tagGay MaleOut Of The Shadows Ch. 04

Out Of The Shadows Ch. 04


Note: Thanks for the nice comments on this so far. In response to what you said/asked... on the POV issue, I've been experimenting with different ways of writing and I've not always written the other side, certainly not like in the first stories I submitted. This story does have some of Rob's POV, it's Chapter 5. Which means to those of you who said I'd left you hanging on the last one, I should just say sorry now for the ending of this part!

And on the timing thing and writing faster... I'd love to spend more time writing, honestly, but my bosses aren't going to pay me if I do! I'm trying to strike a balance between finishing the two stories I'm posting now, writing some of the other 8 I'm working on so I've got something to post after this, and occasionally having a life away from the computer!! I love writing, and having you guys read it and care about it too really means a lot.

* * * * * *


* * * * * *

“Let's go to bed,” I whispered in his ear. I was fairly sure his shiver was at my words rather than the cold, especially as he stood straight away, me still held in his arms, and carried me off to his bedroom. He placed me down on his bed so gently I felt cherished, and I knew that I was making the right decision being with him no matter how long we had together. His eyes though were raking over my naked body with need and desire still, and the tent in his trousers was still very evident.

He tried to join me on the bed but I stopped him with a hand on his chest.

“I need to see all of you.”

He smiled at me and straightened up, and my hands followed him, settling on the buttons on his jeans. I heard him suck in a breath even though I hadn't touched him anywhere sensitive. I was quite close to his dick and I figured he must be really turned on my now. I couldn't resist lightly stroking one finger down the ridge I could see, but he grabbed my hand to stop me. His voice was strained and deep with lust.

“Don't tease.”

I didn't want to, I was just fascinated. This was my first time being able to feel a real cock other than my own, and I was torn between desperation to touch and taste and taking the time to savour it. I had a feeling that Rob would prefer the quicker approach. I fumbled as I undid his buttons, my hands shaking with a combination of anticipation and nerves. Time to find out whether any of the stuff I had read online and practised with my toys had prepared me enough to make this good.

His cock sprang out as I freed it and pushed his trousers down and he managed to step out of them. I was facing the most beautiful sight I had ever seen, all his tight stomach muscles and the trail of golden hair leading down to his long thick erection that bobbed in front of me, begging for my attention. Precum glistened on the tip of the rosy head and his foreskin was pulled right back. He moaned just at it being freed, and again when I licked to taste some of the salty sweetness. I moved my tongue down to lave the shaft, tracing the vein I found and he grabbed my shoulders to steady himself. He didn't let me sit down, so I wasn't going to let him either.

I nibbled on the head with my lips for a moment, licking to gather up the drops he was already leaking for me, before covering my teeth and starting to take him into my mouth. One long moan met my ears and I would have joined him in it if my mouth wasn't full already. The feeling was incredible, and I had never expected it to be so good for me to have a cock to taste. I kept my tongue moving, caressing wherever I could as I slid further down and then made a seal so I could suck on the way back up. My hands moved so I could jack what was left of him in time with my movements.

From the sounds he was making I figured I was doing at least okay, but to be honest I was more entranced by the feel of him in my hands and mouth. His grip on my shoulders seemed to be tightening and although
that was starting to hurt I didn't want to stop what I was enjoying so much. I didn't even know how long I had been doing it, but I became aware of his cries and him stiffening in his body and his cock became almost impossibly hard. I managed to look up just as he arched back and I was treated to stream after stream of his warm cum. I moaned as he filled me and I swallowed what I had been offered. It tasted different to my own, more sweet, and it was much better direct from the source.

He let go of me and collapsed onto the bed at the side of me. I lay back myself, still savouring my tasty drink. He just lay and groaned. It was worth me paying more attention, because his gorgeous tight ass was now on display, and it was more impressive than I had imagined. My own dick was already rising again, encouraged by what I had done and the sight of him lying sated beside me. His eyes opened blearily and he looked across at me.

“You sure you haven't done that before?”

“Not on the real thing, no. I loved it!”

“Me too. That was great.”

I beamed a smile at him. It crossed my mind that he might be lying, but it had worked so I couldn't have done too badly. His arm came across me and he motioned me to turn over so we were facing each other again and his lips pressed to mine. There was less urgency this time but still lots of passion, and we were soon wrapped around each other again. This time he was totally naked in my arms and I couldn't get enough of holding and stroking his body. I couldn't believe I was able to do this when last night I had thought it would all be over before it began. I couldn't allow myself to think about the future, but at least I could enjoy what we had right now.

Even though we were both hard again we just lay there and kissed, exploring each others' bodies with our hands slowly. After the first explosive moments neither of us seemed to want to rush things, or certainly I didn't. His body was so hard and toned I could spend hours touching it even in a non-sexual way and I trailed my fingers across the hard planes, particularly enjoying the feel of the side of him where his waist tapered down to his stomach and hips. I was slim, but this was the kind of body every man wanted, and at least being like this I had the next best thing to it being my own. I could have that body to bring me pleasure.

He pulled back from our kisses and just seemed to stare at me, his hand stroking the side of my face gently as he looked into my eyes.

“Are you okay baby?” he eventually asked. I loved hearing the endearment but wondered why he was asking.

“I'm a long way past okay,” I replied softly, my hands still running over his body.

He smiled. “Yeah, me too. I didn't realise how much I needed this.” His eyes flicked closed for a second and then he looked back to me shyly, an expression I wasn't expecting, and then corrected himself. “I didn't realise how much I needed you.”

My hands froze. That was too close to an admission that there was a lot more to this than a bit of fun for a few days, and as much as I knew I wanted that, it was something we couldn't have. He noticed my discomfort and kissed me again.

“Sorry,” he murmured.

“Let's not...”

He nodded, somehow understanding what I was saying. We had to keep emotion out of this, because if we didn't the end would be a lot harder. I knew I wasn't going to want to leave him and I was already aware that my feelings went way beyond what I had told him I needed. I guess he realised that, and felt it too, but I couldn't bear to hear it out loud.

“What would you like to do now?”

A wealth of possibilities ran through my head, but I'd already mentioned my favourite to him earlier as I whispered in his ear. What I wanted most was to feel him filling me, pressing me down into the mattress with that glorious body and pounding me into ecstasy with his hard cock. I gave it a couple of soft strokes before I answered, noting how he gasped and his expression changed with the pleasured feeling he was getting. I still felt shy about asking, but leaned across to whisper in his ear.

“I want this. I want you to fill me and fuck me with this.”

Again, my words made him groan. His hand came down to stop me stroking him, and he entwined his fingers with mine.

“Are you sure? It's a big step and I don't want to hurt you.”

“You won't. I've played with toys and I know I like it, I just need the real thing.”

His grin made me shiver. “Trust me, toys have nothing on the real thing. This is going to blow your mind!” Then his face fell. “Shit. I haven't got lube or rubbers. We'll have to wait until we've done some shopping. Damn!”

I kissed him quickly, pleased that he was so disappointed because that meant he really wanted to do this, and even more pleased that I had (unknowingly) packed a lot better than he had.

“Stay there,” I said, then headed out of the room, my dick bouncing before me. It wasn't going to go down in a hurry, even kissing Rob had me hard. I quickly found what we needed and headed back to his room, almost forgetting what I'd gone for when I saw him laid out on the bed. He was beautiful, and I took a good long look at him laying in bed waiting for me, to make sure the image would stay in my mind forever. His hard dick pointed to the ceiling and too long looking at it reminded me what I wanted from him. I headed back to the bed and handed him condoms and lube. He looked at me in question.

“I was a boy scout,” I told him, grinning.

He looked as though he didn't believe me, but asking more questions was going to delay what we both wanted to do now.

“Lie on your front and spread your legs, I'm going to get you ready for me.”

I moved fast and got myself in the position he had instructed, hard and needy but a little nervous and feeling vulnerable. This was why I needed someone I could trust, I was fully opened to him and if I hadn't believed he'd take his time rather than just shove his way inside I'd never be able to do this. I shook as his hands moved across my back and over my buttocks. Even that felt really good, I had no idea what everything else would do to me, although I suspected he was right that it would blow my mind.

“Relax baby.” I heard him say softly, the warmth of his breath on me seeming to hit my pucker and making it twitch. I realised where his face was and before I could wonder what he was going to do next he was already doing it and I could only whimper as I felt the sensation run right through me. His tongue ran over me and dipped inside and my hips were jerking back towards him to get more of his treatment.

I moaned my disappointment when he stopped, but soon felt a finger slide inside me. I knew what it was like to have something in my ass, but me not being in control of it was new, I didn't know what was going to happen next. It felt really good and I think I begged for more. Even if I wasn't making any sense Rob did it anyway and I started to push back to get them deeper, moaning and writhing around trying to get more and more pleasure from them. My dick was hard and leaking against the sheets, and I didn't know how much longer I would be able to take his attentions before I came hard.

Suddenly I felt very empty and my ass didn't like it. I needed to be filled, and thankfully I was about to get my wish. Rob turned me over, my muscles hardly under my control to help him, and then eased into position above me. I knew what he was about to do and when I felt his cock against me I smiled at him. He kissed me hard as he started to enter, and I pushed back to help him, wincing slightly as the head went past the rings of muscle. He was bigger than anything I'd ever had inside me, but so much better I let out a long groan as he filled me.

I'd expected this to be amazing, but I'd underestimated it again. He was so hard and filled me so full that every part of me felt sensitised. This was what I needed, a strong and beautiful man who took care of me. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, he started to move, and I cried out again and again as I felt my pleasure building from the glorious friction. He fucked me slowly to start with but I soon needed more and pushed back to meet him, forcing him to up the pace and satisfy my desire.

There was nothing more to my life at that moment than his cock moving in and out of me and our sweaty bodies moving together. My own cock was hard and leaking and I knew it could not be long before this was over, and I tried to stop myself from coming. I was too late. I screamed as I came, shooting my seed over the pair of us and taking him over the edge with me. His body stiffened and I felt the pulses in my channel as he shot into the condom. Even that slight movement sent waves of pleasure through me.

It was several minutes before either of us moved. His body pressed me down into the mattress and I lay under him feeling his breathing as it went from frantic pants back to slow and steady. My cum was probably sticking us together but I didn't mind that. I might well need a shower, but washing the smell and feel of him off me was the last thing I wanted to do right now. I didn't want him to leave my body either, but I could feel his dick was softening and when it slipped out of me I moaned. It was worse when he moved off me, my disappointment at it being over probably obvious on my face.

He removed the condom and shoved it in the bin, and then got back into bed and pulled me onto my side and into his arms.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I smiled. “You need to stop asking me that. You were right though, that definitely did blow my mind!”

“I'm glad. That was incredible. It blew my mind too.”

That strange intensity was back in his eyes. I knew what it was now, but I'd asked him not to say it and I wasn't going to either. I was going to try and protect my heart in all of this, and we were both going to pretend there was nothing more to what we were doing than friends in a difficult situation passing the time. Still, what a way to pass the time!

I stretched out a little, groaning as parts of me ached, and I had a reminder of the fact that my stomach was still injured after my beating. The dull ache in my ass was possibly the weirdest pain – I was sore, but I still wanted to feel him in me again and it reminded me of how good it felt. Rob looked concerned though.

“Are you sure I didn't hurt you?”

“Positive. Or at least it was only in a good way. I've just found some muscles I didn't know I had, and my ass aches but in a very good way.”

He relaxed and smiled back at me. “Yeah. You're going to have to remind me how good that feels later.”

I looked at him with surprise. “Seriously?”

“Definitely. You're going to enjoy doing the fucking too, I guarantee it.”

“I believe you!”

I saw a cheeky twinkle in his eyes, and I wondered what had caused it. He straightened himself out a little, and even though I was sated for the moment, the sight of his muscles moving still drew my attention. I wasn't going to be able to get enough of seeing him naked. He brought my attention back with the question that obviously had started to amuse him.

“So, are you going to tell me why a good virginal boy like yourself packed lube and condoms? I can't help thinking you were planning on this happening!” I went red, again, and he just chuckled. “You go shy at the strangest moments. You're cute when you blush though.”

“I told you, I was a boy scout. The lube I knew I'd need because... well, I figured I'd be jacking off a lot if I had to be around you. I certainly wasn't planning this. For starters, I thought you were straight until after I'd packed.”

“That doesn't explain the condoms. I am flattered about your need for lube though!”

“Have you seen yourself? You're gorgeous. All that muscle but not too much, great ass, cute but don't fancy yourself, and your eyes are so pretty and expressive.”

He was smiling, but clearly a little embarrassed at what I was saying. Perhaps it was a little much, but it was either that or tell him I loved him.

“You definitely know how to flatter a guy, but you are underestimating yourself babe. I told you why I brought you here, even though I thought I'd be torturing myself because you wouldn't be interested. You are so cute, and you might not have the build that I do but you're perfect. Lean and toned, absolutely does it for me, and your ass is in a league of it's own. When you flashed it at me in that hotel room I was hard instantly, and I had to go jerk off before I could get to sleep.”

I grinned at him. “I heard!”

It was his turn to blush properly. “Wasn't as quiet as I thought. I hoped you wouldn't have noticed. After all, it wasn't until the next day that I knew you were gay.”

“I didn't quite know how to tell you. I wanted to, but without making it clear that I'd noticed you in the club, because you'd think I was eyeing you up.”

“Weren't you? I was doing my best not to draw attention to myself. How long were you there anyway?”

“A couple of hours. About an hour while you were in there. I was going to leave before you arrived, but I couldn't without walking right past you. Then I kind of watched you for a while,” I admitted.

“I didn't see you. I would have remembered.”

“I was in the shadows not far inside. I've never dared go any further than that.”

“When we get back...”

He tailed off and went very quiet. No plans for the future, we knew that. He'd let his guard down for a moment and then reminded himself why he couldn't offer me that. Fuck, this was going to be difficult. I didn't want to think, or talk, about anything that would made me sad while we were here, just appreciate finally being able to touch the man of my dreams.

The best way I could think of to stop him talking any more was to kiss him again. I couldn't get enough of his kisses, and I needed to stock up on all I could for however long we had. I knew there was desperation in my initial touches to his lips but he slowed it down and turned the frantic kiss into another slow and passionate one that set my head spinning. He was really good at this and as we wound our bodies back around each other I felt how much passion flowed between us. It made it harder to forget we didn't have much time to be like this and I tried desperately not to let it get to me.

He must have known, somehow, because his touches turned far more sexual, taking my mind off what was racing through it, and making my need rise again. When he finally took hold of my cock it was hard again, although I had no idea how. I'd never come so many times in such a short space of time, yet now I wanted to again. Being with him was better than any aphrodisiac, or perhaps he just had the liquid version in his skin somehow. Whatever it was, I was moaning softly into his mouth as he stroked me, relishing the feeling of his hands on my body.

“What do you want now baby? We have nothing else to do today, and certainly nothing that could be more fun.”

I laughed a little and agreed with him that there was nothing better we could be doing.

“I picked last time!” I told him with a smile.

He considered that for a moment. “You're right. Must be my turn to choose.” He leaned over to my ear and made me shiver repeating my words from earlier in the sexiest voice I'd ever heard.

“I want this. I want you to fill me and fuck me with this.”

* * * * * *

Four days later, I was out of bed on one of the rare occasions we spent doing anything other than make love. I would be kidding myself to call it anything else, but I never spoke those words aloud. We talked about fucking but we both knew there was far more to it. I wandered around the kitchen fixing dinner with a broad smile on my face. I couldn't seem to stop smiling, because Rob had showed me every possible way we could pleasure each other, and I loved every one. When we were too tired, or trying to keep our hands to ourselves for a little while, we would cuddle together in bed or on the sofa, but it was never many hours before one of us started something more.

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