tagLoving WivesOur Vacation in Germany

Our Vacation in Germany


Kim and I recently took a 2 week trip back to Germany. We first met there when we were in the Army and have fond memories of our time there. We met in Wurzburg and thought that would be a great place to start our vacation. We spent five days there, using it as our temporary home as we traveled around the area. A lot of things in the area had changed, as it had been about 15 years since we were last there.

During our stay in Wurzburg we visited one of the local pools several times. This pool, as some German pools, called a schwimmbad, had a nude section that is separated from the textile pool. Of course we favored the nude pool. Although I have been to the nude section of the schwimmbads before, it had been many years. I felt kind strange in the locker room changing into nothing. After I got into my birthday suite I made my way out of the locker room and into the pool area. I didn't see Kim, so I put my towel down and got into the water.

I kept an eye on the ladies locker room entrance and a couple of minutes later Kim appeared. Damn she looked hot walking naked in public. Her 38D breasts were swaying as she walked. The contrast of her trimmed dark public hair against her milky white skin looked very erotic. I waived to her and she came over to me.

Kim sat on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water for a few minutes as we talked. When she got into the pool, she gave me a hug. The feeling of our naked bodies touching in a public setting was incredible. There were about 30 others in the pool, couples, guys and gals. I think we were the only Americans in the pool as I didn't hear any English being spoken. We played around the pool a bit before we decided to leave and visit a nearby town.

After we went to our locker rooms to shower, dry off, and get dressed we met in the lobby.

In the car, she was teasing saying that I checking out the naked German women.

I told her that seeing her naked in that setting had all of my attention, but I did notice some of the ladies. I told her that seeing her naked like that made me pretty fucking horny.

She laughed and rubbed my cock through my jeans.

The visions of her at the pool filled my mind and just wanted to be inside of her, but that had to wait until after our sightseeing.

After a few hours of sightseeing and envisioning the memories of the schwimmbad, we finally got back to the hotel. Once we got back to our room I closed the door and saw that Kim had went to the bathroom. I was counting the seconds for her to return so I could make my move on her.

Kim came out of the bathroom naked, smiling and asked "Is this what you were wanting?"

I didn't say a thing and began to rip my clothes off.

As I was taking my clothes off, Kim came to me and helped me. After my pants came off she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck on me furiously.

I told her she was going to make me cum if she kept that up.

She stood up, took my hand and led me to the bed where she laid down, spread her legs and pulled me on top of her. She said "I know you are worked up, so just fuck me and don't worry about taking care of me."

I didn't need any other direction. I entered her and just pumped my dick in and out of her as fast as I could. I had one purpose, to cum. It wasn't long before I was emptying my load into her sweet pussy. I collapsed next to her where she caressed me as I caught my breath.

She said "Well you've had a pretty good day so far, haven't you? Seeing naked women and getting some pussy."

I just laughed.

Over the next couple of days we would go to the pool in the mornings before our daily ventures. We got to visually know some of the regulars, but we didn't talk to them very much other than greetings. There was a German guy we'd seen before who appeared to be about 35 that overheard us talking. He approached us and he spoke in English. We learned that his name was Peter and spoke pretty good English. We explained that we were stationed in Wurzburg in the late 1980's and were back for a short visit. I saw that he casually checked Kim out. I assumed he was he was heterosexual. I also assumed that he was used to seeing nude women since he appeared to frequent the schwimmbad. We said our good-byes with Peter and headed off to see more of the area.

Noticing that Peter was not circumcised, I asked Kim if she had ever been with a guy that wasn't circumcised.

She said that she had not.

I asked her what she thought about an uncircumcised cock.

She said that she liked the appearance of a circumcised one better, but wasn't turned off by an uncircumcised one.

The more we talked about the pool and Peter, I started to think about a threesome, but not sure if he would be interested or she was up for an uncircumcised cock. That night when were laying in bed, I told her that by the way Peter was checking her out, I thought he was interested in her.

She said that he was kind of cute, had a nice body and cock.

I teasingly said "Oh, so you were checking out his package huh?"

Kim said "Well it was there right in front of me, so I'm gonna look."

I asked her if she wanted to touch it.

She said "If the situation presents itself, maybe, but I'm not losing any sleep over it. Besides he may not be interested in a 43 year old woman"

I assured her that she was attractive and he would be interested.

After a long day of activities, we both dosed off to sleep.

We visited the pool a couple of more times and saw Peter there once and made casual conversation, but it didn't seem like any "action" was going to materialize.

On Saturday evening Kim and I were sitting at an outdoor café having dinner and a few drinks. As we were sitting there talking I noticed a guy standing about 30 yards away talking on a cell phone. I thought it looked like Peter. I asked Kim if she thought it was Peter.

Kim said she wasn't sure, giggled and said that she had never seen him with clothes on.

I laughed and said "Yeah, you're right."

The guy hung up the phone and walked in our direction. As he got closer I was pretty sure it was Peter. He made glancing eye contact with me as he approached and did a double take. When got closer and kept eye contact with me, I said "Peter!"

He responded "Mike" and smiled. He stopped and said hello to us.

I said "It is good to see you."

Peter said it was good to see us too.

I invited him to sit with us and he gladly accepted my offer.

As he sat down, he complimented Kim on how nice she looked.

Kim accepted his comment with a smile.

I commented about this is the first time we have seen him dressed and wasn't sure if that was him.

He laughed.

We began to talk about our lives and got to know each other better. We asked him about what he did for a living and general things in the area that have changed since we were last here. We learned that he worked as a service advisor at a local VW dealer. He told us that he didn't have a girlfriend. He went on to say that he and his girlfriend split up about six months ago and hadn't had any luck in the lady department since then.

Peter asked us about where we were from in America and he said that he hoped to visit the US one day. He said that he was kind of surprised to see us in the nude section of the pool, as not many Americans go to that side of the pool.

Kim said that we go to nude beaches in the US, and since nudity was OK at the pool, we chose the nude section.

I said "Yes, Kim is the nudist."

We had a great conversation and got along well. We must have been talking and sipping our drink for about an hour or so.

Kim told Peter how she loved going up to the fortress at night to see the lights in the city and the Main River below.

Peter said that his flat was on the side of one of the hills and from his balcony he had a beautiful view of the fortress, city, and river. He suggested we go to his place and sit on the balcony and watch the city move at night.

We thought it was a great idea and accepted his offer. We left the café and followed Peter to his flat in our car. Once we reached his flat he showed us where to park and we followed him inside.

He gave us a quick tour of the medium sized flat and led us to the balcony. The view was spectacular.

Peter told us to have a seat and he would get us drinks.

As Kim and I took in the view, she remarked how the view and the warm summer night made it a romantic setting.

Peter came back with the drinks and our conversation picked up where it left off at the café. He said that he had lived in the flat for about 2 years and that he really liked the location. Peter asked how long we had been married.

Kim said "It has been about 22 years." She asked Peter how long he and his ex-girlfriend had been together.

Peter said they were together for about one and a half years. He went on to say they had grown apart as she wanted to party too much and he wanted to settle down. He said that he loved her and missed her, but it was the best thing for both of them. He went into the flat and retrieved a picture of her.

When he showed us the picture we told him that she was a very attractive and it was her loss, as he seemed like a good catch.

He began tell us he missed having a girlfriend for companionship and to share life with.

We assured him the right woman would come along in due time.

It was time for another round of drinks so Peter went into the flat to get them. While he was gone Kim said that she felt sorry for him because he seemed like a really nice guy and would make most women happy.

Peter came back to the balcony with the drinks. As he handed me my drink it slipped in my hand and spilled on Kim as she sat in her chair. Peter went into the flat to get something to dry her off with. He quickly came back with a couple of towels and she dried her blouse off the best that she could.

She looked at me and said "Thanks Mike."

All I could say was that I was sorry.

Peter said that he could get her a shirt to wear while he put her blouse in the wash.

She said that was a good idea.

Peter brought her a shirt and she went inside to change. A few minutes later she came back out to the balcony. She said she ran water over her blouse and bra and put it in the wash. Kim sat down and we started talking again.

After a few minutes I noticed Kim's nipples were erect. I asked her if she was excited by her company.

She said "What?"

I said "Your bright lights are on."

She said "Funny."

Peter slowly caught on to what we were talking about and chuckled.

I asked Kim for a sip of her drink and Peter apologized for not getting me another drink and went inside to get me one. While Peter was inside I asked Kim to take off the shirt and go topless.

She looked at me funny and said why?

I said "Peter has seen you naked several times, besides you can enjoy the feeling of the warm summer air on your breasts."

The alcohol must have gotten to her a little because she said "Yeah, I like being naked anyway." She removed the shirt and was sitting next to me topless.

Peter came back with my drink and saw Kim sitting there with her breast exposed and said "Whoa."

Kim told him that he has seen her naked before and she like being naked and wanted to feel the warm summer air on her body.

Peter said "Prost (German version of cheers)" as he held his drink up for a toast.

Kim said "I'm glad you approve, but it isn't fair that I am the only one showing skin and you two should take off your clothes."

I said "It isn't fair that the boys will be naked you are only topless."

She stood up and took off her shorts and panties and said "Well?"

Peter and I stood up and took off our clothes.

As we continued talking I put my arm around Kim's shoulders and lightly stroked her arm and brushed against her breasts. The whole setting was getting me aroused and I thought this was the perfect time to see what might happen. Peter excused himself and went into the flat. I told Kim that I wanted her to "do" to Peter and me.

She said "Seriously?"

I said "Yes, I know you would like it and I don't think Peter has been laid in months."

Kim said "OK, but she didn't want to scare Peter off."

I caressed her breasts and rubbed her pussy mound and told her I'll get it going.

Peter came back out and sat down. I was lightly rubbing Kim's leg and caressing her as we talked. I could tell she was getting more relaxed from the alcohol and Peter was paying attention to how I was caressing Kim. By now I was semi erect. I told Peter that Kim has never really seen an uncircumcised cock up close before and she was kind of curious about the differences between circumcised and uncircumcised.

Kim jumped in and asked us to stand side by side so she could compare.

We got up and stood in front of her. Kim looked at our cocks pretty intensely, but seemed to focus on Peter's peter a bit more. We were pretty close to the same size. She asked Peter if "it" came out.

Peter said "It comes out if it has a reason to." He then pulled the skin back, exposing the head.

Kim said "they look the same now." She asked if she could touch it.

Peter said "Of course, if it is OK with Mike."

I said "It is OK with me."

Kim gently took his cock into her hand and moved the skin back and forth covering and uncovering its head. Peter's cock started to come to life.

I said "I think you are giving it reason to come out."

Peter said "Yes, it wants to come out now."

I moved my cock closer to Kim's mouth hoping she would take it into her mouth. She turned her head towards my cock and took me into her mouth and began sucking it. As she sucked me, she began stroking Peters' cock more deliberately. As his cock began to swell, his hand found her left breast and started caressing it. She turned her mouth to Peter's cock, took it in and began to suck her first German and uncircumcised cock. As she sucked his cock, she stroked his shaft with her free hand, making Peter moan. Kim then took me back into her mouth and worked on me for a few moments, then back to Peter.

At this point I needed to have my dick in Kim's pussy, so I took her by the arm and led her to the rail of the balcony. I told her to lean forward on the rail as I moved behind her. I grasped her hips and pulled her back a bit as she spread her legs. I aligned my cock with her opening, moved toward her until I felt the warmth of her pussy on my cock. She arched her back so her hips rose up a little more. I gently pushed my dick into her, there was no resistance, as her pussy was extremely wet and open. When my full length was in her pussy, Kim let out an "Oooh." I held her hips as I pulled out of her and then pulled her into me while my cock thrust back in. I fucked her at a moderate pace, but I could feel that if I didn't stop I was going to cum. I pulled out to save my load for later.

I looked to my right and Peter had been watching us while he stroked his cock. I motioned to him to take my place and said "bitte" (please in German).

Peter quickly moved behind Kim and replaced my cock with his. He started to pump his cock in and out of her while Kim showed her pleasure by going "Uh, uh, uh, uh" with his every stroke. As Peter fucked her, I stood next to her and put my arm around her shoulder and leaned into her kissing her cheek. Her body was bouncing from Peter's thrusts. I stood back so I could watch them. Peter was fucking her pretty good. Kim's head hung over the balcony's railing enjoying the fucking she was getting. The visual looked hot. Each time Peter thrusts into her, Kim's large hanging breasts swung back and forth like pendulums and her ass cheeks jiggled against Peter. Peter said something in German that I didn't understand and pulled out. His dick was glistening with Kim's juices.

Kim turned around and said "That felt good guys." She took a sip of her drink and then came over to me. She put her arms around me, told me that she loved me and gave me a deep kiss. When we broke our kiss, she told me that she needed some more dick and took me by the hand. She led me into the flat and sat me on a cushioned chair. She straddled me and put her legs over the arms. As she lowered herself onto me, her pussy swallowed my dick and was buried as deep as it could go. She began to grind her pussy on me and told me to just hold on and enjoy it. It felt so damn good. She leaned into me pressing her breasts into my chest lifting her pussy off of me and then lowering herself onto me. Her eyes were closed and her face looked like she was concentrating on the sensations as rode me. All of a sudden she starts to tense up and I could tell she was getting ready to cum. Her movement on my cock was rhythmic as she loudly moaned through her orgasm. Once her orgasm subsided I began to erupt, shooting my load into her womb. She whispered in my ear that it felt so good to cum.

I whispered to her that Peter is standing there stroking himself and she should let him back in.

She got off of me and bent over the chair and looked back at Peter and said "Fuck me." She laid her upper body on mine, resting her head on my chest.

Peter was hot from watching us and moved behind her and entered her cum filled pussy. He went right to business and started fucking her fast and hard. The slapping sound of his body making contact with Kim's ass every time he thrust into her was loud. Her body was rocking back and forth on me as my arms were wrapped around her. Every time Peter hit bottom she let out an "AH." Peter's face looked intense as he was fucking her for all he was worth. From the sounds Kim was making she was thoroughly enjoying Peter's pummeling of her pussy. I was getting hard again from the sounds, visual stimulation, and Kim's body bouncing on me. All of a sudden Kim started to make loud grunts as she came. Peter continued fucking her hard. My cock was really fucking hard now from all of the action. Now Peter was starting cum. He grunted while he held on to her hips and deposited his load deep into Kim's pussy.

With all of the action, I needed to cum. After Peter pulled out of Kim's pussy, I told her to get up and sit on the chair. Kim sat on the edge of the chair. I lifted her legs and spread them and laid them over the arms of the chair. I looked down at her pussy and it was a sloppy mess with two loads of cum dripping from her opening. I didn't waste any time and put my dick in her. The feeling was incredible, it was so slick and was wide open. I fucked her pussy as fast as I could, wanting to empty another load into her. As I was pounding her, her tits were bouncing up and down on her chest. I love seeing her big titties bounce when I am fucking her. I was getting close, so I kept up the pace. In a few moments I added a third load into her. I was exhausted and slid to my knees and laid on her with my chest in her crotch. As I looked up at her she put her legs on my shoulders and she smiled. I could feel the cum from her pussy on my chest.

Kim said it has been a while she has had a fucking like that and it really felt good.

Peter sat on the couch across from us and said that it has been a few months since he has had any sex and thanked us for sharing ourselves with him.

After a few minutes of talking we excused ourselves and to clean up in the bathroom. While in the bathroom I told Kim that she looked really hot as we fucked her.

She smiled and kissed my lips while holding my cock in her hand.

When we returned to the living room, Peter was still sitting on the couch naked. We sat across from him and made small talk over the next fifteen minutes or so.

I asked Peter if he had ever had sex with an American lady before this.

He said "No, I never knew any of the Americans that well."

Kim said "Well I guess you now know us pretty well."

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