myself that You have found favor in my obedience. I feel You grab the back of my head by my hair and pull my head up some "stay just like that" Then I feel You reach around my neck and suddenly something is there other than Your hands, it feels like a belt or something, but I don't dare more to try to see.

"this is your collar as you are now under My consideration and for as long as I see fit you will wear this as a token of your devotion to Me until we take the next step into our D/s relationship. This is however on a trial basis and I can end it at any given time if I feel you are not suitable to become my fulltime submissive. And this will also be considered your training collar when I agree to take your submission and you give it to Me completely. For the time being, you are mine but are still a free sub with very little restrictions, which we will discuss as we go along and grow more closer to each other and begin our journey into our life together." Then You remove my gag. " if you accept this collar and are agreeing to this consideration and the beginning of your training, then I want to hear you say it."

"Oooh Yes Sir, this is exactly as I wish, I want to be the subgirl of Your dreams, I want You to train me how to serve You, I will accept this collar as a token of my devotion to You and the beginning of our journey together into a D/s relationship. Thank You Sir!"

A few tears of joy stream from my eyes and You quickly kiss them away.

Replacing the gag into my mouth after I am done speaking tells me my voice is no longer needed at this time, which is fine as my words may not come out well due to the overjoy I feel of becoming Your gurl, even if it is only on a trial basis for now.

"Roll over onto you back now, my girl." I slowly and seductively stretch my body out before You and roll to my back, arching it slightly to push forward my breast for Your viewing pleasure and stretch my arms above my head." Very nice posture, I am quite pleased with your ways of exposing yourself to Me."

I feel my cheeks redden as I blush from Your compliment. You straddle my body as You restrain my wrist to the top of the bed, spreading them apart. Watching You and admiring Your body as You sit across mine, hoping that I soon will be allowed to explore more of You. Kind of sliding down my body, You spread my legs to Your desired split and restrain them. My breathing quickens and my heart feels like it is going to pound from my chest as I feel Your movements and watch You making me vulnerable to all You wish to do to me.

I see on the nightstand all kinds of gizmos and gadgets laying there waiting to be plucked one by one for You to use on me or with me. You lift my butt up slightly and place a pillow under it, lifting my whole pelvis area up a few inches and that tightens the restraints as well. But not to the place I would complain or try to squirm free. "are you ready for that to come out of your butt now?" I nod but had almost completely forgot about it being there. Hope it didn't get lost in there somehow. After You remove it, I see that it is a well-crafted toy and I wonder if You had made it as well. It had a loop of rope attached to the end that was obviously the end sticking out of me. You thought of everything I see. Removal though I must say was a little painful as it had been there long enough for it to become dry and of course I had tightened up around it.

You must have realized the discomfort because You took some kind of oil or cream and massaged my gaping hole and that relieved the discomfort.

Without further delay You began exploring my body, kissing me all over, unclamping my very sore nipples and sucking them hard which I must say sent my body sailing into oblivion and felt like nothing I had ever experienced before.

Kissing down my belly and caressing my sides as You went, which sent a mix of tickles and sensual excitement through me. Lower You go and as You reach just above my pubic line I begin to twitch and squirm with anticipation of what is to come. You release the clamp the has held my clit and the rush of blood flowing back in is way more than I can take and You see that I am very near orgasm, but that doesn't stop You from teasing me more by spreading my pussy lips and blowing on my hard swollen clit, then reaching for an ice cube from the cup beside the bed, You begin rubbing my hot pussy all over and allowing it to drip down my crack, making me squirm more. Just when I know I cannot take anymore and am at the top of my peak, You take my clit into Your hot mouth and begin sucking hard and I lose it. The intensity is beyond anything I ever imagined and I'm boiling over with orgasmic waves that seem to last forever. You stop to allow me to come down from the peak and I am so thankful because I was beginning to think I may lose conscience.

But You are far from done as I quickly learn. A buzzing sound I know all too well is applied to my aching clit, it is my bullet, You must have gotten it from my purse sometime back or maybe I had given it to You. At this moment I can't be too sure of anything, as I am beginning to peak again quickly. Oh my God!!! You slip something into my pussy and begin fucking me with whatever it is as You hold the bullet onto my clit tightly. I scream out against the gag as a huge wave hits me hard and I feel me either cumming a lot or squirting all over.

I don't know how long I will be able to take this, I have never had such intense orgasms, one right after another hit me harder each time. My whole body is trembling and quaking; every inch of my skin is alive and feels so electrifying. You reach down and release my legs, crawl between them, throw them over Your shoulders and thrust deep into my still pulsating tight soaked pussy and begin fucking me so hard as again my orgasms begin. You undo my gag and pull on the front of my collar with one hand as you pump me so hard, not in a way that it chokes me or prevents breathing, just as a way to pull yourself deeper into me it seems.

The words coming from my mouth at this pint are very vulgar and I'm begging You to cum deep inside of me. "fuck me Daddy, oh fuck yesss, cum for me please Daddy, oh god please cum inside, mmmmm yessss fuck Your slut, Master, ooooh my God Daddy I can't stop cummmmmmming for You!!!!"

My pussy is sucking Your hard cock and begging for You to fill me with Your hot cream, feeling You swell and throb only sends me further into an orgasmic tizzy and I feel cum shoot from my pussy, soaking everything within its range. Your pulsating cock unloading deep inside of me is the last trigger my body can handle and I am way over the top, no words escape my mouth now, just intense deep breathing and panting.

You collapse half on me and half on Your side, barely having the energy to undo my hands but manage it somehow.

We are both breathless and motionless as we just stay on an orgasmic high, lying in each other's arms. Then next thing I remember is waking up still holding onto You.

Thank God it wasn't just a dream, it was real and it happened. Looking forward to more scenes in the future and hoping they all satisfy both of us. And hoping when the time comes, You will accept my gift of submission for good. Until then, we must sleep...

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