tagFetishOur Milking Time

Our Milking Time


I woke up late today...trying to decide whether to go back to sleep or not? I lay in bed imagining sexy things and came up with an interesting fantasy.....

Perhaps this is years ago..we're living together and busy with our careers...we're in love and sex is still wonderful between us. One thing we discovered over the years was that you loved my breasts. You loved them good and often and all the manipulation helped them to grow and fill out as well as make small amounts of sweet milk. We both loved that. How sexy it made me feel! They weren't freakishly large or grotesque since it was brought about so slowly and gently. You encouraged it and we shared the task of keeping my breasts slightly swollen and filled by your frequent manual and oral attentions. I discovered how once or twice daily use of a baby's breast pump would keep the milk up since there was no baby to do the work for me. I could donate the milk to premature babies in the hospital who needed the benefits of momma's milk but whose momma couldn't provide it for them.

There was something almost therapeutically calming about spending those minutes with the pump drawing out my milk while I zoned out and just let go... enjoying the sensations and the way it aroused me. You liked to watch me, but more often than not, when you had time you'd sit behind me on our nice comfy chaise and wrap your arms around me and hold the pump to my breasts while leaned back into your arms and gave in to the sensations. Sometimes you would use two pumps at once.. or perhaps both your hands at once and we'd both get so very turned on. On occasion you'd push me forward so that I was kneeling in front of you on the chaise and you'd enter me from behind. Then I'd lean back again while you milk my breasts with both your hands as I rocked my hips to milk you too! I could sometimes reach an orgasm just from the pumping while your penis filled me. My orgasm would set your orgasm off and we'd both end up limp and exhausted...but emotionally and physically sated.

Few knew we shared this "kink" aside from a couple neonatal nurses at the hospital that I would hand my little frozen donations over to. I'd get some good natured teasing about how oral you were and how great our sex must be, especially at times when I turned over less some weeks than others depending if used your hands or the pumps or how much we would play with in your hands or mouth. Sometimes you'd nurse out a bit and share it with me in a nice milky kiss. It was a very powerful intimacy we shared. Emotionally I needed to submit to your ministrations. You knew it calmed me, comforted me, and aroused me.

When you had to go out of town to a convention once, you came up with a way to help me pump efficiently. You built me a bench, almost like a kneeling pew but a bit higher off the floor, which had me kneeling on and against it while the padded area one normally leaned their arms on in front held the small electric pumps. I could kneel on this and be serviced on both sides at one time in a very efficient manner. We joked that I was "praying" when using this bench and if anyone would have seen it they would have thought it nothing more than an unusual pew, with odd looking cut outs not unlike car cup holders cut into the front armrest area. We kept it the corner of our bedroom.

One long weekend your brother Eddy was visiting us. He annoyed both of us at times. You were sitting out on the deck with Eddy when I came home from work feeling tired and a bit grumpy and frustrated about a work issue. Because Eddy was in the house we'd not had much opportunity to be together privately and I so I was feeling even more out of sorts. I showered and slipped on some shorts and a pink wife-beater tank top, grabbed a beer and went out on the deck to join the two of you. Eddy was being his typically annoying self, a bit of braggart and telling tall tales about all his female conquests and adventures and giving you a hard time because you "couldn't" go out cruising the bars anymore with him. He decided you were "pussy whipped." Eddy was just being typical Eddy, perhaps having had one beer too many, I dunno? I just wasn't it in the mood to listen to it and was giving him a bit of shit back instead of just letting him think I was impressed with his lounge lizard act. You knew I was frustrated from the lack of intimacy we'd endured with him underfoot as well as just tired from a couple of long work shifts. You let me go only so long before you decided I'd probably end up saying something I'd regret later if I had one more beer, and you suggested I go inside. I didn't want to, I whined..I hadn't been able to spend any time with you for a while and it was adding to my feeling out of sorts. You recognized this as well as noticed that my breasts were a little fuller and probably a bit uncomfortable from their lack of attention. After another cutting comment I made in response to something Eddy said, you joked that you were going to spank me if I kept it up, to which Eddy hooted, hollered and laughingly suggested he was more the man for the job and volunteered to show you how it should be done! I decided I'd had enough of Eddy and told you I needed to go inside and "pray" a while. I'm sure Eddy thought I was some religious freak or something but you knew that was just a code word for using the pumps. I went in and stripped off my outer clothes to relax into the bench and let the therapy work on me. It started to work almost immediately and I started to relax...and the beer earlier was helping too. Sweet relief!

You told Eddy you were going to check on me and you entered our room to find me topless and kneeling on the bench with my eyes closed. You came up behind me and playfully spanked me over my pantied bottom. We both laughed and you unbuckled your belt to drop your jeans and kneel behind me on the bench. Your arms soon encircled me and while your hands began caressing my shoulders, belly and on down to my pussy as the pumps did their magic. You start kissing my neck and back then pushed me forward enough so that you could run your hand between the cheeks of my bottom to find my most intimate spot. I was getting *very* turned on and from the feel of your growing cock behind me, you were too! Drawing some of my juices from my pussy outwards you used it to lubricate my bottom and gently...slowly.... you push your cock against me to enter my bottom. It takes my breath away to be so filled but it is also emotionally satisfying to me to give in to you this way. My own hand reaches down to rub my clit while you work to push all the way inside me. You pull me back against you which pulls me off the breast pump cups but as soon as your cock is entirely buried in me your hands take the place of the pump cups and the milk is oozing over your hands from the milking you're giving me. It is heavenly! You asked me if I wanted my daddy to fill me up with his own "milk" and I purred back that I did! "Tell me what you want???" you demanded again....and I whispered "I want you to fuck me big daddy.. please.. fuck me hard!!!" and you complied with with strong, slow strokes which stretched me to the core. "Touch yourself" you tell me, and the sweet, leaking milk as well as my own pussy juice all aided in helping my fingers slide across clit and bring me off while I moaned loudly that "I love your cock, daddy!" You came soon afterwards yourself.

Realizing we'd neglected Eddy long enough you quickly cleaned yourself off and pulled your jeans on to go back out to Eddy...to find him gone?

A note is left on the kitchen counter says "Came inside for some more beer but decided to head on home instead. Loved the show, big daddy!"

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