tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOut of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness


*This is the story of an 18 year old virgin lost in the streets of 1920's London. Cold and alone she is set upon by various villains of the night. The result is a bastard son who's life will be the subject of future stories.*

The darkness covered the city streets like a mourner's veil. The familiar shadow brought with it all the creatures of the night. They emerged from their idle hiding places like rats, quickly slithering down side streets chasing after a scent. They all had one goal, one destination, one desire. They descended before she even had time to realise it. Attracted by the sweet perfume of innocence, so tender, ripe and ready for plucking. They all wanted a piece of her. Their hands emerged from the cloaking darkness, each greedily begging for their piece. The flimsy pale blue fabric and flesh coloured stockings that clung to her young curves were all that stood between her and defilement. She struggled for a moment before fear stopped her in her tracks, afraid of what more lay deeper into the night, and as her bobbed little head shook from side to side in a silent "no" all her own little hands could do was cover what little they could.

As the last bits of blue fabric were torn away she was thrown to her knees in the middle of the wet cobbled street. Her little black shoes her mother had so carefully chosen for her lay lost somewhere, broken and discarded in her scramble to retreat. Her stockings bunched down around her feet made it difficult for her to escape. Hands still pulled and pushed the firm, fair skin beneath, slapping her hard as a cacophony of vicious laughter echoed around her raucously. Now all she could do was kneel there in the cold dark night and cry.

Her exposed flesh looked luminous in the moonlight. Hands darted in and out to tease and torment the vulnerable girl. Fingers slithered into her, pressing deep, past the thin boundary of her own virginity, tearing it roughly from her, then bringing the mixture of blood and warmth back into the darkness to drink her in. Lips found her budding breasts and they suckled together, all pushing in to get their share like hungry piglets in the mud. They devoured her like beasts, battered and bruised her until she was shaking and weak. Hardly able to support her own weight. She shivered with fear and cold as her hands and knees rested in puddles of filthy water on the street.

Finally her poor dirty little face was pushed down into a deep puddle and held as she struggled to breath. Their laughter rung in her ears as they lifted her face and watched her gasp for air. Again and again she was submerged, each time felt longer than the last. That was when she felt it, the slimy end of her assailant's knob sliding around the entrance to her virgin hole. Her stomach dropped, she felt like she was going to be sick. One of the hands emerged from the darkness to hold her head around to the side, they wanted her to see her own debasing. She watched as this shadow man spat on her unyielding opening, he grunted as he pushed. Searing pain shot through her, she tried to crawl away but was held firmly in place by the many hands that surrounded her. He grunted and pushed and battered his way into her, filling her so full that she thought she might split in two.

She could feel his big dirty cock up inside her small belly. It pressed in deep as he held it there, admiring her as she hung impaled on his member. He squeezed the plump flesh of her buttocks and admired her young curves before pulling out and pistoning in and out of her, using her like a rag doll until he came. Thick, sticky globs of cum that leaked down her thighs as another positioned himself behind her. He entered her more easily this time, but his swift brutal thrusts still made her yelp. Over and over they filled her with cum. It leaked from her pussy and pooled on the stones beneath her. The pain had turned to soreness, she felt used and tired and dirty and wet. They hadn't cared about anything but themselves, used the cover of night to capture their pretty little prey and take advantage of her anyway they could.

As the sun began to rise and the sky turned from deep purple to orange and red, they one by one disappeared back into the allies from which they came. She was left bleeding, bruised and dripping with cum to crawl on her hands and knees back home. She made it as far as her mothers front door before collapsing on the stoop. Her shocked mother could do little more than carry her indoors and wash her up. She stayed indoors for months. Nursing bruises and bites and a ever swelling belly. Eventually she was to feel the pain of her assailants once again, this time in the form of childbirth.

Her waters broke as she was doing the dishes in the big Belfast sink of her mother's house. With everyone out she was left to birth this child of the night on her own. She screamed as she squatted on the cold slate floor and pushed her bastard son into the world. She relived the torture of that night as he ripped through her cunt, but she didn't hold his parentage against him and she lifted his tiny pink body to her own and tickled his lips with her leaking breast. She held him there while he suckled and looked fondly over him. The beautiful result of so much pain. She wondered what his little life would hold for him. To be continued...

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