tagLoving WivesOut of Thin Air Ch. 03

Out of Thin Air Ch. 03

byJust Plain Bob©

I was sitting in a booth at the restaurant when Debbie came over to refill my coffee cup. She topped me off and then sat down and asked me:

"How's the second story coming along?"

"I finished it last night and I also posted the first one on one of the sites I use. It should be up for viewing by tonight."

"You have any plans for tonight?"

"No, why?"

"Harry is spending the weekend at his folk's place. He's going to help his dad replace the roof on the barn. I couldn't go because I have to work tomorrow. I could come by and tell you about my third time cheating on Harry and maybe read the story you posted."

"You read it the last time you were over."

"I know, but I'd kind of like seeing it the way everybody else is going to see it."

"Make it around six and plan on having dinner. I'm going to make meat loaf."

"Oh wow, good in bed and you cook too. I just may have to dump Harry and chase after you."

"I'd at least wait until after you taste the meatloaf before you make that decision."

She laughed and got up and went back to work.


Debbie arrived at ten to six and when I opened the door and let her in she handed me a paper bag.

"You made the dinner so I'm supplying the wine and the dessert."

"Dessert?" I asked as I looked in the bag and found two bottles of Merlot. "What dessert?"

"Me silly."

We ate dinner and polished off one bottle of the wine. I opened the other, refilled our glasses and then we went into the living room and got comfortable, Debbie on the sofa and me in the easy chair. I picked up a pad of paper and a pen from the end table and waited for Debbie to begin.

"You are going to think I'm awful, but it wasn't Harry and his fixation on big tits that led to my third infidelity, it was the first two that were responsible."

"How is that?"

"After the episode in Tom's car I went home determined that I would be a good girl from then on. The first time was over some teasing that got out of control and it happened. The second time it happened because I was in a jealous snit over what Harry was doing with Dianne. When Tom dropped me off I rushed into the house, showered and douched real good before going to bed and then I lay there looking up at the ceiling and wondering what the hell my problem was. So Harry liked looking at tits, so what? Was he fucking the big titted bitches? I didn't really think so. As far as I knew Harry looked at them and got himself all fired up and then came home to me to put out the flames. Harry was a good husband and he deserved better than what I was doing to him. I fell asleep promising myself I'd never get upset with Harry over his thing for big tits ever again. And I haven't.

I didn't realize it that night as I fell asleep, but those two affairs that I'd had changed me. It was three days later, when I came back to work after being off five days, that I began to become aware of the change. The very first customers that day were two guys who worked for the city and as I poured their coffee I wondered what the two of them would be like if I had them in bed with me. I never had had those kinds of thoughts before, not even about single guys, but from that day forward two guys at a table or in a booth got me to wondering what it would be like for the three of us. I suddenly realized that I had a hunger for sex with multiple partners. I wanted a cock in my mouth and in my pussy at the same time. I wanted the limp cock leaving my pussy to be immediately replaced with another hard one. I had the hunger, but I had promised myself that I was going to be a good girl and by God I was going to be one.

It went on like that for months. Two guys sitting together would get me to wondering. You know me, I flirt. I flirt a lot. It doesn't mean anything, it is just something I do to try and increase the size of the tips I get. A lot of guys flirt back. They don't expect it to turn into anything; it is just fun and joking around.

Well, there are two guys who come into the restaurant three and four times a week, you would know them if you saw them, and I would flirt with them and they flirted back It went on for several months and one day one of them said:

"Debbie love, when are you going to stop fighting it and break down and give us a taste?"

To this day I have no idea why I did what I did because I had promised to be good, but I had loved being used by two men at once and Harry was working swings that month so I knew I'd have the time. I just smiled down at the two of them and said:

"I usually stop at Tony's for a drink when I get off work at three."

After I'd walked away from the table I asked myself just why in the hell I'd done that and by two-thirty I'd made up my mind to go straight home and stay the hell away from Tony's Bar and Grill.

By three-twenty I'd finished my vodka tonic and had decided that they thought I was just kidding them and I was getting ready to get out of the booth and leave when they came in the door. Only there weren't two of them, there were three. I sat there watching them walk toward me and I was torn between wanting to stay and wanting to get up and run. My pussy had been tingling all afternoon at the thought of two hard cocks working me over, but three? I didn't know about that. Then I told myself I was getting anxious over nothing. They wouldn't have invited a third guy without checking it out ahead of time with me. The third guy was probably just going to have a drink with us and then leave.

By the time I had run all of that through my head it was too late to run. They were at the booth and Ralph slid in next to me so I was between him and the wall. Todd and the third guy, he was introduced as Dave, sat across from Ralph and me. Four drinks later Ralph said:

"If you don't mind Dave would like to join us."

By that time I wouldn't have minded if every man in the bar would have joined us. For as long as he had been sitting there Ralph had had his hand up my skirt and had been fingering my pussy. Todd had reached under the table and had taken hold of my right ankle and had lifted my foot up to his crotch. He took my shoe and sock off and he had his cock out and was stroking it with my foot. I was so hot and wet I thought I could hear my wet pussy dripping on the floor. When Ralph asked me about Dave I said that I didn't care, but that I was more than ready to get out of there.

Todd and Ralph walked me out to Ralph's car and Ralph told me to ride with them and they would bring me back later for my car. I was no sooner on the front seat between the two of them when Todd had the fingers of one hand up my leg and in my pussy. He used his other hand to unzip himself and take out his cock. I knew what he wanted and so I reached over and grasped his cock and started stroking it.

On the other side of me Ralph was watching out of the corner of his eye while he drove and so he took out his cock. So there I was; sitting between two men with a cock in each hand and I was slowly jacking them off in broad daylight as we drove down Main Street. I just knew that everyone in town could see me and what I was doing, but I didn't care, all I wanted to do was get to a flat surface and fuck.

We pulled into the apartment complex on Union Street and they hustled me out of the car and into an apartment on the first floor. The door wasn't even fully closed behind me and they were taking my clothes off. As soon as I was naked Ralph pushed me to my knees in front of him and I started sucking his cock while Todd undressed. Once he was naked I moved over and sucked his dick while Ralph stripped and then they picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. They set me down on a king sized bed and then they both climbed on it with me.

My body was tingling and I was rubbing my clit in anticipation. I was going nuts waiting for a hard cock to slide into me. Ralph moved over me and I spread my legs as wide as I could and he placed his cock against my love hole and then asked me if I was ready and I hissed out a yes. He shoved hard and in one stroke buried himself deep in my hot wet pussy. Todd moved up to my head and offered his cock to my mouth and I took it.

You're a man so I can't expect you to understand how I felt at that moment. I was penetrated by two men and I was loving it. The feeling is indescribable. We soon had a rhythm going. Ralph would push into my pussy and that would push my mouth up at Todd's cock and as Ralph pulled back for the next in stroke I would push my ass back to follow him and that would move my mouth backwards on Todd's cock. Todd was pretty close to cumming when there was a knock on the door and Todd pulled out of my mouth and went to let Dave in.

Ralph was pounding away at me and I felt that stirring in my center that told me I was getting ready to orgasm.

"Hard baby, hard" I cried to Ralph, "I'm almost there baby, get me off, make me cum and he rammed me hard a couple of times and I exploded. Ralph kept pumping and maybe thirty seconds later he pushed his load into me. I wasn't even down from my high when Ralph got out of the way and let Todd mount me. Todd had been close to cumming when he got up to let Dave in so he didn't last very long. He fucked me hard for maybe two minutes and gave me one small orgasm before he spilled himself into me.

Todd was no sooner out of the way than Dave was on me and thrusting deep. My body was on fire. I was lying there with my eyes closed and luxuriating in the feeling when a cock poked me in the cheek. I opened my eyes and saw Ralph looking down at me and smiling as he offered me his limp cock.

"Make it live" he said, "Bring it back to life so it can worship that hot body of yours some more."

I opened my mouth and took him in and after that it all became a blur as the three of them used me for their pleasure while giving me all the sex I could handle. The best part for me that night was when they all three wanted to do me at the same time. Todd called it 'making me air tight.' He got on his back and had me sit down on his cock and then he hugged me to his chest while Ralph pushed his cock into my ass and then the two of them started fucking me and Dave stepped up and I sucked his cock. It was just fucking wild.

I realized what it was that made multiple partners so appealing to me. There was always a hard cock ready to take the place of one that had just gone limp. I came so many times that I was almost too weak to stand up to get dressed.

I didn't want it to stop. I wanted to stay in that apartment and be their fuck toy until none of the three could get it up again, but I had to get home before Harry so I could shower and douche and be ready for him in case he wanted to make love when he got home. No, that wasn't true. The way I felt right then Harry was going to get laid if he wanted it or not. I'd rape him if I had to.

After I was dressed Ralph drove me back to the bar so I could pick up my car and on the way he asked me if when we could do it again and I told him I'd have to think about it and let him know. He dropped me off, I picked up my car and drove home.

"Did you have to rape Harry that night?"

"No, as soon as I put my hand on his cock he was up and ready."

"Did you ever do it with Ralph, Todd and Dave again?"

"One more time with Ralph and some others, but I never did it with Dave or Todd again."

"Ralph and some others?"

"Yeah sweetie, and that's the next story. Ready for the A leads to B part?"

I smiled as I stood up and started to take my trousers off. She smiled back and said, "I hope you took your vitamins today. Harry isn't home tonight and I don't have to hurry to beat him home. How do you feel about waking up in the morning with a slut?"

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