tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOutta Control Pt. 03

Outta Control Pt. 03


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(hey Vee- 'ssup wit that phattttt ass? Hope the homie hittin it good 4 the world. YOu rule, Love you baby. They should put it on a UN Stamp)

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Chapter 1

(Reminder, this is a direct continuation of Chapter 2, so we are still 5 years earlier, aight?)

Edi went to a pub frequented by students, where he was meeting up with Mona. After cumming in his pants like a jerk whilst he dry humped Mel, he made sure he got there early, so he could clean himself up.

He quickly went into the bathroom, entered a closet and pulled off his boxers. There full of cumm. He stuffed them into his bag. The tricky part was washing his cumm caked cock in the sink. He peeked outside to see that no one was approaching and then he pulled out his lolling cock and placed it under a stream of warm water. As he washed himself, suddenly, the wild arousal he had felt on the street with Mel came back. His hand slowed down and started stroking his cock, his fantasies of a southern belle and her gorgeous bubble butt filling his mind. His dick was hard instantly.

As the door suddenly opened, Edi jumped with a start and tried to hastily stuff his hard cock away. But it was too late. A senior college student stood there, mouth gaping.

"What the hell... This country is getting more and more fucked up! People have lost their decency and their sanity!" he spat and walked past Edi, shaking his head in disgust.

"Man, eat a dick!" Edi retorted.

"You wish! Gay ass punk!" the guy retorted, entered a closet and banged the door shut.

Edi was glad when Mona turned up. She was exactly what he needed, to take his mind off his sad mate and that sexy, hot, gorgeous, voluptuous...

Mona was in a good mood. She had just come from a student political discussion. She was bubbling excitedly about pollution and the US government's criminal negligence.

Edi was not really listening, just bobbing his head and making the right noises. And all the while, he was trying to force Mel out of his mind. Soon, he discovered a good trick. If he concentrated his mind on Mona's body, instead of her words, that worked wonders.

Mona was from St Louis. She was the daughter of a pastor from one of those churches where most members of the congregation were black, affluent and generous to the pastor. If you couldn't pay your tithes, you had to stay outside.

Mona had grown up in a sheltered environment and received a good education. However, as she came to college and met the "project girls", Mona started feeling cheated, especially when the other black girls made fun of her, saying she "got down like a white girl". She went on a trip of "self discovery", and finding her "concrete roots". When Edi first met her, he assumed she was an ass popping, twurking hood rat from the nastiest, dirtiest neighborhood. Mona had since grown out of trying to be "ghetto".

Now she was going through her sophisticated, extravagant phase. She was into politics, discussions, fashionable clothes, and exploring her sexuality. She was glad her moralist parents were far away in distant St Louis, coz they would have pulled her out of college and called the exorcist to save her from eternal fire.

Mona was a tall, dark, athletic, handball player. Her face was long and pretty, with big, dark and sultry eyes and full, thick, dark lips. She had a sweet mole on her cheek.

She liked to dress extravagantly, and she had the generous allowance, the looks and the body that allowed to do just that. On this evening, she had settled for a sensuous Caribbean pirate look, that would have made Morgan, captain of the Buccaneers, catch a boner in his coffin. A black bandana with a white skull and crossbones was tied across the long, brown, braided extensions that framed her face. A striped, lace-up top was stretched to the limit across her huge bust. It ended just below her breasts, leaving her flat, defined belly exposed. A cute silver brooch glinted in her belly button (she took it off when she went home to visit). A black mini skirt with a white belt, stretched across her curvaceous hips, and cupped her juicy, thick, heart shaped butt. Her dark, powerful thighs and athletic legs were in extravagant, thigh high, black fishnet stockings. Her feet were in black, ankle high shoes.

Edi had had sex with her a couple of times. They were friends and when neither was involved in something serious, they fucked now and then. The last time he met Mona, she was telling him how monogamy was a capitalist, catholic invention designed to keep the people frustrated, faithful to the church and consumer orientated. Edi had ended up in bed with her, and her room mate, just to prove how much he shared her opinion.

Chapter 2

After bathing and frigging herself off to several orgasms, Mel called up Mona to share the exciting, new developments, but was told that she was at a meeting. Mel asked if she could come and wait for her, and was soon on her bike riding over. Chris, a roommate of Mona's let her in. Mel found a beer in the fridge and some weed and made herself comfortable in Mona's room.

After several beers, Mona and Edi climbed out of his truck, in front of her house. They were both mellow. As they walked up the drive way, Edi laid his hand across the tall, dark Amazon's thick ass, coping a good feel. She unlocked the door and led him in.

Mel was looking through Mona's Photo albums when she suddenly heard Mona and Edi's voices. She suddenly panicked, feeling too excited to face Edi. She kicked her shoes in under the bed and slid into Mona's closet. She found herself spot where she could peep through the keyhole.

A few seconds later, Edi sat back on Mona's bed, puffing on a fat joint, watching Mona slide a CD into a player. Thumping RnB music soon filled the room.

"Man, this place is stinking of weed. Is that all you do all day is smoke weed in here?"

"No man, it was probably one of the other bitches in the house."

Mona danced as she came over to Edi and sat down next to him, smiling naughtily, as she took the joint and puffed. She leaned back against the wall.

"So, Edi!" she teased. "Where is the dick at? You gonna whip it out and show me how much you been missing me?"

"You know where the dick's at. Come get it," he reached for her hand.

"Wait. Edi, why you trippin with my girl, Mel? You don't like her or what?"

"No, she's real cool. But like, my mans is in love with her, yunno."

"So what? She aint his wife. The bitch likes a n****, you like the bitch, period. You man's will find another bitch! Stop acting all funny to her."

"Yunno, I bumped into her this afternoon, and..." he started laughing and told her.

Mel blushed in the closet and nearly jumped out to kick him. However, as he confessed how sexy he found her, and how much she excited him, and that he was wondering how to ask for Brad's permission to go ahead, Mel got hot and excited. She leaned back amongst Mona's clothes, feeling elated.

"Mel is K-I-N-K-Y!!!!!! Man I thought she was just some priggish ass country bumpkin." Mona giggled, impressed. "Man, if I had known, I'd have been all over that ass..."

"You eating each other, you and Mel?"

"No!! But I swear, before you start dating her, I'm gonna eat that creamy ass. After all I put you on to her. So, I'm gonna fuck you, and I'm gonna fuck her, and maybe both of you together," she giggled dirtily. "That's my finders fee, right there. Take it in blood!"

"Damn!" Edi exclaimed, as Mona leaned way back and let her thighs fell apart, exposing a thick mound, cupped in a sheer black thong, with the Jolly Roger winking from the gusset. His cock became excited like a pillaging pirate, kicking any thoughts of Mel into the background.

"You like my pirate look?" she laughed, her hand easing into his longs. "Listen, if you just fuck Mel and never call back, I'm coming after you."

She leaned in and kissed him on the lips, as her fingers eased his cock out of his zipper, and she started stroking him.

"This is gonna be the last time. After this, we quit fucking, alright?" She wanked her cock tantalizingly. "You gonna do right by my girl?"

"Yeah," he replied. And he would have agreed to anything.

"Now stand up lemme say fare thee well, to this sweet cock!"

He stood up before her and she snaked an arm around his hips, to pull him close, and as her other hand deftly undid the knot in his jogging pants. She pushed them down to his feet, and went to palming and stroking his cock. "Pull off that t-shirt so I can see that six pack!"

Edi did so, as she raised his cock to her thick, dark, full lips and gave the head a sweet, soft kiss, then another, and another.

Back home, when she was 14, Mona had asked a junior pastor, during a youth bible and sex counseling session, whether oral sex was alright in the name of the Lord, eliciting many giggles from her peers. The young clergyman had frowned, and asked her if she thought the Lord had given human beings mouths so that they could let other people insert their genitals in them.

"No," he said. "Its for perverts and filthy pigs. They are just like dogs that lick their testicles," he had finished. This had influenced Mona's attitude to oral sex until she came to college. And then she had tried it out, and had become addicted. Mona now definitely had an oral fix. She loved giving head and receiving it. And she was very good at it.

Mona felt exhilarated as she tantalizingly slid her lips like soft, cushiony pillows over the rapidly swelling, uncircumcised tip and played with it, grazing it with her teeth lightly, and tickling it with her tongue, as her hand gently stroked the stem.

"U-u-u-u-u!" she groaned deep in her chest with delight.

"O-o-o-o-o!" Edi rumbled back, his voice ten notes deeper, as his cock hardened even faster.

In the closet, Mel was a myriad of emotions. She felt so jealous and angry to see Mona giving the guy she was in love with head, and part of her wanted to burst out and attack Mona. Yet another part wanted to burst out and join them. And the third part, which was the biggest part, was thrilled and excited to be a voyeur, secretly witnessing a private moment. She felt wickedly devious. Her head was buzzing with lust. She was glad she was wearing a short skirt. She gently eased it up to her hips and slid her gusset off her pussy. She groaned with relief as her fingers slid into her excited, soaking cunt. She started stroking herself, watching the two lovers intently, feeling goose bumps break out all over her skin.

Edi loved to get his cock sucked by Mona. She was an epicurean. She didn't just grab the cock and jam it into her mouth, she took her time. Smearing her soft, wet lips onto his head, she used them to slowly peel his foreskin back. She sniffed his cock head, nuzzling him gently with her nose.

"Oh baby, you smell delicious," she moaned in a husky voice, sounding like it was the most appetizing, delicious aroma to ever waft into nostrils.

Her hot, wet tongue was magical. She twirled it around the thick head, spreading joyful sensations to his excited nerve endings, causing his hips jerked. She smeared her tongue all over his entire length, the sides, the top and the bottom, leaving it gleaming like an oil slick. Her soft, sweet moans of delight were almost as arousing as her actions.

When she finally gobbled him into her wet, hot mouth Edi rumbled sweetly. Mona's wide mouth was made to measure for his big cock. She let Edi's bulbous tip rest smugly between her tongue and palate, as smacked her lips around it and moaned with sweet relish, like it was a juicy, sweet fruit.

As Mel watched out of the closet, she felt so horny. Mona definitely ate dick differently from her. Mel's style was more aggressive, more voracious. Mel suddenly decided that she wanted Mona to make love to her. That girl was good.

Mona wrapped those thick lips tightly around his over sensitized dick head, and sucked on it continuously, harder and harder, till Edi felt like he was stuck inside a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. Looking up at him with her sultry, dark bedroom eyes, Mona pulled her head back, pushing his hips away from her. His cock was pulled and stretched, becoming longer and thinner. It felt weird, but the sensations were wonderful. She released it suddenly, and it snapped back, not to dangle but to stand at right angles to his body, hard, stiff and full blown, pointing straight at her lips.

"Damn! You fucking witch!" Edi chuckled.

"Yo Mama!" she chuckled back, as she pulled him to her mouth.

She engulfed him, her thick, dark lips stretching around Edi's thick meat like flaps. Mona bobbed her head up and down, smoothly, gently, sucking his cock like it was corn on the cob. She was drooling so much that her saliva was soon running down her jaw, making a wet t-shirt out of her striped pirate top.

Edi was overwhelmed, rumbling with contention, sounding like very distant thunder. He reached for her, cupped the back of her head, and stroked her, showing her much love.

"Uh huh! Uh huh! That's fucking it right there," Edi rumbled deep in his chest, nodding his head.

Mona pulled her lips off his cock with a loud, wet, succulent pop, and smiled naughtily up at him.

"Do you like the way I suck it daddy! Like the way I eat your sweet meat?" Mona teased, cupping his wet, hairy balls, and rolling them tantalizingly in her palm, whilst the other stroked his belly, tracing the lines of his defined abdomen..

She engulfed him in her mouth again, and worked her lips deeper and deeper down his cock, till she was taking two thirds of him, and his tip he was nudging the back of her throat. She held on to the his hips and pulled him gently into her, making his cock bend and follow the tunnel of her throat. Edi gazed at his cock just disappear, inch after inch, into her mouth. His whole body shuddered.

"Ah-a-a-a!" he rumbled deep in his chest.

She started fucking his dick with her tight throat, taking him in deeper and deeper, making loud gurgling noises.

"Ugh!!! Ugh!!! Ugh!!!"

Finally, she had his entire length in her mouth. She held him deep inside, her mouth gaping lewdly around him. Then she throat fucked him. For Edi, it was exquisite.

Edi felt maddening sensations ripping through his body. He grabbed her head and grinded her against his pubes, groaning like a fool. Finally, Mona pushed him back. She let him withdrew till just his head was left in her mouth. Then she started wanking his dick furiously, her hand moving in a blur whilst alternated between vacuuming his dickhead and swiveling her tongue around it. Edi groaned and gasped aloud, his hips jerking and shaking.

She looked up into his eyes and seemed to smile around his cock. But he couldn't return the smile. His blood was boiling, his whole body was tingly, and his balls were just seconds from exploding from the wonderful sensations.

"A-a-a-a-a!" he roared like a lion, the tendons of his neck standing out. Then his balls exploded, and his cumm gushed into her mouth in torrents.

Mona moaned sweetly as the hard jets of cumm hit the roof of her mouth. And she loved to feel the thick cream flood her mouth, flowing on and under her tongue, between her teeth and the walls of her mouth. Then she started drinking him down, wanking him even harder.

As Edi pumped his semen into her, Mona kept wanking him, and had him groaning and grunting away, until his cock was spent and his heavy orgasm subsided.

In the closet, Mel gasped and stifled her gasps as she came hard. She leaned back against the wall of the closet, feeling horny and weak. Damn! That was hot! She started feeling jealous that Mona was getting all that cumm alone. But she had been taking notes. She was definitely gonna add a couple of Mon's tricks to her repertoire.

Mel watched as Mona milked his spent cock and suckled on him, till he was truly dry. Then she licked his dick clean. Finally, she released his cock and he just collapsed on the bed.

"Ohhhhhhh! Fuck! Mona!!!" was all he could gasp.

"Did I rock your world honey?" Mona teased, smiling naughtily, wiping the drool from her chin. "How you like me now?" she patted his shaved mons and as she stood up. "Lemme go get a drink to wash that cumm down.

Chapter 3

Mona disappeared out of the room. Smiling like he had just won the lottery, Edi pulled up his jogging pants and left the room soon afterwards. Mona returned drinking from a bottle of juice. She seemed to be searching for something. She looked under the bed and pulled out Mel's high heeled sandals. Smiling deviously, she walked to the closet and opened it. She chuckled as she saw Mel crouching there, leaning back against the wall, her fingers in her pussy. Mel felt too paralyzed to move, even as the black girl gazed at her bared, wet, drooling pussy.

"Fuck Mel!!!! What the hell are you doing in there!" Mona gasped and giggled.

"You fucking bitch!" Mel gasped, giggling, even as her eyes blazed with anger.

"Yeah, Chris told me she let you in and that you hadn't left. You gonna come out and join us? Or you gonna keep on playing voyeur?"

"No! I cant join you! Are you crazy!" Mel gasped.

"I'm so horny Mel. I'm gonna fuck him Mel! With or without you!"

"I'll fucking kill you Mona!" Mel swore, her brow furrowing. "In fact, I should bust your jaw right now. What kind of a bitch friend are you?"

"You can have him for the rest of your life, but tonight, I'm fucking him," Mona said, smiling cheekily, her hand stroking between her dark thighs, teasing her itchy, soggy black pussy. "Oh don't you be jealous, Mel baby."

Mona suddenly knelt before Mel. Before Mel knew what was happening, Mona grabbed her by the hair and kissed her on the lips, a deep, wet, lingering kiss. The black girl's thick, soft lips engulfed hers and she slid her long, hot tongue into her mouth. Mel found herself responding passionately, opening her mouth and sucking on the black woman's tongue, tasting fruit juice mixed with the tangy flavor of cumm.

Mona slid her hand to cup Mel's wet cunt. Her long, dark fingers fluttered over the soaking, pink gash. Mel shivered, feeling like soft, butterfly wings were touching her sex. She went wild with arousal.

"Oh!!!! Fuck, Mel, you are so wet baby," Mona gasped, gazing lustily at Mel's pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!! Come on Mel, come out and join us! Mmmmm!"

Mel shook her head adamantly.

"Are you stupid, I don't want my first time with Edi to be a gang bang. If there is gonna be a first time at all..."

"Oh, how sweet and romantic..." Mona cooed, and kissed Mel's lips again. Then she wriggled her middle finger up into the white girl's pussy. It was sucked up into the hot, lubricated, pink interior. Both girls shivered and rasped for breath.

"Then you'll have to watch me fuck him, you kinky girl!" Mona gasped into Mel's mouth, and kissed her again, adding a second digit, and rolling them around the wet cunt.

Automatically, Mel slid an arm around her neck and pulled the dark, pretty face closer, tonguing Mona frenziedly as the black girl finger fucked her horny pussy. Mel's senses reeled with lust. Mona was so horny that she even toyed with the idea of wrestling Mel out of her closet and eating her out before Edi returned from the bathroom. The two girls writhed and gasped into each other's mouth.

"What the hell are you doing in your closet girl!" Edi asked, as if on cue, standing in the doorway. He could not see Mel, all he saw was Mona's thick ass and he wanted to hit it from behind.

Mel leapt with shock and hastily removed her arm from around Mona's neck.

"Just looking for something." Mona slid her tongue into Mel's mouth again, and licked around and around. Then she whispered in her ear "Enjoy the show baby. Watch me fuck yo n*****!" Mona bit Mel's earlobe, forcing her to stifle a gasp.

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