tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOur Torment Continues

Our Torment Continues


Like the first time, Maria and I tried to put the last experience with our captors behind us. But, at first, she had a hard time doing that. She was not her usual cheerful, bubbly self. Rather, she was somewhat sullen and withdrawn. I once asked her what those men had done with her in there. She only lowered her eyes and mumbled, "They did some terrible things to me." I didn't press it. Within about a month, however, she seemed to be returning to the Maria that I knew before.

For Maria, her two daughters were the love of her life. Teresa was a senior in college. Cheryl was a freshman. Maria was, justifiably, very proud of them and talked about them regularly when we were together. The father had abandoned them when the girls were just babies and Maria raised them alone. She had done a very good job.

Things were going really well for Maria and me, although we had not had sex yet. Maria had explained at the beginning that she was somewhat old-fashioned about things like that. I didn't object. She was definitely worth waiting for.

It had been about two months since the last incident with our captors when I received an anonymous letter in the mail. Instantly recognizing the handwriting, I tore open the envelope and read:

"You remember us, no doubt. We have Cheryl and Teresa. If you want to see them again, be at the same meeting place as last time at midnight tomorrow."

Frantically, I threw down the letter and called Maria. She had received the same letter and was hysterical. She had been informed by each of the girls' roommates that they had not been seen for a few days--very unlike them. The girls' friends had assumed they were visiting their mother. Neither of us said so, but Maria and I both knew what we would have to do.

I picked up Maria at about 11:00 the next night. It was about an hour drive from her house to the meeting place. When we arrived, the area was deserted. Shortly, headlights approached from the distance. It was the same shabby van as before. The same two men, masked and armed, jumped from the side door. As before, we were handcuffed, blindfolded, and tossed into the van. I couldn't believe this was happening again.

Eventually, I heard the same garage door open and then close behind us. Once again, we were led from the van into the residence. As before, the blindfolds and cuffs were removed. Maria instantly began pleading to see her girls. The female captor stepped over to the door to what I knew to be the "dungeon" and motioned to those inside to come out. It was Teresa and Cheryl. They were both naked.

The girls had apparently already received instructions on what to do when we arrived. Cheryl stood facing her mother. Teresa stood in front of me. When the lead captor said, "begin," Cheryl stepped forward and began undressing her mother, while Teresa did the same with me.

When we were both stripped naked, the lead captor motioned for all four of us to sit down on the floor. Pacing the floor in front of us, he started, "We're going to make a movie. Guess what? You all are the stars. Maria, you will play the role of Cinderella. Your daughters will be the "evil sisters." Pointing at me, he said, "You will be the prince who 'takes' Cinderella."

"Here's the story. Cinderella ignores her chores and goes to the ball, where she meets the prince. They come back home and the prince fucks her. The sisters come in from the ball and see the chores weren't done. They find the prince and Cinderella in bed. Angrily, they pull Cinderella aside and teach her some manners. Got it?"

Starting to cry, Maria begs, "Please let my girls go. I'll do anything you want. I'll stay here forever as your sex slave, if you want. Just please, let them go."

"No can do," said the younger male captor. "We need them for the story." With that, he picked up a bikini and a pair of spiked heels and handed them to Teresa. "Here's your costume. Put it on," he commanded. He then did the same with Cheryl. Looking at Maria, he smiled, "You don't need a costume."

We were then led through the dungeon into the next room. In it were two large cameras on tripods and a couple of spotlights. A dresser and mirror were in a corner. On the dresser were what appeared to be various types of make-up, lotions, etc. In the center of the room, the floor was slightly raised, creating a sort of stage. On the stage was a king-size bed, a nightstand and a lamp.

The younger male and the female captor each got behind one of the cameras. The lead captor pushed me and Maria onto the stage. Playing at director, he informed us, "This is the scene where the prince fucks Cinderella. Now, get in bed and let's see some real hard-core action."

Maria and I looked at each other. We were both probably wondering how we could get out of this predicament, but we also both knew that there really was no way out. It disgusted me that our first time making love together would be on camera--and directed by these bastards.

Silently, Maria crawled into the bed. I got in and rolled on top of her. Our lead captor yelled, "Action." We kissed, passionately, with each of our tongues exploring that of the other. With one hand, I gently rubbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. With my other hand, I tenderly explored the lips of her pussy.

Maria's breathing became heavier, making the mounds on her chest stand out, as if inviting me. I moved my mouth down to her breasts and caressed her nipples with my tongue. With this, her moaning was even louder and the breathing was heavier. The "director" then ordered me, "Fuck her. NOW." Complying, I inserted my erect shaft into her now dripping pussy.

In and out, I went. Over and over. I had almost forgotten where I was. It was just me and this beautiful woman making love. I could feel myself about to cum. Suddenly, the "director" yelled, "Cut. Stop." There I was, laying on top of my Maria, with my member inside of her. I was brought back to the reality of where I was.

Walking up to Maria, he grabbed her face and turned it toward him. "You need to show more emotion. You have the honor of being fucked by the prince. I need more intensity from you." He then stepped back and called, "Action."

I resumed pounding my shaft into Maria's inviting pussy. Soon, I could once again feel myself about to cum. Just as Maria's cries reached a fever pitch, with a final loud grunt I deposited my juices inside of her.

Just then, Teresa and Cheryl came onto the stage. They were both wearing the bikini and spiked heel "costumes" our captors had given them. Seeming to hold back tears, Teresa said in a halting voice, "What is the meaning of this? You haven't done your chores. We are going to have to punish you."

"Cut and print," said the "director." The other two captors, who had been operating the cameras, then began to push them back toward the dungeon. The lead captor moved first one spotlight, and then the other. He then motioned to the four of us to join them.

Back in the dungeon, I was told to crawl into a small cage. When I did, the door was locked. Maria's wrists were tied behind her, with a rope that was attached to a long pole that ran from the ceiling to the floor. The girls already had their instructions. Teresa went behind her mother and wrapped her arm around her neck, holding her in place.

The younger girl, Cheryl, slowly approached her mother, carrying a whip in one hand. Avoiding her mother's eyes, she cupped Maria's right breast in her free hand. "Tell us you're sorry and won't do it again," she said. Maria didn't answer. The whip cracked lightly against the breast being held by Cheryl. Maria grunted and flinched, but Teresa's hold her in place.

Cheryl asked her again to apologize. Maria was silent. Again, the whip came down on her breast, slightly harder this time. Maria flinched and started to cry. From behind, Teresa quietly reassured her, "Hang in there, mom. We are going to get through this."

Again Cheryl asked for an apology. This time, Maria blurted through her tears, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." But again the whip came down on her breast, a little harder than the time before.

"I don't believe you," said Cheryl. Cheryl then rained one blow after another down on the tender breast she held in her hand. Each blow was slightly harder than the one before. Maria desperately tried to pull away, but Teresa kept her there. After maybe eight or ten blows, with Maria squirming to escape her daughter Teresa's grip, Cheryl broke down and began sobbing. "Cut and print," said the "director." "We can edit out that last part where she starts crying later."

Our captors then untied Maria's wrists and led her over to a device that looked like a cross, but with another board along the floor. They stretched out her arms and cuffed her wrists. They forced her legs apart and cuffed her ankles with the board on the floor. They then backed away and the lead captor snapped, "Action."

Teresa and Cheryl both approached their mother. Each of them had some small items in their hands. Teresa got down on her knees in front of her mother. She had two small clamps and attached one to each lip of her mother's pussy. Each clamp had a sort of magnet on the end. Laying on the floor was a stack of small magnets.

Without looking up at her mother, Teresa asked her mother again for an apology for not doing her chores. It was quickly apparent that it didn't matter whether Maria uttered an apology or not. If she didn't apologize, Teresa would attach one of the magnetized weights to the clamp. If she did "apologize," Teresa didn't believe her.

With each weight, Teresa had apparently been instructed to slide it from side to side and bring the weight close to the magnet and then pull it away. Maria would moan and Teresa and would tell her, "Look, I made your pussy wiggle."

When all of the weights had been attached to the clamps, Cheryl then stood in front of her mother. She was holding two small clamps attached to a chain. She looked at the "director" and he nodded to her. She then told her mother, "You still haven't learned your lesson, have you?" She then quickly attached the two clamps to Maria's nipples. Maria howled, and Cheryl had to work to hold back the tears.

"Cut, print, that's a wrap," said the "director." The female captor came over and unlocked the door to the cage in which I had been confined the whole time. Teresa and Cheryl rushed to release their mother from the cross on which she was bound. The three of them gathered in a group hug.

"We're sorry. We're so sorry," both girls whined.

"It's alright," Maria reassured them.

"Oh really," crowed the lead captor. "Tell me, did you breast feed these children when they were little," he asked. Maria pretended she didn't hear him. He continued anyway. "I'll bet it's been a long time since they tasted their mother. Okay, each girl is going to suck on one of mommy's tits. There are two of you and she has two of them."

Teresa and Cheryl stood motionless, not really knowing what to do. Angrily, the lead captor marched up to Cheryl and pushed her head down onto Maria's right breast. He ordered her to start sucking on it, and she complied. He then stepped over to Teresa. Pushing her head down onto the other breast, he ordered her to do as her sister was doing.

I was watching this unfold from across the room. At the sight of the two young co-eds sucking on the breasts of their mother, probably the most beautiful woman I had ever known, I felt myself becoming aroused. The female captor noticed my erect penis. (She always seemed to notice that.) She called the attention of the other captors to my condition, and the lead captor told the girls to stop their action for a moment. They then had me go stand next to Maria and handcuffed me. The female captor approached me with a familiar item and slid it onto my cock.

The lead captor then ordered the two girls to resume their suckling. As they did, I heard a "click" and the familiar buzzing noise began. Our captor walked over behind Teresa, who had her head buried in her mother's chest. "Put your hands between your mother's legs, and give her a massage," he snarled. As she did, the other two captors laughed and applauded. "Move your fingers faster. Faster," he ordered.

The combinaton of the ring manipulating my cock and the sight of these two pretty young girls playing with their mother, herself a beautiful woman, was more than I could stand. Just as Maria's moans from the "massage" her daughter was giving her turned to screams, I exploded in an orgasm so intense I thought I might faint. At no other time before or since I have had that feeling.

"Okay, that's enough. We need to get them out of here before daylight," urged the male captor behind me. The girls raised their heads from their mother's chest. Both of them were near tears.

The lead captor ordered Maria and myself to get our clothes and get dressed. But, as before, Maria would only be allowed to wear her pants when we left--not her top.

As we got dressed, the female captor looked at Teresa and Cheryl and commanded, "Both of you. Take off your bikini tops." The two girls looked at each other. Teresa sighed and unhooked her top. The female captor snatched it off of her. Teresa shyly put her arms up over her small but firm chest. Cheryl defiantly removed her top and threw it at the female captor. This greatly amused all three of them.

Looking at me, the lead captor commented, "Well now, there are three of them and you only have one shirt. Which one will you give it to?" I don't know how they could have known I had given Maria my shirt to wear after the last two incidents. Maybe he just assumed that.

The younger male captor, who had left the room, returned with some papers. The lead captor instructed, "As a condition of letting you go, you must all sign these releases allowing us to sell the film of our session here tonight. When it is ready, we will let you know where you can buy a copy."

We all signed the forms. We were all blindfolded and led to the van. Once again, I heard the garage door open and then close as we pulled out. As we were riding in the van, Maria was pleading with them, "Please leave us alone now. We've done everything you asked of us. Please now just let us get on with our own lives."

"We'll think about it," was the only response she got.

Eventually, the van stopped. The four of us were pushed out and the van sped off. I hurriedly removed my blindfold in an attempt to get the license number of the van. I was disappointed to see that there was no license plate there.

Just as the prior two times, I took off my shirt and put it on Maria. We started making our way back toward town, hoping to get a ride with any motorist who came along. I thought our chances of getting a ride back into town were pretty good, even on this lightly traveled highway. After all, Teresa and Cheryl were both topless and wearing only bikini bottoms and spike heel shoes. If I was a motorist coming along, I would stop and pick us up. Wouldn't you?

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