tagLoving WivesOur First Time With My Best Friend

Our First Time With My Best Friend


First off let me say this. Everyone in this story has been tested for any diseases prior to the events I am about to relate. With that said here's my story.

About six years ago my best friend and his wife were staying with us for a few days. One night we were sitting around drinking pretty heavily and eventually the conversation got around to sex. Particularly how we met our spouses and the first time we made love. My wife Candy told our story, and Mindy related to us that she had many lovers before Chad, but once she had him, no one else compared. He filled her up as she put it. We all had a laugh and turned in for the night. While we were in bed that night my wife asked me if I thought Chad was as endowed as Mindy said. I told her I had no idea, Chad is about six feet tall with a slight build, but anything is possible. Nothing more was said.

A couple of months later we bought a house in another city and Chad volunteered to come down and help us move. We jumped at the chance to see him again and we desperately could use his help. We moved on a Saturday, it was long and hard but we managed to get everything moved into the new house. We were too tired to do anything, so we ordered a pizza and broke out the beer. We flipped through the channels on the TV, but as we all know there is not much on TV Saturday evenings. I was sitting in my recliner and Candy and Chad were on the couch. We finally came across a soft porn movie that looked somewhat interesting. There were a few really steamy scenes in it, and we were all kind of quiet. Candy wanted to step out back for a smoke break and I joined her.

Chad quit smoking and stayed in the house. I noticed that Candy seemed to be a little nervous and I asked her what was wrong. We have always been honest with each other and she told me that it was getting hard to concentrate on the movie because her eyes keep getting drawn to the somewhat large bulge in Chad's crotch. I laughed and asked her what we should do about it. She totally caught me off guard and said that she would like to see if Mindy was telling the truth or not. Now let me say here that we had been married for 14 years at this time, and during that time as far as I know she has always been faithful to me. I know I was to her.

And our marriage was as strong as it had ever been. I like many of the other men have often thought about what it would be like to see my wife with another man. I was not concerned about loosing her or anything like that, I'm not so shabby in the dick department. I'm eight inches long and just shy of six inches around, and Candy says that no one has ever eaten her out as good as me. I love oral sex and it is a big part of our sex life. I felt her cunt and she was soaking wet, I then looked her in the eye and told her she could do whatever she felt she needed to do, as long as I got to participate. She said she would not have it any other way.

We went back into the house and I got us all a fresh beer, Candy said that she wanted to clean up and get comfortable. Both Chad and I sat and watched the movie; Candy came out a few minutes later in her nightgown and carrying a blanket. The nightgown was nothing special, just a floor length number that was slightly see through.

I guess I should stop here and describe Candy for you. She was 36 at the time, 5'4" 120lbs, 34C breasts, that had just a slight sexy sag to them and silver dollar size nipples that when erect could cut glass, a beautiful 23-inch waist with 35-inch hips. She has blond hair and blue eyes and looks 10 years younger that she is.

When Candy came in Chad did a double take and for good reason. Candy's nipples were rock hard and her breasts were swaying with each step. She sat back down on the couch about a half a body width from Chad, nothing unusual. She pulled the blanket up over her lap and started to watch the movie while holding a polite and meaningless conversation with us. A few minutes later she asked Chad if he wanted some of the blanket and he said yes. Well now she just scooted over next to him and spread the blanket across his lap, and in doing so casually drug her hand across Chad's bulge. I pretended not to notice but Chad looked a little uneasy.

A little while later, during a particularly hot scene Chad jumped as if shocked by electricity, I glanced over at him and he was looking at Candy, she had her hand in his crotch cupping his bulge, he looked at me and said that maybe he shouldn't be under the blanket with Candy. She said that everything was ok that we were all adults and that no one was going to get hurt unless he liked it that way. Chad looked over to me, I could see the uncertainty in his eyes. I said to just relax and enjoy. He said are you sure and I said go for it.

That was all the encouragement he needed, the next thing I knew they were kissing and he had one hand on her breast and the other up her nightgown. I didn't know how I would feel and was expecting to be just a little jealous, but it seemed so surreal, like a dream or something. Chad took her nightgown off of her shoulders and started sucking on her left nipple, when she could take it no more she grabbed his head and moved it to the right one. It didn't take long before Candy said that one of us had better get on her and fuck her right now.

Chad once again looked at me and I said you go first buddy and enjoy. He was wearing shorts and he didn't even take the time to take them off, he just unzipped and climbed on top of Candy. She had laid back, spread her legs and was rubbing her breasts. I wish I could of seen the first penetration but her nightgown was still down her legs some and was blocking my view, but the look on her face as he guided his cock into her and started slipping into her was priceless. She was so beautiful lying there with my best friend on top of her fucking her. She started cumming as soon as he started to slide in. As he was working his cock into her she was moaning and she looked at me and said "He's big" and "I love you more than ever" and I knew then and there that things were going to be ok. Candy reached down and pulled her nightgown up to her waist so she could see his cock going in and out of her. She told Chad to go slow because she had never had a cock as big as his in her before. That's when I got the shock of my life; I looked between her legs and saw his cock for the first time.

I couldn't tell how long he was because the head was inside her cunt, but that's not what was so shocking. It was his girth I couldn't believe it. There was about 5 inches of cock left to go, and it looked as big around as a beer can. I mean it was huge. Candy of course was cumming the whole time and begging him not to stop. Shortly she told him not to go any deeper because she couldn't take any more. I looked down and there was still close to 3 inches left to go, but Chad was considerate and started to slowly work his huge cock in and out of her, never going any deeper into her. I finally got my wits about me and went around behind Chad and watched him fuck her from behind.

What an amazing sight, her cunt looked as if it was being turned inside out every time he pulled out. Then her cunt lips almost disappeared into her on the down stroke. She was so wet that her cum was dripping down her ass. Chad said that he couldn't help it, that she was so tight he was going to cum right then. I knew exactly what he was talking about. You see Candy is blessed with what you would call a snapping pussy; she has incredible control over her pussy muscles. The first time we made love, as soon as I was buried in her cunt she told me to stay still and enjoy.

A few seconds later I could feel her cunt milking my cock. I took less than two minutes and I filled her cunt with cum, all without ever moving. Candy locked her legs around his back and held him in place as his lemon sized nuts started to contract and spew his cum into her tight pussy. His sperm and her juices were leaking out around his cock and dripping down her ass. Chad got off of Candy and I could see that she was disappointed that he was done. Her cunt was beautiful, it was swollen and a mixture of their juices was seeping out in copious amounts. Candy looked at me with glazed eyes and told me to fuck her silly. I didn't have to be told twice.

That's when I noticed that I had not even undressed; my jeans had a big wet spot where my precum had leaked through. I dropped my pants and mounted my wife, she guided my cock into her used pussy, and I can't describe how good it felt to be slipping into her freshly fucked pussy. It was like a velvet glove, but extremely wet. Chad had stretched her pussy good, but with her amazing control she clamped down on my cock and she felt as tight as ever. I fucked her long and hard, taking her through two quick mini orgasms before I filled her pussy with my own load of cum.

We laid there kissing each other and whispering sweet nothings for a few minutes, she told me nothing was going to change between us, that she loved me more that ever. She lied, our sex life changed she became insatiable. Meanwhile Chad had cleaned himself up in the bathroom and came out and sat in my recliner with a huge grin on his face. He thanked me for sharing Candy with him, and he hoped that we could get together again sometime.

I didn't even get the chance to answer, Candy said anytime he wanted to fuck her with his big cock he could. She then looked at me and said that is if it's ok with you. I said it was ok as long as I was there with them. She said that you are here now and I am still horny so lets fuck. She got up off the couch, kneeled between Chad's legs and put her head in his crotch then started chewing on his cock through his shorts. (For some reason he still had them on) Well of course Chad started swelling, his cock started snaking down the left leg of his shorts until the head was poking out the leg.

There was a drop of precum on the tip of his cock and Candy licked it off before lightly chewing on the head. She then grabbed his shorts and pulled them off his hips. By the time she got them off he was at full mast, Candy grabbed his cock and was amazed that her fingers didn't even come close to touching around his fat cock. She looked over her shoulder at me and said "I can't believe I took this whole cock in me" I reminded her that she had not taken all of him in, that there was still close to three inches she didn't get in. Candy loves a challenge and she saw this as one, she promised that she would take all of him in before he leaves Monday morning.

She started licking his cock up and down, slowly trying to get him in her mouth. She was barely able to get his cock head in her mouth. She would alternate between sucking his cock head and licking his cock and balls. Candy looked at me and said "If you don't fuck me and fuck me hard right now, I'm going to get someone who will" I dropped to my knees behind her and filled her pussy with one stroke, I gave it to her just like she said long and hard. She was moaning constantly and it was obvious that she really liked to get fucked hard while sucking cock.

After a while Chad said that he was going to cum, Candy started moaning louder and clamping down on my cock. This put me over the edge and I filled her pussy a second time as we came together. Chad came about a minute later, his first shot in Candy's mouth and the rest on her face and breasts. I was surprised that Candy pulled him out of her mouth, in the 14 years we had been together I only shot off on her face once. She said she didn't like cum on her and that she loved the taste of sperm. Both Chad and I sat back to catch our breath and Candy turned around and looked at me, and then at my cock and smiled. I was rock hard again seeing her with cum all over her.

What a sight she was, I'll never forget it as long as I live. She was sitting back on her heels and covered with cum and a puddle of cum on the floor between her legs. She told me to lie down and enjoy my treat, so I did just that. Candy proceeded to give me the most exquisite blowjob ever. While she was sucking me Chad had moved behind her and was furiously stroking his cock, trying in vain to get it hard again. He finally gave up and started finger-fucking Candy while tweaking her nipples.

After cumming twice in the last half hour it took a while for me to get a nut. Candy kept at it and finally got me to shoot. Just as I started to cum she pulled me out of her mouth and I shot off on her face. What a site, now she had both of our cum on her and she rubbed it together and scooped some up to lick off of her finger. She later told me that when Chad first started to shoot off it was too much for her and she pulled off of his cock and directed it over her face and breasts as a treat for me, because she knows how much I like it in the porno movies. She said that it made her so horny to be drenched in his cum that she had to suck me off so I could shoot off on her too. She is a jizz junky now.

We all three got cleaned up and returned to the living room, this time no one bothered with clothes. Candy said that Mindy was a lucky woman to have a cock like that anytime she wanted it. She also said that she was a lucky woman to have a husband like me allow her to enjoy Chad's wonderfully huge cock. Chad said that Mindy hasn't been into sex much since his son was born, and even with his cock she felt loose, he couldn't believe how tight Candy was and that he had never cum so fast with a woman in his life. Candy beamed with pride we both did actually. We all agreed that this brought us closer as friends and were not sorry that it happened. More to CUM!

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