tagLoving WivesOur New Neighbors Ch. 04

Our New Neighbors Ch. 04


Since the night Jen came over and sneaked into our house using the key Kelly had given her, things had been fairly calm. Actually, Jen and Wad went out of town to visit family the following weekend, which was just as well since Kelly was having her period and wouldn't have been up for any wild encounters. She was quick to inform me though that Wade wasn't getting any either, since Jen was also on her cycle; apparently they had compared notes on their birth control pills and were on the same rows.

That didn't stop Kelly and I from having a good time though. We've never been terribly squeamish about sex at that particular time of the month; we just lay down an old towel and hop into the shower afterwards. We do tend to leave out the toys and oral sex, though. However, our fantasy play was as hot as it had ever been, with Kelly constantly whispering sexual innuendos about Jen into my ear to keep me aroused. In fact, it was a little peculiar because as attracted as I was to Jen, I didn't really think about her all the time. However, Kelly made sure that she was always on the forefront of my mind by asking me what I thought was the sexiest thing about her, or suggesting that some evening she and Jen would have to "swap homes for the evening." The end result was that I was spending a lot of time with the little blonde beauty running through my thoughts.

Wade told me during the following week that Jen had been following a similar line with him. Apparently, she had been reminding him of Kelly's larger chest all weekend and asking him if he liked feeling her 36C breasts. Of course, poor Wade had only fucked my wife once and I had screwed Jen twice, so he didn't have quite as much to compare, but he did get one of her fabulous hand jobs in the bar not long ago. Jen also forced him to admit that he found the made-up look that Kelly wore very attractive. And since he has a bit of a submissive streak, she took great pleasure in making him sniff a pair of her used panties, before informing him that she had given them to Kelly to wear the previous day.

So all in all, our wives continued to keep us in a highly aroused state over the next week and a half even though we didn't have a chance to push the boundaries of our friendship any farther physically during that time. I began to wonder exactly what it was that the ladies were up to. What were they getting out of this? Of course, every man probably fantasizes about getting to fuck another woman besides his wife, but did that apply to the ladies too? Were they doing this because they wanted to sample one another's husband? Were they doing it for us? Maybe there was even something emotional at work, and Wade and I satisfied different needs for each of them... At any rate, the one time I tried to ask Kelly about it she told me I should stop worrying about "figuring it out" and just be glad that I was getting something most men would give up a leg for.

The following weekend, we decided it was time to have a barbeque of our own and get Wade and Jen over since it had been a while. Of course, we don't have a hot tub to offer, but there's no reason we couldn't all wander to their place if the urge struck. While talking during the week, Wade reminded me that during the first night, when the ladies had manipulated us in their little game, they had promised that we would get to call the shots next time. With that in mind, he made some suggestions to me and I fully agreed. The ladies were going to be in for some of their own medicine...

Friday evening, they rang our buzzer promptly at 7:00. As had become our custom, Wade and I shook hands while the ladies embraced, then Kelly kissed Wade quite enthusiastically and Jen kissed me, our tongues playing for a couple of moments before we broke off. They were loaded down with bottles of wine and hors d'oevres, so we helped them to the table and set down the food.

We were all starving since no one had really eaten after work, so it only took a short time to kill off a bottle and a half of wine. They had located a nice 1997 Napa Cabernet that was quite excellent and readily complemented the cheese and fruit they'd brought over. I decided to go ahead and get the dinner on, knowing that we were all really looking forward to the after dinner festivities anyway.

I grilled up some skewers of beef and chicken kabobs that had been marinating all day in special sauces that I had concocted. Served with a light salad and rice pilaf, it made for a tasty and fun meal that went down rapidly. We relaxed after dinner to plenty more wine and some new trip-hop music I had downloaded recently. We were lounging on the couch and loveseat in the living room, paired normally for the time being. Eventually, Wade caught my eye and raised his brow in a questioning manner. Judging the digestion to be well under way, I smiled and he nodded.

"So ladies, I seem to remember at one point you two saying that you were going to do whatever we wanted you to since we played along so well a few weekends ago..." Wade said lightly.

Jen smiled, taking a pack of cigarettes out of her purse and lighting one. I noticed that since Kelly had told her about my fetish, she had gone and bought her own pack, and it pleased me to see her making an effort to arouse me.

"I have to admit, I do remember saying something like that," Jen conceded with a glance at Kelly.

Lighting a cigarette of her own, Kelly took a drag and paused, thinking. Eventually she exhaled a stream of smoke and responded, "I suppose you're right. I thought maybe they had forgotten about that." She smiled and squeezed my thigh.

"Let me guess, you want to see me and Jen together, right?" she quipped.

Actually, I very much did want to see that, and from the reaction on Wade's face when she said it, I know he did too. But we had decided in advance that we were going to save that card for another night, since this evening we wanted to have them to ourselves. Plus, not going for the "easy play" would, we thought, make us unpredictable. Silly, I know.

"We definitely want to see that, but not tonight. We have other plans in mind," I said, trying to be firm. A hint of a smile played across Kelly's lips as she inhaled a drag from her cigarette.

I turned to Kelly and pulled her towards me. Leaning in, I pressed my mouth to hers and kissed her. As her lips opened and our tongues met, I could taste her smoky sweet breath and felt my cock stiffening inside my pants. I put my arms around her and ran my hands across her back, rubbing lightly through her clothes. Glancing over her shoulder, I saw that Wade was doing the same thing to Jen and that she was responding eagerly. I kissed her for many long seconds, and then pulled away suddenly. Again trying to seem firm, which was difficult with the amusement in the ladies' eyes, I looked at Kelly and told her to trade places with Jen. "I want to make out with my girlfriend," I told her, trying to make her a little jealous. Of course, it didn't work as well as I had hoped. As they switched, Kelly murmured loudly enough to be heard, "Take good care of my husband." I noticed she was quick to settle into Wade's waiting arms for some care taking of her own.

Jen ignored the seat next to me, instead sitting in my lap facing me. She put one hand behind my neck, took a drag of her cigarette and exhaled, then leaned in and began kissing me fiercely. She was so good, so different. Her lips felt subtly unlike my wife's, soft and insistent where Kelly was smooth and teasing. Her passion managed to exceed my own, and in spite of myself, I found my hands creeping across her blouse to massage her firm breasts as we necked.

Finally, Wade was the one who brought us back to our plan of action, struggling to rezip his pants, which Kelly had been fighting to undo.

"Well, this is going nicely, but I think we need to slow it down a little bit here. Shall we give them their presents now?" he asked.

"I think that's a good idea," I agreed. I reluctantly lifted Jen from my lap and set her on the couch, then stood. Going into the bedroom, I returned with two identically wrapped boxes and handed one to each of them. "For you," I said in the plural.

Kelly and Jen eagerly accepted their gifts and began unwrapping. Tissue paper flew everywhere, so aggressive were their efforts. Apparently gifts were a good idea with these two! Kelly got her box open a split second faster, and found two identical sets of lingerie. There were ultra sheer bras that concealed absolutely nothing, along with lacy garter belts and back seamed sheer stockings. All were black. Kelly picked up the bras and noticed that one was 36C and the other 34B, and grinned at our obvious intentions. Then she looked over to see what Jen had received.

Jen's box contained one set makeup, a dark red Mac lipstick with matching lip liner and nail polish, and a dusky eye shadow. It also had two pairs of high, wedge heeled black shoes in sizes 8 1/2 and 7 1/2, and a pair of butterfly clit vibrators that were designed to be held in place with elastic bands. They were remotely controlled, and the remotes were not in the box.

The ladies smiled at us and thanked us. "I assume we're supposed to go get into these outfits," Jen laughed. Wade and I assured her that our desires should be quite evident. They smirked and headed into the master bedroom, conspicuously bringing along their cigarettes for my benefit.

Wade and I looked at each other. "I think this is going pretty well," he said.

"So far, so good. Are you ready for the rest of it?" I asked, knowing that our plans involved separating the ladies a little later.

"Hey, you've fucked Jen twice now, so if it was going to bother me it already would have. And I can't wait to get another chance with Kelly. She is so hot!" Wade responded emphatically.

"I think she's pretty eager to have you again too," I admitted. "She keeps reminding me how thick you felt inside of her."

"Well, Jen hasn't let me forget that you can bottom out in her either, plus she keeps talking about the oral sex. Of course, she spends most of her time talking about Kelly. Would you believe that she had me close my eyes and pretend I was fucking Kelly when we had sex last night?"

"No shit! Kelly hasn't done that, but she keeps telling me I'd better like blonde hair, because I'd be seeing it in my bed a lot. That's why I teased her and called Jen 'my girlfriend' earlier. I tried to ask her once what had gotten into her, but she pretty much told me if I liked it, to leave it alone and enjoy. So I am," I told him.

We chatted for a while, since between the nails, the makeup, and the outfits, it took the women quite some time to get ready. After about a half an hour, they finally emerged from the bedroom. They looked amazing, with their cleavage emphasized by the tight demi-bras, but their nipples and areolas completely exposed by the sheer material. Their sexy makeup and red lips looked fantastic, and they had taken the time to do their hair up a bit as well. Of course, they had on the stockings and high heels as well, which emphasized both of their sexy legs. Finally, the butterfly vibrators were securely strapped in place. Sauntering over to us with cigarettes in their hands, Kelly asked, "Where should we sit?"

I motioned for them to sit between us, with Jen closest to me. We were more or less surrounding our square coffee table in the living room, and I withdrew a deck of cards from underneath, along with a square of cardboard. I explained the rules of the game. We were to play "Asshole", a college drinking game, except Wade and I automatically were the Presidents no matter who won, and could make them drink at any time. To emphasize the point, we had them each do a shot of peach schnapps. In addition to the normal rules, the cardboard square I had created was labeled "H" on one side, and "L" on the other. Whenever a "2" was played, the women had to scramble to kiss either their husband ("H") or lover ("L") depending on what side of the card Wade and I had left face up. If they forget, or were too slow or kissed the wrong one, they would have to take a drink and be 'buzzed'.

Wade suggested that we demonstrate 'buzzing' so that the penalty would be clear, so we each took a remote control from our pockets. Checking to ensure we had the control for our own wives, we flicked on the butterfly vibrators to high. Instantly, gasps and low moans came from both women. We shut the toys off and grinned at their desperation. Secretly, I figured they would make some intentional errors just to get the penalty buzzing.

We dealt the cards and began. For the first couple of hands, everything went smoothly. We made the ladies drink some wine, having some ourselves, and when twos were played the ladies kissed the appropriate man. Every few minutes Wade or I would switch the indicator card to keep them on their toes. Eventually of course, the pace of our changes and the intake of alcohol conspired, no doubt assisted by the pleasure of the penalty, to cause a mishap. When I threw a two, Jen kissed me and Kelly kissed Wade. We let them go briefly, and then pointed out the prominent "H" on the indicator.

Pouring the schnapps, Wade handed them each a shot glass. The women drank them down and looked at us with anticipation. We made them wait a few seconds, then gave them a five second buzz from the vibrators. When their moans ended, we continued. From then on, the "mistakes" became more frequent, and the women even began seeking out additional ways of obtaining penalty buzzes, such as running their fingers across their pussy lips and letting us taste the wetness, or stroking our cocks through our pants. We found a way to occasionally buzz them unearned as well, just for the hell of it.

Finally, I took Jen by the hand and led her into our master bedroom, while Wade brought Kelly into the spare. I laid Jen on the bed and began kissing her body, from her inner thighs to her neck and chest. I also handed her the radio vibrator remote, telling her she could tease Kelly with it. Soon, I began hearing intermittent moans from my wife in the other room. Shortly after that I started noticing Jen's vibrator firing on and off and smelled her wetness leaking from her. I started licking her pussy, gently pushing two fingers into her cunt.

In the spare bedroom, Wade had wasted no time ditching his pants and lying down in front of Kelly. She started jacking his 2" thick cock to full erection, then placed her red lips at its head and slowly pushed her mouth down around him. She sucked and fondled his cock while her vibrator randomly switched on and off, struggling to get her mouth around his wide prick.

Meanwhile, I had slid up and begun kissing Jen and letting her taste the musky flavor of her vagina from my mouth. I rubbed the head of my dick in her wet crevice to moisten it and slowly began pushing it into her. When the vibrator would go on, I could feel its buzzing through her cunt flesh and her hips would rise to take me deeply inside of her. I fucked her for several minutes this way, and Jen came three times when Kelly left the vibrator switched on for a long period without stopping. I realized later that this was when Wade was fucking her with his thick cock and she was hoping Jen would do the same for her. Eventually, she did, but she gave Kelly plenty of time to experience the fullness of his meat before adding to the sensations.

I was fucking Jen hard by that point, kissing her red lips and probing her mouth with my tongue. I pulled the bra from her right breast and leaned in to suck on her erect nipple. "How do you like this?" I asked her.

"I love it!" she gasped. "Fuck me! Don't stop. Don't stop fucking me. Oh god, I love your fucking dick." Her neck was arched backwards and her eyes were focused intensely on mine. From the next room I could actually hear my wife screaming in pleasure as Wade screwed her. Jen kept moaning uncontrollably under me. "I love your dick! Oh-oh god, I love it...I love you!" she cried.

I nearly came at that point from the sudden rush of arousal and raw power I felt. I slowed down to let my impending orgasm subside and began kissing Jen hard. Had she meant to say that? I didn't know, but I needed to find out. I kissed her neck and ears, slowing and deepening my strokes until I was making love to her instead of fucking her. "What did you say?" I whispered to her.

"I love you," Jen told me, kissing me. "I love my husband and I love you. I want to stay like this, with both of you. And Kelly too."

I wasn't sure what to say. There was no doubt that I had developed some complex feelings by this point, but at the same time I didn't want to betray my wife and my marriage. Sex was one thing; love was quite another. But this beautiful blonde beneath me was hard to resist and my own wife had been pushing me into her arms almost from the beginning. Finally I whispered it back to her, almost inaudibly. But I know she heard, because she clamped her legs around my back and fucked hard up against me until she came again. This time I couldn't hold back and I filled her cunt with my come, thrusting into her again and again until our mixed juices were foaming around my dick.

We disengaged and I flopped to her side, spent. We cuddled and kissed for a few minutes, then quite contrary to the plans Wade and I had made, which called for double-fucking Jen like we had Kelly two weeks earlier, Jen and I both fell fast asleep in each other's arms.


I awoke with a start to the sun shining in the window, and the smell of coffee brewing. Instantly I was terribly worried. Jen still lay asleep next to me, her hair spilled across my wife's pillows. There is a major difference between sleeping together (sex) and sleeping together (sleeping), and I was afraid Kelly would be angry.

I needn't have worried, because Kelly came in to the bedroom bearing two cups of coffee. She was wrapped in a sheet and one of her breasts was hanging out slightly. She handed me a cup and sat beside me.

"I didn't want to disturb you two last night, so we left you alone. Actually, that's night entirely true. Wade fucked me twice last night, and once again this morning while you were asleep." I looked down and noticed a trail of come running down her leg from her well-used pussy. "She told you last night, didn't she?" Kelly asked knowingly.

I thought about trying to pretend it hadn't happened, but decided to just be honest about it. I nodded affirmatively.

Kelly smiled and kissed me. "It's okay - I know how she feels. You know that's not all though, right?" I had a feeling of where this was going. "Jen and I are a lot alike," she continued.

"You love us both too?" I asked with a half-smile. Kelly nodded. "You're both such amazing men, and since it seems mutual between everyone Jen and I haven't tried to fight it," she explained.

Somewhere along the line, Jen had awoken. She smiled sleepily at Kelly, and then leaned over to kiss me. I noticed her pause and followed her gaze to the semen on Kelly's exposed cunt. Placing her hand on my cock underneath the sheets, she said, "Looks like I've been sleeping and missed out on the morning!"

"Wade said he had some catching up to do," Kelly joked. She pulled the sheet off of us. I was completely naked, but Jen had never bothered to take off her stockings and garter before falling asleep. The vision of her toned body along with her stroking hand rapidly hardened my member, and Jen swung a leg over me. "Care to give me a hand?" she teased Kelly.

I felt Kelly's hand encircle my shaft and stroke me several times to full erection, then rub me against Jen's vagina, sticky from last night's sex and her fresh arousal. Jen tilted her hips to take me all the way inside of her and slid down, slowly wedging Kelly's hand between us. She began fucking me in a riding motion while my wife squeezed the base of my prick like a thick cock ring.

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