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Out of Town Birthday


I woke up this morning realizing that here I was out of town alone on my Birthday. I really wasn't quiet sure what I was going to do to celebrate. I was away on business by myself and didn't really think I'd miss having someone to celebrate. Just then the phone rang and it was my husband calling to wish me a Happy Birthday. I told him I only planned to hang out in my hotel room. That's when he told me not to waste my birthday by staying in, to go out and have some fun and do whatever I wanted. I said "whatever I want?" and he told me so long as I called him and let him know all the details to just cut loose and have some fun. So I decided that's just what I'd do.

I asked the girl at the front desk where the hot rock n roll clubs were around town. After writing them down I took a long bubble bath making sure everything was shaved and smooth for my night out. Then I dressed in my new turquoise mini dress with thigh high stockings and matching turquoise come fuck me pumps. Looking in the mirror I had to admire what I saw, not too bad at all, a tall voluptuous strawberry blonde looking back at me. This could very well turn out to be a very good birthday after all!!

I called a cab and after seeing how the driver was checking me out I knew I was looking pretty hot. I had him drop me at the club. It was around 10 o'clock and the place was hopping. I found a table close to the band, it was loud but the view of the band was really good. After a couple of drinks I noticed how hot the drummer was so I joined the other people on the dance floor. I caught the drummers eye a couple of times and decided to give him a seductive wink and inviting smile. The set was soon over so I went back to the table to get another drink but the waitress was already there with one for me.

"From the drummer" she said. I smiled and told her to tell him thanks when a voice from behind me said "you're welcome". I look around and there was the drummer. He was much hotter up close. I ask him to join me for a drink and introduce myself, "I'm Dee", and he introduces himself as Dave. I asked Dave if he could join me for a drink while he's on break and he agreed. I told him about it being my birthday and how I didn't know anyone here since I was here on business. Dave told me what a shame it was that I had to be alone on my birthday and that he'd be more than happy to help me celebrate. I'm thinking how did I ever get this lucky. He is too hot. Just looking at him sitting next to me makes me squirm in my seat! He told me his break was over but he'd be back after the next set then kissed me. I thought I'd melt right there. His lips were so soft. Right then and there I made my plans for my present to me. I was taking him home with me for sure.

I danced the next set keeping my eyes on Dave. The more I drank the more seductive my dancing became. By the time the set ended Dave was back at my table telling me how hot my dancing was making him. I leaned over closer to him giving him a great view of my cleavage and kissed him very sensually. I could feel his hands covering my arms brushing slightly against my breast. Oh were my nipples ever getting hard. I wasn't sure I'd make it till the end of the night. I wanted him right then and there. I felt his hands slide down to my thighs. He could hear the tiny moans of pleasure as we explored each others mouths with our tongues. He slid his hand half way up my thigh, I'm sure he could feel the heat exuding from between my legs. By this point I was so excited I thought I'd explode right there. Then suddenly he stopped. It was time for the last set of the night. I didn't know whether to be disappointed because he stopped or more excited because we were closer to the end of his "work" night.

As soon as the set ended Dave grabbed my hand and we left. I told him where the hotel was and we were there in no time at all. I could hardly keep my hands off him in the elevator. He was kissing me so deep with his hands running over my round ass. We soon reached my room. Which was a good thing since we were both so excited. Dave held me closer and kissed me with the softest lips and tongue. I ran my hands over his arms and chest, he was built sooo good. I really wanted him bad. Dave took my hand and lead me to the bed where he removed my dress leaving me standing in my stockings, bra, panties, and heels. Then I felt his hands over my breast caressing them, squeezing them. He then removed my bra and started to suck one then the other. His touch was so erotic.

I could feel my nipples growing harder with each touch. I was moaning for Dave to not stop that it felt sooo good. I could feel the crotch of my panties getting wetter. Dave was pretty excited to by the looks of the huge bulge in his pants. I couldn't resist reaching out to touch it. It felt so big I just had to see it too, so I unzipped his pants to free it. There was no way I was disappointed by what I saw.

But Dave wouldn't let me do anything else saying "It's your birthday, let me give you presents" as he laid me on the bed and removed my panties and shoes. Leaving the stockings on for now he started to kiss me again while caressing my breast pinching and rolling the nipples slightly. This was driving me wild, but his hand left my breast and started to move over my stomach to my mound where he proceeded to caress just the mound.

Now this was really driving me crazy and getting me wetter. My legs were parting on there own wanting his hand to touch more. Dave started kissing my neck working his way down, sucking each nipple, then down my stomach to where his hand is. I could feel his hot breath right over my clit and it was driving me crazy wanting him to touch it. He took his hands and rubbed down between my lips parting them to place his tongue on my clit.

It was enough to make me almost explode right then and there. Well of course my legs parted further wanting more attention. I felt his fingers begin to explore my wet pussy. He dipped his fingers deep just as he sucked on my clit. Dipping his fingers in and out and sucking I thrust my hips to grind against his mouth as I knew I was cumming. I heard myself gasping Dave's name telling him not to stop please. Dave kept up with my orgasm till I laid still for a moment. Then he sat up and I could see all of my juices on his face. I wanted to taste him sooo bad now since he had my juices flowing I was really Hot!

Dave hurriedly removed his clothes and kissed me letting me taste myself on him. Then he laid back as I caressed this huge hard-on he had. He had a great looking cock. The tip was so smooth as I ran my tongue over it. I took his sac in my hand caressing it as I slid the tip of his cock in my mouth hearing him gasp. It almost doesn't fit in my mouth but I keep sliding my mouth down feeling him fill my mouth and throat. Finally I'm able to take it all in my mouth and slowly slide back up the shaft to the tip, which is now almost purple.

I really can't stand much more I need this inside me now, so I straddle over it lowering myself down, being thankful I'm so wet or it would seem impossible to go in my tight pussy. I feel the tip slide between my lips and enter me. Gasping I continue to slide down on Dave's hard cock. It's hard not to cum just as he fills me quiet tightly. I lean over and kiss Dave hard as he starts to thrust slowly in and out of me grinding my clit against him as he pushes deep inside me. I squeezed his cock inside me as I start to cum hard on him.

Waves of orgasms wash over me as I thrash up and down riding his cock harder and harder. Just as I explode all over his cock he pulls me off and rolls me over on all fours and pushes deep inside my now very wet pussy. Grabbing the cheeks of my ass as he thrust long deep slow strokes inside me. I feel his finger reaching around to touch my now very sensitive clit. This sends me shaking again just as I feel his finger on my tight little ass. Not sure of what he's going to do but at this point not caring, just wanting to be pleasured, I feel his finger push just inside my ass. This is a new feeling to me and about sends me over the edge with pleasure. I push my ass back wanting to feel it deeper and he pushes deeper while thrusting in and out of my hot wet pussy with his cock.

This new sensation is more than I can take and start to scream with pleasure and the biggest orgasm of my life hits. I feel his cock start to throb as his thrust become stronger. We both explode together, feeling loads of hot cum sliding out of me. As Dave pulls out I collapse still shuddering from orgasm as he curls behind me caressing me I gasp a breathless thank you for a great birthday present. Needless to say we spent the rest of the night having the best sex of my life with a perfect stranger whom I know I may never see again. Or who knows maybe my business will bring me back more often.

I called my husband the next morning and told him I had a nice dinner alone and a drink at the bar then went to my room to bed. Why you're wondering I didn't tell him what happened? When I start doing a lot more business trips here I want him to stay home while I'm on "business". Otherwise I may not get so lucky again.

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