tagFetishOur Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02


This is a continuation of the story 'Our sub fantasy fulfilled' and it may make more sense if you read that story first.

After Patty and I had dominated Amy and used her for our sexual pleasure we spent some afterwards time reflecting upon the events of that evening. I was quite happy with Patty to share Amy and both use her for our own pleasure. When Amy had visited us for the first time I was quite surprised at my wife's obvious enjoyment of the lesbian contact. In all our years of happy marriage Patty had never been with another woman, although we had talked about it when openly discussing our fantasies. Patty told me that she had been looking forward to making Amy eat her pussy and make her come, as we had discussed, but was not keen on reciprocating the deed to her. However, Patty said that when I gave her my fingers covered in Amy's slippery juices to suck when she was riding Amy's tongue it really turned her on. She realized that she would enjoy putting her tongue deep inside and tasting another woman's pussy. Patty said that when she briefly sucked my sperm out from Amy's smooth pussy she couldn't wait to explore down there again next time.

After our first evening using Amy, Patty had spoken to her in a quiet moment the week after at work. Amy had told her how much she had enjoyed being with us and that being totally submissive to both of us had really turned her on and deeply fulfilled a part of her life that up until now had been lacking. She explained that it was what she had been missing from her marriage and had lead to the breakup from her husband, as he was unable to satisfy her submissive desires. Amy said that she would be available for us again and was happy to let us do anything we wished with her, use her, humiliate her and totally dominate her. The women consulted their work rota to find a time when they were both off duty and arranged a suitable time for another meeting.

As Patty and I both enjoyed being domineering in a sexual situation having Amy who was half our age willing to totally submit to us, fulfilled our needs as well as hers. It was also a situation where Patty could experiment with her new found lesbian feelings and fantasies. I was looking forward to watching Patty use Amy, and for the first time spend time pleasuring another woman.

Patty and I discussed how we should handle our next meeting with Amy and we talked about what we would like to do with her. We agreed that as last time she should make sure that she was smooth and hairless all over, and arrive at our house by taxi wearing only her large raincoat that concealed her nakedness underneath. In preparation for her visit Patty and I did some mail order shopping on the Internet for some items that would enhance our, and Amy's pleasure. We spent some time on various web sites and in the end found one which seemed to stock all the things that we were looking for. We placed a large order with them for the following items: two pairs of metal handcuffs, a black leather collar, a velvet blindfold, some rope, a paddle, nipple clamps and chains, several vibrators, a butt plug, lube and two different sizes of realistic strap on dildo.

The evening soon approached when we had agreed for Amy to come to our house again. Patty had told her that she was to be totally smooth again and to wear only her raincoat and arrive at 8.00 pm. At 8.05 Amy had not arrived and Patty and myself thought that maybe she had second thoughts about submitting herself to us. However at 8.10 pm our doorbell rang and Patty answered it.

"You're late, bitch." She said to Amy who had finally arrived and stood on our doorstep.

"The taxi was late coming to pick me up." Amy tried to explain in an apologetic manner.

"Shut up slut." Patty told her in no uncertain terms. "We told you 8 o'clock and you are late."

Amy came in to our house and Patty told her to go straight up the stairs to our bedroom. We both followed her up the stairs and watched as she went into our bedroom and stood meekly at the foot of our large marital bed. I approached Amy and took out the new black leather collar that we had recently purchased. I ran my fingers lightly down her cheek causing her to blush and positioned the soft leather collar round her neck and buckled it up.

"When you are wearing this collar you belong to us." I said assertively to Amy. "Do you understand?"

"Yes." Amy replied in a voice that was no more than a whisper. "I understand."

Patty instructed Amy to step out of the raincoat and she obediently let it slip to the floor. This time Amy did not try and cover herself up with her hands but just stood there before us with her hands hanging loosely at her side. Patty walked round Amy inspecting her naked young plump body. I noticed that Amy's huge nipples were beginning to stiffen and that they were already standing out nearly an inch from her large breasts. We observed, that as we had commanded, she had removed all traces of hair from her body and her pussy was completely hairless and smooth.

Patty still fully clothed walked round Amy inspecting and admiring her naked young body. She ran her hands gently over Amy's tits feeling their weight and gently caressing them, and then suddenly Patty roughly pinched her large nipples causing her to whimper and cry out with shock and pain. Amy's nipples had now become fully hard and stood out proudly from her tits. Patty took out the velvet blindfold from her pocket and strapped it carefully over Amy's eyes so that she was oblivious at to what was going on around her. She then guided her backwards onto our bed and told her to kneel with her legs spread and ass in the air. Amy quickly did as she was told and knelt before us with her bottom high in the air. I noticed that her smooth hairless slit was gaping wide open and I could easily see the pink slippery wetness within.

Once again we both now had Amy where we wanted her, naked on our bed and willing to submit to both of us.

Patty told me that Amy needed punishing for arriving late before she fucked her with me watching. I agreed and took off my clothes and sat in the dressing chair next to the bed to watch Patty take control of Amy. My cock was already starting to get hard with the anticipation of watching Patty use Amy. Patty went over to our bedside drawer where we had stored all the new items that we had recently bought and took out the paddle. Amy was still blindfolded and kneeling on our bed with her bottom thrust up lewdly in the air so she had no real idea of what was about to come.

Patty stood behind her and said in a very authoritive voice "you were late slut." Then with a smooth stroke brought the paddle swiftly down smacking it hard onto Amy's right buttock. This caused Amy to yelp out with the pain and the sudden surprise of the blow.

"I will not put up with my subby slut making me wait." Patty sternly told Amy before raining another hard blow this time onto her left buttock. Patty then proceeded to use the paddle another three times on each of Amy's buttocks, each hard blow making Amy cry out in pain. As the paddle hit Amy's buttocks each time I watched as her flesh rippled over her body in reaction to the blow. I could see that Patty was enjoying the control that she had over Amy as she hit her. When Patty had finished Amy's buttocks were glowing bright red and you could almost see them throbbing. Amy was making small whimpering noises. "That will teach you a lesson for being a late slut." Patty told her.

Patty turned to me in the chair and quickly slipped off her clothing getting naked for the first time that evening. I saw that her nipples were hard and I reached out to her very hairy pussy and spread her lips open with my fingers feeling her slippery wetness. Spanking Amy with the paddle had obviously turned my wife on and made her very wet. I brought my fingers to my nose inhaling the musky aroma of my wife's wetness before licking her juices from my fingers and tasting her familiar taste. Patty once again went to our bedside drawer and took out a pair of cuffs and the large strap on dildo. She roughly pulled Amy's hands behind her back and snapped the handcuffs shut on her wrists. Amy was now blindfolded on our bed with her hands cuffed behind her back, her head in the pillow and her bottom high in the air. Patty came over to me and I helped her into the harness of the strap on. As I passed the straps between her legs I brushed my fingers into Patty's soaking wet pussy causing her to groan out aloud. Patty looked very lewd with the thick pink plastic cock jutting out eight inches from her pussy as she approached Amy on our bed.

I sat in the chair and my cock fully hardened as I watched Patty. She positioned Amy on the edge of our bed with her bottom high in the air and her legs spread wide. I could see Amy's love lips hanging down and her pussy was gaping open and very wet. Her buttocks were still very red and puffy from the spanking Patty had just given her. I watched as Patty leaned forward and poked her tongue out and licked the length of Amy's smooth wet slit. Amy groaned with the contact of my wife's tongue and pushed her pussy back onto Patty's tongue. I watched as Patty probed deeply into Amy's pussy with her tongue, covering her mouth and chin with the shiny wetness that was dribbling out from inside Amy. Patty nibbled on her clit and licked up and down her pussy crack. When she had tasted her she stood up and nudged apart Amy's wet juicy pussy lips with the pink plastic strap on, then roughly thrust it all the way inside her. Amy moaned as the dildo filled her up. I watched as Patty thrust roughly into her with the strap on, at the same time she had a large handful of Amy's hair and was pulling her head back with every thrust. It was quite arousing to listen to the wet slurping sounds and slaps as the dildo thrust all the way into Amy's wet pussy. I watched my wife's buttocks move back and forth as she pumped Amy with the rigid plastic. With one had Patty pulled Amy's head back with her hair, and the other she once again slapped her red bruised buttocks in time to her thrusts. Amy was moaning into the pillow and pushing her pussy back in rhythm to meet my wife's rough deep strokes. Patty thrust into her harder and increased the tempo until Amy grunted and groaned as she obviously came.

Patty pulled out of Amy and quickly slipped off the plastic strap on. She pushed the shiny wet plastic into Amy's mouth for her to suck clean of her own wet juices. As Amy sucked on the plastic cock patty released her from the handcuffs and pulled off the blindfold. "You can make me come with your tongue now, bitch." Patty said to Amy as she lay back on the bed spreading her legs wide open.

Amy free from the handcuff restraints embraced my wife and they kissed. Their mouths opened and I watched as their tounges swirled together and explored each other's mouths. Patty roughly pushed Amy downwards to her tits and said, "Suck them." I watched as Amy spent time gorging on each of my wife's nipples sucking, nibbling and caressing them much to Patty's obvious pleasure. She then pushed Amy down the bed to her open thighs and commanded her to lick her pussy. Patty lay on our bed with her naturally hairy pussy gaping open with traces of wetness on her pussy lips and I watched as Amy's tongue probed deep into the hairy folds of my wife's pussy. Patty then pulled her knees up and opening her legs even wider pushed Amy's head down to her bottom and said, "Lick my ass." Amy enthusiastically probed Patty's asshole deeply with her tongue before returning to her pussy to lap up the copious amounts of sticky love juice that my wife was producing. Patty loved the attention of Amy's tongue on her pussy and ass hole and she was holding the back of Amy's head with both her hands forcing her into close contact with her wet pussy. "Lick my clit bitch." Patty shouted to Amy, and I watched as her head bobbed up and down over my wife's clit. Patty was moaning now and I could tell that it would not be long before she came. Amy continued to work Patty's pussy and clit with her tongue, while Patty pulled her in close to her by the hair. It did not take many minutes more before Patty let out a long moan and her body bucked and trembled as a huge orgasm ripped through her. When she eventually let go of Amy's hair, and she broke away from her pussy I could see that Amy's face, mouth and chin was covered and shiny with Patty's wet slippery pussy juice.

As Patty recovered from the powerful orgasm that Amy had given her she said "you had better give my husband some attention now, slut." Go and suck his cock," as she pushed her off the bed with her feet. Amy crawled over to me where I was still sitting in the chair with my cock standing proudly erect after watching the women together. Amy knelt before me and took the head of my cock in her mouth pushing my foreskin back with her tongue and teeth. As she opened wide and slid her mouth down over the length of my shaft I explored with my hands and found her huge hard nipples. I rolled and pinched them between my fingers making them grow even harder. Amy certainly had the longest, hardest nipples tipping her heavy breasts that I had ever seen. I thought to myself how great they would look with a piercing. Amy was now going to work on my cock and was making rude slurping noises as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft. I pulled at her hair as she sucked me deep in her mouth. As Amy sucked my cock Patty said, "Stop now bitch, get on the bed slut and open your pussy wide for my husband to fuck you." Patty must have known that if Amy had carried on sucking for much longer I would have come in her mouth and she wanted to watch me spurt my load in Amy's smooth pussy.

Amy lay on the bed and Patty commanded her to lift her knees and open her legs as wide as she could. She then proceeded to cuff each of her wrists to the headboard so that she was unable to move the upper part of her body. I got up from the chair with my hard cock swaying before me. Patty thrust three fingers into Amy's wet open pussy and said "the sluts nice and wet for you dear, give her a good hard fucking." Patty then offered Amy her fingers and she greedily sucked her own juices off. I placed my cock at the entrance to Amy's young wet smooth pussy. She was really wet as I leaned forward and thrust the whole length of my cock deep inside her with one rough thrust. Amy moaned in appreciation as my cock filled her pussy up. As I started to thrust into her sopping wet hole Patty stood next to her roughly pinching her large stiff nipples making her moan. I thrust harder into Amy's smooth pussy building up a rhythm, as I thrust my cock into her Patty started slapping her large wobbling tits. "Make me come, fuck bitch," I said to Amy as I used her pussy. It did not take long as Amy's pussy gripped my cock and I erupted, spurting six or seven streams of hot come deep inside her. I pulled my cock out and looked at Amy on the bed before me with her legs still wide open and her tits bright red from the hard slapping my wife had just given them.

Patty came to the foot of the bed with me and we watched as my sticky sperm slowly started to escape from Amy's puffy, well-fucked pussy. Patty leaned into Amy and placed her mouth over the young girls smooth pussy. I watched as Patty sucked out a large mouthful of my fresh come. She then stood up and spat it all out over Amy's face and hair. "There you are slut – a present for you." Patty laughingly said.

Amy lay on the bed with her pussy and thighs glistening with our combined love juices as the remains of my sperm still slowly dribbled out from her well fucked pussy. Her hair was a mess where Patty had been pulling it and some of the sperm she had spat out on to her was matting strands of her hair together. Her tits were red from the recent slapping and her buttocks were still glowing from the hard beating earlier with the paddle. She also had traces of my sperm and Patty's pussy juice drying round her lips, chin and mouth. Patty once again went to our bedside drawer and took out the butt plug that we had recently bought. She rubbed the end of it in the spermy juices still coating Amy's pussy, then I watched as she gently pushed it into her asshole, firstly meeting resistance then finally slipping it deeply into place. When it was in place she released Amy from the cuffs binding her to our bed and told her to get up and put her raincoat back on. "You will wear the butt plug and our collar until you get home," Patty told her. "Next time you visit us you will come wearing the collar, and with the butt plug inside your ass." Amy nodded meekly at this instruction. We called a cab for Amy that soon arrived to take her home in the mess that she was in. I'm not sure what the cab driver must have thought if he'd looked closely at Amy as she got into his cab.

When Amy had gone we made love with each other and I came deep inside my wife's lovely hairy pussy. Afterwards we talked about how the evening had gone and how I had enjoyed watching Patty use and humiliate Amy. We did talk about Amy's huge nipples and I did mention to Patty that I thought she would look fantastic with pierced nipples. I hope that it would not be too long before Patty made more arrangements with Amy to come to our house and be dominated and used again by us.

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