Outta Control Pt. 03


Mona eased her fingers out of Mel's pussy, and they were shiny, coated with Mel's juices. She slid them into her mouth and licked them, sighing with relish as her lust filled eyes looked into Mel's. She blew her a kiss, then she stood up, closing the closet door. Mel was left in darkness, her pussy screaming for Mona's finger, and every cell in her body clamoring for her to get up off her ass and go and join the party.

As Mel was gathering her reeling senses, Mona went to the Stereo and changed the CD, putting on "Rock the Boat" by Aaliyah.

"Damn! That's my shit!" Mona said happily.

She took a deep sip and held the bottle out to him. Edi passed her the joint and drank deeply himself. Mona stood before him, winding her hips slowly to the music.

"Damn girl, you blew my mind," Edi said in a lazy, deep voice.

"Yeah right. And I am left with an itch in my clit whilst you just sit back like an old man."

"Why don't you show me what you got in that skirt, and maybe that will make my nature rise! Move that boo-tay!" he chuckled.

Mona turned smoothly on her toes and started rolling her hips to the raunchy RnB song. She flashed him a dazzling, cock hardening smile over her shoulder as she ran her fingers, with their long, creamy, fingernail extensions, tantalizingly over her thighs and butt. She slowly raised her skirt up to her hips.

Edi gasped, seeing her thick, silky, smooth chocolate ass cheeks emerge, split by the tiny black thong. Her ass went round and round, smoothly, hypnotizing him, making him sit there grinning stupidly. When she suddenly changed direction or pace, or just pumped that ass, Edi's head jerked almost like a puppet on a string.

Looking on from the closet, Mel chuckled silently. But part of her felt jealous. "Damn! That black bitch can move!" she exclaimed.

"Damn!" Edi rumbled in his chest.

Edi never even noticed that he was now palming his cock, or that it was rock hard. If at all he noticed anything besides that mesmerizing butt, split by the pirate thong, it was the voice in his head which said, "Man, just grab her and make her take a seat, right here." The voice was all masculine and highly incensed, and it sounded like his dick. (yeah ladies, when men are aroused, our dicks talk to us, in a very concise, compelling manner)

"See anything you like?" Mona teased, as she parted her legs and bent over forwards to place her palms on her knees, leaving him gazing at that fat mound with the "Skulls and Bones" seal of approval. She, made her cheeks relax completely, then she popped her hips making those cheeks go bdoink, bdoink, bdoink.

Edi went dizzy. Then Edi went into action. He grabbed her hips and pulled that ass to his face. In a second, he had peeled her thongs down, leaving them hanging lewdly between her parted knees. He gave her ass cheeks a slap each, for being such a naughty girl.

"Yeah, spank my shit daddy," she teased and backed into him.

Edi gazed at the fat pussy beckoning from between her thighs like it was a gourd filled with honey. She was so wet, her lips were smeared with her sticky secretion. The intoxicating smell wafted into his nostrils, making him lightheaded. As she put it on his lips, he ate that pussy greedily.

Mona moaned and rolled her ass as his tongue went all over her lips. She started bumping and grinding her cunt on his face, to the beat. Edi sucked on her engorged lips. Then he slid his agile tongue into the thick folds of her cunt and licked and probed her, sending incensing sensations ripping through her crotch.

"Oh yes baby. Eat my pussy!" she moaned, as Edi raised a foot of hers and placed it on the bed besides him, to improve the pussy licking angle. He craned his neck so he could get at salmon sandwich and he tongued her hot, tasty sea food specialty. Mona suddenly felt herself just go woozy and weak from the wonderful sensations.

Her knees threatened to give and she tottered, but Fast Edi held her hips firmly, coz his mouth did not want to part with that delicacy just yet. Mona let her upper body hang loosely, until her palms touched the floor, and then she was grinding that cunt acrobatically against his tongue like the dirty, late night version of a hip hop video.

"Yes baby, eat my clit baby, please!" she moaned sweetly, her hips kicking and jerking.

Edi knew just how sensitive her clit was. Smiling wickedly, dove at it, teasing her sensitive nub mercilessly with his mouth. He sucked on it, flicked it with his tongue and grazed it lightly with his teeth, sending bolts of lighting ripping through her cunt.

"Oh fuck! Yeah daddy! Work my shit!" Mona cried, cumming hard, her hips rocked by a series of violent spasms. Edi held her firmly, and continued his relentless attack on her clit. After several orgasms Mona hastily jammed her hand between her thighs, blocking her clit.

"Fuck! Stop it please baby! I'm begging you! You're killing me softly!" she rasped, feeling weak and drowsy.

Edi sat back, laughing, his cheeks, lips and chin gleaming from her cunt juices.

"Tell me, whose pussy is that?"

"I need some dick in my pussy, right fucking now N****!!!" Mona declared, kicking away her tiny thong. She ripped off her striped, pirate top, grabbed a condom from a drawer and climbed astride Edi, who was wanking his cock fast. She tore off the wrapping quickly and slid it over his hard cock. She crouched over his hips, and yanked his thick hardness to her dripping pussy.

She rubbed the fat, heart shaped head all over her dark, long furled lips, and smeared it with the juices drooling out of her pink interior. When it was all slick, she lodged the fat tool in her opening, rolled her hips round and round to build up some momentum, and then she jammed her hips down on him.

They groaned in unison as the fat black pussy swallowed up the big, black dick. Mona was enjoying being filled up with the hard, fleshy tube, no make that brick, that was lodged deep in her insides, as Edi relished the hot, tight, wet sheath that was enveloping his cock.

"Oh, fuck! That dick is good, n****!"

"Go on and fuck yourself," Edi said, grabbing her ass and raising his hips, so she could have some hard meat to impale herself on.

Mona reached up and cupped her thick tits, stroking and pinching on her nipples and moaning sweetly as she started riding the dick. Her hips rose, until just the tip remained in her stretched, wet cunt, then down they went. Up and down, up and down. She fucked him with the smoothness and finesse of a trapeze acrobat. Edi went crazy, seeing and feeling that fat pussy ride his dick. And it got even better, as she started rolling her ass like she was dancing to some RnB shit. Mona was fucking flexible. Edi wallowed in pleasure, rumbling in his chest like a heavy duty haulage truck.

"Oh baby! O-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!" Mona moaned long, sounding like it was being dragged out of her chest and forced out through a constricted throat. The sensations between her legs were simply wonderful. She could feel a fire growing between her thighs, and every thrust was fanning it till it became a raging bushfire. Her hips started to move faster and harder, and Edi felt her vagina muscles contract around him, causing ripples to pulse through his cock.

Mona placed her hands on his chest and started fucking him hard and fast. She bit her lower lip and her eyes glared at him as her hips jarred into his, shoving his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. Their bodies slapped loudly together, sending his cock see sawing into her wet, dripping cunt.

Mona felt like millions of fire works were exploding in her pussy, rapidly, like the fourth of July. A violent explosion ripped through her loins and her hips suddenly began to jerk and spasm uncontrollably.

"I'm cumming all over your nutts baby!" she cried, her big eyes nearly exploding out of their sockets, her face grimacing like she was feeling excruciating pain.

Waves of sweet elation washed over her body, making her swoon. She rode the storm as long as she could, then sank softly into Edi's body and draped herself over him.

Mel was a mixture of wild emotions as she watched. One part of her was jealous and heartbroken. She was asking herself how she could continue to be in love with this guy after watching him fuck her mate. Yet another part of her, the bigger part was horny as hell. She just wished oh so much that she just swap places with Mona. At the click of a finger. Like, "Beam me up Scottie!"

Edi rolled himself on top of Mona. He pushed her legs up and hooked her feet over his shoulder. He raised his body up on his powerful arms, and poised himself over her, a lean, mean fucking machine, with a fat, hard dick, that was jutting out of her stretched pussy.

"Oh baby! I have a feeling I'm going to get fucked good and hard..." Mona moaned, her hips shuddering with anticipation.

"Yeah bitch! I'm going to tear that fucking pussy up and that's for sure. You can put that on your hood!" he growled.

Their lips found each other and they kissed deeply. Then he started pumping his cock into her. His hips rose and fell with smooth, oiled precision, pumping his long thick cock in and out of her, churning her pussy. Mona moaned on every deep thrust. Her pussy was so wet that his cock was making loud, squelching sounds on every thrust.

Mel's finger went faster on her clit as she witnessed the serious rutting. She was feeling incensed with lust. She was breathing through a gaping mouth now. She almost kicked herself for not having come out whilst she still had the chance. It was so tortuous for her, to see the man she loved, involved in such heated, pure testosterone, no holds barred, all out sex, and all she could do was sit in the closet and use plan B, masturbate, play with the pussy.

Edi's body was soon covered in sweat, but his hips rose and fell and continuously, relentlessly. The tempo of his thrusting cock was increasing rapidly, his stabs becoming more urgent, harder, faster. Mona moaned and tossed her head, her big eyes rolling as she went crazy from the good dicking.

Edi pulled back, leaving just the tip in the excited pussy, and rolled his hips round and round, teasing the sensitive nerves in her opening, driving her insane. Mona tried to pump her hips up at him, her cunt screaming for cock, but Edi pressed her down and continued teasing her. Then finally, he plunged his dick deep down in her, sinking it in all the way.

Mona bawled aloud, her body convulsing heavily as she came hard. Her arms flailed as her fists beat his chest weakly, to convey her pleasure. Edi eased his hips lower, and started long dicking her.

"Oh yes baby! That fucking cock feels so long inside me! Yes! Yes! Don't stop!!!" Mona moaned, patting his back to show him what a great job he was doing.

Mel went crazy with envy. She would give an arm and a leg to be in Mona's place, taking that wonderful, long black dick. She was lucky that Mona was bawling so loudly, otherwise the two would have heard her gasping and frigging away.

Edi started lunging into Mona, pummeling her with his cock. Now she was pumping back at him, meeting him thrust for thrust. The bed creaked and jarred to their athletic, hectic fucking. Mona grabbed Edi's face and buried it between her fat tits as she felt another huge orgasm approaching. She rushed to meet the beckoning, galaxy of exploding stars, galloping on Edi's cock like a racehorse.

"O-o-o-o" Mel gasped in the closet, frigging her pussy hard, cumming for the tenth time. Her fingers were sore and so was her pussy. But she couldn't stop frigging and cumming. She felt hot, as if she had been partaking in the fucking. It was all she could do not to just burst out there and jump into the fray of things. She wanted to just run out, throw herself at Edi's knees and beg him to fuck her the way he was fucking Mona.

A long "O-o-o-o-o-o" was the only sound that came out of Mona's gaping mouth as she fell into delirium, her orgasms coming so close behind one another that they were now rolled into one.

Edi let the sweet girl's orgasm subside, then he rolled her onto her belly and pulled her ass up.

"Dam! Edi. I cant! I'm gonna go crazy if you fuck me again!"

"You said it's the last time, so I'm gonna get some mileage in the motherfucker!"

Standing on the floor, he entered her from behind and fucked her doggy style. Her pussy lips were fat and puffed up like a purse, out of which his thick, excited cock was jutting. His hands were hooked around her hips and he was pumping her back and forth like rag doll, her thick ass was slapping into his shaved mons, as he drilled her cunt with his African spear, fucking her to death and back to life.

"Oh my God! He's a fucking animal!" Mel exclaimed, hooking her fingers into her cunt and rubbing her g-spot. If she hadn't been sure before, now she knew that she wanted this guy. She wanted that long, relentless, unending fucking that Mona was receiving, and she wanted that dick for life.

"Oh yes daddy. You're killing me with your dick! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!!!" Mona cried hysterically, banging her fists into the mattress as Edi drilled his long, hard cock into her lubricated tight pussy. Again and again, his length sloshed into her cunt, sending ripples throughout her body.

He fucked her past ecstasy, past delirium and into pure, searing heat. She felt like every single cell of her body was on fire.

His cock was now so large and hard that she felt like her pussy was bursting at the seams. And she loved it. She didn't want it to ever stop.

Edi's was still feeling fit and ready to go, but that tight squeezing pussy was making his cock glow red like a samurai sword in the furnace. He humped into her squeezing tightness and suddenly his balls were contracting. He grabbed her thick cheeks, held them firmly in place, gathered his athletic body together, and leapt into that pussy, jamming his cock in all the way. Time stood still for. Mona felt his hard dick swell. Then his balls exploded so hard he nearly lost his consciousness.

As she felt his cock leap and rear in her, Mona started rearing and crying aloud. In unison, they howled praises to the pagan God of hard sex.

They sank finally into each other's arms, bodies sweating and heaving. Mona took his cock, which was still half hard in the condom and slid it back up into her.

Chapter 4

Suddenly, they became aware that they had company. Two of Mona's roommates, Chris, a freckled, 19 year old girl and Alice a woman in her late twenties, were standing in the door way. Chris was in a long t-shirt, looking sleepy and embarrassed.

"Excuse me guys," Chris said in a very polite voice. "Sorry to disturb, but do you think you could maybe keep it down a just a tiny lil bit. I have to get up early tomorrow. Hi hi hi," she giggled and ran away, blushing.

Alice however stood there watching them, smiling lasciviously.

"Damn! Edi, didn't I tell you to keep it down?" Mona chided playfully.

"It was you I heard scream the house down, Mona," Alice said.

"Hi Alice, long time no see," Edi said with a mirthful laugh.

"Hi there," she responded and walked in. As far as Edi remembered, she was doing a doctor degree in something. Edi and Mona had fucked with her on the night that he and Mel met each other. Alice had jet black hair, pale skin, and a tall, slim, almost tom boyish kind of body. She didn't have much tits or ass, but the girl was flexible and the pussy was tight. She dated girls but loved the occasional dick up in her system. She was dressed in a t-shirt that cupped her small breasts. She wore cut off military longs, that hung low on her slim hips, and a pair of boots.

She smiled gaily and did not at all seem embarrassed at walking in on such intimate action, as she came and perched on the bed, right besides him, stroking his face.

"Good to see you again," she bent her head down to him and kissed his face.

"Hey, Alice, you are such a slut! Don't you have no shame!" Mona chuckled, grabbing on to the condom as she climbed off Edi's cock. The condom was filled with cumm.

"Oh, come on, don't be greedy. We all had such a good time together, last time," Alice said, running a pale, manicured hand over Edi's chest. "Why don't you guys come into my room. My bed is bigger that yours, Mona."

"Lets do it," Edi said eagerly, sitting up.

"You just want that white pussy," Mona teased, starting to tie the condom together.

"No, lemme have that. I'm thirsty," Alice said, as she took the condom, and emptied it into her mouth. "Damn! That's a tasty, creamy lil cocktail," she chuckled, licking her lips.

"Ugh!!! Alice! You fucking slut!" Mona squealed. "Well, you better fuck him to death coz my boy's gonna be dating!" Mona laughed. "This is like his bachelor party!"

"I bet you cant wait to eat Alice's tight lil pussy, huh!" Edi retorted.

"Mmmmm. Sounds exciting," Alice cooed, her palm sliding to Edi's gleaming, cumm coated cock. "And this feels exciting." Alice pulled Edi to his feet by his cock and started leading him out of the room.

"Damn! Alice, you're such a greedy slut for black cock." Mona said, slapping the skinny woman's ass, and easing her hand down her pants. "Fuck her skinny white ass Edi," she grinned.

Edi and Alice trooped out of the room. Mona closed and locked the door, then she went to her closet and opened it. She took Mel by the hand and pulled her out. Mel quickly pushed her skirt down.

"Damn! Is he fucking that bitch!" Mel asked jealously.

"Its his bachelor party. Plus we will use condoms, so it doesn't count," Mona chuckled.

"Mona, you're an asshole!" Mel sneered.

"That's what you get for playing peeping Tom. But I swear, if you date him, I wont fuck him, alright? Did you enjoy the show?"

"He fucked you up real bad, huh?" Mel teased. "You fucking black slut! Your eyes were rolling, tongue lolling out your mouth like an idiot."

"Yeah, he got a good dick!"

"I have never been fucked like that!"

Then hook up, baby girl."

Mona suddenly grabbed Mel's head and kissed her on the mouth again. Mel kissed her back.

"You coming to join us!"

"No! I'm going home, to frig and sleep!"

Mel pulled her panties off. They were soaking wet. She giggled and handed them to Mona. "My present to you."

She searched for her shoes, slid them on. She kissed Mona on the lips and they left the room quietly. Mona waved, winked and opened a door. Mel heard music and the sounds of sex.

For a moment, she was tempted to burst in there and join them, or start some shit. However, with a strong will, she forced herself to return home.

Chapter 5

Back to the present...

"So, that was the first time I saw Edi's cock!" Mel laughed, finishing off her narrative.

Trish was sitting on the bed, leaning against the wall, thighs parted, her hand deep inside her shorts. Val's legs were crossed, but she was very excited. Her eyes were wide open and shiny, and her nipples were poking lewdly out of her dress.

"Trish, you are such a slut!" Mel giggled.

"Oh, what about you!" Trish retorted.

Mel suddenly realized that she also had her hands down her shorts and was also feeling her bald pussy.

"So, you saw him sleep with your friend and go off with the other girl and you still dated him?" Val asked incredulously.

"Momma, it made me so horny watching them. Of course, I was a bit jealous, but that evening, I just couldn't wait to rush home and frig myself, again." Mel laughed dirtily. "But if I tell you what happened two days later, you guys wont believe it. Coz that was real hot!"

"What happened?"

Mel looked at her watch. "Well, Edi is gonna need like at least twenty more minutes. Lets get some more beer and roll some more joints."

Mel was almost back to her old good natured self, from the weed, the beer and the horny story telling. And she was so excited, you could see she just couldn't wait to go to the next episode.

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