tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOur Lady's School for Girls Ch. 03

Our Lady's School for Girls Ch. 03


When they were certain she was fast asleep, Malcolm and Mina unlocked the door and crept into the room. Mina was carrying a bundle of clothes and Malcolm was already pulling the covers off, when she asked, "Are you sure about this? I feel like such a bad mother, forcing this on her."

"Nonsense, Mina. You are being a good mother. She would surely end up dead in a ditch if we left her here. She will eventually be grateful, coming to my school will open up doors for her." He told her this confidently, while helping her to pull the nightdress on the sleeping girl, "She won't even wake until she is safely in her dormitory."

Once they had dressed her, Malcolm carried Hailey out to his car, a sleek sedan with tinted windows, ready for the trip back to Mariford. This was one loose end he was very happy to have tied up. Nothing would keep him from making his fiance happy.


When Hailey awoke, things didn't feel quite right. This didn't feel like her bed, it sounded like other people were in the room, her bottom still hurt crazy. She kept her eyes closed, hoping it was all just a bad dream, but none of the strange sensations went away. When she finally opened her eyes, she jumped with a start.

She was in what looked like a school dormitory. There were five other beds, all metal, lining the two main walls of the room. Each bed had a wardrobe and a small chest of drawers. Her bed wasn't luxurious, but it wasn't unbearable either. It existed to serve a purpose and that is what it did. There were large windows at one end of the room and a door at the other end. She had never noticed, when her mother had worked there, but the windows had thick bars on them. Sleep time would not be a chance for her to escape.

A woman sat nearby, watching Hailey. She smiled and stood, on seeing Hailey awake, "Miss Davidson, it is good to finally see you awake. I hope you enjoyed your sleep in, it is the last you will get for quite some time. We have a lot to do today to get you settled in and up to speed. I am Matron Kerr, I will be looking after you during your time in this dormitory. I hope you don't need too many reminders that your Father, the headmaster, lives on site and would not be lenient if you misbehave."

Hailey looked the woman up and down, taking in her appearance. She was dressed in a floor length blue dress. A nurse's watch was pinned to her breast and a crucifix hung about her neck. Her black hair was pulled back into a tight bun, giving her face a severe look. Hailey's bottom still hurt too much for her to even think about misbehaving or sassing the Matron. The threat of Professor Davidson sent a shiver up her spine and she knew she needed to get the lay of the land, before making any hasty decisions.

"Come on, up you get girl. We need to get you dressed. You have already missed the morning prayers and exercise, but you can have breakfast if you hurry." Matron Kerr approached her bed, intending to pull the covers back.

Hailey quickly pulled the covers back herself and gasped when she looked down and saw what she was wearing, "Who put me in this?" She motioned to the flannelette nightgown. It extended down to her ankles and the long sleeves ended with elastic and a ruffle at her wrists. She felt totally silly and juvenile.

Matron Kerr chuckled, as she started to lay a green, grey and white uniform on the bed, "We did, you don't think we would let you sleep naked, do you? There are standards here, you know."

The first items to be donned were underwear, green cotton panties and matching bra. They were plain and supportive. Over the bra, came a white singlet, also made of cotton. When the long sleeve dress shirt was buttoned over the singlet, the green underwear was hidden.

The shirt was buttoned all the way up, much to Hailey's protestations. "Watch carefully now, I won't be doing up your tie every day and I will not tolerate a sloppy uniform." Matron Kerr did up the tie with clear and distinct motions and Hailey reluctantly watched.

Next came a green tartan pleated skirt. It came to just above Hailey's knees and her shirt was well tucked into it. A grey woolen vest was pulled down over her shirt and then came white knee high socks with a green and grey stripe around the tops. The black Mary Jane shoes were so well-polished, they squeaked with every movement and the heels clicked on the floor.

There were yet more instructions to listen to, as she buttoned up the blazer. She was not to remove or change any parts of her uniform, no matter how hot and uncomfortable she was. The school had an image to maintain.

With her hair in two braids and ribbons, she followed Matron Kerr out into the hallway. She felt very self-conscious in her uniform, she was too old to be there. Matron gave her no time to dwell on it, "Hurry up, girl, or you'll be starting lessons on an empty stomach." Hailey rushed to keep up, following Matron down the hall, feeling very much like she was rushing to face the firing squad.

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