tagIllustratedOur Passion Fulfilled

Our Passion Fulfilled


I can see you as you slowly undo my shirt. I can see the look on your face. You know you are being naughty, and you love it. You cock that finger at me and tell me to follow you to your bed. I give one of those slow, small smiles that tells you I am enjoying it. I like this excitement. I follow you down to your room, where you turn on a light, so you can see me.

Then I lay down on your bed and you come over, yanking at the remaining snaps of my shirt, making sure that it is completely open to you. You see the corset I wear underneath and you pull the cups down to expose my breasts.

There they are waiting for your fingers to make them hard peaks filled with desire. You wish to make me squirm just a little, so you pinch them looking at my eyes the entire time. Their response is automatic. They know that their taster, their master has arrived to give them pleasure, to give them floods of joy and desire. You tell me to lie down on the bed, naked except for my corset, letting you look at me.

You want to enjoy my tits further, so you bring your mouth to them trying to decide as you do whether it is a night to bite or a night to suck and kiss. It is so difficult, because as you touch me you become harder and harder. You feel the erection begin to grow just from being near my body, but the entire time you are there hard and ready, you are not ready to give up the exploration of the body of the girl you desire.

You decide that you have to have your own sensations. So, stripping off your clothes, you walk around the bed, standing before me in all your glory. Your cock is hard with wanting. You pull me close to your body and tell me to lick you. I bring my mouth to your hardness. I feel the heat and power from your cock react to my touch. My tongue slowly slides up your shaft, tasting you.

The warm moisture of my mouth flows over you as you pull on my nipples. I am arching off the bed into your hand, wanting so much more, but I continue to give you pleasure. I open my mouth and feel the head of your cock against my lips. It is slick with precum. My tongue darts out and tastes your saltiness. I purr in my throat at the taste of you. Slowly, I bring my mouth to wrap around you, sucking gently. I can feel your body as it quivers with longing. You are so ripe for me.

Unable to handle any more pressure you slowly move your mouth to that moisture. You must taste and smell the desire that courses through my body. You have created in this woman that you desire, a furnace and there is nothing that you can do. No way to hold yourself back, you must know my body what my response to you tastes like, and smells, like. This desire has driven you wild and made you harder. It is no longer ignorable.

You can see the center of my being right before your eyes, and you slowly lower your head until contact is made. As your lips touch my precious lips you cannot control yourself any longer. You open your mouth and delve into my womanhood uncontrollably. All you know is that you have made me wet as dew on the ground and brought my nectar out of my inner being. I smell sweeter than the first flower of spring.

There is no stopping you now as your tongue flicks out and you taste that sweet juice and smell the passion. For awhile that satisfies you. You are content to keep your face buried in my nectar, but as I begin to squirm more and more you realize that driving me crazy would be good. You do not want me to come for you yet. There are two more ways you can make me moan your name over and over again.

Your mouth leaves my warm pussy. You come up and kiss me ever so sweetly and hotly, and you begin to touch me. Gently at first, to help me not suspect your true intent, but as I once again begin to move to the rhythm you have created, you surprise me. With one swift movement of your finger, you enter me ever so slightly bringing a gasp and moan of pleasure. You know I can barely breathe, you know that I am only thinking of you, of your finger and the pleasure you are bringing.

You slowly begin to move your finger moving it deeper and deeper inside of me. You have just begun the real pleasure for my body. Your cock hardens further from my gasps and moans. You know that there is nothing you would like better than to drive me wild like this with your hard cock; but you also desire to give me pleasure beyond compare. You continue touching me so that the intensity has built up higher and higher. The lightest touch makes me squirm. You allow me to get closer and closer, but then you take your finger away.

You know that I want more. My body is arching, begging for contact. You make me slowly relax, and I begin to wonder if you will do it again. When you know my body has almost completely relaxed you finger me again and I gasp and moan. I know that you will spend however long you wish making me moan your name. I am crazy and reckless with the pleasure. You continue to move your finger in and out as you wish. My climax begins to build as you wait for my body to relax less and less, and then I grab you. I begin to touch that hard and erect cock of yours. My hand slides up and down, up and down. Your touch becomes faster.

You can not take it any longer. Pushing my shoulders down on the bed, you get astride me. You push your hard, bulging cock up my leg to that part between my legs that is aching for you. As your cock encounters my center it feels the moisture, the heat emanating from the very core of my body, because you have touched and fondled, have brought me to that point where I can hardly contain my desire.

You can do nothing but respond to that heat and moisture and as you feel that first contact. You decide you can not contain it any longer. You surge up into me, pushing up against my body knowing that I am ready and willing to feel that solid evidence of your manhood pressed up fully and completely against the hot and wet evidence of my womanhood.

You know that as you push into me the response will not be slow in coming, and you are right for as you surge toward me, I have anticipated this and am surging forward toward you at the same time. Our bodies meet and the power is unbelievable. I can feel the hardness of your cock and you can feel the moisture surrounding you, and you cannot help yourself you must keep going, you must continue. This wonderful sensation that you get when you show me that ultimate power you have, when you know I can feel what you can give to me, this power is a high. Without thought you begin to ride me, moving as if there is no end in sight, you are only interested in bringing yourself and this special person in your life to a higher cliff of awareness.

It comes to the point where it is not enough, you cannot stop but you want more, you love the look in my eye, you know that I am enjoying this contact as much as you, but you want to touch me even more. You cannot stand this space you feel between your body and mine, so you lower your head to that breast that is always open for your hot wet lips to touch and you begin to do anything that comes to mind. You suck and bite and lick and play with this peak that you have created. You feel and hear my sounds of pleasure. My body is moving at a more rapid pace, pushing myself harder and harder against you, unable to control these feelings of total exhilaration. The pleasure that surges through my body at every suckle, at every flick of the tongue, at every tiny bite, brings that heat you are shoving into, to a higher level almost to the point of boiling and the moisture becomes juices flowing around you.

Desiring to bring me to a shivering orgasm, you surge into me over and over again. The muscles clench around you and I begin to shake. You know that you have reached that point of no return. You are coming hard and so am I. The pressure builds in both of our bodies until as one we reach the top and you spill forth the seed of your own body into mine as my juices flow out around you. You have touched me and made love to me not only physically but in your mind and soul. The connection is for all time.

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