tagBDSMOut of the Frying Pan Ch. 02

Out of the Frying Pan Ch. 02


The car slices the air, almost silently, the warmed leather seat hugging my body. I glance sideways to get a better view of my rescuer. The dim dash lights do not provide any more detail to his features than did the dark night along the roadside. Trying not to stare but unable to tear my eyes away...his hand reaches out to trace my jawline. It travels downwards to the neckline of my tank top. His finger lazily moving back and forth on my exposed flesh...his eyes never leaving the road ahead.

I am shivering, less from the cold now, as the finger dips lower, pulling my tank down in a sharp V, isolating each breast to its own side. His pull is so hard that it starts to hurt the back of my neck...so I pull away...

A voice through clenched teeth commands me not to move.

My voice shaking, I manage to tell him, "Stop touching me! You rescued me, that does not mean you own me and can do what you want with me!"

I hear the screeching of tires on pavement, wet pavement, and the heavy sedan moves sideways briefly before the skillful hands of the driver correct and bring it under control. The force of the braking throws my body forward, the seat belt digging in across my shoulder...I cry out in pain...I reach to brace myself, both hands held straight out in front of me.

Once again I hear the crunch of tires on gravel. At the the same time the car comes to stop on the shoulder, a hand reaches forward to seize both of mine in his powerful grip. Tears come to my eyes as he squeezes.

As the car comes to a full stop he moves rapidly. Seemingly in one motion my seat is reclined and he is fully on top of me, his one hand pinning both of mine between the crushing closeness of our bodies. His free hand works its way between my legs, to force its way between my delicate nether lips: mauling, damaging, and bruising tender dry flesh.

His mouth descends on mine, swallowing the scream. His tongue pushes its way into my mouth, hard and brutal. My lips begin to swell and my heart pounds so hard that it is the only thing I can hear. As his teeth find my bottom lip the pain sears through me. Closing my eyes I drift into unconsciousness, a blissful denial of what is happening drapes over me like a dropped curtain in the final act.

Opening my eyes, the first thing I notice is the absence of light; complete darkness envelopes me. All I hear is a perfect silence. As memory returns, I gasp, and try to move....

Panic wells up in my throat; I was in the car with my supposed rescuer and I had angered him. Not able to see, and with no sound other than the sobs which come quickly to my lips, I spill out and into the room, if that is what this place is.

Twisting my body, I seem to be standing, my arms hoisted above my head and held in place. I try to move my feet, but they too are held in place. I can feel cold steel on my ankles, my feet spread about shoulder width apart. As I twist and turn my body something hard and cold brushes the parted folds of my pussy lips.

I pose a tentative question, barely above a whisper, "Hello?" To which I receive complete and utter silence. Tugging hard at my arms, I rub my hands together and feel how complete the binds are that hold me in place. The hot tears that spill down over my cheeks turn cold as they find their way to my breasts.

Cold rivulets of tears on my breast...something cold and hard against my crotch...realization dawns slowly. I am naked and trussed up. A scream erupts from my mouth; it bubbles up from deep in my gut and reverberates off the walls. My throat is hoarse from screaming and my limbs strained and bruised where the cold cruel metal bites in. Finally, I slump my head forward defeated, wracked by sobs.

I dream, a nightmare from which I try desperately to awake. I can hear the sound of breathing in my ear, can feel something brushing along my inner thigh. I open my eyes and lift my head, tortured limbs aching. I look straight into the eyes of the man from the car...assuming that it is the same man. I pray that there are not two of them. I open my mouth to beg him to let me go...but nothing comes out. Just a horrified gasp.

My eyes wide as I stare directly into the black pools of liquid ink that masquerade as his eyes. My mouth still gapes open but no sound escapes over my dry, cracked, and trembling lips. Hot tears begin once again spilling over my cheeks. A hand brushes lightly, almost gently along my inner thigh. Can this touch be from the cold-eyed brute in front of me? Not able to tear my gaze from the eyes of my torturer, my thigh muscles ripple as the touch continues upwards.

His face leans forward 'til it is so close that I lose focus; I can't keep track of the cold eyes. His tongue snakes out to taste my tears. He groans, lapping the salty droplets from my face, following the trail with his tonuge. His breath is hot on my cheek, my neck, and on my breast. His tongue tracks ever closer to my right nipple; I am appalled that it has started to harden. I close my eyes, not able to watch...and feel his lips encase my nipple: suckling, teasing with his tongue, wringing a sob from my wretched lips.

My sob seems to make him pause. His mouth stops, his tongue ceases to torment. I draw in a ragged breath and hold it...waiting to see if this is it. Maybe my sob has made it through to some shred of humanity inside this loathsome creature.

The only sound in the room is that of my pounding heart. It beats a staccato rhythm, so loud that it drowns out all other sounds. My breath explodes from between clenched teeth, releasing a scream that reverberates of the walls. A scream surely not mine; this is the scream of a wounded animal, all guttural and primal...the scream of a tortured and dying animal.

But it is my own. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I pray for unconsciousness; possibly death itself would be preferable. His teeth sink into my nipple, my tender nipple...the nipple that so recently was suckled so gently, now feeling like it is being bitten off.

The scream is my own; it still rings around me. As he tears at my nipple, I can feel his hand working against my thighs, close to my quivering mound. The cold metal that just brushed my lips earlier is driven deep into my pussy, my traitorous body well-lubed for the assault. So deep inside does it thrust that it pushes me up to my tiptoes. I strain swaying back and forth with the force of this man's head as his teeth scissor my swollen nipple. I can hear a metal clank and the sound of a ratchet, the teeth moving...my arms pulled up tight...

I am now fully impaled, and feel a trickle of blood coursing over my breast, hot and thick. The cold metal rod inserted inside me heats up with the fevered state of my body. I watch horrified as he steps away from me, trailing a set of electrical wires. Casting my eyes downward I see that they are coming from between my legs, and another set from my feet. Oh, my God! What other horrors must I endure??

I am too afraid to move, as my vaginal muscles convulse around the thick metal phallus in my pussy. Swaying slightly as I strain to see my feet, I can feel bands wrapped around the midline of each foot. I look back up; my torturer seems busy at a desk. Soft light spills from the computer screen, his form a dark patch against the monitor.

I try to see what is on the screen. I am concentrating so hard that at first I don't realize that he is reaching for something...until he turns to me with his hands full of wires and objects. I can sense a smile on his lips, but not one of compassion. It is more a smile of joy, of deep pleasure. He looks at me and whispers, "It will all be better soon. You will be begging me not to stop."

He comes near enough for me to smell him, to feel his breath on my neck as he reaches to place metal circles on my nipples. "This may sting just a little." I see the long needles as he swiftly pierces through each nipple, preventing the rings from slipping off. My head lolls on my shoulder, my breathing laboured. The scream that was intended is a strangled moan, my body bucking and writhing on the phallic warm metal as it works ever deeper.

A low chuckle forces me to look up. He is staring at me, his voice low and soft, "Wait until the juice begins to flow." He lets go of the wires and I can feel the tug of my nipples as the rings slip forward to rest on the piercing needles. "Two more, and we will start the show." He kneels down in front of me, my parted thighs and gaping pussy lips exposed before him. He passes a chain just under my twin ass cheeks and clips each end to swollen pussy lips, pulling them cruelly apart, exposing my soft and wet inner treasures.

Unexpectedly he lets loose with a deep resonating laugh and it echoes around the room. Instead of easing my mind it brings a renewed sense of horror to my helpless body. He reaches forward and seizes the lone barbell that pierces my clit hood and gives it a tug making me gasp. He stands and brings his lips to mine. "Not quite what I was expecting to find, but such a lovely treat,' he mumbles against my lips. He flicks his tongue, forcing them apart; he seals his lips to mine and sucks the very air from my lungs, my eyes showing fear when I cant breathe. Then he steps back and returns to his desk.

I can hear doors opening and closing, drawers sliding, and his deep voice humming as he rummages. Then, a zap at my nipple...it rocks my body with its intensity. My eyes widen as I scream, but it is over as quick as it began, leaving me to wonder if I imagined it. He rises and approaches me. Smiling, he attaches a metal clip to my barbell. He explains, "That was set at two on a scale of 1 to 10. One gives a mild buzz...10 is akin to a cattle prod. We will start low, let you build a tolerance for it. I won't stop zapping you until you cum...until you soak my floor in your juices. And then, I will set it to give random zaps at random locations while I go and prepare your room for you. Are you ready?"

Finding my voice at last, I plead one last time for my release. I beg as my eyes fill, tears spilling once more. My torturer just laughs. "I have prepared you for my pleasure, and yours. One last item before we begin." Disappearing from view, I feel his hands on my shoulders: soft caresses, trailing a path to the upper curve of my buttocks. The fingers just recently so gentle, now gripping tight to my ass cheeks...bruising them with cruel fingers as he pushes a cold, metal butt plug deep into my ass. I scream and beg, twisting my body, pushing with my sphincter muscle to expel the foreign object. He attaches it to a pole and angles it to the wall, clipping the other end in place. Trailing the new wires he approaches his desk.

Almost completely immobile, I gasp and pant. My throat is raw and dry; my chest heaves as my nipples tingle. It is a light tingle, almost imperceptible...almost pleasant. The bottoms of my feet tickle as I wriggle on my toes. My clit buzzes softly, my ass and vagina quivering. The sensations are surprisingly pleasurable. I lift my head and see him watching me, a remote control in hand.

"I see I have your attention. I intend to keep your attention. This is an interactive game: you must answer me each time I ask, and your answers must be truthful. Is that understood?"

...More to come...

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