tagLoving WivesOur Holiday Visit To A Nudist Camp

Our Holiday Visit To A Nudist Camp


My name is Jerry and my best friend is Colin. We were travelling through Germany on a wonderful holiday with our wives - Ruth and Colleen. We had been on the road now for just over a week and have seen all the tourist sights in Germany and are now relaxing for the next couple of days prior to moving on to Canada. We had all been very good friends for many years and always enjoyed each others company whether on holidays or at home. I am 30 years old and my wife, Ruth, is 27 while Colin is 31 years and Colleen is 28 so we are all about the same age group.

The girls decided to go and do some serious shopping on this particular day and so we were left to ourselves to decide what to do for the day. It is a rare occasion for Colin and myself to be allowed to run free for a whole day.

Whilst we are the best of friends and have been on holidays together before there has never been any thoughts of swapping wives or doing anything like that - in fact we have been very courteous and polite to each over and we have a lot of respect for each other.

We decided to visit the tourist counter which was set up in the lobby of the hotel. We are not very good at speaking German but we can usually make ourselves understood after a while. Fortunately the clerk who was manning the counter spoke very good English and so we were able to converse with him without difficulty. When we asked what he would recommend we were asked a few questions and then he launched into a list of recommendations for the day. We had seen many of the things he was suggesting and Colin chanced to make the remark - most of these things seems to be very dull and boring, do you have anything which is exciting and very different which we might like to visit. The clerk smiled at us and then, with a flutter of his eyelids, and a bit of flourish of his hands, he asked if we would like to see something which is very naughty?

We didn't know what to say because we didn't know what naughty might mean. He elaborated for us by telling us he could arrange for us to visit a nudist camp which welcomed visitors and we would be made most welcome. We asked why he was recommending this place and he told us he was a members at the nudist camp and if we wanted something a bit naughty he assured us we might find some very willing girls who would make our visit most enjoyable! We looked at each other and wondered what the other thought about extramarital sex! I had played around just a tiny bit but had never told Ruth about it. I was also sure Colin had also played around so I started the ball rolling by saying, "Well, I wouldn't be against having a look at this place and we could just let happen what ever happens!" This clinched the deal and we agreed to visit the nudist colony! It was only a short distance from the hotel and was easily accessible by taxi so we agreed this would be where we would go for the day. The clerk gave us some coupons and told us what to say when we got there and what we should do to feel comfortable.

I had seen Colin in very tiny bathing costumes but never completely naked and I guess he was just as embarrassed as I was about stripping naked amidst other people. We duly arrived at the nudist colony and were made very welcome by the man and woman who were manning the entrance gate. The man was clothed in shorts and sandals probably in case someone came to the gate but objected to nudity straight off. His companion was, however, completely naked even to not having shoes on her feet. They made us completely welcome and this took off some of the doubts we were having about the place. The woman was probably about 30 years old and she had a beautiful face and figure and would make anyone proud to have her as his wife!

She wasn't the least bit embarrassed about standing naked in front of us clothed men. She wasn't very tall but she had beautiful breasts and nipples, she also had very hairy underarms and her pubic bush was very bushy and unruly but looked very sexy just the same. She asked us to follow her and we made our way to a dressing shed which was near the entrance. She took us inside and pointed out where we could store our clothes safely and then watched as we undressed! We were both nervous but undressed just the same. Soon we were naked except for our sandals - we thought we had better keep them on our feet because we didn't know where we would be walking.

She told us we were completely free to wander all around the compound and we would be most welcome to talk to anyone we met. She told us a lot of the people there would be able to understand English or at least make a good try at doing so. She gave us a little lecture about the nudist colony not wishing their visitors to participate in sex with the members. She also told us she was required to tell us that but we would find plenty of lovely ladies who would be willing to show us a good time at the colony! She gave us a knowing wink and then told us to wander around and make ourselves at home. So off we went.

I decided to bring the subject out into the open so I asked Colin if he would tell our wives if we decided to fuck some of the women at the colony. He looked at me and then said, "What sort of an idiot do you think I am? I will be out to fuck anyone who will let me and there is no way I will tell our wives!" Now that I was reassured I felt a lot better and felt sure we would find someone who would be good to us!

Neither of us was very comfortable in the colony so we agreed to stay together for at least an hour or so and see what happened. We wandered about and then stood at some tennis courts watching 4 women playing tennis! This was really exciting to watch because their ample breasts flopped around as the were running for their shots and we could see their cunts as they dashed about or bent over to pick up the tennis balls.

Their game finished and they came out of the tennis court and came over to us. They obviously knew we were visitors because they didn't know us. They asked us where we were from and each managed to speak reasonably good English. These four girls were all aged about 25 and seemed to be having a lot of fun. They told us their husbands were at the swimming pool and wouldn't be back for a while. Two of the girls moved apart from the other two and asked us if we would like a bit of fun with them! We both nodded our assent and so the other two girls wandered off and left us with our two girls.

They made no bones about what they were going to do! They simply paired up with us and a beautiful dark haired girl came over to be with me. Colin had a beautiful redhead girl. Again, neither of these girls had shaved their underarms nor their pubic bushes and they were very hairy. We both loved hairy girls so this was wonderful. They took us into a small cabin which was adjacent to the tennis courts. Once we were inside they began to kiss us and we responded like any normal man would do! We were able to feel up their bodies and I played with my girl's breasts and eventually moved my hand down between her legs. She was quite damp and I guess she was excited. My cock was standing up in an embarrassing form but she soon took it into her hand and began stroking me. Next she leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and began sucking wildly!

I was stroking her clit while she was sucking me and soon she began to squeal and I knew she was having the beginning of an orgasm! She stopped sucking me and asked me to move over to one of two couches which were in this cabin. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs and, holding my cock in her hand, she pulled me over on top of her and pulled my cock into her waiting cunt! There was nothing I could do about it, she pulled my cock into her body and we began to fuck! It was a glorious sensation fucking this stranger whom we had only met some 10 minutes before. I felt her starting to cum and so I increased my pumping action and shot a huge load of cum right up into her cunt! She was hugging me and telling me how wonderful it felt to be fucked by me! When I had a chance, I looked over at Colin and he was still fucking his girl but came soon after that and then we were all lying on the couches trying to recover! Wow, what a great introduction to nudism!

The girls thanked us and told us to make sure we looked them up if we ever came back to the nudist colony! Both Colin and myself were completely stunned at how easily we had allowed ourselves to be used with these women. The girls were both very pretty and we were attracted to them but couldn't understand how their husbands allowed them such freedom to be able to fuck anyone they wished! We again re-iterated our thoughts about not telling our wives about our adventure.

We had only been in the nudist colony for about 1 hour and already we had fucked a girl each. What a way to go! We continued our stroll after saying goodbye to the girls and wandered down a pathway which was leading through some bush towards the river which ran through the colony. As we neared the river we both decided to have a swim, mainly because our cocks were still coated with the juices of the girls and it looked rather obvious we had just fucked someone! The water in the river was wonderfully cool and refreshing and we enjoyed our swim/wash and afterwards rolled over on the grass bank of the river and dried under the sun. I suppose we had been lying there for about 1/2 an hour when two girls came walking along and stopped alongside us. We were looking up at them and I can tell you it is a wonderful sight to be looking directly into a girls hairy pussy while she is standing over you!

The girls were both very pretty and aged about 30 with firm outstanding breasts and nipples. Were all the girls here so good looking and available? They understood English very well and squatted down alongside us to chat. Of course, when they squatted down, they spread their legs slightly and exposed their cunts to us. They were both very hairy but the lovely pink lips of their cunts looked delicious! By now our cocks had extended to huge poles and because we were lying on our backs the poles looked even longer sticking up from our bodies. Simultaneously the two girls reached over and grabbed our cocks and began stroking them! We were in heaven!

I reached over and touched the girl holding my cock on the lips of her cunt and once I had moved my fingers around a bit I found her clitoris and began massaging it. She began to react quickly and I could see she was excited. She then moved so that she straddled my body and lowered herself down on my cock! She slid in easily and was soon sitting on my belly with my whole cock embedded in her cunt. She moved up and down on my cock and soon I could feel my climax starting deep in my balls. I looked up at her and she smiled and quickened her movements and soon I shot my load of cum into her cunt as she climaxed at the same time!

Looking over at Colin I could see he was just finishing off his girl in the same manner and just couldn't believe how wonderful this visit was! We were in heaven. The women here seemed so anxious to fuck it was unbelievable. Although we have described only a few of the girls we had met we were amazed at how many of them looked so lovely. There were, of course, a number of women who were much more mature but they too looked very sexually exciting to us.

The girls moved off and Colin and I just continued to lie there wondering what would happen next. We found a canteen when we wandered off and found that our entrance fee also paid for our light lunch. We enjoyed this meal and many of the people there came over and talked to us. Some of the men were particularly friendly and wanted to know how much we had enjoyed the nudist colony. We told them the truth - it was wonderful.

After the meal we again wandered off and soon came across a group of girls playing badminton. Badminton looks so much better when it is played in the nude by nubile young girls. They were bouncing all over the place and enjoyed showing off in front of us. We didn't stay very long there but wandered off again and this time found several hammocks strung between shady trees. We rolled ourselves into these hammocks and soon we were asleep. After all we had done as much fucking in this morning as we would probably do in several days or longer!

We must have slept for about an hour before we were woken by two young girls who had begun to swing our hammocks to and fro. The movement must have been what woke us up. Once we roused ourselves we were able to grab the girls and stop the swinging. The girls were comparatively young against the other women we had anything to do with. They explained they were there with their parents and, as their parents left them to their own devices, they were out to have a good time! Of course we admired their bodies - they must have been about 18 or even less and although their bodies had developed fully, they were not big girls and had smallish breasts and bodies. Again they had hair under their arms which had not been shaved and their pussy hair was quite bushy for their age.

They wanted to fuck there was no doubt about that! We had recovered by this and so we asked the girls what they wanted us to do. These girls were very young but were quite experienced. They said together, "We want you to eat our pussies and then we will tell you what to do next!"

We didn't need much encouragement - it isn't often you get the chance to lick and suck such a lovely young pussy! The girls changed places with us and climbed into the hammocks as we got out. They were able to spread their lovely legs widely apart in the hammock and we needed no help in pushing our mouths into their lovely damp pussies! They tasted delightful and we told them so. The just seemed to love the way we were eating them and it wasn't very long before my girl was cumming with a very violent orgasm! She blushed as she was cumming - it was obviously a very exciting time for her. Colin's girl came too and the expressions on the girl's faces told us they had enjoyed themselves. They told us they weren't virgins but hadn't had much sex but would love to be able to suck our cocks and swallow our cum! Boy, what an offer! With the girls still in the hammocks they leaned over the side and took our hard cocks into their mouths and began sucking us.

All the time she was sucking me, my lovely girl had me massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples. I would have loved to also play with her cunt but I contented myself with her breasts. I can assure you it didn't take very long to feel my orgasm starting to build up in my balls. I asked her if she had swallowed cum before and she took her mouth off my cock long enough to tell me she had swallowed several loads before but her friend hadn't swallowed so it would be a new experience for her! She then continued to suck me and I gave her breasts an extra squeeze and held them tight when I began to cum. I had already done more fucking and cumming today than I usually do in a week but I still managed to pump a huge load into her mouth. She bravely swallowed my cum and I was thrilled to see she didn't waste a drop. When I looked over at Colin and his girl he was just beginning to cum and the girl really wasn't expecting a huge load from him so suddenly and she jerked her head back as his first spurt shot into her mouth. The result was that the second spurt landed on her face and over her hair but she managed to get her mouth back over his cock to swallow the rest of his load.

The two girls thanked us for letting us cum in their mouths! We were the one who should have been doing the thanking! As we were saying goodbye to the girls we were interested to see my girl moved over to her friend and began licking Colin's cum from her face! She turned to me and said, "Both of you taste the same!"

I was feeling a bit flat after all this sex and hesitantly asked Colin if he thought we should perhaps head back to the hotel. He agreed and so we headed for the entrance and our lockers to retrieve our clothes. As we were leaving the lady who had shown us around told us she had heard we had enjoyed our visit and she hoped we would be returning because she would like to partake a bit of fun with us herself! We promised that if we ever returned we would certainly look after her! We knew we wouldn't be back but promised just the same!

When we arrived at the hotel we were surprised to find our wives were at the tourist counter talking to the clerk who had told us about the nudist colony! We joined the girls but were dismayed when we learned the clerk had been telling them about where we had been during the day! We tried to tell a couple of lies by saying we couldn't find the nudist colony but the clerk told us he had been telephoned by the lady we had spoken to at the gate because she wanted to confirm we were staying at the hotel! We were busted! The clerk, the real prick that he was, asked us in front of the girls if we had enjoyed the sexual pleasures of the women at the colony! We tried to deny any sexual activity but he insisted the lady had told him in a later call that we had been having a very good time and we were not to forget our promise to her!

Our wives didn't say anything then but marched us up to our rooms above! We all came into our room and my lovely wife told me she knew all about our adventures and now we were going to pay for it dearly! What next. They told us we would find our about it all tomorrow and tonight we would be suffering from night starvation - their term for no sex! Ruth came over to me, undid the fly on my pants and pulled out my cock! When she felt it she told me it was still damp with girl juice and then she leaned over and sniffed my cock! Again she told me it smelt like pussy juice, even though we had been sucked by the last two girls, so I could deny anything I liked - she had the evidence in her hand! We were busted!

The whole night was uncomfortable - I was made to sleep on the couch in the bedroom and Ruth just didn't talk to me until next morning. I knew I was in trouble but couldn't think of a way out of it!

Our friends met us after breakfast, an uncomfortable breakfast because there was no talking at all, and our wives told us what was to happen today! We were all going back to the nudist colony and our wives wanted to talk to the women we had fucked yesterday! Oh, Hell - what would happen next?

We arrived at the gates of the nudist colony and were greeted like long lost friends by the man on the gate. He told us his helper, Helga, was waiting for us in the locker room. I had never seen Colleen naked before and, of course, Colin hadn't seen Ruth naked either so we had a new experience when we moved to the locker room and took off all of our clothes! I was very impressed with Colleen's body - she knew she had a wonderful figure but I didn't know how wonderful it was until I saw her naked in front of me.

Helga then gave the girls the same lecture she had given us the previous day but again she told them about many of the men at the colony who would be willing to give them a good time if they wanted it!

Ruth and Colleen then told us they would move around the colony by themselves and told us to enjoy ourselves with Helga! We weren't very happy about the girls wandering around the nudist colony by themselves but Helga took us by the hands and pulled us into the cabin next to the gate! She told us she wanted us to fuck her and we could decide who went first! I could see she was almost panting for us and so, when she lay down on the bed and spread her legs, I just couldn't resists moving over to her. She had a very hairy cunt and it wasn't until she had spread her legs widely apart that I actually saw her cunt lips! I played with her breasts and nipples and then stroked her clit before I plunged into her wet cunt as far as I could! I fucked her as hard as I could and I could feel it when she came just before I shot my load into her cunt! I rested on her body for a short while contentedly playing with the hair under her arms. She told me most German women didn't shave their underarms because the men liked them hairy! She also told me I should encourage Ruth to allow the hair under her arms to grow long - I would like it after a while.

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