tagGroup SexOut-of-town Visit Ch. 02

Out-of-town Visit Ch. 02


She leaned forward, continuing to press the wetness of her pussy against his stiff cock as she ran her hand up along his chest, scratching his nipple, licking on the hardening nub and trailing her tongue up to his neck, sighing against his skin, biting, her breath heavy with the insatiable need she felt to have him push his cock into her aching pussy. She felt herself struggling to maintain some semblance of composure, to try to control her body from wantonly crushing up against his, to keep herself from begging for him to fuck her as he had done only moments ago.

Instead, she pressed her cheek against his and pulled away a bit, establishing a momentary ability to conduct conversation breaking through the haze of lust that generally dominated her senses when she was with him.

Surprised by the sudden change in her touch, he reached out and ran his fingers through her thick hair, cupping the back of her head and pulling her back to bring her mouth close to his. He felt her resist slightly, her lips brushing against his as she said, "I thought we might try to have a bit of a conversation, you know," she smiled against his lips, "between fucking each other's brains out."

He still kissed her, but gently released her so she could move back against the pillows. Her hips remained firmly pressed against his, and her hands softly trailed along his arm that rested along the curve of her waist. From this angle, he could see her gorgeously plump mounds resting against each other, nipples jutting out just inches from his own chest. He leaned down and pulled one into his mouth, trying very hard to listen to her over the sound of blood rushing from every part of his body back into his cock.

"Henry, please...you're distracting me!" she teased, unable to control her hips from grinding in harder against his growing erection, sliding it between her engorged lips slick with wetness. She felt him thrust forward, the head of his cock pressing up against her opening, stretching it open but not with enough pressure to push through. She almost died with pleasure, a small whimper escaping from her lips at the sensation and couldn't remember what she had wanted to share with him. She recovered and asked a question.

"Tell me," she paused, gasping as she felt his hard shaft rubbing along the side of her erect clit, sending shivers across her entire body. She caught her breath, "what would you like to see me do with Lisa tonight?" she panted as she pressed against his cock even more shamelessly, writhing against his body until his cockhead slowly pressed into her tight opening, stretching her apart and filling her at the same time. She stopped breathing with the effort to control herself from just bucking against him like a cock-starved slut.

"Well," he said softly, uncertain he could form a full sentence in the midst of having the entirety of his dick squeezed in Jin's tight velvety grip. "I want to see you eat another woman's pussy out," he added in emphasis as he thrust more forcefully into her body. "I want to see you perform for me, my pretty little whore," he barely articulated the last few words as she leaned back away from his body to literally clamp down on his cock with her pussy. She could feel the length of his cock stroking up against the top of her pussy, filling her, sending her close to the edge of her orgasm which continued to build deep inside of her.

"Fuck, yes, I am your little cum slut, aren't I?" she gasped as he switched to shorter strokes, her admiration for his fucking abilities just deepening as she enjoyed losing herself to the sheer physicality of their coupling. "I'm going to cum all over your cock any second now," she whispered as she involuntarily filled her lungs with air, feeling her orgasm start from the back of her legs and rise rapidly through her whole body. He continued to thrust, stroking her ever tightening pussy with deeper and harder strokes, reaching and pulling her face close to his as they locked eyes, the thought of her being such a wanton little slut for him sending him over the edge as he closed his mouth over hers. His orgasm literally felt like an explosion, with her clenching pussy spraying a mixture of his cum and her juices back all over their stomachs and thighs, her ragged breathing matching the faintness he felt as he finally breathed in a lungful of air to ease his lightheadedness.

"Mmmhhh...I really love fucking you," she whispered against his neck as she pulled away from him. Collecting herself, she reminded him of their late night "date" with her friends, Lisa and Thierry, who were waiting for them at a club attached to another hotel just a few blocks away. One of Jin's pet projects had been to locate a possible female partner for a threesome, something that Henry and she had exchanged many a nasty thought about, but had known that the execution would be quite difficult. But persistence and patience had paid off, as well as the fact that he was in no hurry to share her with anyone despite the fact they had been together for close to two years. But the stars had aligned in a distant city, with another couple that was as normal and safe and healthy as he could have hoped for.

As they walked along the dimly lit sidewalk, the warm dampness of the city made her skin feel like it was being caressed, opening her up and relaxing her despite the anticipation she felt. Suddenly he stopped and pulled her up against the wall of a police station which, ironically enough, was right next to the club they were about to enter.

He pressed her against the wall, and slipped his tongue deep into her mouth. Her tongue swept across his in slow deep strokes, her left hand curling around the nape of his neck as her right trailed down his hips and across the front of his slacks, knowingly stroking across an erection that had been building since they had left the hotel 15 minutes ago.

"I'm going to enjoy watching you tonight, you little whore," he said gently as he broke away from their kiss, replacing his mouth with his thumb which played with her full bottom lip until her felt her suck it gently into her mouth, flicking on the end with the tip of her tongue.

She looked at him, gazing deeply into his eyes as she sucked on his incredibly lucky thumb, breaking into a small smile. "I definitely plan on earning that load of cum that's brewing in there, lover. I wouldn't want to do this without you, you know."

His stomach clenched a bit. He knew that, and he knew that he had met someone who not only shared the kinds of fantasies that he had never shared with others, but who made the pursuit of those fantasies real and fun and seemingly more natural and normal than what he could have ever imagined possible. He fought off the urge to turn her around and take her back to their hotel room for some irrational reason and gave her a kiss on the forehead instead.

"Come on, let's head in." he said as he guided her through the sliding glass doors. The wave of cold-conditioned air hit the both of them and almost brought them to a halt. The doormen gazed at both of them behind superfluous sunglasses, only a slight smile on one of their faces as he turned to look at her registering any kind of reaction. Both of them halted for less than a minute before the heavy velvet curtain was pulled back, allowing them to walk into what would have easily passed as simply a sedate, upscale hotel bar and club. Dark lighting, steel and bamboo inlaid bar, deep but minimalist couches and chairs all could have been lifted from any upscale trendy hotel in the world. But the deep velvet curtain that had hidden the door also accented the walls, large ornate gold frames definitely not fitting with the minimalist vibe that the rest of the scene seemed to demand.

They had headed to this address at the request of her acquaintances she had been corresponding with for the past few months. They were a married couple, she had done extensive work vetting both of them and ensuring that all of the mundane yet all-important aspects of unprotected sex had been covered before they decided to meet. It was with the woman whom she had had the most conversations, both online and on the phone, and her excitement built as she gave the maître d'hôtel their friend's names.

"Look," she pointed out to him as they were guided to a low-lit couch and chairs in one corner of the room. Instead of pictures in the gold frames, there were actual men and women, mostly unclothed but bound with beautiful strips of shimmering cloth or glowing red and gold ropes that emphasized their state of arousal or absolute nakedness. The lighting was exquisite, capturing the reality of aroused flesh, the hardness of nipples, the slight sheen of sweat between the breasts or the outright shimmer of female arousal coating the inside of thighs. The male "pictures" were even more potent, with the aroused turgid flesh of cocks almost magnified under the light to reveal pulsing veins, balls slowly tensing and releasing with the heavy ache of cum filling them to capacity yet having no release in sight. She stopped in front of one particularly awesome specimen.

"The lady should know, she is allowed to touch, but it is frowned upon to cause a release to happen." She blushed, but clearly could not take her eyes off the semi-erect cock in front of her.

She licked her lips, not out of nervousness, but out of sheer desire. Henry knew that look and felt his own cock jump as she brought her hand slowly up and stroked the other cock meticulously with the back of her hand. She turned and looked at him and he knew, at that point, that the only thing that would satisfy her at the end of this experience is for him to release himself into her. While she would enjoy herself with other partners tonight, it was with him that the meaning of those experiences would fulfill her deepest fantasies and desires, and knowing that made all of this seem very natural.

She had flipped her hand around and glided it along the length of the rapidly growing shaft, marveling at the hardness and thickness of the anonymous cock in front of her. But she stopped, not wanting to cause an incident, and having satisfied her curiosity for the moment. As they approached the low-lit table, both occupants turned and rose from their seats. Lisa and Thierry smiled warmly as they exchanged handshakes with Henry. Lisa followed with a very warm kiss on the mouth for Jin while Thierry settled with a more restrained hug for her.

Henry couldn't help but check out Lisa before she sat down. While he had seen photos of both of them, there was always that moment when you finally meet someone for the first time that counts in ways that go beyond sensory perception and into the realm of memory. He already knew he would find Lisa attractive enough, but it was the way she interacted with Lisa that brought out the sensual nature of the both of them that couldn't be captured in a photo, or an online chat. They were a definite study in contrasts -- Lisa's very Germanic features -- tall, lithe, short blond hair and ice-blue eyes complementing, and almost being enhanced, by her sensual curvy darkness. He almost could imagine Jin's long dark hair spreading out over Lisa's body as she parted her thighs...

Before he drifted away completely with that thought, Thierry came over and asked if Henry would like to grab some drinks for their partners. "It looked like you were going a bit glassy-eyed over there," he said in a very strong French accent, "It is almost unbelievable how beautiful the two of them are together, no?" Henry composed himself and followed Thierry to the bar, acknowledging that the couples needed to spend some time getting more comfortable with each other.

"I must admit, I am a bit worried about Lisa," Thierry confided in Henry as they ordered their drinks. "She and I have only done this two other times, and I fear each time has left her feeling less inclined to engage in this activity and I am not certain why. I know she enjoys it, or so she says...," he swirled his drink around and looked concerned.

"Based on what Jin has shared with me so far," Henry responded, "I think she's probably gone a long way to make Lisa more comfortable."

They had clarified the boundaries of this meeting quite clearly before this moment. Lisa and Jin were the main features of the evening, and both Thierry and Henry would enjoy the view from their respective spaces. Jin knew that one of Henry's fantasies was to see how far she would go to display her inner slut for him, to pleasure relative strangers for him, and to allow him to use her in ways that only her utter belief in his intentions could allow her to permit. He knew she also found this deeply appealing, her sensual nature and instinctual desire to experience pleasure with him in all the ways they could share.

"Jin is quite unique," Thierry commented, measuring his words carefully, "I wouldn't trust myself not to want to touch her if we hadn't made the limitations clear."

They walked back to the table, and noticed that the two women were sitting quite close to each other. It seemed like they had been even closer a moment ago.

"Did we miss anything?" Henry smiled as he slid next to Jin. He could tell she had been engaged more intimately with Lisa than just sitting next to each other, and found it quite demure of her to have broken off what must have been a pretty good kiss judging by the flush on Lisa's cheeks.

"Nothing that you won't be able to see better once we head upstairs," Jin replied, as she slid her hand up along his thigh, grasping his erection through his pants and feigning surprise. "Well, we could head upstairs now," she said out loud, but then leaned in and whispered in his ear, "or else I could just lean over now and take care of this urgent development right here if you'd like."

The sensation of her tongue softly stroking his earlobe, her hot breath causing his cock to jump and pump precum into his shorts made him quietly wonder how turned on he was. He had just soundly fucked both her ass and pussy, depositing a load of cum in each less than an hour ago, and found that the thought of having his cock buried in her throat right at that moment had an immediate appeal that was only outweighed by a growing curiosity and desire to see this experience to its end.

As they rose from their seats, Jin reached for Lisa's hand to head to the private elevator. It was clear from her body language and demeanor that she was attracted to Lisa, and could barely wait until they were alone to begin exploring her body. As the elevator doors closed, Jin's hand slipped up along Lisa's arm, brushing against her shoulder and reaching up to grasp her neck softly, pulling her down towards her. "You're beautiful," Jin whispered breathlessly as she leaned up to meet Lisa's parted lips, using her other hand to pull her hips towards her body, rounding over her ass and grasping lightly at the fabric of Lisa's dress, until her hand felt the bare skin of her ass heating her hand directly.

She wrapped her fingers slowly around the curve of Lisa's ass as her partner clearly began to warm up to her advances, slipping in along the crack of her ass and forward towards the object of her true curiosity. "How wet was she?" Jin wondered, but pulled back slightly as she felt Lisa's thighs clench slightly tighter as she tried to push her fingers deeper into her body. Instead, she reached for Lisa's motionless arm, pulling her closer and silently encouraging her to return her touches. She lifted up onto her toes, despite the additional three inches her heels did provide, she felt impatience at not being able to probe Lisa's mouth more fully. The electronic ding of the elevator arriving on their floor interrupted them, and Jin broke their kiss, still holding onto Lisa's hand, pulling her gently into the atrium of a very spacious suite.

Henry and Thierry followed behind silently, captivated by the two women and not wanting to break the fragile seduction that Jin was unfolding at Lisa. Jin was quite earnest in her pursuit, stopping for a moment and turning to Lisa, smiling a warm smile and asking her how she felt. "Overwhelmed," Lisa responded, and settled down onto one of the leather couches that provided a view of the city that neither of them noticed. "Me too," Jin whispered in response, sliding down next to her, "I can't believe how turned on I am by you," she said almost hesitantly. "I just wish I could return the favor." Almost on cue, both men took separate seats in armchairs across from the couch, adjusting for growing erections, and silently willing their partners to let go.

Lisa looked at Jin in surprise. She had already exchanged enough messages of both the friendly and salacious kinds to know that Jin could turn her on just by the visceral force and imagery of her words. But here she was, almost cuddled up next to her and it was all she could do to not freeze with anxiety and fear of disappointing her. Instead, she forced herself to relax and really enjoy the closeness of Jin's body next to hers. She ran her hand through Jin's thick dark hair, marveling at its length and compulsively wrapping it around her hands once just to feel the sheer sensual weight of it against her fingers. In almost every aspect, it was like being with her physical opposite, something that attracted her to Jin from the moment she had described herself to the photos she had sent. Then it struck Lisa...those breasts! She had been furtively glancing at the soft curves of her cleavage since the moment they met, but now she found her hand trailing down between Jin's breasts, surprised by the size and hardness of her nipple as she brushed her fingers against it. Jin immediately leaned into her touch, gasping, but definitely encouraging her to continue with her exploration.

Lisa's exploration was what Jin had been waiting for before she pressed forward with her own curiosity. Her hands couldn't stay away from Lisa's legs and thighs, encased as they were in the sheer fabric of her stockings, she ran her hands up incredibly long legs, stopping at the top of her stockings, feeling herself flush at the first scent of Lisa's warm musky wetness as she pulled her dress up above her panties. "This was going to happen," Jin recalled thinking to herself before she was completely swept away by an urgent lustfulness that caused her to stop and look around for Henry. He was there, watching her with an intensity that made the wetness between her own legs spread further down her thighs. His left hand was clearly massaging a fully engorged cock, while his right slightly twitched with the restrained urges he had to reach out and touch her.

The thought of his hard cock and where she most desperately wanted to feel it penetrate in her pushed her to be more aggressive with Lisa, sliding up between her spread legs while pulling her dress down to expose her chest, the small curve of her breasts and pink pencil-sized nipples inviting her to suck on them with abandon. Jin removed her own dress, leaving her bra and panties on for the moment to feel the sensation of her lace-cupped nipples pressing up against Lisa's saliva slickened mounds. Jin felt the silk piece of cloth trapped between the crack of her ass, sliding back and forth across her already sensitive brown bud which had earlier been stretched and used so well by Henry, drenched in her own juices that she could feel dribbling down and cooling along the sides of her thighs.

Jin slipped her fingers behind Lisa's drenched panties, softly stroking her wet mound, searching slowly for her clit which lay hidden but pulsing between the folds of her labia. So unlike her own clit that poked painfully against the front panel of her own panties. She pressed herself up against Lisa's mound, pushing her thigh between her legs, gently encouraging her to open herself up fully to her intentions. The touch of each of their mounds to the other felt like an electric shock on Jin's throbbing clit, threatening to tear through the fabric. "Please let me taste you," Jin asked pleadingly as she rubbed her body up against Lisa's. She removed her bra, letting her larger breasts completely cover Lisa's, the sensation of their nipples rubbing against each other only matched by the maddening pressure and wetness of their pussies grinding against the other.

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