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Out There Ch. 01


Note to the reader, this story is exactly that... a story, not just vehicle for sex scenes. I hope that you'll enjoy and I definitely appreciate any feedback. Thank you all so much for taking the time. Please take the one second to vote, Thanks so much... Domdomain.


Something is wrong, very wrong. In your soul you can feel it, a lost lonely feeling even though you are surrounded by life in a giant metropolis. You know at an instinctive level that something has changed with the world, that something evil is growing and you are the only one that can sense it. You look out your window and scan the sky, looking for a sign of what you know is out there, coming to change the world as you know it. You also wonder if you are just imagining things, but you know that this is deeper than that. If you relax and close your eyes you can feel it, the strange disheartening sensation that is now chilling your soul, making you shiver involuntarily.

You drive to work as you normally would, and go about your daily business as you normally would, but you just can't shake that sickening feeling. It invades your thoughts like an infectious disease. On your drive home, you now begin to feel something else permeating the awful premonitions you have been experiencing all day. You feel something drawing you, something warm and inviting, something so compelling and deep that it almost pushes the evil feelings out of your mind. All the way home, you are almost overwhelmed by this bizarre mix of emotions flooding though your consciousness. As you walk through the door to your warm apartment, you get the definite feeling that you need to be somewhere else and that you needed to be there right now. You turn hovering at the threshold debating what to do, then sensing that this place you need to be could be far away you rush in and head straight to your bedroom. Quickly, you grab a large suitcase, frantically stuffing it with your belongings, taking care to only bring clothes of a somewhat practical nature. Perhaps sensing that you may have to be outside in the elements wherever you may be going.

The whole time you're packing, you are debating with yourself, 'This is crazy, what the hell am I doing?' Yet you continue your frenzied packing, just knowing that this feeling could not be denied. It was like a family member or a loved one screaming way off in the distance, and an ominous feeling of death underlying everything. If you weren't so occupied you would have just sat down and cried, the darkness in your soul was so omnipresent, but again, as soon as the dark feelings became too much, the other, greater feeling would warm you inside and give you strength. Shockingly, it also gave you a growing feeling of arousal, periodically sparking tingles all over your body. As you toss your bags and other necessities into your car, again you chide yourself for this strange behavior and almost stomp back into your house in disgust. But as you turn to do so, the compelling pull exerts itself ten times as hard as before, you now know that someone you love needs you very badly. The powerful feeling all but blocks out the darkness, dampening your panties, fiery tingles coursing down your neck and across the tops of your breasts.

You jump into your car and gun it down the street letting your intuition guide your direction. You turn onto the highway and head for the airport feeling an indefinable need to hurry. You are also compelled to move your hand between your soft thighs, gently grazing the thin material barely covering your warm mound. The slightest touch causing a sharp intake of breath. Your womanhood is beyond sensitive, and with a frustrated groan, you withdraw your delicate fingers from your aching need, worried you'll get into a accident if you touch it again.

Once at the terminal, you arrange for storage of your car and head for the ticket counter. While you wait in line, you try to figure out where the hell you are going to fly, as you shift from foot to foot trying to cool the burning between your long legs. The darkness you sense seems to ebb and flow in varying degrees of intensity, causing your mind to wander and loose your train of thought. All of a sudden you are standing in front of the teller who is looking at you with a puzzled look on her face.

"Destination?" she asks curtly.

As if with a mind of its own, you hear your voice say, "West, I mean, Kelowna BC, as quickly as possible thanks."

The woman again studies you intently for a second, and then goes about the business of getting you a boarding pass. You're truly winging it now, totally letting the warm, sultry feeling pull you where it will. For some reason, you're convinced that this feeling will guide you to someone that can provide all the answers.

Once aboard and seated within the rather small plane, you allow yourself to relax, closing your eyes and just drifting as the engines rev up for take-off. The wheels liftoff and you hear the landing gear retract, the plane climbing out gracefully from the field. After hearing the flaps slide back into flight position, a peaceful quiet enters your mind, just the drone of the engines and a soft hissing of air. The white noise lulls your overtaxed nerves to sleep, your mind floats on the edge of a dream, fluttering with the wispy, silver clouds that surround the plane. A pleasant, comforting presence is with you, floating in the soft clouds, always there, helping you push the darkness away and allowing you to achieve peace. That peaceful feeling, warmed as well by the arousing heat that accompanies it, burning with love and that familiar need.

For the first time in ages, you really sleep knowing that you are completely safe; the irony of this all happening on a plane is the farthest thing from your mind. The presence you sense surrounds you for a moment, engulfing you in its embrace like a warm, lovingly made blanket. The tenderness of it is so sweet and gentle, yet powerfully alluring in its strength and masculinity, causing your blood to come to a slow simmer. When it slowly drifts away from you, the loss of its touch leaves you needing it more and you yearn for it deeply. In your dreamy mind, a hazy picture forms before your minds eye, a picture of a person. He's standing on the rounded top of a beautiful mountain, way in off the distance, arm raised in the air as if waving. Your vision zooms in on a man standing in front of an old, battered, log cabin. Surrounding the cabin is a beautiful sloping plane of waist-high violet grass, waving and flowing in the light breeze. You are with him then, starring in awe at the beautiful scenery laid out before you. His presence flares the powerful sparks of desire that burns within you.

In a quiet whisper, as if to not disturb the beauty, you ask, 'Is this place... real?'

'Yes Freyah,' He responds, 'it's real, and you are heading for it right now.'

'Do you... know me?' You ask puzzled.

'For as long as I can remember.'

You study the man for a moment, baffled, you feel like you should know this tall, sturdy stranger. Deep down, you're positive you've met this person before. You feel inexplicably drawn to him, unconsciously moving closer to him.

In a deep and troubled voice, he says, 'Freyah, I need you, we have to stop it before it's too late, I'll meet you.'

You feel a bump and a woman's voice invades your blissful state. The flight attendant says, "You will be debarking in five minutes."

You snap back to reality, quickly scanning your surroundings and getting your bearings. The plane was just rolling up to a smallish terminal, the area surrounding the airport quite picturesque in the gleaming sunshine. You couldn't believe you slept through the landing, you hated landings...

You felt wonderful and totally refreshed, wondering, 'Was that a really long dream, or had I been in some soft, comforting time-warp.'

You couldn't believe you'd slept the whole way. You pass through the terminal and walk directly to the exit after retrieving your bags. For some reason, the dark feeling was again growing stronger again and you wanted to get outside into the soul-warming sunshine. With every step you felt you were moving ever closer to your goal. As you make it to the front parking area and stand in the sun, you unfortunately still feel the evil but lessened from what it had been indoors. You can't help thinking again about the compelling man in the dream. Could he answer all the frightening questions? What is this horrible darkness? His beautiful dark eyes had seemed so worried, yet you can still feel the wonderful sensations you had experienced. Standing there tingling next to him, while looking at the stunning panorama in front of the old, quaint cabin. The man seemed to know you better than anyone you'd ever allowed. You stand there in doubt and confusion, wondering why you also seemed to know him intimately even though you can't place his name. The compulsion to be near this man is unbearable and you know if he asked, you would follow him to the depths of hell if it meant you could see him one more time. It was his presence you had felt while floating outside the plane, you knew now with absolute certainty. It was he that had touched you so lovingly and intimately and you longed deeply for more.

'What the hell am I doing?' kept running through the practical side of your mind, 'I'm standing in front of an airport, in a town I don't know, waiting for something or someone I don't know, and this seems right to you?' You're trying to be logical with yourself, but this time it's not working. You know deep in your soul that you need this man, has somehow, he made you feel more complete than you've ever felt before. All your life, you have never felt very connected to anything. Always a loner, always apart, and never, never letting anyone too close... even family. You never liked to admit that to yourself, yes you loved them in your way, but never opened up to them. You've never had a serious romantic relationship, keeping the walls firmly ensconced about you.

Why this dream man, you think to yourself, 'Figures... only a dream man will ever be good enough... What the hell's the matter with me?' Just thinking about the vision causes your knees to weaken momentarily. With a large, needful sigh, you remember his loving, accepting touch among the clouds of your dreaming mind. In the background, the darkness you sense is swelling larger and you shudder at the sheer evil of it. The feeling it in the air is like a black, hateful mist that sticks to your soft skin, making you want to scream, the revulsion was so powerful. It was like thousands of black, greasy little spider were crawling all over your pearlescent, white skin. All you know is that you and this mystery man will have a crucial part to play when it comes to dealing with this evil, and the thought of that scares you deeply. Yet, the thought of being close to the magnetic stranger made the darkness back-off a bit, also making you quiver inside with an undeniable need for his touch.

Somewhat lost, you stand in the sun and just wait for whatever comes next, aching inside from the ever-present evil, as well as the blistering need to be near the tall burly stranger in your dream. You know that he exists, you can feel it so powerfully that there is no question he is real. In your mind now you are repeating over and over, 'I know that you're real. I know that you're real.' You say it quietly once more out loud, enjoying how it seemed to help push the darkness away.

"Freyah?" A low voice behind you asks.

You spin around more than a little startled and face him. With false bravado, you say, "Hey, fancy meeting you here, will you please tell me what the hell is going on."

Your exasperated tone takes the man by surprise but he recovers quickly, "No, not here...Lets go, we're in a hurry." He picks up your large suitcase and strides away into the parking lot, leaving you standing on the sidewalk seething with confused frustration. You have had it with all this weird shit and are tempted to walk back inside and hop on the next plane out, but... He had your suitcase and he had the answers, and if you needed either you were going to have to follow him. Your mind made up, you rush across the lot to catch up to him. Your feeling more than a little pissed, but also something entirely different. The fact that he wouldn't put up with any shit and the stern way he had looked at you after your rather unexpected tone, made you tingle inside, burning with the need to be with him so much more.

As you match strides with him he says, "Thank you for coming Freyah, sorry about the lack of protocol and preliminaries, but we need to keep moving or He will zero in on us, you must feel it."

"You mean the darkness, this evil something I've been feeling for two days?" you ask.

"Him," he replies nodding. Just then you reach an old, faded, two-tone ford truck, he puts your suitcase in the box and does the same with the one your carrying, then opens the passenger door, "Your gleaming chariot awaits," he smiled with a little sun twinkling in his eye. At that moment you could feel that beautiful presence emanating from him and again felt the darkness ease and your body respond instantly and startlingly to him. Blushing, you hop up in the cab and he closes the door.

The old truck fires as soon as he turns the key, rumbling with quiet authority. As he pulls out and onto the side road, you can feel that this pickup may be old, but it had serious balls where it counts. As he cranks a left through an intersection and onto the main highway, the truck roars through the gears punching you back into your seat.

Keeping his eyes on the road the man says, "Have you noticed that the longer you stay in one spot, the more you can sense the darkness?"

You thought about it for a second than replied, "Now that you mention it, yes, when ever I walked or drove and especially when I was flying the feeling definitely fades a bit."

"Exactly," he said. "He is getting a bead on you when ever you stand still and if you remain static for too long, He will drain you of everything you are."

You turn to him, your stunning eyes scanning every inch of him and ask in a soft, slightly desperate voice, "Please, who are you, I feel like I know you... but I can't seem remember your name and I don't understand what's happening." Again you are powerfully drawn to him and have to fight the compulsion to cuddle up to him.

He glances quickly at you and smiles, every time he looks at you, you get the feeling he can look right through you and see all of your secrets and fears, all the doubts you hide so skillfully, and all the wants and powerful needs as well.

"This may be a little hard to believe, but we've known each other on and off for over a thousand years. Many times we have lived and died together, loved, cried and laughed together, and more importantly, fought this damn shit that keeps coming up every couple hundred years of so."

His statement, so casually spoken, completely floored you and left you quite breathless. Even though your logical side was scoffing at this ludicrous information, your spiritual side was agreeing wholeheartedly, and deep down you knew he wasn't exaggerating.

"You may call me Ben if you like." Again his low soothing voice brought on a flood of emotions and his simple name caused a flash of recognition so profound, you tremble inside with the knowing of it. He navigates the old beige and brown truck deftly through the busy traffic of what you supposed was Kelowna, a sprawling, smallish city, surrounded by beautiful scenery on all sides.

The grumpy sounding truck rolled up onto an old bridge, passing directly over a section of a very large lake, you ask, "Is this Okanagan Lake?"

"Yes it is, it spans across seventy-plus miles of valley in this area and we will be following it for a while until we branch off from Penticton and head into the mountains." He responded.

With a little trepidation and coming across as maddeningly submissive, you ask, "Please, what is this awful darkness I feel, and why is it when I'm near you it fades away?"

His dark, smoky eyes pass over you again and he says, "Right, straight down to business eh? Well it's a little tough to explain, but what you are sensing in an entity so massive it can't be measured or looked upon in its entirety. It can morph parts of itsself into any shape, including humanoid, and can pass though solid objects like walking through air. The most disturbing thing is that it's immensely intelligent, in a very vile and twisted way, and this thing has an absolute lack of compassion or empathy. It despises any and all forms of life... I think you can sense that if he had its way, the earth would be a desolate wasteland, devoid of light, color or beauty." His brow furrowed for a moment. You could tell it caused him pain to think about what this beast could do to the world and everything that he found beautiful on it.

"The reason you feel it fade when you are near me, is that when we're together, the connection we share somewhat cancels out most of Its effect. The shitty thing is that the darkness is affecting everybody but they can't sense it. They just don't realize that the bastard is feeding off their growing fear and hatred. All forms of negativity are sustenance to it, and he is actively pushing everybody towards more and more negative emotions." Shaking his head sadly, Ben continues, "Every time there is a murder, or any violence for that matter, it makes him stronger." Again that worried look darkens his weathered face, making you ache inside to ease his pain. Coming to a startling revelation, you realize that through a constant effort of will, he is pushing the darkness away from the two of you and that it's taking a toll on his strength. You can see as you scrutinize him that he is gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles are white and he seems slightly out of breath. You know with certainty that even though he didn't tell you, this is why the darkness had eased from you. This is why you could finally relax and be free of the hideous oppression, and for this you are eternally grateful to this strange, sensitive man.

'I can't imagine the strain that must be on him,' you wonder to yourself. A welling of empathy swells within your soul, surely he must need to rest. Trying to think of a way to ease the strain, you glibly remark, "Hey Ben, you grip that wheel any harder and you'll break something. Why don't you pull over and let me drive for a while, you look really tired." He looks at you with a touch of impatience but as he scans your beautiful, smiling face, he can't help but crack a smile and chuckle, "Kay, I'll pull over in Summerland and then the grumpy old bitch is all yours."

In the sleepy little town of Summerland, he pulls into a parking lot and asks, "Hungry?"

"Starving," you reply with a smile, you both exit the truck and stretch.

"Back in a sec," he says and tosses you the keys, then turns and walks into a store presumably to get some food. You view the surroundings with an artistic eye, loving the atmosphere of the mountainous area, enjoying the beautiful lakes, the sunshine and the soft breeze. As soon as Ben was out of sight, you could feel again the darkness seeping in and rapidly becoming unpleasant. You walk around to the driver's side and lean on the warm hood. It felt good to feel the solidness of the now familiar truck, which in turn reminded you of its brawny owner, sparking tingles of sensuous warmth at the thought of him. He was such an enigma, in one moment he was so serious and business-like, the next smiling and cracking jokes, his eyes so filled with joy and love of life that it made you smile just thinking about him. The thought of his eyes filled you with an unexpected heat, you suddenly needed him very badly, the darkness was getting a little too much.

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