tagGroup SexOur Night with John

Our Night with John


Sara walks into the room and is a bit taken aback. I can't quite understand, John had been to the house before. Wonder if it's the fact we were both sitting there naked with hard-ons and smiles on our faces?

I have talked to her about trying an MMF before with the other M being bi, but I think she believed I was just talking. After all, I wasn't bi; I enjoyed making love to women. I could tell the thought of being fucked by another man had turned her on but according to her, I was supposed to be jealous. I mean, how on earth could I watch my wife be taken by another man? Trust me it would be easy. I would be there to ensure nothing happens that could cause her any harm, and to stop things if they needed to be stopped. Plus I would get to participate in giving and receiving mutual pleasure. Anyway, back to the story...

Do I need to start from the beginning? John and I had met in a game room on the net. We found out we both lived in the same city and had similar interests. John had just broken up from a bad relationship and I offered an ear. He showed up about 15 minutes later with a half rack. I could tell he didn't want me to think he was coming over just to cry on my shoulder, so I just held on until the beer took effect and we loosened up.

We decided to surf some porn to pass some time. We found some very hot sites with both pictures and video that neither one of us had been on before. I'm not sure who decided to look at the bi sites, but there we were. Next thing I know we are both sitting there with hard-ons talking about how hot it would be doing a MMF. Then I told him about my fantasy of doing an MMF with a bi guy. John said he was very curious, and of course, I had to admit to being the same. We joked about maybe jacking each other off to relieve some pressure. I'm not sure if it was the beer talking or what, but suddenly I'm saying, "Well hell, why not?"

We were a bit tentative taking off our clothes but next thing you know we are sitting there stroking our stiff dicks. I mentioned that we were both pretty much the same size and both of us shaved our balls clean. John may have had a bit more length but I had the girth. I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh, across his naked balls, and replaced his hand with mine. John's dick was hard and hot. He laid his head back, and for the first time felt another man's hand wrapped around his dick. I stroked him the way I like it. I ran my thumb through some of his pre cum and rubbed it back and forth over the engorged head of his dick. John's breathing was starting to quicken and he pushed my hand away. He said it was my turn. John got on his knees; his hand wrapped around my dick and started sucking on my balls; first one, then the other. He would release them from his mouth with a pop. John ran his tongue up the underside of my dick and then would engulf my full length. I felt the back of his throat. He started moving his head up and down in union with his hand. I knew I wouldn't be able to take this for very long, so it was my turn to push him away. I slid from the chair, turned myself around and dropped into the bottom of a 69. I had never had another man's dick in my face before, let alone my mouth, but here was about 7 and a half inches dangling above my head, waiting to be sucked. I had thought about this for a long time but never thought it would happen. The scent of a man suddenly filled my nostrils. It was nothing foul, just different from that of a woman. John started pumping his dick in and out of my mouth, using it like a pussy, while sucking deeply on my manhood. Both of our balls were starting to tighten when we heard the car pull into the drive. We quickly re-situated ourselves on the couch. Which brings us up to date...

Both or our dicks were glistening from the 69 we had just pulled out of when she walked into the room. She tried to act prudish and asked just what the hell we had been up to. I told her to relax, that we had been amusing ourselves while waiting for her to come home. John smiled, reached over, and stroked my dick a couple of times and nodded in agreement. Sara just stood there for a few minutes watching, but I could see that she was very intrigued. When I started stroking John's hard-on, she moved a bit closer. She asked me if I had sucked his dick. I told her yes and asked if she would like to see it for herself. She said not just yet but to continue what I was doing. I asked if she remembered my fantasy and was willing to give it a try. She blushed a bit and said she wasn't sure. She asked if I was going to be jealous or think less of her if she was to let another man fuck her. I assured her it was OK, and that I would not think any less of her as long as she did not think less of me for what I was about to do. She said watching me stroke John's dick was turning her on more than she thought it would, and that she would let me know if there were any problems.

John and I looked at each other, smiled and nodded in agreement as to what would come next. We let go of each other and walked over to Sara. John started kissing and nuzzling on one side of her neck while I took the other. Sara started to moan, and told us how hot she was getting. Our hands started to roam her body. Her breasts were heaving as she reached down and took hold of us. We pulled Sara's shirt up over her head and started sucking and teasing her nipples. I pulled her jeans down and dropped to my knees and buried my head between her legs. I don't believe I had ever seen her this wet. We had to lie her down as the first wave of orgasm ripped through her body. I pulled her out of the jeans and continued to eat her pussy. Next thing I hear is John moaning. I look up and see he is on the receiving end of one of Sara's blow jobs. It was then that I understood what all the moaning was about. Sara gives one hell of a blow job. She had him down her throat and was kneading his balls.

I inched my way up across her body, stopping to suck on a nipple and moved in to help her with the blow job. My finger was massaging her clit as I moved my lips to John's balls. Either she did not notice or did not care, but she did not object either. For that matter neither did John. I could tell by his breathing he was about to cum. Sara started moving faster and faster until John threw his head back and screamed as he came. Stream after stream of hot sticky goo shot down Sara's throat. When he was done, Sara turned and kissed me. As she stuck her tongue down my throat, I was able to taste John on her tongue. It was salty, but not bad at all. Things were so hot that John only went semi soft. He mentioned that I was being ignored and suggested we take care of the situation. We moved into a kind of triangle with me between Sara's legs, Sara sucking John's dick again, and John sucking mine. I could tell Sara was cumming again by the way she started to deep-throat John.

I almost came myself but resisted the urge by pulling out of John's mouth. Then I hear Sara say she needs to feel a cock inside of her. We rearranged ourselves yet again, and I was about to have one of my fantasies come true. John positioned himself between Sara's legs. Sara reached down, looked over at me, and positioned the head of John's cock against her pussy lips. John moved his hips forward and buried himself in my wife. He started out slowly, pulling almost completely out of her and then running his full length back into her. Then he took her feet and put them on his shoulders and started to slam himself into her as hard as he could. All I could do was stare at Sara's face. There was my sweet wife being fucked by another man and she was enjoying it. I was standing there stoking my cock watching. It was one of the hottest things I can ever remember, and still think of that first time to this day.

I watched for as long as I could and decided it was time to take care of myself. I moved my way up behind John and wrapped my hand around his cock as it slid in and out of Sara. She was soaking wet. I wiped some of her juice on his ass and some on my dick. He continued to fuck Sara even though I had slid first one, then 2 fingers into his ass. John could feel my hardness as I slid my dick up and down the crack of his ass, and he stopped fucking Sara for a moment. I put the head of my dick to his asshole. Slowly I applied some pressure while he pushed back on me and the head of my dick popped into him. John gasped but did not move, and kept pushing back on me until I was balls deep in his ass. God, it felt good as I enjoyed my second fantasy of the night being in a MMF with a bi guy. I grabbed John's hips as he started fucking Sara again. I held on as I tried to get into rhythm with the two of them. Sara and I smiled at each other as she looked at me over John's shoulder. Suddenly she threw her head back and started thrashing as she started to cum again. This set John off, and as he came, his asshole clenched my dick which made me start to cum. I shot load after load into John's now used ass as he came hard in Sara. We all collapsed on the floor as my cock popped out of John's ass.

Sara rolled over and not only kissed me, but also thanked me for the hottest night of her life. She said watching me fuck John while he fucked her was hot, and she was willing to do it again as long as I would not get jealous. I asked if she was all right with me being with another man. She reassured me of how hot it had made her. We kissed again, moved over and kissed John and continued with the evening but that will have to be another story...

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