tagErotic CouplingsOur Personal Earth Day

Our Personal Earth Day


It was a beautiful day, cool gentle breezes, lacy clouds drifting across the sky, just a perfect day for the big Earth Day rally. We were sitting on a blanket, cuddling while we ostensibly listened to the speakers a hundred yards or so away. Others were all about us, enjoying the day while making their statement as well.

Sarah was sitting cross-legged, but leaning into my chest. I was pressed tightly into her side, her warmth adding to the magic of the day. My left arm formed a support on the blanket behind her. My right hand had slid up her thigh and inside the leg of Sarah's shorts, and a finger was gently caressing the outer lips of her vulva through the soft cotton of her panties.

Sarah had given me one of her bemused but tolerant looks when I started this. "Hey, we're here to celebrate all of the beauty of the world!? I responded, which got me an amused snort. As I absorbed and enjoyed the feel of the cool breeze and warm sun on my skin and the moist warmth of Sarah against my finger, I felt that now familiar expansion of my awareness to encompass my surroundings, while simultaneously focusing on the mutual feelings in our bodies. As always, there was awareness in the back of my mind of the first time, and I gazed at the woman I loved, who completed me so well. I realized with a start that she was wearing exactly the same shirt and shorts she had had on that magical night in the Keys.

We had stayed at a boutique hotel on the Gulf side of the small, narrow, island that comprised Isla Mirada in the central Florida Keys. We got back from a long, romantic dinner around 9 PM, and both of us were aware of the common tension between us, as I wanted to speed up the romancing and she wanted to draw it out. As usual, she won. Instead of heading for our room, she suggested a walk along the hotel's pier. Arms around waists, leaning into each other, her head on my shoulder, we slowly strolled to the pier.

There was a half-moon hanging low in the sky, maybe an hour from setting, creating a bright path across the relatively still Gulf waters. A warm, gentle breeze came off the water and caressed us. With the sloping beach, the pier started well before the shoreline. Right at the shoreline, on a wide part of the pier, was a sitting area and a small thatched-roof bar to the right, now empty and dark. I started for the sitting area, but she pulled me back gently and we headed on down the pier. There were boats tied up along the left side, and coils of rope, even a net with floats around the edge, draped on a railing to the right. The stars were magnificent in the country-dark, cloudless sky.

The end of the pier bent to the right about 45 degrees. As I turned the corner, I realized that an object at the end of the pier was a young, skinny woman, short dark hair, in shirt and jeans, lying on her back, legs dangling over the pier end, one arm under her head. On closer look, the fly of her jeans was open and she was gently masturbating.

Sarah must have seen her the same time I did, and as she realized what she was seeing, she unfortunately let out a gasp. The girl took a quick look back at us, sat up, and then stood a second later. I held Sarah, who seemed inclined to turn and flee. The girl walked toward us, head tilted, and with a gentle smile held up her hand to stop me as I started to sincerely apologize for interrupting her.

"No, I am the intruder here. Please don't let me upset you; enjoy the beautiful evening." she said. With a quick nod she swept past us and on up the pier in a brisk walk. She was wearing the shirt of hotel staff.

I turned to Sarah. "Geeze," she sighed, "my heart is still racing!" I kissed her in reassurance. "I wish I hadn't made that noise so we could have just quietly left." she added, looking up the pier after the young woman. I was pleased that Sarah didn't seem offended by the girl's indiscretion.

I gathered Sarah in my arms and we slowly drifted to the end of the pier. I sat down at the edge, dangling my legs over the water the way the girl had done. Sarah hesitated, and then joined me, taking one hand in hers. After a few moments of silence, I quietly said "It's all so beautiful." My mind was calming as it reached out trying to take in more and more of the evening and the beauty around us.

Sarah lay back on the pier, one arm under her head just as the girl had done. "Look at the stars!" she whispered, as if we were in church. Sarah was a city girl who rarely got to really see the stars. I shifted over so my hip was resting against hers and lay back, attempting to touch her from shoulder to hip. This, of course, led to the eternal question of what to do with the two arms that were in the way between us. Hers ended up between us, her hand resting on my hip. She tucked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts to keep her hand from sliding off. My arm lay along her ribs and over the gentle swell of her belly, my hand resting in the valley next to her Mons Venus. We just lay there, alert but quiet.

I had reached that point of complete peace, where time had lost it's meaning when Sara sighed "I can understand why she was ..., well, you know. This is a place of oneness and beauty, right now." I shifted my hand and gave Sarah's Mons a gentle squeeze. She pushed up hard against my hand, bringing me back to the present in a hurry. I turned my head to look at her. Her face was relaxed, her eyes open. After a few seconds, she turned her head to me, her eyes looking into mine with total acceptance and surrender. There was no lust, yet, just a look so loving that I don't really have a word for it.

Sarah twisted her torso to move her face closer to mine, again pressing up against my hand, and I twisted to get closer to her. We gently rubbed noses for a few moments, and then she tilted her head so we could touch our lips. We very gently brushed our lips against each other's. Slowly, our tongues reached out to gently caress lips and tongues. It was so loving, it was almost beyond erotic. This went on for a couple of minutes before we both relaxed back onto the pier. She sighed happily.

Sarah started to move my hand off her Mons. I made a noise of protest; I really didn't want to talk. "Holding your sex grounds me and helps me open to the moment. Please leave it."

Sarah rolled her shoulders toward me. "Huh?" She demanded.

I let go, and brought my attention back to the moment. "OK, normally, my mind has all sorts of thoughts running through it. Right now I'm trying out several different ways to explain this to you, for example." I paused, actually deciding what to say next. "I have noticed that when I hold your Temple of Venus, with my hand, that the noise in my head goes away. My mind quiets. I am at peace. Right now, that's where I want to be, and I don't know any other way of getting there."

She looked at me for a while. A smirk spread across her face. She reached down, sliding her hand inside my shorts and taking my cock in her hand. "How about now?"

"Hm-m-m. Nice, but no. That focuses my attention, but my mind is now working very hard on how to get you to not stop!"

She laughed quietly, laying back on the pier and pulling her hand out of my shorts. She undid the waistband button and zipper of her shorts. I slid my hand inside her panties, over her Mons, and gave her pussy a gentle squeeze. I could feel the calmness come back over me.

A few moments later, she asked "Touching me like this really puts you in a meditative state?"

"Yea, talking pulls me out again."

"Oh, sorry."

We lay quietly. I was aware of my hand touching her, but it seemed more like merging, oneness, than holding. After a moment, my awareness seemed to expand. Slowly, I felt more and more like I was part of the stars, out in the middle of space. Now, I've read about out-of-body experiences, and I don't claim that was happening to me. I knew if I turned my head, Sarah was still there beside me and we were still on the pier. At the same time, I was part of and one with the stars, the ocean, even the moon that was sliding down to the horizon.

The moon had slid halfway down when Sarah sighed, and then rolled toward me. I looked over, and she put a finger to her lips. I looked back at the stars, keeping my peaceful state. She gently undid the waistband and zipper of my shorts. She slid her hand in, found and straightened my cock, and then just held it gently. After a few moments, she started gently and rhythmically pulling at my cock.

Surprisingly, this did not pull me back from my peaceful state. It did add a new element to it. I could feel my body responding, just as I was aware of the increasing moisture on Sarah?s vulva. I responded by gently massaging her sex with my fingers. It was a strange sensation, to be aware of such vast oneness, and simultaneously aware of where our bodies were touching and responding.

Even stranger was that I felt no need to move things forward or to do anything specific, at all. The peace that I had achieved was just evolving to an even more perfect peace that happened to include arousal and erection. I could feel Sara's vulva swelling and getting even more wet. In my state, our mutual arousal was filling more and more of my awareness, but not really displacing the sense of peace and oneness.

This continued, a slowly building fire banked by a sense of perfect peace. Then Sarah gently withdrew her hand. In my peripheral vision, I could see her legs in the air as she slipped out of her shorts and panties before straddling my legs. I felt her two hands at my hips, and I lifted my legs and butt so she could slide my shorts off. As I settled back, I felt her lift my cock, then felt the heat of her vagina sliding down and encasing my shaft. In my awareness, that contact between us exploded to become the center of my awareness, but still surrounded by the oneness with the earth, the stars, life itself. This was, after all, the most life affirming act of all.

Sarah leaned over me, gently rocking her hips, pressing her pubis against mine. I realized that she was breathing and moving exactly in time with my breathing, and I was moving with her. My sense of peace continued expanding to incorporate the increasingly intense contact between us.

Then a strange thing happened. The intensity leveled off. The sexual drive never took control, but never lessened. We continued moving and breathing in unison, drifting in that perfect peace. I have no idea how long this continued, but the moon set at some point. The stars continued to swim above us; the warm breeze to caress us.

After an unknown time, Sarah lay down on my chest and stopped moving. Slowly, the circle of awareness returned to normal awareness. I became aware of a couple sore spots, and I think my left butt cheek had completely gone to sleep. I touched Sarah's face, and she looked up with a loving smile on her face. I kissed her gently, and then she sat up and lifted off me. With no words, we put our clothes back on and wandered back up the pier, again arms around waists and her leaning her head on my shoulder.

Back in our room, I ordered room-service breakfasts, and we fell asleep cuddling spoon style. The next morning we made love, slowly and gently. After a late breakfast, we made love again, for two hours. Both of us were having trouble shaking off the effects of the previous night. We weren't even talking; it was all very quiet and spiritual.

We finally got dressed and, for lunch, we went to the bar at the base of the pier. Behind the bar, and taking our orders, was the tall, skinny young woman from the previous night. Sarah left her a twenty dollar tip.

Over time we learned to create that sense of peace and oneness whenever we wanted to. I'm told it's a form of meditation. The meditations that are strongest are the ones that involve making love to Sarah. We came to call that evening our personal "Earth Day? and it led to our involvement in the movement, and our presence at this rally. We also schedule nights in the country or at the beach as often as possible.

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