tagGroup SexOur Hotel Adventure

Our Hotel Adventure


The hotel suite was perfect, a huge living room with 2 bathrooms, one with Jacuzzi, two bedrooms, both with oversized beds...rather like the Trump but on a bigger scale and fabulous views of the park through huge picture windows.

Our new “friend” was due to arrive at 8pm...we’d talked and fantasized about this for a long time now, it was almost hard to believe that it might actually happen.

You looked stunning in your short black dress, your make-up was slightly overdone, you looked sexy, sultry and wanton ...you’d created the most beautiful vision of sexy sluttiness...your eyes said “come to bed, I want to be fucked”...your aura said you needed to be. Your heels accentuated the gorgeous shape of your legs, your bare neck with your hair held high behind your head just begged to have a wet cock (or two) slide over your throat and neck. Your fragrance was deep and musky.

I poured the first champagne at about 7.15...we toasted and sipped, then we kissed, wet and hot...I couldn’t keep my hands off you but I knew I had to...you knew that you’d have to refresh your lipstick before the doorbell rang.

We’d both shaved in the shower...I’d never been clean shaven like this, you’d taken great care not to miss a spot...you’d dressed me in slacks and an open neck shirt...you’d asked me again if I was sure about this...I’d told you “yes, if you are”...you’d nodded and grinned silently as you applied a little pressure to my balls in a loving squeeze and had leaned in to kiss me, sucking my tongue into your mouth.

The first bottle of champagne was gone in about thirty minutes, maybe we were both a little nervous, maybe it helped take the edge off...we were sipping our first glass from the second bottle and staring out on the park with an arm around each others’ waists when the doorbell rang...we looked at each other, a soft kiss...then I turned to get the door. He was good looking, clean cut, a nice, friendly smile...

I extended my hand and introduced myself, he did the same, I stepped away from the door and gestured him into the suite, you introduced yourselves to each other...he opened his bag and offered a bottle of wine for which we thanked him...he asked for the bathroom and we both pointed him in the right direction. While he was gone we looked at each other again, realizing how real this situation now was...we agreed he seemed nice and he was certainly good looking...you lowered your hand to my crotch and asked “are you ready?”...”uhuh” I replied as you squoze me there...you put on some soft music as I poured a glass of champagne for him...he opened the door...we toasted each other and sat down together on an oversized sofa, you in the middle.

“How far do you want to go with the photographs?” he asked, “as far as we can” I replied...”let’s just see how far it feels good” you added...”ok, you guys get comfortable, I’ll set up the camera”... you leaned in to me as he walked away, you crossed your legs and your dress rode way up your thigh to reveal more of your beautiful curves...we watched him take out a couple of cameras, load film, set up his tripod, he smiled in our direction before adjusting the lights and disappearing again into the bathroom.

We heard the shower running as we cuddled and kissed on the sofa, my cock was straining by the time he emerged 10 minutes later, he was wearing a hotel issue white terry robe, fastened loosely around his waist...we could see muscular legs...he walked towards the coffee table, picked up his champagne and drained the glass...I refilled him as he walked back towards his tripod.

He picked up his camera and started taking shots of us...”for now...just pretend I’m not here” he said...and we did...we got into a hot and heavy embrace and sure enough after a few minutes it was as if we were there all alone...I was lifting your dress over your head as you were undoing my belt and zipper...shedding our clothes was easy, there were so few of them...our lips were locked together our hands were roaming all over each others bodies...I unhooked your bra and slid it over the length of your arms as my mouth surrounded your right breast and I sucked your nipple between my teeth, caressing your left breast with my right hand, circling and flicking your nipple between thumb and forefinger...aware of the click, click, click of the camera close by...my cock found it’s way out of the opening in my boxers...

I didn’t know if you’d looked over at him but now I did...his cock had appeared in between the folds of the robe, fully erect, solid...I lifted my face to yours, our lips locked and my hand slipped down to your pussy as yours wrapped around my shaft...our kisses were wet and hard...”will you suck it with me?” I asked you ...

a soft “yes” was your reply...I turned my face from yours and looked over to him...I opened my mouth slightly and extended my tongue to my top lip...he pressed the button on his video camera and walked towards us...his cock came across your cheek, grazed your lips as my mouth came to meet yours...I licked along the side of his shaft and up towards the head of his cock...you let it rest there against your lips ...the head of his cock swelled and his shaft twitched as I dragged my tongue against his slit ... I took him inside my mouth and sucked on the swollen head of his cock...it felt good...your lips came around the base of his shaft and I watched you expertly slide up and down his shaft as your tongue coated him with your saliva...

I began to bob on him, taking more with each stroke, you took his balls first into your hands and then in turn you sucked each one into your mouth...this was so fucking hot, so erotic...I wanted him to come in my mouth...my cock was so hard but without attention...he braced himself and I knew it was about to begin...I saw his balls tighten against your cheek and then I felt the first hot blast of his sweet cum hit the roof of my mouth...I took him deeper with each blast...I began to swallow but couldn’t take it all...it dripped from my lips onto his shaft and onto your face...I kept sucking as he softened inside me...trying to drag every last drop of cum from his loins...he stepped slowly away and out of my mouth...his hand caressed my scalp as my lips locked with yours and we shared his cum...our mouths parted, our tongues connected with a sticky stream of his jism and we heard the camera click, click, click beside us.

You told me to lay back on the sofa...you pressed me back with your hands against my shoulders...you slid between my legs...began to kiss and pinch and suck my nipples...then went lower...you kissed and licked your way around my pubic mound, my cock, my balls...your tongue flicked at my ass...all the while...click, click, click beside us...you slipped your tongue deep inside my ass as your hand wrapped around my cock...I opened my eyes and saw him behind you...you caught my gaze as you lifted your ass higher...he positioned himself behind you and slipped into your dripping wet pussy with one easy stroke...he pointed the camera at your ass...click, click...then leaned over and offered the camera to me...I began taking shots of him fucking you from behind as you sucked my balls and ass and cock...I captured the glorious expression on your face as he grasped your hips and slammed deeply into you...I looked at you, you caught my stare...”you ok?”...”oh yessss” you exclaimed quietly.

“I want him to fuck your ass darling”...

”ok” you replied through glazed eyes...

I looked up at him as you said “fuck my ass”...he withdrew slowly from your pussy, began to wet your ass with his cock head...I slid beneath you as you slid forward, I positioned my cock against your dripping, swollen pussy as he entered your ass with slow gentle strokes, maybe 8 strokes and he was buried inside you...my turn now...I slid easily into your wet sex...we found a beautiful rhythm...I felt his cock against mine through the thin wall that separated your holes...within maybe 30 seconds you were screaming out your orgasm...mine came with yours...as my cock left you, he slipped his back inside your pussy, keeping you on the edge for an eternity as I sucked and caressed your breasts ...he left you as your tingles subsided...you lay flat on top of me, still glowing...his head dipped between your thighs ...

He took my softening wet cock into his mouth and sucked our cum from it ...at the end of each stroke along my shaft the tip of his tongue flicked against your swollen lips and circled your dripping ass...he still wanted to cum again...and he lay on top of you and easily entered your pussy...within a few seconds and a few strokes he was ready to shoot his load...he asked us where we wanted it...

you rolled off me to the side, he fucked your breasts and came all over your tits and throat as his fingers worked deep inside your pussy...I leaned in to kiss your breasts and lick up his cum...we kissed each other and then I kissed him...deeply, sensually...my cock was hard again as he straddled me...he positioned himself over my cock and guided me towards his ass...it seemed to open to me, I knew this wasn’t his first time as he impaled himself on me...

my cock was deep inside him, I felt the rim of his ass against my balls, it felt perfect...he held his hardening cock in his hand and you leaned in to suck it... you lifted your leg over my face and lowered your sex to my lips...I came in his ass as he came in your mouth and you in mine...we disentangled ourselves, relaxed, sipped champagne again...you made your way to the bedroom and we followed you...we slept there for a while...I awoke to the feelings of two mouths on my cock and the vision of his cock stretching your already swollen pussy lips even wider...I wanted my cock to be there too...

To Be Continued...

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