Our Treat


We have not seen one another in quite a while and decide that you will come to my house tonight. When you get there we greet one another with a long awaited passionate kiss. We have dinner and catch up on all that has been going on with each other.

As we have been eating I have some slow music playing and after we are done I excuse myself to go to my room to put on something more comfortable.

When I come back I ask "do you like what you see"? I have changed into a sheer see through red gown with a matching robe and have tied a red ribbon around my braids putting them up in a ponytail. You pull me into your arms and we start to slow dance.

As you grind your body into mine, my tongue dances all over yours deep in your mouth. I feel your hardness against my stomach and reach down between us and gently grab it and open your pants and take it out and stroke it as we continue to dance. After this has gone on for a few minutes you take me by the hand and lead me into the bedroom.

Once inside you take my robe and gown off and lay me down in the bed. You get undressed and lay beside me. You then lie on your back and pull me to a sitting position right at your face. But just before you do this I tell you hang on a second and I reach over and open the draw to my night stand and pull out a bottle of chocolate syrup.

I smile at you as I squeeze it out all over my breast and then I point the bottle down to my pussy and spread it all over in there as well. You then bring your mouth up and start licking the chocolate off my breast as I sit on your chest moaning as my nipples become hard from the touch of your lips and tongue. And you start to lick and suck the chocolate from my breast and suck it off my nipples that are hard as rocks and you gently bite them as you do so.

I moan with pleasure as I hold your head and mouth to them. After you have licked them clean you start a trail of kisses that go right to my cunt pulling me to your face as you lay your head back some. Without warning you just dive face in deep inside of me and start licking and sucking at the chocolate as my hips move with your mouth.

Your tongue goes deep inside of me only to come out again and suck my clit deep into your hungry mouth. You then start to work your tongue deeper and harder and I start to move faster and harder when you do and I explode and all of my juices spill right into your waiting mouth. But just as my body stopped jerking you feel your tongue that is still inside of me touching something.

You suck a little more and are surprised to fine that it was the stem of a cherry that I had pushed inside of me. You pull it out and take it into your mouth and eat it and I lean down to you and kiss you deeply as you share the taste of everything with me. After we kiss it is I that turn over and lay on my back with my head on the pillow and pull you to me so that you are straddling my chest.

I reach and get the chocolate syrup again and I squeeze it all over your rock hard cock. I put it down and gently pull you by the waist to me and start to tease your sweet covered cock with my tongue. I lick the head of it and make tiny circles all around it as I listen to you moaning. I then start to lick more chocolate off as I trace long lines up and down the length of your cock with my tongue. And then I catch you totally off guard and suck you deep into my mouth as though I will never let it go.

After a few minutes of this you can no longer stand it and you brace yourself on your hands and knees as I lay my head back totally and you start to pump in and out of my mouth as though it were my vagina. You swell as you push deep in and out inside of my throat and I hear you let out a loud moan and you explode with a fury.

You then move down to me and kiss me letting me taste the juices and chocolate. We kiss long and deep with your still laying on top of me and I feel your desire rise all over for me again with your hardness anew for me. You move your body up and go to push inside of me and I start to scream because you are so big and I am so tight.

You look into my eyes and push again. This time I arch my back deep to move back and make some of you come out of me. But you use the strength in your lower body and push me right back down to the bed and you then pin my hands above my head. You then claim my mouth with yours to quiet me and push your tongue inside of my mouth and push deep inside of me as my scream echoes deep into your mouth.

You drive long and hard inside of me and it feels as though you are tearing me apart. But my tightness excites you and is such a turn on that you just cant stop. As I feel you about to cum and I know this because I feel your cock swelling inside of me stretching me even more you grab my legs up and place them over your shoulders and drive into me like a mad man until you explode....................

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