tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOut Cold, On A Summer Night

Out Cold, On A Summer Night


It was a Saturday night in the middle of July when the phone rang just before midnight. My wife groaned, but I leaned over and turned down the TV. It had to be either an emergency or a wrong number, so I picked up. There was a very hesitant and nervous, teenage voice on the other end. It took me a few minutes to realize it was Eric from the Church youth group. I had volunteered to help the kids on a number of outdoor activities and I got to know most of them pretty well.

About a year ago, I got them to promise not to drink and drive. They were all good kids, so I offered to come drive them home, no questions asked, if they called me. Some thought they could trust me more than their parents, so occasionally I did get a call. I felt good about that. Eric surprised me though. He was always one of the tougher guys and I never thought he would call for help.

“Mr. Jennings, Uh…, we need some help.”

“Where are you Eric, I’ll come get you.”

“No it’s not us,” he said, picking his words carefully. “John’s father is coming down to bail us out.” Bail them out, what had happened? “I got stopped for DUI, and John had some grass on him, we’re screwed.”

I couldn’t let him know what I was really thinking, that he was such a stupid punk, so I held my breath and calmly asked, “What can I do for you Eric? Why call me now?”

“We were at this party and went for a beer run across the state line, that’s when we got stopped. The problem is we had Kate and Megan with us, and they’re still at the party. Can you go get them? They don’t even know where we went.”

I had to admit, even though these guys had fucked up, at least they thought of the girls, even while sitting in a jail cell. I got the address and agreed to pick them up.

Kate and Megan had just graduated high school with John and Eric. Kate was 19 and very popular, as all tall blondes with large tits are and she was always looking for a party. Megan was quieter,only 18, very sweet but overly introspective. She was the prettiest girl in the church group and got along with everyone, but seemed shy doing it. She was smaller than Kate and had dark hair that she wore straight and simple, just long enough to cover her modest B-sized breasts. Kate usually wore tight sweaters that showed her pronounced assets while Megan could be found in soft skirts or jeans.

They were all going off to different colleges in August. Eric was staying local, heading to the large State University 20 miles away. He had met some guys at one of his orientation visits and they had invited him to this party. He didn’t really know these guys that well and he sounded worried that he had abandoned the girls there. As always, I tried not to ask any questions. It was just my way of helping take care of what I thought of as “my kids.”

When I got out near the party, I found the address on an isolated ridge above the river. The parents must have been away because this was no college frat house. It was a long flat contemporary with large windows facing the river. It sat on about 10 acres of rolling and forested land. I parked my car behind the others, about 50 yards down the gravel driveway. I was captivated by the full moon over the river and walked around the house to get a better view. The techno music reverberated across the yard and I could feel the beat thump against my chest, even out here. How could these kids listen to that crap? From the back this house was stunning. With the lights inside, I could see into the large family room through the huge windows, where the party seemed to be. There were only about ten people hanging around, cups in hand. Two large punch bowls sat on a long, padded bar at the back of the room. One college guy was openly making out with a young brunette on the leather couch.

Kate stood at the back of the room, leaning her back against the bar. She had a guy on either side and seemed to be enjoying herself. The guys seemed to be enjoying the site of Kate. She stood about 5’ 8” with her shoulder length blonde hair. She had a very cute face with a small nose and bright blue eyes. She was fun loving and always popular with the kids, especially the guys who were attracted to her pretty looks. What really got their attention was her large D-cup breasts that seemed almost too big for her frame. Almost. Tonight she was dressed in a sleeveless red sweater that clung to her curves and zipped down the front. A loose, black skirt flaired over her hips and ended well above the knee. I don’t think I had ever seen her in a skirt and her legs were fantastic. Long and shapely, they had a slight tan as Kate had a pale complexion. One guy leaned in and kissed her on the neck, but she nonchalantly turned away giving him a face full of her hair. I could tell she had been there before.

I couldn’t see Megan, so I walked down toward the patio door. With my hand on the handle I heard voices from the next window. I realized no one could hear me outside with the music so loud, I also figured they couldn’t see me with the lights on inside unless I was right up against the window. I stepped over to have a look in the next room. On the bed was a young couple deep into a private fuck session. It wasn’t Megan, so I sat back to watch for a minute.

Both naked, she lay back with her head of long blonde hair hanging over the mattress. Her knees were spread wide as the guy mounted her missionary style. He held himself up on his hands as he fucked his girl hard, grunting on every stroke. Her tits bounced as her body shook, but she seemed not to respond at all. She was pretty, and as she bounced on the bed her face rolled back to look out the window. I think she saw me there, but didn’t say a word, instead she slowly gave me a sweet, innocent smile. Her eyes just closed as this guy went into his final throes and shot his load into her young cunt. I covered the lighter as I lit a cigarette. This was better than cable.

As he climbed off of her, breathing heavy, she rolled onto her side and seemed to go to sleep. He pulled on his jeans and opened the door. Another guy came into the room and, as I watched dumbstruck, he stripped off his clothes and approached this sleeping angel. He flipped her onto her stomach and pushed her legs wide. Without ceremony, he pressed his cock into her from behind. She mumbled some sort of protest as he buried himself deep inside her, but made no move to stop him. He lifted her onto her knees; her face lay buried in the pillow, and fucked her like a dog.

I walked over to the next window to see if I could find Megan. She was there on a sectional couch, asleep. There was no outside door to this room, so I had just turned to go back when I saw the first guy from the other room walk up to Megan. He pushed her over onto her back, her dark hair falling across her face. She wore a denim vest and cut-offs, her sandals lie on the floor beside her. He swept the hair out of her pretty face and traced a finger down her cheek. Then he quickly opened the 3 brass buttons to her top and pulled it open, exposing her white satin bra and flat tan stomach. I was shocked at this bastard and ready to storm in when I realized my cock was getting hard in my pants. I decided I could watch a little bit more, but I would not let him fuck this innocent girl. He went about feeling up her beautiful body, squeezing her tits through the bra and running his hands down her legs. He pushed both hands up under her bra and lifted it off her perfect breasts. Her tits were round and firm, only a B, but sat high on her chest with small pink nipples. He massaged her tits until her nipples hardened, then he leaned her forward to pull her vest off her arms. Tossing her top aside, her deftly unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor. When he reached for the snap of her shorts, I turned for the door.

Halfway to the patio door, I stopped briefly to look in on Kate in the family room. She was still at the bar with the two college guys, but now they had their hands all over her. The tall guy on her left had her head bent back and was driving his tongue down her throat. He had unzipped her sweater and was pulling her bra to the side exposing her left tit to the room. His shorter buddy was under her skirt, massaging her ass and had one hand around in front between her thighs. Apparently, this was some party. Kate pulled at their hands in an attempt to stop their groping, but could not keep up with the four hands pulling at her clothing. The rest of the room had emptied out and I thought of going in to bust up this two-on-one, but then I remembered Megan was unconscious in the other room. I had to get to her first, Kate could still fend for herself, somewhat.

Just before I turned away, the front clasp on Kate’s bra sprung open, spilling her glorious tits out in the open. She struggled to cover up but her hands were easily held behind her back as they teamed up on her tits. I hurried away as her skirt was flipped in the air.

I entered the house through the back hallway and walked toward Megan’s room. The music was booming and I couldn’t hear my own footsteps. I gently pushed open the door and walked into the room. He didn’t hear me of course. Megan was on her back on the wide, low couch section. The only clothing she wore was around her ankles as her shorts and panties had been pushed down her legs. This college guy was now naked again and with one hand he fingered her tender pussy while the other fed his hard cock into her unconscious mouth. Her sweet lips opened and sleepily accepted his intruding member.

Even though she was in a complete drunken stupor, Megan’s body seemed to respond to this bastard’s abuse. His fingers worked easily in and out of her wet pussy and the muscles in her legs would occasionally stiffen, trying to lift up toward his pleasuring hand. Her small nipples stood up straight on her sweet tits and her throat seemed to be trying to suck in his cock.

This punk-ass kid pulled out of her mouth and rubbed his hard cock on her face, streaking her with her own saliva and his pre-cum. Then her slapped his cock against her tits and stroked it over her nipple. He moved further down her body and swept the last of her clothing off her feet, then positioned himself between her open legs. He rubbed the head of his cock on her wet cunt, sliding up and down outside her lips. I desperately wanted to see her beautiful body get fucked for probably the first time, but I couldn’t let it happen.

As he leaned forward, I stepped up quickly and yanked him back. I threw a hard uppercut that caught him under the chin throwing him over backward onto the floor. He landed with a thud and was out cold. I tossed his jeans over his crotch. I thought of tying him up, but didn’t think he was going anywhere soon.

Megan was also out cold and lay on the couch very naked. Her body was on full display to no one but me now, and it was perfect. She was about 5’4” and only 105lbs. Her long dark hair was spilled around her head. Her skin had a perpetual tan and I noticed there were no tan lines, even around her hips. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. I could smell the sweet musk of her young pussy, so turned on that she would have slept through her first fucking. I couldn’t resist touching her skin, it was so soft and pure. I ran my hands across her body, just for a moment tasting what she had to offer. Her nipples sprang back to life at my gentle caress and her lips parted around my finger as I touched the tip of her tongue. She seemed to be purring.

I watched her sleeping there for too long before coming to my senses. I gathered her clothes and quickly pulled her denim vest back onto her arms. I fastened one button only before I remembered her bra. To hell with it I thought and stuffed it in my pocket. I pulled her shorts up her long legs and had to fight to get them over her round ass. They were so tight, I don’t know how she got herself into them. I left them unbuttoned out of frustration. Her panties I stuffed into the punk’s mouth. Maybe he would think he got lucky, after all. Then I lifted her in my arms and carried her out the door.

I was breathing heavily as I reached my car. There were less cars in the driveway now. I put her across the back seat and couldn’t resist opening that one button to get another look at her chest. I lit a cigarette to help me catch my breath. After a few drags I walked toward the back of the house again to get Kate, Leaving Megan with one tit hanging out and the fine patch of brown hair showing through the open snaps of her shorts. In the moonlight coming through the windows, her skin looked soft and heavenly.

I pitched the butt as I rounded the corner and crept toward the windows again. The jerk I had clocked still lay were I left him. At the next window, the pretty blonde girl was getting fucked by a third guy. She was on her back with her legs pushed back over her head. She also was out cold and her pretty body was open for all takers. These guys must have put something in the punch. Then it occurred to me, there were two punch bowls. They were serving the girls from one bowl and drinking from the other themselves. This whole party was a setup to drug and fuck some young pussy. And they had sent Eric and John out for beer, just to get rid of them. With the two fine pieces of ass they brought, who could blame them.

I crept to the family room window, just like changing channels. The view was amazing. Kate was topless, on her knees and sucking on the tall guy’s cock. Her hands pushed feebly at his waist, but he held her head with his hands and fed his cock into her face. He pushed her hands away and she gave up. As he continued to fuck her mouth, he knelt down bringing her to her hands and knees. His buddy stepped behind her and flipped her skirt onto her back. He slapped her ass a few times then tugged her skirt and panties down her thighs. She lifted her knees one at a time and let him strip her underwear off her bare feet. Now she was stark naked with two college guys she didn’t even know, drunk and drugged, with one cock in her mouth and another aimed at her waiting pussy.

I was mesmerized, looking in from the outside. I knew I should be going in to save her from this rape, but she looked so ready for fucking that I had to see it happen. I was actually jealous that it wasn’t me about to fuck Kate’s beautiful body. These guys were scum but they also had three gorgeous, naked young girls all ripe for the fucking. I wanted to have some of this fine pussy. I massaged my hard cock through my pants and then felt Megan’s bra, still in my pocket. She was half-dressed and passed out in the back seat of my car. My mind drifted off, thinking off what I could do with her. I could really take my time and then come back for Kate.

As I pondered this indecision, the short guy pushed his cock into Kate’s cunt from behind. It was too late. Her body shook at the invasion and seemed ready to fall over. It took the short guy a few minutes to bury himself in her pussy. She must have been pretty tight. He almost couldn’t reach her pussy from his knees because he was shorter than her. Kate began to rock back and forth between them submissively. Her hair hung in a tangle around her face. On her hands and knees with a cock in either end, her lovely tits swung beneath her body. The short guy slapped her ass as he fucked her aggressively now. The tall guy reached under her to pull on her stretched out nipples. Finally, he gave up on getting a blowjob from this comatose girl and pulled his cock out of her mouth. Kate dropped her head as if his cock was the only thing holding it up.

Short guy now let her body fall forward onto the carpet. He stuffed a couch cushion under her belly to lift her ass in the air and continued to fuck his drugged victim from behind. He used short, hard strokes that seemed to push Kate across the floor. Her face and tits lay against the carpet as her body unknowingly suffered through this abuse. He fucked her like that for about 10 minutes before his friend pushed him out of the way. Short guy was pissed that he didn’t come yet, but he was too small to mess with his larger accomplice. The taller fellow rolled Kate over and lifted her legs in his hands. He spread her thighs wide and shoved his own cock deep within her with one long push. Kate’s arms lay helpless at her sides as the attack continued. Her large tits stood up proud, now, as she lay open on her back. The short guy took advantage and wiped his still hard cock on her face and forced a few inches into her mouth. He gave up on a blowjob also and just jerked himself off into her face. Streaks of his come landed in her hair and across her face, then he held her lips open and shot the last of his load into her waiting mouth.

Tall guy picked up the pace and tried to fuck poor Kate’s helpless body harder than his friend had. He hooked his elbows under her knees and hammered his cock into her ravaged cunt. Her tits shook violently and her head rolled side to side, fighting off this bad dream. The she raised one hand to her face. I thought she was out cold, but she was awake. Barely moving, Kate brought her hand up and bit down on the back of her fingers. Tall guy saw this as a sign of acceptance and continued his fucking while reaching down to maul her big tits at the same time. He squeezed them hard together and then leaned in and pulled at her nipples with his teeth, stretching them beyond an inch.

Through the window I saw Kate roll her head back with her mouth wide open. Her arms fell away and I could tell she was having an orgasm. Her whole body blushed bright pink and her breathing seemed to pause for nearly a minute. Every muscle in her long legs tensed and I could see the strain across her rib cage and flat stomach. Then she bucked through a series of quick convulsions, each one looking like an electric shock. Her body was on fire but Kate could barely acknowledge what was happening to her. Sweat glistened from her skin everywhere. Then suddenly, everything seemed to release and I watched the stress of her orgasm wash out of her limbs and she relaxed. She took long deep breaths, trying to fill her lungs with air. She looked up groggily at the tall guy between her spread legs and slowly realized what was happening.

He fucked her now in long, easy strokes, using the full length of his shaft with every pass. He smiled at her and her response was to open her legs even further, giving herself to him completely. I knew she was still drugged, but there was no denying the acceptance in her actions. Her body was on cruise control; she closed her eyes and stretched her arms out over her head. She quietly licked at the drying come on her lips. Kate was in that lightheaded state that comes just before a deep, dreamy sleep. Tall guy pulled himself out of her raped pussy and climbed up her body. Her legs fell back down flat as he dropped his cock between her ripe tits and began to fuck the lovely path of her cleavage. He pressed her firm globes together and his cock disappeared beneath them. His thumbs massaged her nipples as he titty fucked his sleepy teenage victim. He smiled at his partner as he gave her a pearl necklace of his come. Some hit her chin and dripped down her throat into her hair, some landing on her face. She barely moved during the tall guys ejaculation; she could only lie back and let it happen.

As they tugged on their pants, the two guys gave each other high-fives. Life was good when you double-team a big-breasted blonde. They left her there naked and sprawled across a single couch cushion on the carpet. As they headed down the hallway to find the rest of their little rape-fest, I pulled open the door and slipped into the family room, empty but for the sleeping Kate. Seeing her close-up was a real treat. Her skin was still flushed with that just fucked pink color and her stomach seemed to quiver with the aftershocks of her own unconscious pleasure. I tried in vain to wake her, then in haste, I lifted her over my shoulder, grabbed her skirt and sweater off the bar and rushed out into the night.

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