Our Way


The lights are off. The television is brightening and dimming with variations of light. No music; only the soft roars from the ocean across the street and the meek chirpings of crickets outside from underneath our porch.

I lie on the bed, half naked, with only a t-shirt and panties on. I cuddle up next to Billy and lay my head on his chest. He puts his arms around me and holds me tight. Looking wistfully at the television, only faintly paying attention to what is on, I sigh. I cuddle up closer to him and put my arm around him. He tenses. I slide my hand through his hair, down his cheek, down his chest and stomach, and finally to his boxers, and all the while looking deeply into his green-blue, grayish eyes. He groans lightly and then turns off the television, knowing what is coming. I giggle and look at him again. He smiles and turns to me slightly, taking his right hand and gliding it down my arm. He rubs down my legs, up my shirt, through my hair. I moan quietly. I love the touching foreplay.

Keeping in mind that I have to be quiet due to the very close neighbors I hush up my vocals. He toys around with the top of my silky thong and teases his fingertips down the crease of my pussy through my panties. He takes my hand and places it on his hardening cock, as if to remind me that it needed love too. I smile and trace the outlining of it with my fingers through his boxers. Slipping my hand inside them I wrap around his cock lightly and caress it, up and down, with my soft hands. He sighs deeply, getting more aroused at our slow take on foreplay. As I rub his dick, he reaches over and pulls down my panties. He goes right for my clitoris, rubbing slow and hard. I moan and feel the wetness of my arousal. He glides down the crease of my pussy and inserts his index finger just a little bit into me. I tighten my grip around his cock and rub it's head, feeling it's smoothness and warmth. I feel so wet.

"Kiss it," Billy says. I nod quietly and move the sheets as he lowers his boxers. I take his cock in my hand again and duck down. I open my mouth and extend my tongue, licking the tip of his dick over and over. I slip my mouth over the top of it and start moving my head up and down, not forgetting to swipe my tongue around it as I pull up. He starts sighing loudly. I go faster and faster, up and down with my little mouth, being careful not to bump his precious flesh with my teeth. The more he sighs the faster I go, pulling my hand up and down his cock along with the pattern of my head and mouth. He lightly places his hand through my hair. I look up at him with one eye open and I see his head back with his mouth open. His eyes are closed in pure bliss. I stop to lick the head of his cock and he moans again. I love it when he does that. Putting my mouth over his dick once more I feel his hips pull into rhythm with me, meeting my pattern.

I stop, pulling him out of my mouth and laying back onto the bed. It was my turn now.

Billy grins at me and moves down towards my pussy. He centers himself between my legs and lowers his head. I close my eyes as I feel his tongue glide over my clit and down my crease. I sigh sharply, being thankful that there are plenty of pillows that I can smother my noises with. He slips his tongue back up to my clit and licks it roughly, harder and harder each time. He presses his face into me and glides his tongue up and down. I feel so wet. I press the pillow into my face, quieting my moans of pleasure. He sticks his tongue into my pussy and continues licking up and down, more and more.

"Okay, stop, stop!" I whisper loudly. I love the feeling, but he always brings me to the point of where I know I'm going to burst out very loudly and obviously squirting into his face. I look down at him and he looks up at me.

"What are you doing? Go," I say with a smile.

"You just told me to stop!" He whispers back with a laugh.

"I know I was just..." he stops me in mid-sentence as he carries on with pleasuring me with his tongue.

He finally stops licking and positions his body over mine. I know what's coming. He places a hand on each side of my average-sized frame and looks at me. I laugh as I feel the tip of his head find the entrance of my pussy. He jabs at it with his cock, jokingly knowing that I like how it feels. He continues teasing me until I push up towards him with my body, arching my back.

He presses his dick inside me, very slowly so he won't hurt me. I breath in sharply and wince.

"Relax, honey, relax," he reassures. I nod quietly and close my eyes.

I feel his cock slowly slide up into me, pushing farther. I feel it fill me and my tight, warm pussy. He sighs aloud and pulls it out and pushes it in again. I pull my body farther up the bed to feel more comfortable with taking more of him and his thick base inside of me. He understand my actions and presses more deeply. I sigh quickly and he eases up on his deep thrusting. I relax and place my legs around him, tightening them around his back. I now lay ready for deep insertion, if only my tight pussy could handle it.

"Aw, it's so tight," Billy says aloud with a low sigh.

He keeps thrusting, in and out, in and out. I sigh loudly all the while. His cock feels so hard, so long. It feels so thick, the deeper he goes it just feels like it's getting thicker. It feels like I'm being impaled by a long, warm fleshy pole. In and out, softer then harder. Lightly then more deep. The base of his cock feels so thick. As it tries to enter me I feel something stretch and I cry out loudly, wincing. He eases back and says, "Sorry,".

I reassure him that it's fine and after feeling sure that I'm okay he carries on, in and out. Thrusting faster and harder. I moan loudly, not caring if the neighbors hear me. He groans with me and I tighten my legs around his body and place my arms on two pillows surrounding us, completely suspending myself up, putting my weight on my back to offer my pussy entirely to his exploring cock. It goes so deep. It feels so big around, and so long. He bottoms out in my pussy, as I feel his cock reaching too far, which for me isn't really far at all.

It feels like he's putting forth all his energy into it. Thrusting as hard as he can, as fast as he can, as deep as he can. But I know he's not. He knows that my pussy is new to all this thrusting and pleasure. But I feel like he's got the biggest rod between his legs, a big swinging monster. But in reality he's just an average 6 or 7 inches long, which to me feels more like 10 or 11 inches long.

I moan loudly, crying out every now and then. I love the feeling of our closeness, our completeness, and buck up into him, meeting his movements with mine. He senses my want of more and thrusts deeper and deeper, hitting the end of my route. I feel the build up of a pressure within me. I stop breathing and quiet up. I feel hot and so wet, so full. I feel my body give way, I feel myself giving up, giving up the hold of my orgasm. I feel my pussy walls tighten even more around him, pulsating with pleasure. I burst out loudly with a moan and I squirt several times, hot juices around his cock, still inside me. He loves it when I squirt. It feels so wet afterwards, his cock loving the leeway of even more lubrication. I go limp as he continues to rail me. I take one of his hands and place it around my neck.

He grins and laughs a little. I love it when I feel submissive, giving myself up to him, up to the one I trust. He tightens his grip around my neck and he thrusts himself deeper into my already tired pussy. He's so in power and in total control of me. It's such a turn on.

"Wanna turn around?" he asks.

I nod and get up. I turn around and press my rear into him. He places his hands on my hips and slides me over his cock. He starts thrusting again and I throw back my head, feeling my tight pussy pulsating around his dick again.

"Harder," I whisper. I feel him pause, as if to question my certainty. I press back into him and he responds accordingly.

He slides into me, in and out. Harder and harder. He pulls me back onto him again and again. His grip is tight around my hips and I feel myself give over to him trustingly, because I know he won't hurt me simply for his pleasure.

He groans loudly, going faster and faster. He pulls out of me quickly and I back away into my own space on the bed. I smile and he smiles. We laugh together after he's done pulling all of the semen he can out of his cock. He wipes it up and goes into the bathroom with me. We clean up and go back into bed. He holds me and we hug and kiss a little. We fall silently asleep with each other; feeling the sharp, fast beats of our hearts, and our quick breaths, little reminders of what pleasure and pure love we just shared.

"I love you," we both say to each other.

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