Out Of The Shadows Ch. 05


I laughed at that. "Maybe a little, but it's definitely wrong that I'm thinking that way despite it being my job to make sure they end up behind bars."

"What happens when they are found?"

That question meant a lot more than what happened to the gang, I knew that, and I wasn't quite sure how to answer him. I knew what I wished I could say, and I also knew there was no way I could promise that.

"They won't get bail. Once they are arrested they won't see freedom for quite some time...Once it's safe you will be able to go back home. They won't be able to use you against me any longer and you won't need to be involved in the trial. I'll have to keep myself hidden until I testify. There is a lot that I can add to the information I've gathered, and if I'm not there to be cross-examined it will make the case more difficult. They'll probably still get sent down, but not for as long. Even then, they might still decide to put a contract out on me just for revenge. I'll be renamed and reassigned. They'll offer me a desk job probably, but I won't take it. I'd rather do anything than the boring side of police work."

I paused, wondering how much I could say, without making things any worse. I held him as tight to me as I could while I whispered the words.

"I don't know. If it is at all possible, if there is ever a chance, I will. I wish I could make you a promise baby, you have no idea how much I wish that."

I heard a shaky breath from him, and he held me tight too, not wanting to let me go either, not just now but whenever it would have to happen. Then suddenly he sounded determined.

"Forget it. Let's forget all of that. It doesn't matter until it has to. No more mentions and no more sadness, okay? I just want to be at it like bunnies for as long as we can."

He was just perfect, and I smiled at him. He was right, it didn't matter until it had to, and the idea of going at it like bunnies, well, I had no objection to that at all. It was already the pattern of our days and I was more than happy to continue that way for as long as possible. In fact, he was eager for it right then, almost seeming to forget that we had dinner waiting for us.

That was probably the one time I teased him and made him wait, but the looks he was giving me as I ate my dinner as slowly as possible were so heated I was amused by them. It was good to know that he wanted me that much. It backfired of course, because he came up with a new way to ensure I was immensely turned on and had to have him.

I'd never had a striptease done just for me, or a lapdance. He gave me both, and I was hard as a rock from the first moment he started moving. He was surprisingly graceful, but his moves were scandalous, particularly when he started to kiss me and grind his crotch against me. I had the vague wish I could take him dancing in the club, but right then all I could do was take him.

After he turned me on like that we had the most explosive sex to date, me holding him down and pressing him over the arm of the sofa, legs spread, totally at the mercy of my desire. I had the control, but I knew he would love everything I did for him and I wouldn't take advantage or hurt him, but his willing compliance and how sexy he looked in that position had me taking him hard and fast, causing the most amazing sounds to spill from his mouth, and eventually his seed and then mine to spill from us.

* * * * * *

It would have been nice to entirely forget about work, but I had to check for calls and make the occasional one to the Chief to be updated. Those moments were brief ones in days that were mostly filled with Alex. We learned all we could about each other, or at least I learned everything about him. I had to be careful what I told him at this point and I kept it to general things, telling him amusing stories from my life rather than names and places. It hurt not to be able to let him in entirely, but right now it wasn't safe to.

It was several days before I heard anything more from the Chief that was important, and this time he wanted to meet me in person. There was CCTV footage to review and he wanted to interview me about some of the evidence I had left with them. It wasn't the first time, I'd done a few hours before everything had kicked off and I'd had to leave, but now there was a different angle to it. If I didn't get out of this one the prosecution would still have my words on tape to use at trial. I really hoped I could do it in person.

I didn't want to leave Alex either, but I could hardly complain when it was my job and it might just mean they could track the other men sooner rather than later. If they were free I had to stay in hiding and I got to be with Alex, but both of us were in danger too. I spent all my free moments now working out ways I could make sure we were together once the gang were caught, dreaming of being with him forever, but I didn't want to raise false hopes by telling him.

I stole a long kiss before I left, and made sure he would be thinking about me when I returned, or at least thinking about the two of us together, because I left him with a mental image of us making love on the kitchen table and I was looking forward to enacting it when I got back home. I was sure he was looking forward to that too from his reaction.

* * * * * *

"Yes, that's them," I told the Chief.

The footage he showed me was grainy, but it wasn't just the appearance, it was the movement of the men that confirmed who they were. My stomach felt sick when I recognised at least one of the men who had beaten my Alex and left him black and blue, particularly annoyed that he was still on the loose.

"When was this taken? Do you have any idea where they are?"

"Heading north," he replied, "as far as we can tell from the train they took. They went off the radar after that, but we are checking every station they could have got off at. Frankly, right now, we don't know, but we are looking hard."

"Could be pretty much anywhere though, and I'm not safe until they are behind bars."

"Maybe not. You may not be their major concern, but we already know they like revenge and silencing witnesses. The fact that we have his brothers in jail makes Tony a much more dangerous."

"Guess it's back to hiding for me for the foreseeable then," I replied, managing not to grin at what else that meant.

"We're closing in on them Rob. I hope it won't be long and things can then get back to normal."

"About that, afterwards," I started to say, not sure how to voice what I wanted. "If I have to change my name and disappear...can you do the same for Alex?"

"He's not going to be in danger after this, he knows next to nothing, unless you've told him."

"I haven't."

"Then he'll be fine. If we have to hide you it's better that no-one knows where you've gone."

"I know, just not him, please. He could come with me."

I got an interested and concerned look at my thinly veiled pleading.

"Why would he want to? He has a life already Rob."

"He does, but he'd like a life with me."

Now the Chief was looking very stern and disapproving, and to be honest I couldn't blame him. I was supposed to be in hiding and protecting Alex, not getting involved with him.

"I thought you told me you weren't sleeping with him."

I ducked my head and blushed slightly.

"I wasn't, then. I'm not just sleeping with him either, I love him. I've given so much up for this job, but I can't bear the thought of having to walk away from him."

I was surprised not to be shouted at for my confession, and the Chief didn't seem angry. His tone was surprisingly compassionate.

"We don't know how this is going to play out yet. I can't promise you that leaving him behind isn't a possibility. At the very least, you'll probably have to stay hidden until a trial and that will mean without him. Those kind of decisions are made above my head, but longer term, I'll do what I can, provided he tells me the same at some point."

"He will," I answered, so relieved I could barely form any words. It wasn't a promise, but it was all I could do right now, and it made me feel a lot better that I had tried.

* * * * * *

I had a smile on my face as I left to go back home, the Chief reassuring me as far as he could, and at least not bollocking me for getting involved with Alex in the first place. As good as that feeling was, it was nothing on the thoughts I had running through my mind about what was going to happen when I got home. Visions of Alex, naked and panting on my kitchen table as I made love to him, meant my jeans were already tight before I got to the village, let alone our cottage.

The smile only faded when I got to the front door, finding it slightly ajar. I tried to control the panic, my gut clenching. Alex wouldn't have done that, he wouldn't need to tempt me in, but just maybe he thought it would be a nice touch. I didn't enter, my training kicking in I walked slowly and quietly to the window, peering into the living room. It was a mess, all the furniture moved and books pulled down from the shelves littering the floor.

My heart in my mouth now, so scared that Alex was in there hurt or worse, I tiptoed round the building in the darkness, making sure there was no-one outside waiting for me. A glance through the kitchen window revealed much of the same, what should have been my welcome home dinner splattered on the floor and everything that should have been on the table brushed to one side. I noticed the one thing that was still sat there, clearly for my benefit, and finally crept into the house, unable to wait any longer.

The mobile was pre-paid, pretty new and they could have got it anywhere, unremarkable. It was the note that sent chills through me.

'He's not hurt. YET. We'll call you.'

* * * * * *

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