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Our Unholy Church


I was fifty six a widow and for many months I was deeply disturbed and on the verge of loosing it completely. Then my savior came into my life. Big, old, thick through the shoulders and a little pot belly Denny came in with a bang to sweep me out of depression and into a life of love, devotion and lasting, ever lasting passion. It came in a flash and my past world crashed to the hell that it was. I had never known that life could be this happy, marvelous and so very stimulating. In the past I was blonde and dumb as a rock. Now I was blonde and desired, wanted and I felt sexy as any women on the planet.

I accepted Denny's invitation to dinner not with reluctance but with anticipation of something new, something I had never lived through before. It felt different and I felt different. This dating was all new to me after thirty eight years of marriage to the same passionless man.

I had a wonderful time and was treated like the lady I was. Yet through out the evening Denny used words that could have a double meaning and at times these words could be taken with a sexual meaning. I thought this was fun and I felt much like a girl on the first date with a boy that may have wanted to move along somewhat faster but not knowing how.

So for that first date I let him move at his own pace. Then the next date was no more than a ride in the country and lunch at a road side diner. The place was small and surprisingly filled to standing room only with bikers. Denny moved among these men with there leather pants and jackets with ease. I saw a few nod and smile. I took this as some kind of stranger approval of Denny guest. "Me"

As we left I got a few cat calls and Denny did something that no man had ever done before he openly in public patted my behind and held his hand there for what seemed along time to show the bikers that he was the boss, owner and sole possessor of this prize. One very large man stood there laughing and called out "Bring her to the fold and let us all enjoy her company."

Denny called back saying "I'll do that brother." I did not know what this was all about but it must have been a Biker thing.

As we pulled out a pretty girl in her mid thirties came out of the diner and stood next to the one Denny had called "Brother" This girl had on leathers like the other Bikers and I guessed she was one with the big guy.

"Do you know those people?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact I know them very well. The big guy Jake is the Pastor at the church I go to and that lady next to him is his wife. Most of the other are also church members. Would you like to go to church with me Sunday?" Denny said watching the road ahead.

I was stunned but saw that these Bikers were nice, friendly and social so I accepted the invitation. Denny said he had something he had to do later that day. He would be busy but would come by about nine thirty the next morning to pick me up for church. I looked forward to seeing these Bikers with out there leathers and chain attached wallets.

We were greeted at the door by a well dressed tall slender man that I remember was one of the Bikers. He sure did not look the same. We were escorted to a seat on the left side. From here we could see the choir loft and there with her hair all neat and held in place with a ribbon was Cindy. Even the choir robe could not hide her very female figure. The leathers had not showed just how fine and round she was. Then when the choir had finished the first selection the big man came out all dressed in white flowing robes with gold trim. I was amazed at the service and how the members were so involved and sang there hearts out.

At the end o f the service Denny took me by the arm and led me down a side aisle to a door that lead to the rear of the church. There we entered a large room were others had already gathered. There was coffee and sweets on two tables. Denny lead me straight to the big man and introduced me to Jake Letterman and his wife Cindy standing by his side. Jake took me in his big strong arms and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. This was followed in the same manner by Cindy. However I got a little different feeling when Cindy kissed me on the cheek but very close to my mouth. She had removed her choir robe and was now dressed in a tight blouse that hide nothing and showed every thing. We talked and moved around and Denny introduced me to others. Some singles and some couples. Cindy came up and took me away so I could meet some to the other ladies. I asked Cindy were I could wash my hands and she showed me out into the hall and down a few doors. She stood back and let me enter. I had just entered the stall when the outer door opened again and I heard the voices of two ladies.

One said how much she was looking forward to this afternoon and the wonderful time she planed on having. The other lady laughed and said "Martha you would have a good time if no one else showed up." I did not understand this but they both laughed. Then as they went out one said '"I just love the Jake lifts me up." It did not sound like a religious doings but what else could it be.

Then later Denny was asked if he and I were coming to the afternoon retreat. He said he was not sure yet but if he could make it he would. It sounded like I was not to be invited to this retreat get together.

Again my bladder had let me down and so I made my way down the hall to the ladies room. I must have turned to wrong direction and when I opened the door I walked in on the tall man that had welcomed us to the church and a rather round robust lady. The top of her dress open and heavy melon like breasts hanging out. She was kneeling in front of the man. He had his pants open and a very long stiff penis held in one hand while holding the ladies head with the other. She had most of is penis in her mouth. The man looked at me and said "If you don't mind."

I let out a gasp and started to back out of the door. My way was blocked by Jake. He pushed me forward and into the room. I turned to see what he was doing when Cindy came in and closed the door behind her.

The couple engaged in oral sex never stopped what they were doing. I was shocked and stunned into a silence. Jake took me into his arms and said "As you can see our members are very, very friendly to one another. Now that you see how friendly we are I would like to welcome you into our congregation." Jake was still holding me and I was so stupefied that I could not speak.

Cindy came around reaching between Jake and me opening his pants. He held me back so I could see Cindy reach in and pull out his penis. It was thick, hard and the head was very large. I gasped as I had only seen a few penises in my life but this one had to be the daddy of all penises.

Cindy some how got me to kneel. She also took my shaking hand and lifted it to his penis. Cindy kneeled next to me and whispered in my ear. "Wilda suck Jake's cock. Welcome Jake into your heart and let Jake give you the gift of life. Drink from the scepter and raise a women fulfilled.

My husband had never wanted oral sex and I had only done this a few times in my life. However I had read many, many books all love stories where lovers that enjoyed oral sex and many other ways of making love that I and my husband never engaged in.

Cindy kissed me on the cheek and pushed gently as Jake's cock came closer and closer. I let my eyes wander to see the fat lady still sucking the cock of the tall man. What was I to do? I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

Jake's cock was sweet and warm. The outer skin was soft and smooth but the muscle inside was rock solid. Jake moved his hips sliding his cock back and forth in my mouth. Cindy kissed me again and said "You're doing very well. Take it deeper into your mouth."

Cindy was now opening my blouse to free my breasts. Cindy's hands were warm and exciting as I took more of Jakes' cock into my mouth. Cindy slipped a hand up between my legs and rubbed the now wet spot on my panties. Then Jake said "Wilda suck it deeper." I did and at the same time Cindy wiggled a finger around the side of my panties and into my very wet pussy. She stabbed me with two fingers as Jake shoved more of his cock into my mouth. The head hit the back of my throat and stopped there.

Cindy had her two fingers wiggling well up inside me and I was feeling that feeling I have just before I climax. It starts way down in my toes and works its way up to my belly. Once there I convulse and my guts tighten and I must say from that point on I am unable to control myself.

I normally scream but with Jakes' massive cock in my mouth I could only make strange sounds. Jake came as I let my own climax take over. At this point I can only follow and let my body do as it pleases until I am completely spent.

"Wilda drink, drink it all. Drink the juices of life. Become as one with us. Join us Wilda; be one of us. Drink, drink." Cindy said into my ear. So I drank and drank swallowing every drop of Jakes' life giving juices. I had sucked off my first ever cock and swallowed the sperm of a man I did not even know. This was my first blow job but surely not my last.

Jake praised me for the fine way I had sucked his cock and Cindy said it was great just great. If I wanted she would show me where I could clean up and repair my clothing.

This time Cindy showed me to another room with a toilet and a sink. I was still in shock and at a total lose as to why I had done all that I had.

Cindy had me stand by the toilet but before I sat down Cindy pulled my panties down. I sat on the toilet lid as Cindy spread my legs while forcing her head between my open legs and started licking my pussy.

Cindy quickly showed me that a welcome tongue could give me as much pleasure as a stiff dick. With a talented tongue and expert fingers Cindy titillated me to a climax of such portions this time I screamed out load. Cindy was an expert at licking and sucking the sweetest of juices from me and I was going to be forever grateful to his lady for showing me the way to enlightenment.

Cindy let me alone to contemplate what had happened this afternoon and I needed this time to see where my life was going to go in the near future and maybe even what I had missed in my life past. I knew one thing I liked this new life much better than any thing in my past. I knew then and there the past was just that the past.

I found Denny waiting for me in the coffee room. Most of the others had gone and I was happy to be alone with my new found friend. We had so much to talk about and I was sure Denny would look at me in a whole new light now. I was sure he was fully aware of what had happened and maybe he even had a hand in it. If so then I was indebted to him. I was sure we could fine a way to settle my debt.

Denny and I started seeing one another and from time to time like twice a month Jake and Cindy would come by for dinner and spend the night. It got to be a regular thing and I must admit I got very accustom to it and looked forward to our foursome. One night as Jake with drew from Cindy precious pussy while she was still licking cum off her lips from Denny's ejaculation Jake motioned for me to come and suck the sweet cream off is cock. But when I move in close Jake pushed me gently toward Cindy dripping pussy. A moment later Cindy was on her back and I was licking Jake's passion from her juicy cunt. This was the first time I had done this and to my surprise I wanted to give Cindy a climax with my tongue as she had me once before. I found the taste of both her juices and Jakes' pungent sperm made me highly excited.

Denny came around behind me and was soon fingering my well fucked pussy. Denny had fucked me earlier while I sucked Jake off. We girls had some how gotten in the habit of sucking while we were fucked. We liked the double service we got. So when Denny started to finger my pussy it felt great and my tongue was enjoying Cindy's pussy all at the same time.

Then I felt Jake start to slip a finger into my pussy along with Denny's highly skilled touch. Three fingers from two different hands get me very excited. I was slowly reaching that point I savored so much when I felt a finger press hard against my anus.

My ass has always been a very private part of my body but I felt this was different in that the touching of my rear was meant to be an added pleasure. I had heard Cindy say she welcomed Jake's big member into her behind and from time to time she really enjoyed anal sex. I wondered if this was to be my first time.

Cindy was coming around nicely and I felt she was about to give me a reward for my efforts. The taste changed to a sweeter smoother fluid when I felt a finger slip past the tight little ring that protected my private spot. It was not longer private. There were two men watching as one of then pushed a finger into my rear. How embarrassing that should have been but it was not embarrassing at all it was highly erotic.

I quickly drove into giving Cindy the climax she so rightly deserved and relaxed to let the boys have some fun as well. My ass was getting a slow gentle probing and along with the wiggling fingers in my pussy the sensation was beyond belief.

Cindy climaxed, I climaxed and the boys seem to be satisfied for the moment.

The next night Denny took me out for a night of dining and dancing. The drinks came and I was soon feeling no pain. I was giggling and not too stead on my feet as we made our way to the car. Once home I stopped in the bathroom before meeting Denny in bed.

He was lying on his back with his handsome erection waiting for my lips to give it the attention he waned. I welcomed his cock into my mouth and loved it with unbridled affection. Only after a few seconds Denny turned around so he could devour his favorite pussy. I love it when we do a sixty-nine. Shortly I was over him with his head between my legs and his active tongue deep in my pussy. His cock was deep in my mouth when he moved me slightly to the side. At the same time he pulled my free hand down and placed it on my clitoris. He liked to see me finger myself and I liked it too.

Then as I worked my finger magic to my clitoris and his cock in my mouth I felt him push a finger deep up into my ass. It all came together as if it was ordained. His cock stiffened, my clitoris stiffened and as we both cum together he rammed two fingers into my ass as fast as he could. He was finger fucking my ass quickly and coming in my mouth all at the same time. There has to be a first time for every thing and this was my fist real ass fucking even if it was with a finger and I loved it. Another great climax came and went and I had lots to think about.

The next day was Sunday and we went to church like always. After the sermon we once again joined the other in the coffee room. The greetings were warm and the kisses lovingly accepted all around. I got the feeling that every one was looking at my ass as if there were a sign on it saying "Newly used"

Jake and Cindy called for attention and announced that Jake has been offered a new church some distance way. Most of the special members that played together as well as worship together were unhappy to see this couple leave. Several women came to Jake and asked if they might have one more special pray session with he and Cindy before they go. Denny and I were not one of those. We said our good-byes and drove home not looking back.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A week later we were out dancing at our favorite hideout when we met a nice couple and when they asked us to come to there house for dinner later in the week we accepted.

At our first meeting with Karen and Don there was no sexual talk or even any innuendo of our way of life and sexual freedom. They were just nice people and we simply enjoyed there company. Don owned the local motorcycle dealership and a small print shop down town. Yes, yes, yes I am blonde and it never occurred to me that this might be a set up. But with Don being in the motorcycle business I should have thought...

We were greeted at the door by the lovely tall dark haired Karen. Karen was dressed in a tight short dress with a deep vee neck and her long legs were gorgeous. Those legs lead up to a tight round ass that Denny often referred to as a black ass. He said most white girls don't have that fine round plump ass but Karen surly did.

I may not have a perfect ass like Karen has but Denny had come to enjoy my ass like no other, or so he said. Since that first finger fucking of my ass Denny had made fucking me in the ass a regular part of our daily love making. I had wondered why it took two thirds of my life to learn to enjoy anal sex. Shit, Christ; I have missed so fucking much.

Don and Karen were the perfect host and hostess. Drinks were served after dinner in the large den. The chairs were large soft and it was a warm friendly room. Karen put on the music and we danced. Don was holding me close and rubbing my leg as we moved around the floor. I was thinking this was nice, very nice and that I would not mind if this couple were to replace our lost friends Jake and Cindy. The door bell rang and Don went to answer it while I freshened my drink.

Don returned to the den with an older couple and a small black man. The introductions were made Joyce and Dough was the couple's names and the single black man, the Sammy Davis look alike was Jasper. My thought of maybe this evening becoming more that just a friendly get together seemed to be fading. But as Denny always tells me there is always another day.

Then it hit me Joyce and Doug were members of the church. I had met them once in the coffee room. However I never saw them or heard of them as being part of the special friends group. Jasper was the manager of the Cycle shop and a very good friend of the owner and his wife.

Everyone had drinks and when Jasper asked Karen to dance I had to laugh, Karen was five ten or more and Jasper was about five foot even. His head came right to her boobs and that is where he rested his head as they danced a slow one. Don pulled me out on to the floor and Joyce slipped onto Denny's arms. I knew Denny had an erection and as I watched I saw him push it up between Joyce's legs and I thought I saw her wiggle just a little too much and the wiggle was not in time with the music.

Don slipped his hand down low on my back and pulled me tighter. Don had a hard-on as well as my dear lover. This was becoming a good friendly group after all. Don whirled me around just in time for me to see Jasper with his hand up under the short skirt Karen had on. I could not tell but I was guessing his fingers were right up the crack of Karen's tight ass. Wow, want a night this was turning out to be.

When we stopped dancing Don kind of urged me to a corner where he pulled me into his arms and we kissed. It felt good to be desired and wanted. Don's hands were on my breasts and my hands were seeking out that cock that he had been rubbing on my leg. I found it hard and throbbing. Don said "Wilda you're gorgeous and I love your tits." I was thinking his cock felt pretty darn good too when his magic fingers got my blouse open and my bra unhooked letting my tits to fall free. I did not even care if any one was looking. This felt good and I liked the idea of another man wanting me. I worked on Don's belt and zipper. His pants fell to the floor and my hands were around his throbbing hard-on feeling, pushing and jerking on it.

"Wilda would you like to suck my cock. Your mouth is so soft it was made for sucking cock." Don said as he gently pushed me to my knees. I am a cock-sucker and I love to feel a hot hard cock my mouth. Now I wanted to taste this man's sperm and I did not care if any one was watching us or not.

"What a marvelous cock-sucker you are." Don said a little loader than need be. I knew he was advertising and calling attention to what we were doing or more correctly what I was dong. But I really did not give a fuck. All I wanted to do was make this man cum.

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