tagFetishOur Little Secret

Our Little Secret


'Don't forget my Sister is coming to stay tomorrow. I'm going to be leaving for work early in the morning, so you'll have to get your lazy ass out of bed and make her some breakfast.'

'Mmmm? Oh, right, yeah...' I replied, right on the verge of dozing off for the evening. Why did she wait until so late to remind me that we'd have to babysit her Sister for a week? 'Night honey.' I mumbled as I rolled back onto my side of the bed and almost instantly fell asleep.


I heard noises, a kind of stumbling around the bedroom like someone trying, and failing, to be quiet. It had to be Donna getting ready for work. Didn't she realise I was trying to sleep? It's not my fault that I'm a teacher and get more holidays than her. And who was she talking to in a muffled voice when she went downstairs for her breakfast. 'I'm sure she's talking to somebody' I thought to myself... I Couldn't for the life of me remember who though. 'Ahhh fuck it,' I thought to myself as I heard the door close; signalling that Donna had left for work, back to sleep for me.


I looked across at the bedside table to check the time when I woke up. 11.30, nice lie in. I groggily rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I sat up in bed. There was a nagging in my head, something I had to remember, something that Donna had told me the night before.

'Meh' I thought to myself as I stood from the bed and looked at myself in the full length mirror. 'She probably wanted me to take some meat out of the freezer to defrost for dinner' I decided I'd call her after I showered. 'Need to take care of him too' I thought as I caught sight in the mirror of my morning glory, proudly pitching a tent in my boxer shorts.

I stumbled, still half asleep from the bedroom, not even noticing that the guest room door was ajar, revealing a half unpacked suitcase on the bed. I was too busy fondling my balls as I walked down the hall, looking forward to a nice, long wank in the shower. I pushed open the bathroom door.

That's when I remembered... but too late. 'Jenny!' I exclaimed as I walked in on my step-sister, freshly showered and wrapped in one of our bath towels. In the split second it took us both to realise what was happening I had a chance to drink in her glorious youthful body. She was a fairly tall, athletic looking girl; with long, brunette hair that fell in long, wet waves down her back. Her eyes drew you in; they were big and doe-like, almost cartoonish in their size. Previously she had just been a little girl, but had turned 18 a few months back. This was the first time I had seen her and those eyes had turned from child cartoon character to Jessica Rabbit, no doubt about it she had grown up some. Her body was amazing; I could see the swell of her large breasts filling out the towel and below too, where the towel ended, her legs seemed to go on forever. And those feet, my God, those feet. Her toes were painted hot pink, they were long and thin and just begged to be sucked. Her soles had a nice, high curve and she had slender little ankles too. Words cannot describe just how perfect they were.

In the instant that we became aware of each other's presence I completely forgot that I was fondling my balls, my cock thrusting forward like a Knight's lance, proudly displaying my arousal. As soon as the moment passed I realised what I was doing and yanked my hand out of my boxers so fast you'd think I'd burned it. It only served to draw her eye down to my groin.

'Ahhh, shit, Jenny,' I said, 'I completely forgot. I'm so sorry.'

'Well, good morning Adam!' She exclaimed, beaming a smile at me and casually tipping me a wink, 'you seem happy to see me!'

'Ah, haha. I'll err leave you to it.' I said, not knowing where to put myself I turned and quickly retreated to my bedroom.

'Shit shit shit!' I muttered to myself as I closed the door behind me. 'Why did Donna leave it so late to remind me?' I asked out loud, blaming my wife for this morning's mishap. As my embarrassment gradually faded, it was replaced by the mental vision of Jenny in that towel, her youthful curves filling it out, her toes, begging to be sucked. 'Bad boy! Bad boy' I silently cursed myself, 'she's your sister in law!' I told the mirror 'No!'

'Bathroom's all yours' Jenny spoke through the door after knocking lightly. 'I might just walk in on you though, to even things up.'

'Oh haha,' I replied playfully. 'I really am very sorry about that. I completely forgot you were coming.' It felt a bit weird talking through the door. But there was no way I was opening it. My cock was throbbing even harder in my boxers than it had been a few minutes ago.

'Hey, don't worry about it.' She replied, 'besides' she continued 'it's not like I haven't seen it all before.' She said, with just a hint of something in her voice.

'Oh, well err... OK I guess.' I replied. 'So you're going to your room now, right?'

'Yup.' She replied. I heard her barefeet pad across the hallway and into the guest bedroom. I took a deep breath and opened the door to go to the bathroom. She was stood in the doorway, looking at my crotch as my cock throbbed and twitched in my boxers, a playful smile on her lips. Her full lips pouted as she raised a finger to them, 'shhh... our little secret.' She whispered as she slowly closed the door, removing her towel as she did, so that just as my view was obscured by wood, she let the towel drop to the floor.

I had seen nothing. But in the shower as I pulled on my cock I imagined that the door had remained open and she had revealed herself to me, fully nude. I imagined her nipples, hard and pointed with arousal, thrust towards the heavens as the ravages of time had not yet gotten to her full, perky breasts. As I came and shot my seed all over the glass screen of the shower I saw myself taking each nipple into my mouth and suckling like a babe as she took my hand and guided it between her legs, probing for her full, pink lips...

'Get a grip on yourself' I scolded myself in the mirror as I brushed my teeth, post-orgasmic guilt setting in. 'She's your wife's sister... Your Sister in law!' I told myself that this morning had been nothing more than a teenager's way of getting her kicks. She was probably pissing herself with laughter at how she had got me all worked up. She's just a little tease, I thought. Well, no more. This morning she caught me off guard, I thought; next time she won't get a rise out of me.

Thankfully no more was mentioned that morning. Jenny was in her room unpacking as I finished in the bathroom and got myself dressed. More and more it seemed like it hadn't even happened. Sure I had walked into the bathroom on her, but I hadn't been fully aroused. Even if I had been, my cock was in my boxers the whole time. She'd seen nothing, I'd seen nothing, and I'd had a wank, big deal, nothing to worry about.

This belief was strengthened when she joined me downstairs a half hour later, where I made her breakfast and we chatted casually about her first term at University. She was doing an English and History course, it was boring, she lived in a Hall of Residence with what she termed 'Randoms', that was boring too. After she had stayed with us for a week she was going to her parents'... which was also boring. It was just perfectly normal, perfectly boring small talk. The activities of the morning were nothing but a distant memory. In fact, everything was so normal that the question she asked me, as she heard her sister's key unlocking the door, didn't even seem out of the ordinary until a few seconds later.

'So, did you take care of yourself in the shower this morning then?' As she asked it, she was up and moving towards the hallway to greet Donna, leaving me sat, stunned in the kitchen, too flustered to even muster a response.

They were chatting in the hall; I heard them moving towards the kitchen.

'Oh, nice one Adam! I bet you've been great company this morning, sat open mouthed, staring off into space.' Donna's voice snapped me back to reality as she entered the kitchen.

'I uh... ahem.' I replied, clearing my throat.

'We've been chatting away perfectly Sis, honestly. He's made me breakfast too. And this morning he even got up just after you'd gone to make sure I knew how to use the shower and stuff.' The last bit was a blatant lie, which I was sure was just to make me remember the bathroom incident.

'Oh, fair enough then. Get that dopey look off your face though Adam, it's not very becoming of you.' She sat down beside me at the kitchen bar. 'I've got some bad news though I'm afraid. There's a deal we've got with a company down in London that's about to go kaput. The firm need me to get down there ASAP to try and sweet-talk the director into staying with us.'

'What? Why you?' I asked, she was consumed by this stupid fucking job. Ever since that promotion that's all she'd been bothered with, working long days, stressing about it 24/7, no time to eat, no time to sleep, don't even mention the word sex, because that's just not in our vocabulary any more. 'Fuck that stupid fucking job!' I wanted to yell at her, but I didn't, I just ground my teeth and waited for a response.

'Because, I'm the one who set the deal up in the first place. But Jenkins in Finance has potentially fucked it up by getting into a heated discussion with their Director about certain costs. So I have to go and smooth his fuck up over.'

'But your Sister is here to see you.'

'I know,' Donna replied, turning to Jenny. 'I'm really sorry hon, it's been ages since I've seen you.'

'My 18th birthday.' Jenny replied, unable to hide the genuine disappointment from her voice.

'I promise I'll be back before you leave. But please stay here still. Mum and Dad are away on holiday until Saturday anyway and they'd much prefer it if you were here.' She turned to me. 'You can keep her busy can't you Adam?'

'Ummm.' I replied, trying to think of an excuse to get out of spending a few days with her beautiful, wicked temptress of a sister.

'Hey that's a great idea!' Jenny enthused, the disappointment all gone now from her voice. 'Besides, I've got friends in the City still that I can go see. I wouldn't want to ruin Adam's week.'

'Oh it won't be a problem for him. Will it, Adam?' Donna gave me the look. I didn't even need to respond.

Me and Donna had a minor argument in our room while she was packing. I told her how unreasonable she was being by dumping her sister on me and that she should just fuck her job off. What job is worth all that stress anyway? But she got all jobsworth on me and carried on packing her stuff.

We said a tense goodbye; Donna hugged Jenny and promised her again that she would be back by the end of the week. Then she was gone. Off to London for a few days and leaving me to babysit her 18 year old sister.

'Well,' Jenny said, 'just you and me now Addy!' Who the fuck called me Addy? What kind of a name is that?

'I've errr... got to get some marking done.' I said, which was actually true. It needed to be done before the restart of school the following week. It wasn't urgent, but it was an excuse nonetheless.

'Oh, ok. That's cool,' she replied, 'we can hang out later. I'm gonna go call a few friends anyways, see if they're back in the City; I might be able to skip out tonight. Who knows what me and you would end up doing if we were all alone, all night, just me and you.' She spoke the last sentence in a hushed, sexy whisper.

My voice caught in my suddenly dry throat. 'Huh?' I managed to squeak.

'Well, it would be like, boring, wouldn't it? We'd end up playing Scrabble or something.' She said, teasingly. God she was winding me up again, she didn't even need to look down to know that my cock had once again sprung to life and was throbbing uncomfortably in my jeans.

A couple of hours later and I began to tire of hiding in my office. Sure, Jenny had been a little teasing earlier, but I was a 28 year old man; I didn't need to hide away to prevent myself getting embarrassed by a teenager. She had just caught me off guard by being so different to how I remembered her. It wasn't very often that Donna saw any of her family and the last time I had seen Jenny had been her 18th birthday. I had noticed then that she was becoming a beautiful young woman, but had thought nothing of it at the time. Particularly because that was before Donna got her new job and we'd still had a pretty awesome, intense sexual relationship. In fact, I recalled how we'd snuck away from the party around midnight and gone to fuck in her old treehouse in the land behind her house. We'd never made it to the top because Donna had been wearing a short skirt; as soon as she'd started climbing those ladders I'd attacked her pussy from behind with my tongue. I remembered tongue fucking her ass and pussy until she came, shuddering and squirting, all over my face. Then she had worked herself around so that she leant back against the tree, halfway up the ladder and sprayed me with her golden piss. God that had been awesome, I took her then, hard and fast against the tree, slapping her ass raw as I fucked her before I pulled out and forced her to her knees, spraying a full load in that pretty, stress free face.

God, that had been an awesome fuck. Sadly all the kinkiness and awesome sex had all but died off since that new fucking job. It must have been 3 weeks since we'd even had any vanilla sex, never mind all the crazy shit we used to do. I realised I was idly fondling my erection as I reminisced.

After I had allowed my erection to subside, I stood and made my way to the kitchen, determined to be pleasant to Jenny and not allow her to get me flustered again. She was there preparing a sandwich. She had dressed into a tight fitting pink t-shirt which showed off her curves and a skirt which went halfway down her thighs, showing off those long, elegant legs of hers, her feet were bare. 'Hey Addy,' she greeted me, again with the Addy, nobody ever called me that. 'I hope you don't mind, but I'm fixing a sandwich. You want one?' She offered.

'Um, yeah, go on then please.' We made pleasant chat as we ate and there was nothing sexually charged about it, which was fine by me. She revealed that she'd been in touch with a friend she knew in the city and there was a party they were going to, Jenny was going to go along to that and was planning to stay out. 'Result' I thought to myself, no awkward evening spent either hiding in my room or getting teased mercilessly by my Sister in-law.

After the food she made her excuses and left to go hook up with her friends, leaving me alone to ponder what was going on. I was positive that she had deliberately been teasing me, but at the minute I was just passing it off as a way for her to get her kicks. She was young, very attractive and obviously just discovering her ability to get guys to go weak at the knees. She probably saw me as an easy target and was doubtlessly telling all her friends at the party all about it so that they could have a good giggle. I had to strengthen my resolve. Not that I'm against a bit of harmless flirting and teasing now and again, but this girl was my Sister in-law after all, some areas are just a no go. No matter how hard I tried to block it though, I could not rid the image of her in that bathrobe from my head. She was stunning and looked good enough to eat. I found myself fantasizing about walking in on her just a few minutes earlier and catching her, soaping up that glorious body in the shower, lathering the soap on those perky tits of hers, sliding a couple of fingers in between her legs and spending more time than necessary making sure that she was clean between her legs. Those eyes looking up and seeing me stood in the doorway, just as she brought herself to a climax, her mouth parted in a perfect 'o'.

'Stop it stopit STOPIT!' I cursed myself as I realised I was once again fondling my throbbing cock over Jenny. 'Get a grip!' I told myself, not for the first time.

Later, after tea I sat and watched a movie. Donna called me to inform me that she'd arrived in London, it was a tense conversation as we were both aware that there was an argument simmering just under the surface.

'Where's Jenny?' She asked, to divert attention from the tension.

'Oh, she went out with friends, party I think.' I replied.

'I told you not to fob her off for God's sake!' She scolded me.

'I didn't,' I replied, trying to keep my voice on a level, 'she rang them to ask if they were doing anything.'

'Yeah, well, make sure you spend some time with her, it's not often we see her you know.'

'Yeah well, who's fucking fault is that anyway?' I wanted to reply. Instead I just agreed, keeping my temper in check. I promised to do something with her later in the week to pacify her. Donna then announced that she needed to do some prep work for her breakfast meeting in the morning with some Director or another, boring, boring work shit. We said our goodnights and left it, the argument avoided for another night.

I must have dozed off then, some crappy film was on the TV, I remembered the first five minutes of it and then the next thing I knew, the end credits were playing. I checked my watch and saw that it was near midnight. Nearly time to hit the hay. I had to take care of one thing first though, I had stripped to my boxers following my call with Donna and, looking down, I saw my cock was creating a tent-pole in them once again.

'What the fuck is up with you?' I spoke to my dick, trying, and failing to prevent myself conjuring images of Jenny in various states of undress in my head. 'Right, OK, I'll sort you out, but we're watching porn and not fantasizing about the in-laws. Deal?' Strangely enough I didn't feel foolish talking to my cock like that.

I went to my room and picked out a good DVD from my collection, the scene I was looking for had a three-way with two awesome women and a dude. The women started off alone, it was a combiJenion of two of my favourite things, pissing and feet. They started by licking and massaging one another's feet at the same time, then progressed to pissing all over each other before the dude comes in and gives them both a good seeing to.

I slid the DVD in, turned the volume up, knowing that living in a detached meant no neighbours to worry about, sat back and slid down my boxers.

The scene was reaching its climax; I had been slowly tugging at my cock for around 25 minutes, but started to pick up the pace as I watched the action picking up on screen. Any second the dude was going to pull it out of the blonde's ass, spin her round so that she sat in a puddle of her own piss, grab her feet and then wank himself off until he shot a creamy load all over those perfect little feet. As he shoots his load, the brunette is going to squat over blondie's face and aim a stream of piss all over her face as she leans over and licks the cum from her toes. I could feel my cum bubbling in my balls as I watched the dude pull out. Preparing for orgasm I reached down and grabbed at my discarded boxers, which were going to serve as my jizz catchers to prevent any undue mess.

Then came the unmistakable sound of a key in the lock. 'Shit shit fucking shit!' I exclaimed as I dropped my cock in an instant, my balls right on the verge of exploding. In a blind panic I yanked my boxers back on and grabbed for my discarded t-shirt, managing to pull it on in half a second flat I then grabbed my jeans and yanked them up, not bothering with the buttons due to time constraints. The moans and groans from the TV doubtlessly filled the house. I hit the power button on the remote just as I heard the door opening. The TV instantly flicked itself back to the channel output. I jumped back on the sofa and covered my extremely throbbing cock with a cushion, not having time to tuck anything away. And that's how I sat when Jenny walked into the room.

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