tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Road Rules Ch. 2

Our Road Rules Ch. 2


Dedicated to my Muse and Easel, Likes2Watch

* * * * *

The next morning found me curled up beside you, reflecting on the events of last night. Having all those men willing to please me was so wonderful – I smiled to myself as I thought that I got more cocks in one night than most women get in a life time! I thanked the powers that be that I was lucky enough to have found a lover whose lusts matched my own, and was willing to indulge me so generously. The problem was how to return the favor. I was lost in my scheming when you woke up and rolled over to me.

"Good morning. Sore?" You asked, considerate as always.

"Mmmm, a little, but well worth it," I laughed, and jumped out of bed before you could use your wiles on me. I had made my plans as you slept, and part of them was denying you the pleasures of my body until tonight. It would be tricky, but essential!

We hit the road after breakfast and headed north. I suggested a college town about 5 hours north of us, and then pretended to fall asleep so I wouldn't be tempted to suck on that magnificent cock of yours. We pulled into town mid-afternoon. I stretched, opened my eyes, and grabbed the Frommer's Guide to find a suitable hostelry. After a minute of scanning, I found it. It was low-end, but it catered to college kids and that was integral to all my plans. You argued that we could find a better place, but then sensed that I was up to something deliciously wicked, and acquiesced.

After checking in we did some sight seeing, the usual tourist stuff. Finally, it was dinnertime and I could hardly wait until dessert… The bar in the hotel was a typical rathskeller with lots of wooden beams, jukebox, pool table, and an odor of stale beer and cigarette smoke. Now came the hard part – finding the next actress in out little drama. The bartender was too much of a sorority girl, but the waitress… ah, the waitress. She was one of those lovely creatures who looked like she spent her days playing field hockey and her nights drinking boilermakers with the boys. Luckily, you were in the bathroom when she first came to the table, so I started my maneuvering.

Several minutes of small talk revealed that she was a sophomore and waitressing to pay the bills. "Why don't you just find a nice guy to take care of you?" I asked, testing the waters. She laughed at me.

"Men are good for one thing – and though they're very good at it, women are so much more fun to spend time with," she said with a wink. Now I had the fish on the line, and started to reel her in.

"So, do you party?" I asked. "Maybe after you get out of work we could hang out and smoke one up?" She said that sounded like a fine idea, and then went off to wait on other customers as you returned to the table. "What was that all about?" You asked.

"Layovers catch meddlers," I responded cryptically, "And you know you'll find out eventually." We finished dinner, and as we left I told the waitress our room number. She said she'd be around in an hour. Now the problem was to keep my mitts out of your pants for that long… I invented a headache and relaxed in the bathtub until the hour had passed.

Finally, she knocked on the door. We sparked up and chatted. I was watching her check you out (and me, for that matter), and decided to make my move. I told her how I had a fantasy about you watching me make love with another woman, and her response was to lean over and kiss me. I kissed her back, and then told her there was a catch. You were such a lust god, I explained, that the only way to make sure you didn't jump into the middle of things was to tie your hands to your chair. To your credit, you went along. Giggling, we stripped you and tied your arms to your chair.

Now we could get down to business. I peeled off her clothes, kissing ever inch of her gorgeous young body as I went. Her breasts were perfect, her legs to die for, and the blonde fuzz on her wet box a work of art. I asked you what you wanted me to do first, and you asked me to lick her breasts while I fingered her. As my finger sank into her tight pussy I could feel my own pussy start to drip. She pulled my head tighter against her tits and lifted her hips for my probing hand. I teased her clit with the tips of my fingers, flicking it over and over until she was moaning and begging for me to finish her off. I was in no hurry, so I stopped and gently kissed her breasts and shoulders, bringing her back from the edge. I smiled over at you, enjoying the sight of your raging hard on rising out of your lap. I could tell how much it was killing you to be unable to stroke your cock.

I rolled her over onto her knees so you could see every inch of the pussy I was enjoying. I laid on my back underneath her and began to lick the inside of her thighs, moving ever closer and closer to the center of her sweetness. I finally pushed my tongue up into her box and tasted her. She started to grind down onto my face as I tongue-fucked her, holding her ass up with my hands to afford you a better view. My legs were hanging off the bed right in front of you, and I spread my legs so you could see both our wet slits, so tantalizingly out of reach. She started to beg for me to let her come, and I pulled her down so she was sitting fully on my face, and licked her into ecstasy.

We lay on the bed, lightly kissing each other as she came down. The sound of your heavy breathing filled the room, but it wasn't time to set you free. I stood up, pulled her with me, and we each sat on one of your thighs. We rubbed our soaking pussies up and down your legs, while we kissed you. "Do you like feeling two women riding you?" I asked. "Wouldn't you like to be able to shove that pole of yours into one of us?"

"God, yes," you answered. "Please, I want to fuck you both – enough is enough. Untie me and let's get busy." As you spoke, you tried to rub your cock against us, but I was having none of that.

"You always said you like to watch – I'm only indulging you!" I laughed. "Besides, this is only intermission – you still have to see Act II!"

One of the toys I had brought along was one you had no idea I owned – a 9" strap on dildo. I retrieved it from my suitcase and asked if she would be so kind as to fuck me with it. She smiled and directed me to get on all fours, tuned sideways on the bed so you could get the best view. She knelt behind me and pushed the dildo into me, riding me nice and hard. I watched you as you stared at me being fucked by another woman, and asked you if you had any requests. You directed her to fuck my ass, and without missing a beat she pulled out of my pussy and sank the wet toy into my ass. It didn't feel as good in there as your cock, but the sight of you immobilized and unable to join in more than made up for it. She pushed her fingers up into my pussy as I rubbed my clit, and I stared into your eyes as I came.

By now, you were begging to be released. She and I went over to you and by unspoken consent, started to tease you. We took turns almost taking your cock into our mouths, letting you feel our breath on the head of your stiff pole, and then stopping just as our lips grazed you. I moved down to run the tip of my tongue across your balls, and she moved to lightly drag her nipples across your lips. The pre-cum was dripping down your shaft, and I rubbed it on your nipples and we licked them clean. I didn't want to risk you coming, so I pulled her back to the bed.

After tormenting you, she and I were ready for another go. I wanted to feel her tongue in my cunt, so I pulled her into a 69 and we went at it with a vengeance, almost forgetting you were there. As she licked my clit, she worked 3 of her fingers inside me and let me fuck myself against them as I licked and fingered her. We came against each other's faces, covering them in our wetness. Finally, our lust for one another sated, it was your turn.

She stood over you and asked if you wanted to taste me. You licked my essence off her lips as she untied you. You were out of the chair and on top of her in one move, and she gasped as you sank your throbbing meat into her. After being denied satisfaction for so long, you could only fuck her like a crazy man, pulling her legs up over her head and burying your pole into her as hard as you could. After only a few minutes, you pulled out and were set to come all over her chest. I moved in so I could take your load in my mouth instead. When you came there was so much of it I couldn't swallow it all, so I turned over to let her clean off my face. She and I kissed each other, sharing the taste of your seed in our mouths. Finally, we all drifted off to sleep, limbs intertwined, to sleep the sleep of the utterly fucked-out.

The last thing I heard as I dozed off was her drowsy voice saying "Shit, too bad we didn't get that on video!"

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