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Outside the Office


There were a few women at Danny's office with whom he was very attracted. Like most offices, some of the women were incredibly hot. He was especially good friends with one single woman in her thirties, Shanice. She was a very attractive, older light-brown skinned lady (he was 27). She was about 5'8, 120 pounds, very slender, nice sized breasts, and long hair with auburn highlights. She has beautiful facial features, and a Caribbean accent.

Danny knew she hadn't had a boyfriend in quite some time, and he had a feeling that some of her harmless flirting had a purpose.

Danny was 3 years into his relationship with his girlfriend Charmaine. He was an attractive man, 6'1 tall, 200 pounds with short blonde hair and blue eyes. There were a few women at the office with whom he fantasized about, but Shanice held a special spot in his fantasies. Almost up there with Liz and Stacey, with whom he'd had numerous encounters with over the past year or two.

In fact, Shanice was very attracted to Danny. Whenever he entered her office, she always felt that familiar tingle between her thighs. She almost wished he would just shut and lock the door, and take her right there on her desk. It had been almost a year since she has had any kind of sex, and she was wondering why she focused so much of her attention on a man who was in a 3 year relationship. How would she get him alone for any length of time? She had hinted at going out for drinks after work, but he was always too busy, and he had a long commute to work, so it's not like he could go home and come back without significant effort.

An opportunity finally came her way in December, after working with him for a year and a half. She got her hands on two free hockey tickets. Knowing the fan that he was, she invited him to go with her that Saturday. As a friend, of course. Danny was quick to accept. He got along really well with Shanice, and felt completely comfortable going to the game with her. That being said, he couldn't help the tiny amount of hope that she had more on her mind. He couldn't tell Charmaine who he was going with, he just thought it would take less explaining if he just told her he was going with a buddy and would be back late, since they would probably hit a bar afterward. He parked at Shanice's building and went up to her place. She looked absolutely stunning wearing jeans and a dark sweater. Her hair was down and it flowed over her shoulders. After a quick beer, the two drove to the game in her car, talking the entire way. They parked a few blocks from the arena and began to walk.

"I'm so cold!" Shanice exclaimed, and she slipped her arm into his and pressed her head on his shoulder as they walked. That simple, innocent movement set off a different kind of movement in his pants. They watched a great game together, with the home team winning 3-1. Shanice could not tell you the score to this day. She spent the entire time watching him beside her, trying to figure out what to do next. Her pussy got wetter and wetter with each minute that passed as she pictured his naked body on top of hers. She was able to freely admit to herself, at this point, that she desperately wanted this man, girlfriend or no.

After the game, he talked about going to a pub for a beer. She suggested just going back to her apartment and have a beer there. His penis hardened at her words as the possibility of finally having his way with this woman increased.

Once at her place he sat down and took off his coat, making himself comfortable. Shanice came out of the kitchen with 2 beers and she sat on the couch beside him. They talked for a few minutes, downing the beer quickly. Both of them were immensely turned on, yet had no idea how to make a move. They had beer at the game so both of them were a little buzzed, and that helped them relax a little.

When Shanice got up to get more beer, he got up and followed her, staring at her slender ass the entire way. He walked up behind her as he watched her bend over and grab 2 beers out of the fridge. When she stood up and turned around, she stopped. He was standing inches from her, far closer than just a friend would be. He looked into her beautiful, dark eyes and could see the desire and arousal there. He leaned forward and was pleased to see her eyes close.

His lips touched hers lightly and they kissed briefly. He kissed her again, slipping his hands around her waist. Shanice reached behind her and placed the beer on the cupboard, her arms going around his neck. She kissed him again, this time harder, and his mouth opened, allowing her tongue to enter. He slid his tongue into her mouth as his hand latched onto her ass, squeezing her cheeks softly. Their lips were smacking loudly and their kisses echoed throughout the kitchen. He backed her up against the cupboard, pressing himself against her. Shanice could feel Danny's bulge through his jeans as they kissed passionately, and a wave of desire surged from her crotch through her entire body.

They were breathing heavily into each other's mouth as their tongues explored. He slid his hand around to the front of her body and began to rub her between her legs. "Mmmmph..." she moaned, kissing him with more intensity. Danny slid his hand up her slender body over her sweater until it reached the soft mounds of her breasts. His tongue ran along hers eagerly as he gently squeezed her tits. Again she moaned into his mouth, kissing him feverishly, her own hand caressing down his chest.

Shanice reached down and found a large bulge in his jeans. Her small hand caressed it lovingly, a tingle of pleasure shooting through her body. She was breathing so laborously, and she just knew her pussy was soaking wet. She gave no argument when she felt him undo the button on her jeans and force down her fly.

He shot his tongue far into her mouth as he slid his hand down her cotton panties. Danny ran his fingers through the curls of her pubic hair, feeling her approaching heat. When he reached her slit, he could feel the tremendous moisture and warmth emenating from her treasure. "Mmmmmmph..." she sighed again when she felt him touch her bare slit. He slid his fingers gently down the lips of her cunt, and dipped one inside her.

"Ohhhhhh!" she moaned, breaking the kiss. Than her lips were on him again, kissing with the fiery passion of a thousand hot suns. Her tongue was uncontrollable in his mouth as she released her desire in a kiss.

Meanwhile, his finger was sliding in and out of her soaking wet tunnel ever so slowly. He slid it out of her, and ran it up her slit, teasing her. He reached her clitoris and gently tickled it with his finger as he kissed her hard, lips smacking. All that could be heard in the room besides their heavy breathing was 'smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack' the sounds of their lips as they kissed sloppily. "Mmmmmmph..." Shanice moaned once more. She was beginning to feel an orgasm approach! Her entire body was so hot!

Finally, Danny showed her some mercy and took his hand out of her panties. He grabbed her ass with both hands, forcing her close to him as he kissed her. She broke the kiss.

"Let's go to the bedroom." she breathed, looking at him with sexy brown eyes. He nodded, kissing her once more. She took him by the hand and led him to her room. His cock was painfully hard, trapped in his jeans. Shanice turned around at the foot of her bed and placed her arms around his neck. Her lips found his and they resumed kissing. His hands slid down to her ass cheeks again, squeezing them as his tongue went far into her mouth.

She aggressively began to push his shirt up his body, and he broke the kiss as she pulled it off of him and dropped it on the floor. The two were breathing laborously as he returned the favor by pushing her sweater up her slender body, slowly exposing the dark skin of her stomach. He pulled her sweater off of her, and she stood before him in jeans and a black bra. Her tits were a nice size, a C cup, and her cleavage was very apparent in her bra. They began to kiss again, pressing their near naked upper bodies against one another. She loved how the skin of his chest felt touching hers, and more tingles shot from her pussy.

Danny lay her down on the bed, lying on top of her between her legs. They french kissed loudly, passionately, as he grinded his crotch against hers. The two co-workers dryfucked in her bed, gasping for breath as their tongues intertwined. Shanice rolled him onto his back, straddling him without breaking their kiss. She grinded her horny crotch against the apparent bulge in his jeans, and waves of desire surged through her.

Breaking their kiss, she began to lovingly kiss down his neck and over his chest. Her tongue snaked out and gently licked at his nipple. Danny lay back and watched his black friend kiss down his stomach. She desperately wanted to see his cock. She has wanted to see his member for over a year now, and finally she would realize that dream. Her nimble fingers undid his button and eased down his fly. Her breath was heavy and shaking as she grabbed both his jeans and his underwear in her hands and began to tug them down. He raised his ass off the bed and allowed Shanice to slide them down his legs.

Her heart skipped a beat when his rock hard, 6 inch white cock popped into view. She pulled off his pants and underwear, along with his socks and threw everything onto her floor in a pile. His heart was pounding as he watched his beautiful co-worker reach for his rampant hard on for the first time. Just seeing her black fingers wrap themselves around his white pole nearly made him spew into the air. She stared at the cock in her hand as she slowly, affectionately stroked it up and down. Slowly bringing her face towards it, her tongue snaked out and gently licked the crown. He caught his breath as he felt her tongue touch his sensetive head.

Holding his dick up into the air, she slowly licked from the base of his penis up to the top, her tongue leaving a glistening trail of saliva. She licked all around the mushroom head of Danny's organ, worshipping the object of her fantasies.

Shanice opened her mouth and he watched the top of his dick slowly disappear between her lips. Her mouth felt so warm around his rod, her face was so pretty. It was a very erotic sight for him, having never seen his white cock disappear into a black face before. She slowly sucked his entire dick into her mouth, her lips wrapped around his base. He sighed, reaching down and taking her hair in his fingers. She began to bob her head up and down on his lap, slurping loudly on his cock. 'slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp' his cock glided in and out of her mouth. It's been a while for her but she didn't lose her touch. He was feeling very good, and his fist tightened around her hair as she gave him head. Her small hand played with his balls, her tongue licked at the crown of his member every time she withdrew it from the back of her mouth.

Danny had to stop her before he blew his load. He had other things he needed to do first! He sat up and Shanice pulled his penis out of her mouth with a loud sucking noise. She looked at him, smiling, with her sexy brown eyes. She crawled up the bed towards him and he gently pushed her onto her back. She stared up at him, chest heaving. He lay on his side beside her, and kissed her softly, while his hand caressed her body.

He ran his hand over her smooth, warm belly and down into her panties (her jeans were still open). He slid his hand over the curls of her bush until he reached her wet slit. He sent his tongue into her mouth at the same time his finger entered her tight pussy. "Mmmmmph..."she sighed into his mouth, her own tongue twirling around his. Danny began to slide his finger in and out of her needy hole, pleasuring her to the point where she couldn't get any more turned on.

Finger still in her treasure, he began to kiss down the dark skin of her neck to her chest. He finally released her from the throes of pleasure as he slid his hand out of her panties. As he kissed down her soft cleavage, his hand pushed her bra strap down off of her shoulder. When his lips kissed just above her bra, he gently pulled the cup down, slowly revealing her breast to him.

Shanice's dark areola emerged, nipple fully erect. He kissed and licked all around her areola, and flecked his tongue gently over her sensetive nub. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, lightly running his tongue over it. "Ohhhh..." she sighed, pleasure shooting throughout her body once more. He began to kiss his way down her smooth belly, leaving her bra half off her tits. She grew hornier and hornier, the closer his lips came to the center of her pleasure. He kissed just above her black panties over her open jeans, and she sighed again. He could smell her arousal, that sweet, delicious smell of woman.

Danny grabbed her jeans, and she raised her ass up off of the bed, allowing him to slide them down her long legs. He pulled them, along with her socks, off of her feet and dropped them on the floor, leaving her in her bra and panties, chest heaving.

She had such tiny feet, he raised one into the air. He kissed her foot, all over the top of it. He sucked her big toe into his mouth, and kissed all along her instep. Shanice was breathing laborously before him, watching him worship her pretty foot. He kissed up her leg slowly, over her knee, and up her inner thigh, creeping closer and closer to her wonderful treasure. He kissed her at the point where her soft inner thigh met the edge of her panties, and she caught her breath. He gently kissed her panties, right where they covered her pussy lips. He could feel with his mouth just how swollen her slit was. He sucked her panties, along with her lips, into his mouth gently.

Danny began to eat her out through the thin material. "Ohhhhhhh...." she moaned, subtly writhing her crotch into his face. He slid his hands under her ass, into the back of her panties, holding her bare ass as his mouth manipulated her pussy through the wet material. Shanice reached down between her legs, and he watched as her fingers slowly eased her panties to one side for him. Her beautiful, swollen, dark pussy lips were now on full display for him, framed by the curls of her black pubic hair. They were pressed together, quivering, just begging to be licked.

He leaned forward and kissed her bare cunt lips for the first time. She gasped, nearly letting go of her panties as a lightening bolt of pleasure shot through her. She tasted absolutely amazing, and he sent his tongue far into her hole.

"Ohhhh God....it's been so long since I've felt that..." she breathed. He slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, his tongue tickling her clitoris when it reached the top. Her feet were squirming on the bed beside him as he sucked her lips into his mouth. Her body was on fire, tingling violently as she felt his tongue massage the sensitive skin that he held between his lips.

Again Danny slipped his tongue into her twat, running it in a circle inside her warm hole. Heart pounding, Shanice knew that an orgasm was well on its way, and she was writhing her crotch into his face. He licked up to her clit, and he gently sucked it into his mouth. She gasped as he sent her on the homestretch. His tongue lightly, rapidly, tickled her tiny button, and she had not control over the orgasm that hit her like a sledgehammer.

"OHHHH GOD!" she cried, raising her ass off of the bed and into his face, rubbing her pussy against his expert tongue. Her entire body was so hot she felt like she would combust, her heart felt like it would explode. She could feel the walls of her vagina pulsate as she came violently.

He licked her through her orgasm as she gasped for breath. She was completely limp, at his mercy as he grabbed the waistband of her panties and forced them down her long legs. She managed to pull each foot out of them, but that was all she had the strength to do as he threw the dainty things on the floor. He bent and kissed the patch of black pubic hair, and began to slowly kiss up her smooth stomach. Chest heaving, Shanice raised her back up a little as he slid his hands behind her, unsnapping her bra and pulling it off of her, freeing her breasts.

He had limited experience seeing naked black women - limited to the odd porno, magazine, or stripper - never being up close and personal. He almost came at the sight of her dark nipples and beautiful tits. He eagerly, almost child like eagerness, grabbed her tits. Danny caressed her mounds as he wrapped his lips around her nipple, sucking on it gently. She ran her fingers through his hair as he sucked on her breasts, wonderful sensations running through her body and centering on her crotch and chest. He kissed up her chest, up her neck until, finally, he reached her mouth.

Their lips met and they kissed passionately, tongues exploring. He began to rub his naked crotch against hers, him conscious of her wetness, her concious of his hardness. They were breathing heavily into each other's mouth as the length of his shaft rubbed hard against her exposed, swollen lips. Finally, Shanice couldn't take it anymore. She broke the kiss and looked up at him with dark, wanting eyes.

"Put it in me." She breathed, heart pounding. Those words nearly made him shoot his cum into the air, but he had excellent self control and was able to stave it off. Hand shaking, he reached between their naked, sweaty bodies and grab his rock hard member. He slowly ran the head down her swollen lips, coating it with her juices. He reached the entrance to her wonderful treasure and he left his cock there, savouring the moment.

Shanice was restless beneath him, unable to keep still she needed his cock so bad. Her cunt was aching for release, it needed something in her badly, and she couldn't wait another second. She was panting, and the desire in her eyes was undescribable. He filed that look away in his mind, to bring up over and over again when he relived this moment during masturbating sessions. He also memorized the feel of the head of his cock pressed against her hot entrance.

After what seemed an eternity to both of them, Danny pushed forward, the thick head of his penis forcing the lips of her vagina open and squeezing inside. "Ohhhhh..." she moaned, throwing her head back and closing her eyes. Her pussy warmed the mushroom crown of his cock, and he pushed further, more of his dick sliding home. He moaned as the incredible feeling of having his penis enveloped in warmth hit him. He was inside Shanice all the way. All thoughts of his girlfriend were gone, he was inside the woman that he worked with every day, the woman that he harmlessly flirted with.

He felt her lips on his cheek and he turned to meet her kiss. They moaned into each other's mouth as he began to slowly slide in and out of her. He was so hard inside her, and he hit far into her depths as he made love to her. Her black legs were spread wide around his white body as he thrusted into her gently.

She broke the kiss and smiled at him, loving how he felt when his organ glided smoothly in and out of her hungry pussy. He held himself up on his arms, starting to screw her harder on the bed. He watched her reaction to this, how her face clenched in extasy, how her tits bounced with each thrust. Her feet were flailing helplessly in the air above him as he began to fuck her still harder. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh, yes! Unh! Unh!" Her moans rang out through the room as the sensation he was giving her pussy was all consuming.

Danny looked further down her body and watched his hard white cock disappear into her black bush over and over. She was losing it, moaning louder. "UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! ................UUNNHH!" Shanice came. Her entire body was tingling, her heart was bursting, flames shot through her veins. Her orgasm was so intense she couldn't breathe, and her pussy was clamping and releasing his cock as he drove it into her. Her eyes were closed and her eyebrows were raised as she gasped for breath.

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