tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Road Rules Ch. 3

Our Road Rules Ch. 3


As always, for L2W

As the miles flew past the next day, I amused myself by alternately fiddling with the radio dial and your crotch. For whatever reason we were both in silent moods. It wasn't until I found some Meatloaf on the radio and cranked it up that you spoke.

"Turn that shit off."


"Turn it off or else!" The 'or else' caught my attention. I needed some dirty love and thought maybe I could annoy you into providing some.

"Or else what? You'll drive erratically?" I asked sarcastically. "Spare me." I peeked out of the corner of my eye to see how you took that. Your mouth tensed up and brows came down so I knew I had something going. "Oooh, big man at the wheel gonna adjust the mirrors? Turn the vent on high? I better buckle up, huh?" You didn't answer, just grabbed the map from the dashboard, studied it for a minute then threw it back, an evil smile on your face.

More miles, more silence. A sign announced a rest stop in two miles. You moved into the right lane, raising my hope that I was in for a good solid fuck in just a few minutes. As we pulled into the rest stop, you headed towards the back lot where the semis parked. Better and better, I thought. With a squeal of brakes you stopped behind the row of trucks. "Keep your ass in that seat till I get back" you ordered, and stalked off. Whatever, I said to myself, and continued to futz with the radio.

Then I realized I was being watched. I looked out the window to see you standing by my door with three flannel & denim clad truckers. The oldest of the three, a burly hairy guy in his fifties, opened the door and roughly pulled me out.

"So this is the hole that needs a lesson in manners, huh?" His eyes moved up and down my body. "Well, sir, we're happy to oblige you. Once they get it in their heads that they can speak any which way they like, it takes a pile of cock to knock sense back into them." As he spoke, you sat down in the passenger seat and pulled me back onto your lap so I was facing out the door.

"Or else this," you whispered in my ear. The burly trucker already had his cock out in his hands and was reaching for the back of my head. With little ceremony he opened my mouth with his fingers and pushed his thick shaft into me. The other truckers let out a cheer as he proceeded to push the head of his cock into my throat. Every so often he would pull out enough that I could get a quick gasp of air, but otherwise he kept himself so far in me that my nose was buried against a mat of pubic hair. "Play with his balls," you whispered in my ear, and I reached up to cup his balls in the palm of my hand.

"Yeah, shit, she sucks as good as any rest stop rat!" the trucker told his buddies. "This dude was right – you better go get the rest of the guys." I stopped in surprise – three was fine, but just how many others were there?

You pushed my head back onto the trucker's wet shaft. "What, you thought you'd get away with only three? No, my dear, this is a lesson in manners that you'll remember." To emphasize your point, you reached down to lift up my skirt. "Let them see how wet your slit gets when you have a cock in your mouth." The guy in my mouth was getting close to coming, and when he looked down and saw you spreading my soaked pussy lips apart he pulled out and came all over my face.

"Whew, thanks buddy. I needed that as much as she did!" He tucked his cock back in his pants and lumbered off towards his truck. Before I could catch my breath or even wipe some of the jizz out of my eyes, trucker #2 was in front of me, cock in hand. He was a scary looking guy, with a scary looking fat cock. Like the first trucker, he didn't waste any time, just shoved his pole into my face and fucked my face with little ceremony. I tried not to gag as he forced himself all the way in with a particularly violent thrust – I could feel my jaw stretching to accommodate him, and the ridge of his head moving back and forth deep in my throat.

Your voice cut through the haze – "You're not a fast learner, are you? Play with his balls, damn it" you growled in my ear. I hurriedly reached up to obey, trying not to dig my fingernails into him as he continued the assault on my mouth. Finally, as I was starting to think he would never come, he pulled out and sprayed my face with his load. The last shot had barely landed before I was being facing another cock.

"You look like you need to catch your breath," trucker number three observed, "So why dontcha lick my balls for a minute like a good hole?" I was so thankful for a rest that I tried to do him justice. I lightly dragged the tip of my tongue around the bottom of his sac, getting his balls wet enough that I could suck them into my mouth. As I did, he stroked his shaft and watched me pleasure him. Only a few minutes passed before he said "Time's up!" and pushed himself into my mouth even more roughly than the first two had. As he pounded against my face, I felt your fingers slip between my pussy lips and tease at my clit. Your stiff rod was pushing against my ass, and I started to hope this little show would get you hot enough that trucker number three would be the last, and I'd get the fuck I'd been waiting for.

Trucker number three was in no hurry, though. I could tell he was holding back, and started using my tongue as well as I could to speed things up. I finally heard him groan, and he too blew his load on my upturned face. As he moved away from me, I couldn't believe my eyes – to be exact, my one eye as the other was too covered in spunk to see out of - there were six more truckers lined up, waiting their turn.

"Please, honey, my jaw is killing me, I can't do six more!" I begged you. The only reaction this elicited was a laugh.

"Did you hear her? She says her jaw hurts!" you told the waiting truckers. "Any of you have a problem with fucking her instead?" The truckers assured you they really didn't mind, not at all. You pushed me off your lap and turned me around. "Put your head in my lap, " you directed, "And lift your skirt for our friends."

As the next guy moved into position behind me, you pushed my face against the bulge in your pants. "I think your jaw can handle one more cock," you told me. "Unzip my pants." The trucker behind me was now fucking me with a vengeance, but I managed to get your cock out of your pants and into my mouth. As I rubbed my tongue on the base of your shaft, I heard you remind the truckers that they were to come on my face, nowhere else.

"Then you better turn her around, man, cause I'm gonna blow!" You pushed me off your cock and turned me enough that the trucker could let go all over my mouth. As soon as he was done, you pulled me back down onto your rod as another cock slid into me. The force of his thrusts pushed my head down farther on you, and I felt you lift your hips so I could take all of you in my mouth. As you and the trucker established a rythym, I could feel an orgasm building in me. You must have known I was about to come, and told me that if I dared come without your permission, it would be blow jobs in the parking lot all night for me. That was a sobering thought, and I concentrated on pleasuring you instead, squeezing your shaft as I sucked greedily on your head, just the way you like it.

By the time the last trucker had shot his wad on my face, I looked like hell. My make up had run down my face and mixed with the cum, tears, and spit, so that when I looked in the rear view mirror I saw some kind of evil whore clown looking back at me. I almost wished I had a camera, but to whom would I ever show the picture?

"Now it's my turn!" you announced to the lingering truckers. "Think I should give it to her in the ass?" As the truckers cheered their assent, you pushed me down over the hood of the car. Reaching up to my face, you wiped off a handful of cum and rubbed it on my ass. I felt the head of your (ever luscious) cock push against me until it slid in, making us both moan. I needed cock in me so badly at this point I didn't care how much it hurt, I just wanted to be filled up. As I ground my ass back against you I looked over my shoulder to watch your face as you built towards your orgasm. The scowl of earlier was gone, replaced by a blissed out smile of lust. Your fingers pushed into my pussy to allow me to come with you, and when I felt the first hot blast of your cum in my ass I came too, bucking so hard on your cock that my feet came off the ground.

You pulled out of me, leaving me gasping against the cool metal of the hood. You shook hands with our audience, thanking them for their help. You rummaged in the glove box, then pulled me to my feet. "Look at you," you chuckled. "You're a mess." As you spoke, you gently wiped my face with a soft cloth.

I smiled back at you and agreed that I was indeed a tad disheveled. But, I pointed out, you were going to be even worse once I was done with you tomorrow.

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