tagBDSMOut of the Frying Pan Ch. 01

Out of the Frying Pan Ch. 01


Alone on a dark and moonless night, driving, no destination in mind. Just felt the urge to get out of the house...away from the constant jangling of the telephone, the monotonous drone of artificial life that spews from the television. Be on my own...no one to answer to, no responsibilities, for one night anyway.

The feel of the wind as it moves my hair...squirming on my seat...letting my mind wander, seeing the glint on the road but not realizing until its too late....nails and lots of them. Realization dawning at the same moment as I hear the all too familiar thump flap, thump flap of the tire. Sighing, I pull to the side of the road, and turn the engine off...mentally running through how to change a flat...and grimacing slightly as I look at my clothes.

I had slipped out of warm jammies to hastily pull on a skirt and tank top....sandals....that's it....oh dear. Deciding that changing the tire myself is probably not an option....turning on the dome light to get my cell from my purse....an image of my purse on the kitchen counter..."Damn it"...muttering a string of curse words to myself....

Sitting in the dark, and noticing just how dark it really is, slight breeze, no stars or moon and as my eyes adjust, I can just barely make out the tree line. Guess it's time to bite the proverbial bullet and change the tire myself. Popping the trunk, turning on my hazards and grabbing the flashlight. Climbing out and noticing the chill in the air...stupid woman...you had flannel jammies on at home and come out dressed like an exotic dancer on her way to work. Nope...dancer would have at least been wearing a thong, someplace to have men stash their $5 bills.

Smiling to myself, have to laugh or I'll cry and it is a problem of my own making. I close the door, walk to the rear of the car and lift the trunk open, flip the switch on the flashlight and nothing...give it a few good bangs against the palm of my hand to see a faint glimmer, before it quickly fades to dark.

Biting my bottom lip to keep from crying, tossing the flashlight as far into the woods as possible, a childish act, but one that gives me a slight feeling of control. I rummage in the trunk in the dim glow of the recessed light to find the handle and lift it up. Leaning far into the trunk, one foot completely clear of the ground I finally find the tire iron. Brandishing it like a weapon I approach the flat tire....road side of course and remove the hubcap.

After half an hour I finally have all the lug nuts freed, leaving two in place I grab the jack and put it under the car...scraping my knees in the process, I can feel the blood trickling down my legs. Standing up, stretching and reaching for the spare...changing the flat for the spare takes less time then removing lug nuts....smiling as the last nut twists on.

A slight but steady rain starts to fall just as I lower the car and put everything haphazardly into the trunk. Looking down at myself and laughing out loud. What a sight I am, hair must be a mess, plastered to my head by the rain, both knees bloodied, skirt rumpled, spotted with road dirt and hands...never mind...too much to contemplate. But feeling a sense of accomplishment as well.

Wiping a hand across my brow to stop the water falling into my eyes, I walk around to the passenger side of the car...and to my dismay find that the passenger side front tire is also flat. Tears start falling from my eyes, frustration biting inside of me, gnawing and a feeling of utter despair. Leaning on the trunk of my car...I let loose with big wracking sobs, pounding the cold wet metal until my fists are battered and bruised.

Sobbing til I can barely catch my breath, weak and worn out, I see lights...saved...car lights...on this road at this time of night, nothing short of miraculous. Quickly running my fingers through my hair...wiping both hands on my tear streaked face...I stand shivering, waiting for the car to arrive. Putting on a smile...probably looking more like a grimace, I wave to the car....they will stop...they have to!

I watch in dismay as it drives on past, not even slowing. Feeling the tears welling in my eyes again, I drop my head. Staring incredulously at the quickly disappearing tail lights. What kind of a monster would pass a woman alone on a dark rainy night, obviously in need?

Only a monster would pass up such a pitiable sight as me.....images of crazed maniacs fleetingly run through my tired mind...and then oh Yes!.....brake lights....just as the car pulls out of sight, around the curve in the road.

My heart hammers, as I wait...not even realizing that I am holding my breath til my chest hurts...letting a lungful of air whoosh out with an audible groan. Filling my lungs with fresh air, I see headlights returning. Leaning wearily on the trunk of the car...I smile...ready to kiss the feet of my rescuer.

The car pulls up twenty feet behind mine...and sits there....no movement from within...cant see past the glare of the headlights, icy fingers of fear scrape frosty nails down my back.

Giving myself both a mental and physical shake I straighten up and give a tentative wave...knowing that I am highly visible. I look down and realize that my short skirt has ridden higher and is tightly plastered to my upper thighs, held in place by the sweat of my labours and the rain. Tank top is singing tight, and my nipples chilled by the cold rain and tightened by fear are standing erect. Even at this distance, knowing they must be visible, I cross my arms on my breasts, pushing my nipples down with the force of my arms. My skirt....dropping one arm to tug down first the left and then the right side...returning my arm to cover my breast. Shaking sets in...what a sight I must be...probably some old man....scared to death....calling 911.

Leaning forward I start to walk towards the car....and at that same instant, the car moves towards me...the sound of tires crunching on gravel so loud....almost deafening in the still night. The patter of rain drowned out by the approaching car.

It is a dark coloured sedan....4 door...slung low....an import...and the slow even hum of the engine...means an expensive import. Still 10 feet away the car sits...motor idling lazily...I tilt my head...and try to peer past the lights...as they suddenly turn off..leaving me completely blinded...I am plunged into the darkness of the moonless night. I can hear the car door open but cannot see anything at all...and before I realize it...there is a hand on my arm. A scream pierces the silence of the night...shocked I realize that is coming from me.

A voice purrs in my ear, the deep masculine drone of someone who is used to being obeyed, "Stop that incessant howl please, Miss. You will wake the dead and we shall have ghosts and goblins for company." A low chuckle accompanies the order and I quiet, my eyes starting to adjust to the near complete darkness. I look at the man who is still holding tight to my arm as if I may run away if he lets go...and he is probably right!

The first thing that I notice is his height, towering at least 10 inches above my 5'4" frame. And the scent that emanates from him...is familiar, yet I can't quite place it. Dark hair crowns what appears to be a handsome face...although even in the dark I can tell that the smile on his lips does not quite reach his eyes. There is a darkness, a hint of danger, this man exudes power...only total control will make him happy...and he is in his element...I am totally at his mercy.

Through controlled lips, his voice filled with authority he tells me that he has already called road side assistance and that they have estimated their arrival at just before 6 am. I stare back wide eyed....that is hours away yet, and I feel the tears forming in my eyes, my bottom lip starts its telltale quiver...sobs are imminent, and I just know that weakness is not a good thing to let this man see. Choking back the sob that forms a hard lump in my throat, I square my shoulders, tug my arm from his grip and thank him for stopping and calling for help.

Turning on my heel, in preparation to slip into my car and cry until assistance arrives, my foot catches on a loose chunk of gravel knocking me off balance. With one swift step and an arm well placed he catches me before I hit the ground. A smile, but not a smile forms on his lips as he swoops me up and carries me to his car...placing my firmly on the ground, holding tight to my arm. He opens the passenger door and gently but firmly guides me onto the seat. Too weak to resist, I slump into the leather seat...letting the warmth of the interior seep into my chilled flesh. Leaning back I close my eyes...trembling not sure if it's because I am cold....or afraid.

I hear him slide into the drivers seat and close his door. He reaches across me to fasten my safety belt...his arm brushing across firm and sensitive nipples....and I hear a sharp intake of breath. Taking a deep breath I thank him for coming to my rescue not once but twice...forcing a faint smile to my lips.

Again that low chuckle, as he tells me that I am a little premature in thanking him...the night is but young. The engine roars to life and idles to a purr, as he steps on the accelerator moving us swiftly through the moonless night.

...More to come..

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